Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 16, 1903, Image 6

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l County Correspondence. 9! ggg m i fa I I
i -J; m Uhmm hmmm Hmmm
- V V
I,i A. Ili'OKfr oonif lunn
from Mt. Viwl, wln'r hu his ln'tn
1 nttrinlin;; ;ln
Mrs. K, H. IVArnioml r.'tut inl
r ii....!... 1 i i... .. i.... -I...
nit':-.deiKt', snout hunuiiv with J ' . '.. .
.: ..iJn,-i, . " , 1; Iomi UinlT 'iiotlicul trmt
1 IllOllt.
is ... ............ r.. i! r ........
went to Potroit luat" Friday oi. lie M. '' loyl Ntigli-
otlioial busia .. t U,r ;nv: " ,'M'n , "jr 'A' a;,J
punnor at llit? Suver null Niturilav
A . 1 .... 1 4 11. L' t' t ' ' .
J. vii;rr u uii .iu num. in : v
Suver, visited with frioiiils at
Win IVanock Btteiiilott lCaslor
B;rvii ts ut liueiut Vista Sunday.
Mr. and Jin. 1). V. Harris, of
id"i'r,deiu.'', fnoi
frietuls at Parker.
Mr II. Krnin e'tit oevoral days
in Linn county visit! in; lust week,
whilo Mrs. Knim takes his l.uo
Mr. P. T. Peterson and family
visited with relatives at Highland , with the mail
Sunday. J
Last Saturday Mr Kuqua :!si:vkki: ATTAMi OP OKU
iinrneu an iiitj caiwu ueiuugiug ui
Mrs. J. 0. Davidson's f;rin.
Alex Kerr, C. It. Parker and
Chus. Allen were busineM visitors
at Independence Saturday.
Arbor day was properly observed
in our school. A nice little pro
gram was rendered, and a tree
was planted and christened "Geo.
Geo. Uuef has retarnsd from
Portland, where he , has bon
under medical treatment for his
eyes, lie is reported much un
proved and has hopes of a com
plete recovery of his sight.
Jesse Fresh has contracted to de
liver milk to the Independence
creamery. He gathers up th cans
between Calvary and Parker
passes on to Buena Vista and
collects the cans that were prev
iously delivered by Moore Getty
Grandma Kerr left last Saturday
to reside in Portland. For years
she has kept house for her
grandson, Wm Peacock, 'but at the
advanced age of 79 years (die' has
given up house keeping and gone
to live with her daughters,
Mr. i?wnk is very proud of his
school at Highland and is well
pleased with the interest mani
fested by the children. One of th
pupils. Miss Edith Alexander has
just completed the eight grade
course of study and has success
fully passed the eight grade ex
amination. Eyert Gentry, h' ten year old
boy at Highland, displays marked
talent in literary abilities. He
has already composed several little
poems, which are evidence of his
natural talent, and should he have
this talent properly cultivated the
Cured by One Itotlio ol'Clmniber
lain' Cough Kcmcily.
"When 1 hail au attack of the grip
last winter (tlie weooml one) 1 actually
cured myself with one (Kittle of Chuni
lierlalii'tt Coiiiih Keniedy," say Frank
W. Terry, editor of the Kulerprme,
Hiortsville, N. Y. "Thin in the lion.!
truth. I at. timea kept from ennliln
myself to pieces by taking a teaapoon
ful of tula remedy, and when Ihe
coughing spell would col lie un at nlglit
would lake a liwo and it seemed
that in (lie briefest Interval Hie couh
would pass otfaiid I would ;o totdcvp
perfectly free from ronh and ila ac
company! :)ir pains. To nay that tlie
remedy acted hs a nioxt aureeable sur
prise Is pultun; it very mildly. I had
no idea thai it would or could knock
out the trrip, simply heeause I had
never trl'd It fur such a purpose, but it
(lid. and it set-im-d nitb tliuseeomi nl
tack of cougliiii); tlie remedy paused It
to not only be of less duration but the
pains were far less severe Hdd I had
not Uffii the contents of one buttle tie
fore Mr. (irip lirfd bid me adieu." For
sale by Kirkland lirtitfCo.
prospects of a brillant luturo are
very flattering. And the little
school boy of today may rank
among the greatest composers of
the land.
At hnh'ptMitlom'e, in the State A Ojt
iion, ut the cUfH ui lmmnos
April i, V.m.
1,'mna ami disonintft - 0M 1.2:1 -4
UvenlrttftM, spourt txh'i t intern ml ,Jitl H
L. f. Komi U wtHHire ctrrulutii.n l-Hm if
Htock, Mf);nriltf, Ptc. - - -,OIH i
IlankinK-hutise, lunitttiri' and (Ixtnren 7,W2. H
Other Ilidl elMtMiwnt(l - - - IVl 00
Due fruui Nat'l BuiikM (not rowrve Rpnt
Due from State lUtnk Htxl bunk or) - VI, Vu 4:t
Due from nprovwl r-H-rvo eiit - sv.iwy .V
Che:kR anil uthT cash IttMiis - (V
Nutt8 of oilier National Ifunks - - i: oo
FrHTlloniil paper currency, nU:ktn and
cents - - - - - - 1M JW
Law vw Mdnky KkmkhvkinBank, viz:
Kpecle - - - j y ih.wi ft'.
V., .!,!, li von ll rn L'lHIlL' tl lillV II V'U Will lillt
look ovvr our stiM-k wo mv sun- yon will Ih uih iiu-cl
that wo can M't vo you Wxt. Tin- lin's wo carry im-imI
no inU'o(luction to"tln public, as tlo-y luivi- l.n-u iis-l
for vi-ui-f, siu liut Sttulcliaki raiid llain wiioim.Kariin',
I'.co' jiiiu" anl SlulcliaktT bu-itH. ISitMiMcr, llartfonl
atn! Crawfoitl liioyclcs. A carloml of wnpms of all
si.i-s, liftfcM tylt'H iu Initios ami liackn ami ti-n ilill'T
fit t Ktvlt'H of hiovfloK should v orouf onoiih that wo
art' pri'pari'i as well as any housn in Polk county to
please you.
0) Hardware Merchants,
Independence, Ore
JitKtil OHl'IlT I1UU'
40 00
U.Ttil 0.'.
Rl'ilempllon fumlwlth l'. H. Trwanurcr,
(5 percent of clrculHiloiO - - U' oo
lr. O. I. Hutler was in I'ortluml!
Wednesday. With him wont John
James, of fjuvcr, on whoso person
it was thought necessary to per
form an operation,
Mrs. T. I). Cam pel I ami son re
turned home yesterday from Cor
yallis. J. M. Stark returned Saturday
fi'iiru KiiKeue, where he witnessed
the nomiiiaiion of Mr. Hermann
fur conpress.
Mr. Yates, a former Iudeprn
doncti pedaL'OKiie, was iu the citv
Van Porusife left Sunday for
San Francisco. Ho is on a nielli
seeinjr tour and will Ihi alisent a
lew weeks.
Kir. I .lil, A'ill III. I, a
Nulliti I. Imn-by nlvnt IK.m
f( I iMlrwuili'tiiv, I'ulk initial;. (m
, , ,. .., , . . l ".'t1!! U,'lll.l MMIilllil.irBiiif flil o'o. , thilds lor Jj;,. m,.ui-ii.....,.! ah.
; I'ttttiii ty,itiil imiIJ .'Inf.1 ntvltrt,
' li pn Ill lh Mlllir Iri.rMl H
j wlllilll ! Iilullli In.lll Oiil hk
mini. ir.tinr, ut liln Imii.i. lnv.M;-?i
j ) inli , IS. IK rti.iniy, Ok jji ,
cents, to c.os out, at Wnijoiier'ii.
W. A. Waim, of KuK'-iii, was in
tow n 'l'lifsdiiy.
O. I), lriliind and wilV.of Port-
Inml. are visiting near I. m n t it 1 11. j t's--t Imi. Mii.i.-nr,.. mim
Tlo-V were in town Ttl.-id.iv. : hi.ii.ii.i. imini,., ( ,rii.!i
H.iiiKi-r of ColiU and ir!
Tin-nr Hum ilnin!i r fmiii enliln and '
iriiM lln-ir rKiilinii; In piii iiiuoiila.
1 It ifc Iv.ri
A'la.lnl.lrnliir rUi nt IV II. Hi
a 'I .
ftniii (JurvallU last Week oil lcfjal ' If reasonable euro Is pim-d, Imu i-ver, I ' A L' UAMfPflri?
matters. j1'.'1 hiiml.eil.uirH t .MiKn li-uodv j UvU V liXiWlL Ll U
Paper Del
Lib..!. ...I .1........ .. I-. I . I . '
... I... i . i i . ii, i.ii iii.iiKi-i i.i ui.
Miss Julith Jlatschke returned j ,iiionK Hl(l i...s of lli..u,,ii,N l,;
to Portland Tuesday, after several ! have um-.I tins rnncly for IIipmv ills- j
weeks' visit with relatives here. i eaaet we havu yet U li'urn ofnuimflei
0). ... . i i''",t' having in pneumonia, ;
Clinton Monro snent Sunday in w hl. h hIiowh eiuiel.uiv. u- n.i .1 u .
lVrrydale, Clint was taking ascertain prevuntive of limt Imiceroim I ' ,,,r i'r and llai; rt fti
freai deal of interest in Kaster ! "'seane. It will cure a cold or mi at- l"" ,M"t '""U in the ruumii
j .i.i i 01 . un ii in nniM null' lliall allV ui...' nenn -j .in iuti"
I oliiervtreatinent. It in iiltamtit 11 nil I "' ""
-safelo lake. Fur sale by Klrkliui.l ; , , ,
ii"'K o. (130 Court St., Saleu
millinery on that occasion.
Cilda Frum was on the sick list
last week.
D. Collins is visiting his brother,
W. W. Collins.
' Minnie Maxfield has recovered
from mumps,
Emmitt Maxfield has gone to
Idaho to work.
Mr. Pearl Carter, of Wells, was a
Suver visitor Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wood were Inde
pendence visitors Saturday.
Mr. John Mochinke and family
fipent Sunday with friends in Sa
Mr. Flickenger, of Suver, is visi
ting his daughter, Mrs. Annie
Mrs. James Wheeler intends
moving to Silverton in the near
Mrs. Cummings, of Corvallis, in
TisHing her daughter, Mrs. . E.
E. A. Carter, the depot agent of
Wells, hai gone to Portland on a
business trip.
Capital Stock iulU In - I ,IJU0 00
SurpliiH fonil - - 10,000 00
Umllvlili'il profiOl, lens fxpeiisen ami
taxi paid
National hank notes outstanding -Due
to other National Bankn
Dividend! unpaid
Individual deposits fmhjectto check
Demand certlllcatef. of depnnit -
4,lli2 02
- 12,2110 00
- 400 00
I VI.S.I4 0.'
10,010 Kl
2I0W7 40
Tolal -State
of OriKon, )
County of Ioik,
I, C. W, Irvine, Cashier of the alHive-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
C. W. IHVINE, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day
or April, MUX. I.OUIH I,. W1PBCT,
Correct Attest: Notary Public.
fSKALi Tl. W. Skaks.
h. hihsi hhkkm iHreiturs
Seed Oats
Seed Barley
T wrtV. a4,t VA
CAPITAL STOCK, $50,000.00.
H IIIKSIIliKKU, i-re.d..nt. A liKAM N KIXiX, Vinf
C. W. IltVlNK, Canhler.
DIUKCTOriS.-ir. HirH t,l rjr, D. W. f-vurn, II. K. r-iiiit"h,".M. W.
A, Nelmm. j
A general hankiiiif anil exrlllUiKn hiisineNM iraiiaHcttHiT "lom nu
nHrouiited. (.oinmereliil creditH Krant.'d. DenoHitu receUed on rond
uhject to cheek
Of Clalvoston, Temaa.
"Wine of C.rdul li Indeed i blessing
to tired womea. Havintl tuflered for
levea yean with weakness tnd bear,
lag-down pains, and having tried sev
eral doctors and different remedies
wKh no success, your Wine of Cardul
wa the only thing which helped me.
and eventually cured me It seemed to
build up the weak parti, strengthen
the system and correct Irregularities."
By "tired women" Mm. Adams
mean nervous, women who Lava
disordered mensat, falling of the
womb, ovarian troubles or any of
ths ailments that women have.
You can cure yourself at home with
thieffreat wommi's remedy, Wine
of Cardui. Wine of CarUul has
Cured thousands of cases which
doctors hav failed to benefit. Why
not becfin to get well today? A.U
druggists have $1.00 bottles. For
any stomach, livsr or bowel disor
der Thedford's Black-Draught
should be used.
P-Tn-lTl MldlltlBMlllia AAmm -
Our new Cocalion
New building next door to Jos. Meyers 4 Sons.
Call and get fine Furniture Polish freeJ
J Do not miss seeing our superior line of C
i r Petings, Mattings and Linoleums.
m The House Furnishing Co
Next door to Jowph Mcyert 5c Soni, SALEM, 0
0 Storct at SIem and Albany.