Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 09, 1903, Image 3

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Buggies, Carriages and j
V linvt this ri npr altln to our line -f v'l ilH the ckbrutetl V
X'l.AliK UU(iili:s. ThcKD l.uii's havo inui cornt'iH, ami nru matlu e- 1
t j.eciully ft i r (ho I'acilic const trade They are xtroiijj'T in every particular ty
than lh" ordinary hujijjy. We usk ymi to examine tin-in. Tlicy nro all riht.
Thts latest tiling in the wheel lino. (Jot a Knycjelo and !e in tho lead Jv
Our Ktoek i roinjdete in the hieycle linen. Wo can furniwh you a wheel 1
'from $10 up.
I American Field Fence, the xtrongent wire feme on tho market. JV
i lon't buy a lijjit win- fence when you can get the heavy American at a lens 1
'price. Ve have already shipped in two ear loads of thin fence this Kpring.
It talk for itsel f 1'or Kile bv jV
i R. tA. WADE Si GO. t
earnest in thin mutter that we my
raise our schools to where (Joj's
work belong. Do not throw this
aside and forget it, hut come eveiy
one, and you will help us and we
hope to do you good. You can
send your contribution to Mm.
Bonnie tfinilh. Monmouth, Ore., or
come to the C invention and bring
M. M. Jo.NKH,
Mus. liusxiK Smith,
I Cor. Sec. and '1 reas.
Polk County Heotllsu Kite 'a
hoiis IIoM Forth Tonight.
j'iii: (jkkat iii:vom.
Jo Aldeiiinui u I'lnneer
U Out Upon 1 1 Im l.ttxt
I Vo tK-
' of the early pioneer of
, Orlundo Alderman died at
ii' on tho old farm in I'olk
, near the Sprint' Vallev j
1 .11 . . J ! . '
jioliee, on i n um nay evening
2 I VK."t. at o'clock, lie
lingering for several
I suffering with consumption.
Hbout 7i years old,
luxed came to Oregon In
rssing the plains with an
i and itett leil near Browns
lii'in county. After remain
ire a short time ho removed
to tho farm on the hills hack of j
Spring Valley where he hu since ';
made his home and rt ared a largo j
family which in now scattered overi
several states. J
Mr. Alderman wan for many!
yearn a minister of the gospel in j
Christian church and throughout!
hi iif time was an exemplary j
Christian man, highly respected by j
all his .neighbors. He will be'
buried Unlay at 11 o'clock 1" the!
burying ground on the old farm'
where he him panted ho many
yearn of bin life. Statesman, !
Open Letter to Sunday .School;
To tho Sunday School Workers
of Polk County, Oregon: i
The central oeommittea bus set
April 2.'J and 21 us the time for our
next county Sunday school conven
tion to Im held in Independence,
and we earnestly desire you to take
part by being interested and inter
cut your Sunday school in the con
vention and help by endiuu dele
gate, which are composed rt all
oflieers and teachers, or their mib
stitute, of each school in the coun
ty; by (sending your contribution,
the small sum of three cents for
each scholar, and last, but most
important, pray that it may be the
ry best meeting ever held in I'olk
We have a good program pre
pared which will appear in ibis
issue. Let us as Christian be
' In Folk county there are nine .'52
degree Masons, viz.: R. K. Wil
liams, Mark Ilayter, E. C. Kirk
putrick, Oscar Ilayter and Mr.
Craven, of Dallas; 0. 1). Butler. A.
s. Locke and II. llirschberg, of In
dependence, and J- 15. V. Butler, of
; Monmouth.
At Masonic hall in thin city this
evening they are to give a banquet
j observing in common' with all
j members ot Ainsworth Chapter of
! Hose Croix No. 1, A and A E Kite,
; Maundy Thursday, this year fall-
ing on April 9th.
Iietl At 11.
j Roseburgj Or., April 4. Mrs.
I Elizabeth C. Bell, mother of the
iwfll known Presbyterian minister,
'liev. J. R. N. Bell, of I'.aker City,
! died at the home ofrher daughter,
:Mrs. Emma Hervey,. at Myrtle
Creek, Tuesday night. Mrs. Bell
Iwas bom in Virginia in February,
1812 and was therefore over 91
years of age. She had lived in
Oregon for 30 years.
Mrs, Hriyder'a health is improv
ing. Sh has lieen ill for . innnjr
A son of P.ev. Snyder, is t i
ed to a-rive soon from MinneapoI'H,
Pres. P. L- Campbell, of the
State Unnivendty, was in the city
The agoner confectionary store
in making several noticeable i-provtmiei.ts.
.Mr. and Mrs. L Damon and
daughter Nellie, were Salem visi
tors Saturday.
Miss Rose Clodfelter, who is
running a millinery store in Perry-
dale, speut Sunday in the city.
Our stock of Easter novelties is
now getting ehort. Detter make
your selection before the supply ia
exhausted. Wagoner.
T. D- Campbell is on a business
trip to Eugene this week. During
his absence Afrs. Campbell u visit
ing her parents near Corvallis.
The courtship of "Larry Mc
Keegan," the Irish alderman, and
the "widdy Priscilla" will make
any audience laugh. Opera house,
Friday, April 17th.
Closing out our stock of George
W. Childs, while they last 7 for 25
cents at Wagoner's.
Wanted Several persous of char
acter and good reputation in each state
(one Id this county required) to repre
sent and advertise old eatablishtd
wealthy busiuess house of solid fiDan
clal standing. Salary $21.00 weekly
with expetses additional, all payable
in cash direct each Wednesday from
bead offices. Horse and carriage fur
nished when necessary References.
Enclose self-ad dres-ed envelope. Colo
nial Co., 334 Dearborn St., Chicago.
Commencing Saturday, April 11, 1903, we will close out our
entire line of
At Cost, Cost, Cost
We are going to discontinue the house furnishing depart
ment of our business. This is your opportunity to save some
money. A number of new and pretty patterns has recently been
added, and early purchase wui anora t
1L-a G
( StrajghtFro
Our New Spring Stock.
I. about all i- now. Our lino is very complete and contain many new novelties.
We are exclusive agents for
R. and G. and Dr. Warner's Corsets.