Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 18, 1902, Image 3

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    iN'i)i:ri:NMKNci: kntkiumii.-i:, ixiKrKXiiKNci;.oiK(JON
Ixik M i vh vet until ('lirUtniUH.
of them and 'ir.T vu the following
One beautiful oblong Album,
Our Christmas stock is now very complete. You should call and see
our fine line of Christmas presents. You really should not put off until
the very last the buying of that present for your friends. We can sup
ply your wants in most every way. . , ;-' - 1 . .
Candy !
Candy !
Another bin supply of Candies
arrived thin week and we ure now
fully prepared to meet nil. demands
for all amounts. In plain ruixed,
broken mixed, our fancv school,
little chocolates, munuhers, and the
finest chocolates in the entire state.
Plain mixed ; 15c lb
Hroltcn mixed. ...... ... 1 5c 1 b
Heboid mixed 15c lb
Munehers : ; 25t' lb
Brownie chocolates 25c lb
French mi xed . 25c lb
Candy beans 25c lb
Ml kinds of Xuts at 20 ccnti
per pound. '
In box candies we have the
finest line ever brought this side of
Portland, noun excepted. Our line
was brought direct from the east
and is a beauty. Hox goods iroin
lOcentH per box to $ I per box.
There is nothing finer and the
candy is the best.
See our big line of fnc Can
dies the largest ever brought
to town.
Fountain Pen is fully guaranteed.
The beat pen ever put on the mar
ket, gives entire satisfaction, and ie
a general beauty. Writes, flows
fine, and is a fine pen. From $2
up. If you want the best look up
the history of tbe Parker and be
convinced of its good qualities.
Put of our entire utork of Cabi
lift 'liolij(nihJ A'.l'iuim ' I v
Imt eight l-f t aii'l it in i-liil some
Hut wo are going lt make a iead-r
startling price:
$5 H." now t'-.A"t
4 45
:: it j
;! i:
;; o:
2 25
j ad
J 21
-'.l 0
A Few
A good purse . . 15c
A whif-k broom 10c
A nice lookinir ulans l)c
A lie tier one .25c
Two lead pencils, . .'
A idea look for 20c
Pocket looking glass 10c
Pocket cnn.b 10(
Baseball bat box 5c
Two bottles ink ik
A wroHK white chalk 20c
- r-
Bottle red ink
Big composition book 5c
Tissue paper, (I sheets
Roll of crepe paper .... ...10c
Pen and pencil holder 5c
All ol our immense pipe line
has been i da cod on the slaughter
table and here are a few prices that
will convince you of the deep cut.
These goods are the best money can
buy and have been reduced in price
to make a reduction in the stock.
If you want a fine pipe for father,
brother or "hubby," wo oiler you a
chance to get just what you want.
A genuine Meerschaum $4.i5 now
$4. A fine long stem brier with
amber mouth-piece $5.85, now only
$3.75. A beautiful long stem simi
lar to above, was $4, now1 only
$2.75. And all of our line has been
reduced in a similar way.
Xewcrop of all kinds of
nutswalnuts, almonds, etc.
20 cents per pound.
Kow should not fait to see our flock of miscellaneous
bookf for both old and young:
That Line
of books
In this department we haye
the most eomplete'atock. Not only
in the copyrighted books do we
lead, but in all kinds.. We have a
fine line of good books, in good bind
ings and by good authors, for only
20 cents. A sti'l better edition lor
"0 cents, and lrom 50 cents and up
wo have it nice line. Children s
books also find a good place with
us, from 5 cents up.
Horns from 5 cents
Whistling bnloons, 5 cents
Rubber balls, 5 vents
Toy guns '
Sets of Dishes
Iron cars
Tin cars
Barking dogs
Crokinole '
K von want a bargain in a neat
ladies purses we have a large stock
that is right under the ax. These
are the new and late purses.
ladies purses . . . .oUc go ai .ou
$2.25 ' " 1.75
I " . . . 75o " " .45
.... 50o " " .25
1 " ' .... 125" " .75
If vou are going to need a purse,
now is you? chance
Main Street,
Ping Pong
We only have four Ping Pong
eeta left and to close out will reduce
the price from $2.25 to $1.95. And
two sets that sell at $3.50 are going
at only $2.25. This is a chance to
get a fine set of Ping Pong for little
A nice dressing set cheap. The
.'atest thing in French stag horn a
very neat style from $:) 25 and up-
A gfwxl set in plain mountings from
$1.25 and upv Is ice manicure sets.
Different designs in ebony.
Goods This is a very neat line com
posed of hxiulkercbiefscollar boxes,
tie boxes, jewelry boxes, spectacle
boxes and in fact all kinds of boxes
for every kind of useful articles in
nri from 55 eeiltS UD to $5. All
the above are band painted and
something exceptionally . neat and
We have three pictures in
beautiful frames that we want to
close out. and for these three only
we make the following prices: One
picture, about three feet by five
feet, in fine frame with glass, one
only, was $6, now $3. Two beau
ties of oblong shape, something
very neat, not old style but new
design. Kegular price $5, our cut
price only $2.50. Only two.
. Box Stationery
All new shapes
We have sold out a numlier ot
the linen of box stationery but ex
pect a new order this week. They
are something entirely new in
shape, size and colors, and are tak
ing readily with all. The swell,
two-fold, a brand new line just out,
only 5u cents per box. Tben we
have a large number of other lines
from 13 cents to $2.50 per box
Something nice, let ua tell you. , ;
You will be surprised at the
bargains we are offering jn
box stationery. A nice box
of stationery for. only 13c,
worth 25 cents.
Toy Land ;
Still Complete
Automobile for $1
Automobile for 1
Ferris whpel for
A reversib'e engine for
Stamp album for
Stamp album for
Scrap album for. , '.
Military set for
Hat brutl? for
Medalllion for '
Medallion for.
A great big doll for 2
A good cheap watch for ..... . 1.
A good wallat for
We have one Basket Ball In
fine shape. Regular retail price
$3.50. You can have it for $2 if
you get here in time. Only one.