Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, March 19, 1903, Image 1

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UKiiilli-iit Hull Thrown
i,.,i m ' VuMU:
nun r m En'llcnte
til.' I'.VIMlllltf lUH III II
;),nsiiii'tn Miiiiimt.
?i hvnu-lity pvi'iii.i alley
L. 41, I. f. ! 'i""1'
. Ill l''l 'f Ui-'u'WrttlK. TO'
$ u hundred or more in
fLt in u manner tht was
LlitnliU-, Tim r.-eiptiuh
Imi.mI a ft formal opening
magnificent Mgf hull,
... - 41
... Ut iTl... i.l l.urifif'
i l Nurtnti II. liriMIOn III" iwhttim
............r,, University .f Orwm, Harvey IS I'ensmore, i . w
i - - - i , , ....... ....
ii.i. ... l. l. ....... iJ Ori-inn ocal SOIO ruiiFnv
i ...... t '..II I,.,,rl i- )ri. IM..l
i ........ i m.. . Minn I.OUIHU C orau
gun Main iNormiii n..i.i, mi", . .
p,.. i(l l',,iv,.rKitv. sixth: Albany Hong-"t..oiion woi.v . . . w.. v,...
,.. win. it After tho content the delegates
.inrg.r, rcu:mu,
. i. orators hihi i.iMii'K""n
vers m , riuiiiu. ' . .. . ,
.ever Willi Uli-ri' IWireriiniunw.-... - .
. . . ............. fill 111 IcllOWIiK. i n; uiumiu, .
and college I'iru H.iown a . , v,,.,,uHini,.. The
content thnn w exhibited Hi MM ' 4 . ...
.. ti... lames iirriteiii-n an i"'"""g "r
ard hall Jul rriduy evening im-r , ,.
, .. , ....... i.i-1...H iwnriiiice and tho spread was all
runiyu.uc.nii.-a a.-..."., .i...;,!. The ban
flllf.l With College VfllH BIKI Songs ,.....,.
. . ... . i. .... UlUCil aa BllCimi'ii u v b wiv....
Ironi 8 o clock unm ui utow .:..!,,. ;
.... n.i ;.!... I .. COUrCU Ol IIHUIIIO. m;cin
. . . .. ..... . ..:n r-. i nucil to ft cniiHiiJci'ihlo number out-
tl.lratlm mat I ,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,.r(lf. T M
Iciro Iiub won tli uluio oruioriciu - - -
coiitei-t. Univcrcity f Oregon him
won lhre ileciKioim, whilo Albany
won om-, I'lii'ific Collegii two, I a-
cific Uivcrnity 0110 ami Willaiw
tlo l'nivtTitv one. When th J
cmbm wua announceil tho McMinn
f .... -" - .
Frcroinenf Polk Gounty Pwple.
lion. N. L. Bullr
iiroinineiit men o(
Polk futility, Hon. X. L. Hutler, of wull iii the ' front
r.,ki.. Ho lm ten county jiulK.
a mom Uir f ootll branclie of the
l..iflHtiiire. and at one time a cundi-
Uiitc lor congrt'M from thii dUtrict,
(iU'iin acted iim toaHtiiniHtcr, ami
toantu were reHimmleu to by icjire-
ncntativt H of every college in the
asHociatioii. The banquet lasted
until a late hour. The program
was an follows:
KabiuB Ma.ximua The Man
ilu. Krni" Mips Winnie
Smith, Oregon .Agricultural ior
"The Cold Orator" U-orge u
llvprj. Albany College.
Th Birthplace of Uratory
W. A. Miles. Pacific Col lego
"When Shall We Meet Again?'
W. B. Shively, raciuc Quiver
"Our Hosts K. fcvenuen
nrA.mii Stale Normal.
"Nil Peeneranduui Kennetn
T.atourette. McMinnville uuiege.
"Where Perches ictory'
K Keves. Willamette Univermiy
Our OueHts"-W. S. Whittle-
eey, University of Oregon.
KcjMibllctui Convention CU."
A renublican convention for he
county of Polk is hereby called to
meet at Dallas, Oregon, on saiur-
t in one of tho wont complete and
bed ciniped plants in the Btatc,
and is in capacity far leyond pres
ent reiiuireinentH. Flock has been
sold off close in th Jefl'tTHon neigh
borhood, and it will take several
) ears t bring up the mall hrds.
but the field' fur a creamery U con
sidered a good one, Btid the opera
tion of the plant will promote the
prosperity ot the community very
rapidly. A kk1 ' 'ilB trucl1
ul it of 1 rr f.-et. with a How
to within 22 feet of the surface of
pure water. One of the largest rttiu fit h creuinerv will be
Irsavit'i'" " -
Hon. Chas. Miller's large herd 01
Jerseys, and other Hock owners are
coming in with their product as
soon as they can clobe present con
tracts. .Salem Journal.
. . ... .1.1 ... .' .. . V I ........ l,o
(,ne orthe nicen ,n in, vmeoeiatmn u. " " . ... 28 ,903, at 1 o'clock
brother IM4 feuows ami stage ana, wr"l,',"K i Vr.. for the purpose of electing
heir college yell, "Here perches nine delegates to the first , trie
. . .. , .,,;nniil nnvention. ana lor
victory, and we Knew n a long '6- ...,,:
time." Hmith won the hearts of the iransacuon o. ..
. . ........ .:.t. i.u .,k;, r-essasmav come before the con
Ills miuiencu
.!.... i I volition.
"The Homeless iauon, ...u - in f1A
i i i w;n of one of his me sever. t.c - -
earnest hearers throughout his county are -Jl
bekahs and their families
fiids sat about the banquet
ud listened to a program
xcellence. Following was
I of welcotne...A. J. Goodman
..n.... Miss Olga Boatman
I Mrs. Babbitt, Miss Bowden
f'.". ...J. A.Mills
I K. C. Wiguiore
Mrs. lieo. Con key
I K. J, Thompson
I V. (J. Sharman
in. .. .Mrs. Geo. h. Burton
Miss Bowden
aaimbiTS were all greeted
ftimultuuus applause. The
lolo of W. G. Sharman was
fer'-usly uppltuuled that he.
inpellod to repponu with a
Jer recitation.
Icntertaiiimeut was a glor-
liccess. and we think we
i nnaiiinioiis opinion when
I' "Brother (Kid Fellows,
I another."
invllle's Onilor Carries on
Joll Mettal I'rl.o.
r:rTT . ...i i... n tn votes cast for Hon. 1 nomas u.
Thu decision was accepieu -
. . L VfMinn. Tongue, republican candidate for
who were eager to give .McMinn- loiiguo, i
... . ....! .....i, ..rnicrressman in June, uuz, ana
v lift the honor oi winning in - ,
V! ! " 1 7, ,U. f orations. one delegate for each fraction of
, .i -a. five or over Bocast, to-wit:
nte program o. b onh
Son.-'oh Oregon".... Glee Club Dallas, 10; Rock Creek, 2; North
o fio,,-' Oliver Cromwell, the Independe nce, S-erola,
f .,;,. ,.7; Jackson, 5; fcast uauas,
Man of Action .......... Luckiamute, 9; South
UUV IMWin mouic, w v. - - ,
Orntion-.Ayrbitration the Better Ind-l-. f; onmouth.
Way". -Olive M Hickey, A. C i; opring , -
VociUsI-ChansonProvencale- -
AdoU Ac iua .. . . ? lonmonih, 7
M.ssl,va iremrr j inthe
(wtion "The St) rit ot Jonn iuar-
Tin various P,ecinct8 on Friday' Mftrch
rhnll ..... ' ; ' 27 . tbe hour 0f 2 o'clock P. M.
.Lucy Nay uu..
Oration-"The Pioneer of the Re . . ... .
formation . . . Thur8(lav. March 26, at 2 o'clock
W"Sr .V.. P. M") theprecinctcommiUee-
Arthnr Louis Frazer men are requested w maw an nec
Oration "The Western Type .
CoiiuiiiNsloner of I.aml )fflc
Visits Old Friends.
He In an Acquaintance to Many
IlereI'alil Compliment to
City's l'rosperlty.
Polk County Teachers'
Following ia the program of
the meeting ot trie roiK coumy
teachers' association to be held
ut Independence, on Saturday,
March 2Sth:
Music, by the association;
Busy work general discussion,
hv the association; Introductory
Work in Literature, Miss Ednelle
Collins; Ilant Study, Miss Lor-
etta Smith; Geography, "Ore
gon," Miss M. L. Hampton.
Music, Miss Grace A. Ilig-
gins; History, -iveconsirucwuu
Period" Prof. A. F. Campbell;
Aritlnif.ic. "Aonlications of
Percentage," E. M. Smith; Ad
dress, Dr. E. J. Thompson.
Reports from the committees
on arrangement for systematic
bird study and county public
school athletics will be sub
mitted, and the association will
decide at this meeting the time
and place for holding our an
nual teachers' picnic.
Do not forget to bring speci
mens of the composition work
done bv your pi)ilajluritigtlie
Luncheon will be provided by
the Independence teachers.
A cood attendance by teach
ers and friends of education is
earnestly desired.
C. L. Stark, pres. ,
R. C. Frkncii, vice-pres. M. Burke, sec.
Executive Committee.
Hon. Dinger Hermann, of
Itosoburg, was in our city Tues
day, visiting old acquaintances
knd making new ones. Mr.
Hermann is a candidate for rep
resentative from the first dis
trict. While in Independence
he added many remlniscenses of
years long past of which Polk
county's oldest citizens will well
A little over 18 years ago he
was first elected as a congress
man from Oregon; since that
time he has served six terms in
that capacity and six years as
commissioner of the U. S. land
office. Previous to this time he
was register of the land office at
Roseburg, Oregon. It was be
fore this, and while he was in
the state legislature that Hon. J.
L. Collins, now of Dallas, and
lion. Mr. Dimmick were both
sent from Polk county for the
same office in the state legisla
ture. That body was then dem
ocratic and Mr. Collins was not
allowed the privileges. He
stated that he thought our for
mer county judge, J. Stouffer,
recently of Dallas, but now de
ceased, was a member. While
here he mentioned that J. II.
Moran and L. Damon, both well
known townsmen of ours, helped
to secure him his nomination
for congress for the first time
Homo of A. J. Goodman
Changes Hands.
hus A. Smith, '0.'!, of Mc-
.Ho College, won the Btate
;tl contest held in illard
March 13th. Such was the
:illy satisfactory decision of
klges. Rev. Mr. Gilbert. L.
and Prof. B. F. Mulkey.
Wm Robert Rutheriom, o
Oration-"The llomelose Nation"
,.Erastns A.Smith. McM. C
Violin Bolo-"NouviUe Fantasie"..
. . . . . Mrs. Susie Fennel Pipes
Oration-"The Nobility of Labor"
essary arrangements for the same.
WT 1'i.m.ivil
Attest: M
Jefferson Creamery Starts.
The Eldridge creamery begun
-"The isouuiiy i - .
..Edg K. Mere-ee, W.U operations Monday, March 16th
The lovely home of A. J. Good
man changed hands Friday, it
nassine into the ownership of J. W.
Kirkland. Mr. Goodman will not,
however, give possession until fall.
This is one of the nicest homes in
town, and justly proud may the
new possessor be of his property.
Mr rtnodmrn owns some vacant
lots in town and he thinks of build
ing in a few. months.
Ntw supply of Langerine
Oranges at Wagoner's. Something
Harry Clodfelter, of Corvallis,
was a business visitor in town last
week. ;
over lb years ago. tie aiso
mentioned as an old friend a
former president of the State
Normal School and fattier oi r.
T. and A. F. Camobell. He
stated that T.F.Campbell was
a firm friend and a man be high
ly esteemed. He spoke of Prof.
A. F. Campbell, who is a teaen-
erin the Normal School, with
reference to the times when in
his practice of law he had had
some very pleasant cases in
which thev were the opposing
He recited a description of
the state's water ways its con
ditions, its needs and its possi
bilities in a manner which
showed a full knowledge of Ore
gon and her resources. He. also
snoke regarding the broken
and falling banks on the W n
lamette and the r-f-ed of revet
ments and clearing of the chan
nels. Mr. Hermann expressed hinw
self as being well pleased with
our city and that he would be
t pleased to meet with us again.
V 6
Lucy Cause, of Pacifio Col.