Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 23, 1903, Image 8

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    A Kind Word From Kugrenc.
Parker Special. .
Mrs. T. A. Bradley, a- former
resident of 1'iirktT, writes ihut they
are well pleased with their new
home in Eugene. Williahi Jr. ia
working with the contractors und
builders, Williams & Leonadr, who
are doing considerable carpenter
work in Eugene this spring. Mrs.
Itrudley says the town is on the
b.ui and thw number of new
ImiidiiiKS under coindruutio'i ha
added greatly to the improvement
or the town and enhanced the value
of real estate, and that they could
readily dispose t.f their property
for several hundred dolla-s profit,
but they ate well satisfied and
have no inclination to sell. Mrs.
Uradley also says: "We ansa our
newsy home paper, the E.ntkk
frisk. We have noticed reat im
provement in the sample copies
we have received lately. We will
shortly pay a visit to old Polk and
send in our subscription to the En
terprise." Fine Standard llreed Chlekeus.
Fifteen Buff Cochin eggs for
$1.50 if shipped. If taken at the
yards, $1.25 per 15. No attention
paid to orders unless accompanied
with cash. Address orders to
J. S. Moore, Box 214,
Independence, Ore.
It is Significant.
In many of the most progressive
magazines of the present day are
pages devoted to illustrations of
artistic homes' and there are
columns of matter setting forth
facts and fancies relative to the
building of '"the home beautiful."
The fact is significant and worthy
of consideration.
Time was when 'he front door
yard of many homes whs utilized
as the kitchen garden, cabbages,
onions and garlic flourished near
the front gate and pigs, turkeys
and geese roamed at will in the
yard just outside.
Children reared in such homes
cuid hardly be expected to feel
the same reverence for the parental j
roof as Jid those young folks i
Here is the rreit Oak-
Easel now on display at
our store. It contains the
line of beautiful new spring
tailoring; samples sent us by
Good TUlor for 36 Yor
The Oak-Easel is the
connecting link between the
tailor and the faultlessly fin
ished garments which give
you so much pleasure to
wear. It's really a lesson
in good clothes buying t o
see this great collection
of tailoring novelties.
PrloM low an .tlsfao
tlon .bolutoly ivio-r-onto.
Ca.ll aoort.
P. M. Kirkland
mostly been relegated to the ack
garden and flowers are seen in the
front vard but there i- still room
for improvement everywhere.
In all natures there Juries a love
for the beautiful. Like all other
characteristics this tract is more
pronounced in some individuals
than in others, but all possess it to
some extent. It is a taste that
should be encouraged and culti-
yated for it leads to higher ideas
and ideals and tends finally to
wards a more cultured and refined
Th's "home beautiful'' move
ment is worth v oJ attention and
The Anaconda Standard of Tuesday,
February 3, 1IHW, endorses the play :
"Kelson's 'Uncle Tom's Cahin' Com.
toil Unit old-Unit) lrKi'tt
should interest one and all. You at the Margaret theatre hint evening
may not be able to do much to- The play wim well rendered by a capa-
loWlunrmTwlTnes were more re
fined and homelike and a partial j
realization of this fact led to re
form. The onions and garlic have
buildings touched tin wit
paio4T-e'W fitTedlPtorn down or re
built into usefulness,
machinery put away
cemtit nlavs Uncle Tom very aeivpt-
iiblv. In fact the whole cast la above
worthlocB I the average for Uncle Tom shows.
l - .i The sceuerv ami effects were irood and
macninery put, away, neuges : . . ,
, ,. . i.ii J udded miic-h to the good performance."
inmmen cliiplrena .nd Rt.nnk Kent nu. i.. - ....... ...
. . ... - - I - i urn eimiinii v m i 1 1, i. . n ui, i mic-jii-ii-
at a reasonable distance from the j dence April L".Ubr two lights.
. .!...
. - .1 Til III IIOUIO "
i e imiui
I. "enn- away back mm
.Lt,,. back seat in the rotrufu-
nut "
making of homes that are home ut
i a.i ...! nr-live to old snouni . . .. ...
like, cheerful and attractive to
and young, homes that are
ii.,i, in iIiiihh who dwell
and one wliioh the stronger with
in our gates shall gaze with un
tirinii eyes.
It means another step along the
line of progress and another allure
ment for the home seeker who
shall visit our locality and U
means finally that us brown locks
turn to silver and as sparkling
eyes grow dim with tho fadinu
light of years, our children shall
gaze back in memory and declare
that no place on earth was ever so
delightlful as the abode of their
childhood. Is the "home Beautiful"
idea not worth thinking alHUit?
Kiicnn Vista School
As the warm day of spring time
come again there Is In the iu-'
school room the usual inertia and (lis
position toward idleness that char
acterize every school t this of
the year.
Notwithstanding this fact, thr In
nu enrollment of 38. Prof. . L.
Murphy Is the ellicient principal. Mrs.
Murphy Umi again In charge of the
primary department since the resigna
tion last week of Miss Catharine Coon.
The Buena school close this year May
29th, and there will lie the usual coin
nieueeuieut exercises, notice of which
will appear later
Mrs. Matttiey, who lives neiir
Presbyterfnn church, is very ill.
In "Undo, Tom's Cntitii."
i i . i... l : .... limn nml
whoii t no nanti rii"'f
' -..i,i,,ii.iii of premium wcui
in ttiem t" ' ,, , ,i
we shall still hef amy,.. ...
fr tho time we have spent in
working for the benefit "f H '
TKItl'IMSK. We realized the 'l
lessness of our cum. when it was and entered the
'Pi.nn. n fu uuoufal tiilil.
nrnrdn heantifvinir VOIir home or ","M'""J- "' '" l',X press riworin.uiniiiiii,
wards Dcautilying your florae or wortl)y of HMo1hj mcntlon, i1Ue a : lft p m via Kansas City. I0:.:t)
your immediate surroundings, but ()) 8Uck M Kva Wll() llt !,, Hnd Hunting- bonis, I'hieajj,,
,i ii, ir, , , i i ton. and hast.
JUU VC1 11 111. CUIllVIUiug.
r.. I . , I 1
Cleanup aooui me rancn let - - K
, . , .i i . chief Topsy proved liereelf to tie an T. . V, i
flowers supplant weeds in the door -MI1' 1 ' 1-antMail
, , . . actress of ability. Mr. Kdsnn as Le. am via
yard, let fences be kept in order . , , ,,;ri(- W- R T s,.,.k...
1',,1-ki r lloliiir Ahead.
i . .....i. t. ,nl...l awav and
II 1USM nil, iim-ii - .
1 . l.a mill
burnt and a thoiisanu o. ,.rk.r speel.l.
. i i . -i... i t. the end that
th home place may bo wU tidy
and pleasant.
i, nin-. town and hamle
i.i.j ...j, -.
. .... i li
Slioulil eueuums" , ,..,..
h.,u,tifol" idea, for it means the ,
cont.-sl wholly without Iiojk-s ot
winning a prim. Our l.u.tied u r
ritory certainly oilers no great In
ducement to the prospective pru
winner. But we rdiould not ex
pect to he remunerated in dollars
and cents for every little duty we
perform, ami. therefore, we are not
discouraged by the heighth of the
ladder of which we have mounted
onlv the neeond round, u
doing our best, pur very
represent our little romim,.
and these small fuiluM only J
itronger incentives to grtti
forts. Tho bonefita we drlvt
the practice of correspond
well the regular urrival id
KnikkI'Iiisk amply repi u.
the efforts we muke to sccuniw
and iiisteud of dropping om &
rsiik wiien wo are so ir a4
rear w shall only Mnvmhejy,
to smveed. We shsll still c:it
t,i do our very best lor the dt
mcnl of the Kmkhpiiisk
A TboiigliU'iil Xiao.
M M. Austin, of Wim dm, J
kniww bt to do In tu liiHirnd.
ills wife had micli an utiuiuiltJ
ntniiiaeli and liver troulils,
could not hsli) tier, lleiliuuiitiirf
tried tr. Klou'e New l.lf, i, j
she Koi relief at nue and u It,
riirml. Only -mj ut Kirklun t
Shout Line
AND Union Pacific
'i'liroiiKli Pullman tatnUrd and lour.
1st leepiiin ears daily to nilia. C'hl
csro, Kiioliane ; tourist sleeplng ear daily
to Kansiui City ; HiroiiKh i'ullmaii tonr
ist sleepum rars (srsiiiaUy eondiietiHl)
weekly to t'hieaKo, Kain-as City. Kt.
Iinis and Memphis; ret-liiiiiitf chair
cars (seats free) to the Kasl daily. ,
dki'akt TIMKPCIIKHL'l.K ahkivs
rou ruoM I'ua-ri.ANii riiom
Uhli'iiito Hitlt Lilki', Denver,
Portland Ft Worth, Omaha,
Seeial Kansas City, St. 4 .:!0 p in
!):Ul)a in via Louis, Chientto and
llmitini;- Fast.
Ix press
Knit Luke, Denver,
ft Wortli.Utmiliii,
Walla WiiIIh.Iw is-
t(lll,SM)liHIH), al-
luce, 1 n 1 1 in a ii,
MllllH-MpKUS, fe-t
Imoresslna It on W
With Emphasis
Is whm our flue laundry wmta
to the Un who Is loosing dud
Oiiiia xiiilslu In color ami SM
his linen. We aim to mkt ourM
dry work pwrlivs In beauty tllij
iii.iriH-tMiiidilloii In which M
liotiie. (Mlid tm a sam pl tsali
wc will Mirprlaa you. ,jw lt
and new prlirs.
Orders left, at Kuteh's Imrts-rtfc
the Halem stag will rwlvpti
Sakm Sttm Urn
Colonel J. Olmsted, Prop. M
rv (itiiiniKii Mur. l'lioue II. 4
Liberty HtriHt.
"l.'l'l A III
Have just opened up a new and complete line of
Including Bedroom Suites, Iron and Wood J'edsteads, Springs,
Mattresses, Couches, Center Tables, Extention Tables, Writing
Desks, Combination Desks and 1'ook Cases, Chifloneers,
Chairs, Kockers, High Chairs,, Mattings, Linoleums, Rugs, Car
pets, in fact we carry everything in the furniture line that is
necessary for a first-class furniture store. We also carry doors
and windows, making it possible for us to assist in the build
ing as well as in tho furnishing of your house, llunning this
store as we do in connection with our confectionery, our ex
penses are very small, making it possible for us to save from
20 to 25 per cent for our customers on every piece of furniture.
son oros. i
When you ese it in our ad, it's so. Monmouth- J
Paul. Duliitli.Mll-
wailkee, ChieaKO
and Kiit.
70 hours. Portland to ChicaKo. No
elmnife of ears. Tickets Fihi via all
rail or via Isint mid rail via Portland.
fllOM .II(TI,.M
All snilinn dates
Htihject to ehiuijji-,
8 p in For Sun Franeiseo
Sail everv h iluys.
4 p in
except coi.t'MiiiA iiivkit
8pm Te-Astoriaand way 4 p in
Saturday liindinus. Fx. .Sun
10 p in
AI, IIERKICN, Agt., Independence.
d H
Leaves inclt-pen-ileni-i"
for Mun
iiiiiiiIIi mill A Irllo
:M n. in.
:io p. in.
r.ravi'S TtKlt-pen-flenii
fur Mon
liioutiiuiiil DalliiN
n. m.
1:1 r. p. iii,
I.'ves Monmomli
for Alrlia.
7:.T0 . m,
3:V p. in.
L'v Mnnmouth
for IIhIIm.
U Ji a. in.
am p nu
I .fuveB Alrllo
MmiiiiiimiiIi i
! Jllili'iieinleliie.
ftlKi H, III.
I "' p. III.
: leaves ImiIIhh rnr
' M.iiiiiioiiiIi nml
I liiili'iH-mleni'tt.
i !: p. m.
7::m "
!,. - -
I. ves Moiimnulh
: ror Iaili-ieiiili-iu
' 9: Win. ui
!:.' p. in.
2: VI
ft:V -S:UU
viair DR. JORDAN'S w
1051 MsSIKCr IT.. MN t MNCISCfc C.
U.lan Sink - J
jfl niiiiiui.l.
(J Onnlfl allmrHm A OS i
m ill.i...Mil'"''41
Ihrt oii'.i F-iti in. fi i' e'-!
I muh .illiluli4i
111 ...n nlHi I." 1
(...III III l vmilWiiUM
. ymrn. titi'i . , j
I4H ; 'ftpormntwrrlKra. r'l
. I ... n. .. ..i-i llf r'"1
k - .. It H r-iillthllll1' S
I ri.tiii. vwv. - - .
' r-m lh-. ..I '! i-umilvu l'",p';
T, UK nuliniilitfru IIIJI lllilluv.i,
only uir.iiil r. Il.-f. '"""VJ
I rTi. ill l".mi iiiw" ' . h,,.rr
t minifii'ii, inn in w.mi - ,
v Clivnlelnil 'l Hnrewii, J'iJ1
. SVI-llll.Il iimriiiiBMif '"""-' I
I tin. nvm-na wiiliiiiil ili.ii i'i ,"'
Trun MH.-.1 lir nil IC'i"-"- ''"'
' run for . ! JJJJ"'
iir, jiiiiuii n :iin-rmi i
' kvi-.iiv mi Tp"-i"f",!","al 1
k our i.iur(,irii.n,.,i of Ills e I; rrviJ
I '" r..w ..;r i'""' . . .,.ii-nr!n
r.n.!llH.lll I-11 r. IV BM" , ill t
'rr4lninl pi. iimltv nr d
Wrlln f..r 110..K. -; ,AV1
r . ti m v I
U....W tm nun. I Cullurwill" ,.
m & at a nn i im l lm ruai ji- i
Polk County Bant
J.II.IIawlbt, r.LCAur
PrM.,t..,,f WceM
1r C. TowitLL, Cashier.
?io Capital, lao.ooe.
Dibkctorh: J. II. llRwley,
Campbell, I. M. Kimpwn, J.
Butler, John B. Htump. ;
Withrow, F. B. TowelL
l I nitron.
douce fr Hon,
3 0ft p. m
Transact a Qooonl Bwi
and Exchange D"" "