Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 23, 1903, Image 4

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    S. M. Daniel
Monmouth, Oregon
The Lamer Part of
S. M. Daniel,
ffl sh mm
mam sm
i j i ,,Tn'r nvwl will finnn hn mi niir filiftlvftS. Olll' stoi'k
is now larger and better assorted in all lines than ever before and our prices arc
rrnnflft sit Olir st,OTG.
Spritta and Summer Ola$b 600d$. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Dress Trimmings Galore.
We are showing a ,arge and well assorted line of wash We are . head " J u- 1:
goods thi. spring consisting of tilth, new fabrics such as passed in Polk county -for quantity and quahty fit, styles l
folored, embroidried striped and dotted Swisses, mercerized and price. Our store is the place to buy your snoes. new and fctautiful lesigns. Come to us for your dree,
ginghams, silk tissues, organdies, lawns and many other - - trimmings and you will get the right thing.
beautiful wash fabrics suitable for waists and suits. ClOOClS. . - c
. We bare a big stock of staple dry good-, including out- glOlDlKg, rWrillSDltt ttOOuS 311111)31$.
r f- Pf ings, prints, percales, muslins, sheetings, pillow casing, Ve can show you a good etrong lino of mon'
LCLUieS JtffT LUulStS, cretons, art denims, etc; also a good line of Lace Curtains &n(j boy(J, cot,ing overshirts, underwear, not k-
We will have the prettiest line of Bhirt waists we have from 75c to $3.50 per pair. wear, hats, suspenders, handkerchiefs, hosiery
ever shown especially in white. Also a good line of white We still sell the celebrated Mascot Kid Gloves. Every in fact everything necessary for a wIl-dnHtl
ever snown, especiauj iu 6 arnfj.j man or boy. Buy your clothing hero,
piece goods in dimities, lawns, organdies and India linens, pair warranted. J J J
" . T-W t ' I "M 1
Thirty Days Special Ten Per Gent Cash Discount Sale,
Beginning Saturday, March 21, 1903, for the next thirty days wc will give a discount of ten per cent on all
cash purchases amounting to one dollar or more, except on staples, such as prints, muslins, rubbers, overalls and
spooUotton. butter, bacon, lard and poultry. We always give the
highest market price for produce in exchange for goods.
S M Daniel Monmouth, Oregon S.M.Daniel
And west side.
published evert thursday.
Entered t Independence, Ore., pontofflc "
Meond-clas matter.
$b$criptlon Price,, $1.50 peryr.
(Strictly In adrance)
Per rear...'
Six month!
S! of le copy
Local notices are 5 cent per lln. .tralght
-absolutely no reduction for any reason
Rate on display adTerfUlng made known
on application.
What has become of Aguinaldo,
Mary Ellen Lease, "Windy" Allen,
"Trust-Breaker" Pettigrew or Presi
dent Kruger? Have they, like the
Arab, folded their tents and silent
ly stolen away?
A 'democratic exchange opposes
Mr. Hermann's election because it
would be a "slap at the administra
tion." By the same reason then
we are to believe Mr. Reames' elec
tion will be an endorsement of the
republican administration. Equal
ly logical would be to say Governor
rkomhprlain'd election last June
was a republican victory.
All parties indebted to me will
please call at once and settle, as I
urgently need my money,
J. M. Stark.
J. C. Hastings, of Airlie, announces
a public sale of farming implements to
be beld there May 0th.
Mrs. I. Simpson, of Airlie, was in
town Wednesday.
Miss Mamie Bateman is visiting a
the home of G. W. Kutch.
Charles Bilyieu, of Corvallis, was an
incemiog passenger Tuesday.
Miss Lulu Robertson returned Wed
nesday fiom a several weeks' visit to
Rev. E. J. Thompson, who has been
seriously ill a week or more past, is
able to be out and about.
Hermann Hawkins, of Dallas, won
th wold medal at the contest there a
few days ago over some 36 other children.
nr. O. D. Ireland and wife returned
tA their home in Portland Tuesday,
after a visit With relatives here and at
M. E. Maaterson, of Astoria, was in
the city this week in attendance at the
obsequies over the remains of his
father, the late J. W. Masterson.
" For two years I suffered ter
ribly from dyspepsia, with great
depression, and was always feeling
poorly. I then tried Ayer's Sarss
parilla, and in one week I was a
new man." John McDonald,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Don't forget that it's
"Ayer's" Sarsaparilla
that will make you strong
and hopeful. Don't waste
your time and money by
trying some other kind.
Use the old, tested, tried,
and true .Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla. II.H i Mile. AltfcwUtt.
Aik toot doctor ht be thinks of irWj
r.lirtU. Ho know! H .bout tWs grand
fSXm CO.. Low.ll. H
Mrs. G. L. Hawkins, of Dallas, and
Mrs. J. A. Mills, of Buiem, were in the
city Tuesday eyening to attend the
Rebekah lodge, returning t their re
spective homes Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. James SIrnouton, of
South Bend, Wash., are in the city.
They were called to Dallas to attend
the funeral of Mr. Blmonton's sister,
who was so severely burned that death
An interesting time was had at the
meeting of the Rebekah lodge Tues
day evening. In addition to other
pleasantries a banquet was spread as a
token of appreciation the lodge held
for the efforts of the players who pre
sented last week "Hiok'ry Farm."
Merriment ran high until after mid
nieht. lew events this winter have
equalled the above occasion.
The W. R. C. announce their
May Day ball, the last they give
before the 4th of July. Excellent
music and a good time promised.
Chas. 0. Lee returned Friday
from Portland, haying recovered
sufficiently from the recent opera
tion to be able to be around.
Albany Herald.
Cooper & Hurley have 100 acres
almodt cleared for $30 per acre.
Good, rich bottom land, suitable
for hops or vegetables. 3 or 4
acres in orchard.
Serviees'at the United Evangel
ical church next Sunday at 11 A.
M. and at 8 P. M. Sunday school
at 10 A. M.; K. L. C. E. at 7 P. M.
Everybody welcome.
I. C. Dickey left this week to 88
Bume the duties of manager of the
brickyard at the state penitentiary.
Mr. Dickey held a position in the
penitentiary several years ago. He
owes his appointment to Governor
Chamberlain. The position draws
a good salary.
Pedee Lumber Company,
A full stock of rough and dressed lumber now in
stock at the mill. Prices very reasonable. Bill of lumber
cut to order. Mill five miles north of Pedeo, Oregon.
A rural free delivery route will
be established from Independence
July 1st. At the same time ona
will go from Parker. Both routes
have each one carrier.
New magazines and papers at
Wagoner's just in. Sunday Ex
$40. Apply to E. V. Dalton, Dal-
aminer. "Sunset Magassinesi &naj4fir0reg,ni 7
Miss Lottie Ground returned to
Portland Monday afternoon after a
visit with her parents in Mon
mouth. A Great SeiiHatiou.
There was a big sensation in Lenes
vllie, Ind., when W. H. Brown, of
that place, who was expected to die,
bad bis life saved by Dr. King's New
Discovery or Consumption. , He
writes: "I endured insufferable agon
ies from asthma, but your New Dis
covery gave me immediate relief and
Boon thereafter effected a complete
cure." Similar cures of consumption,
pneumonia, bronchitis and grip are
numerous. It's the peerless remedy
for all throat and lung troubles. Price
60oand $1.00. Guaranteed by Kirk
land Drug Co. Trial bottles free.
Cows Tor Snle.
I have two young cows, one i
fresh now and the other will be or
July 15th; one is Jersey and the
other Jersey and Durham. Price
The Entehpki.hb wants you
to be a regular roader.
X 4. s 4. - -A-'
Itlontnoutb Dundry
4 Should have your Work.
I 1. 1 ... .. 1 1 .1 e i i -
vvanuiug uuueu lur nuu uo
Washing called for on Taes
4 day and delivered on , Satur
-t- -r -t- -o- -f .
Work Guaranteed.
Monmouth, Oregon.
H. H. Jasperson,
r Undertaker, Enbalm
I er, Funeral Director.
& iRdepcndcnce, :: Oregon.
. . .