Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 18, 1902, Image 1

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    Otifiuu Historical
ti:n ykah.
A Realistic Romance
III H remote hamlet back l.ast lived
H tUmiim nialdmi and a biudiful young
iii ui, who had f"r oum y'r '""'
living Uh but onaiid tbu mine ob
Ji't t. Tlixy were U hopeleM via
tint f "love iiilcroi.i-a" Unit wore do.
lug iikwH iteetmd work under tin dl
re.lioii .if Cupid himself, Hurry sud
denly "Woke lip" Hlitl dt'Cldcd Hi"
prm-inn! Hint loii wit th thief uf time
andMiiwainl Immediately aetnbwil
to bring matter to '"'. "Hettle,
umy I I I, t-r-I" t'Ui h took a header
ovt-r lMilifulni-"AKlii would you
ou.1.11, er." Thin time. Ht-ttlo came lo
lil. i. wiim with wt, "Ye, Hurry,, 1 er-er-I'v Ueii trying to say
yea 14 I thin time mid I mtitu t "" ,f'
ryoi do," Hud to l hi day Harry In-ni-U
Unit he pupped the qncatloii.
Very muni there m widdlugand It
w not much Ionizer before V utile
Hill Taylor, i( Iiidt-i ndftitu, wrote
D'indvcly of what h Hjrnnxl 1T "rll''
mid ri)ittf1 Hull It they would li.culo
here he would ttlitrt t hem up In life.
Vn.V mhhi I hey began to hid lovqd
mi adieu niid were soon upending hi
When Hit train pulled In generous
I'lirlu Itlll w "I the li'(iot lo greet
mid wrlimme the much elated couple,
and after hearty cotirtiiliit Uo con
duced I In-ill iralghlway l' the IUU
Palace Hotel, liavluif previously ar
ranged lor a pleamtnl aiilut with J. M
Hark, till! UV Hlld ulcrt hurt It
wui hi Hits cheerful aii'lluvltlngdiuhig
roiiiu of the hutel at breakfavt UXt
iiuuniug, w hile puftaking of n tempt
ing nifiiu itui'. w iK'ii'g politely
DiifVed thai Uncle Hill Unit uufolded
hi .ln to l lie appreciative new
comer, obligating himself, Hrit of all,
to build mid furiilxli for tbetu an Weal
American home. "Hut, in the uieau
tWitv, Mtii) 'Uf. "you VIII ' find till" a
pliitmmt, home-like and most ?rte.
Utile ihii' to llvf."
Afu-r tMiikfiioi Hi- hiixIouh uow--ouifi,
nt Uncle liill'tt nnjuexi, no
?ortnmulil hint miout town with a
vituv to tii'itlug ni:ulMfd "d nr
mtiKHitf l dutHll nil tho tniitterii In
vi.U'i.Ui to building bihI fornUhttig
I he new hmiie, "iud now for u tK-alr-lileKt."
sahl Undo Hill, "to build
on, Lft' ko lu mid oonfiT with J. M.
Klikliu d, our wdl-iuforiiud mid wide
nwitk." rwil imtate Ui'i-nt, whom I IIhI
.l the hint proiwrtle in towuMiid
cmniry ulinut." Tb trio was cor
dimly rvc- Ivi'd utld il wumi't long !'
fury I tie cmtrteolls Mr. Klrklmid Imd
it ild I'uole IllII clmriiung mid com
inodlouH iiili!tic hIIh.,
Now kIiim lTni'k- Hint gift l
hi imwly liuuiiid nleco will lien pre
tciitlotiH now nii-idi'iiw ami iMMwcHim;
tint m vutjuu idw to whul would lie
JuiHing, t'imiiiiodloiH mid atw-ptahle
"h It nif inU'ivd Klniiti & S-lnunoiw,
hulMuie mid i!ontrimtr, whom ln
know h bcliiK 5'invciBiit with ivbi-tei-itiri-uud
In clow) toil 'li wild tb
tmililitiK inb-reU bt-r.', who, u'li-r
t'ni I lilll Imd Hindu ' known the oh-
jt.! oftiiH vlntt, noon arriinucd nhoui
the pluiiH for a uioht iiuhIoih rtcldriicH.
Uiiolo Hill UK'" nd tlK'ltiilowiirileil
tli.-m tho i-ontract to build it. ii-iu:iik-imt
ihitl miliody nvvr oufrBlhtiit-d
ih't'lr. ioK-xrity or uliiliiy in thus
eifinilinu a contract to tho letter and
oil Hon', tm,
"'l'oi-M'ct n homo und oiio to I if left
BHaiilhnte of fiiinily prido, IfMVciy
liiipi.iiitut In uta only Al building
m;U.t;iiitl, tbrwlit! In a ticcmW or wo U
' would topple over,'' hM t'liclo Hill.
"But I'll avoid (Id.- culuHlropbf. I'll
Iihvii.I, S. Itiiluti noil iiuinultioiuro to
tirdi-r the '"II, doom, blind., mantles,
bracked, liiouldlugs und all tho iu
tcriur fiuifsb. Hf practical man
; Hiid w''h ,v"'! 'i .i('''J mill bo bH!t
ev. v il ti ' ii d ln meet tho '
uu u. t i he i'H-M '' i'i'oni; i .
'it mvteM n- ci.b .i -
recidei,!-; m J t In " ''V
Uie, It C"ll"' lo II- II, : I lll-l I ' l'l ' it
bun ren i i li"' i io-li of im iui 'M i'
,! dutoruf r," cliii e-l in tl.e, '.
. "Ych, yes, ihul'it ho," rc-pondc-) L'ncle
Hill, "and I'll tako no clmiaei im a
botcher, clihor. I'll -o W. II. Hlu t.
who l an cticiiiettti ciiiitriiclof and tin
artUt wltb the brunh, doing palming,
decorating and pup-r liatiRlug. giving
liin pcrxonal attention In tho exeuutl"ii
of any Job tendered him' and from Id
huntl r will b anxuicd of a
tractive and Inviting renldeiico," d
elitred Unclii Mill, ''allien JtluK I to
do th Job."
"Now that our upleudid new re-l-deiir
will noon b ready to move lot"
w'll next lakw atepa almut furnlihlog
it out In good nlip. It will ini m.v
aim to have It 'par fxcctleiice' " veil
lured Un do Hill, "o Ifyi u J-dn im
we'll k md talk It oyer wltli Camp
bell Hum., our well Informed boime
furniahem and diligent exponenta of
fiirnlliirc." The trio were courtooindy
riwl ved at tho atoro and after lh aa
olduouu uiiiniigeiiu'iit bad mmle oino
(Uggeatloii lo tbo anxluua brldo, ahe
noon wleetml licr parlor, chitiiitH-r and
bttd-ruoiuaiilM and tba other reijtiln
ite lu furnlnhing for tbo new borne,
no untieing were thj amart and tinlipie
elleota compriaed in tho tmk. Hfiico
CauipUli Hroa. will furnlali It from
top to bottom. The bride was mu red
that no pulim or effort would tie spared
tobavu tins lioma l-d--ad ln all n
"Ye, I did proud you a obn
watch and allver aervloo aet," quotli
Uncle, Hill to the bride, emerging from
lb furutluro alow, and be directed
them lo 0. A. Kramer A Co.' a jewelry
atora w hero be aoou aciplilted biiuwlf
of tlm obligation, aildliig to inaaixjve
ahaudaome clock aud wiiiie exqnlmte
article In cut glawi ware, wbilu Hettle
aeemud to be lo ecftacy at the tbnuRlit
or no many dainty article for ber new
"Kramer &. Co," remarked Uncle
tiill. ua Ibev Miitrel tlm atreet, '1-
wayaahow artlatio au4 ieasonxl'le t-
fectaand Ufa the dlatltictioii wun ua
wldu aequaliiUiiice of being tbe moat
rllabl and twat appointed Jewelry
houe liereubouta. It never holds out
fulw) Ihrhta U) mukft a huIb cither."
"In my kitchen, Uncle Hill, I want
To I'-M
A could' of cliid"! til trntii th
Moninoiith 8tiil Normal were out
Haturday looking fur an ttifv way Ur
to mako inoiiev and Uiy found it. if A
Vht'V bouilit i finiv-iiir - con
feilcrato bill in Monmouth for $1.(X)
and then wiiook thfinnlvca to In
Ii'peulnc to J. n-i.h Cliriatnmn
Hhopping. They fni-t cttljej at tlie
Stfir groct-ry and Iwiugiit 2") centa
worth of cigar an-1 tenuVred . In
payment the cotifcdrat money.
The peutleninti bdilml tho counter
hud Keen too inoch oS it in his timo
to be taken in and handed it hack
with some) good fa'.hfrly advice.
1 he cigars ware paid for in good
hard coin and tho couple left the:
store. They proceeded to a bard-
ware store where thjv bought a
razor and, tendered in payment the
"confed" money The unsuspect
ing clerk handed hack the right
change and did not discover the
frami-til! Monday morning, lbe
students were then hunted up and
the money recovered, ho we sup
pose t!:e matter will 1 allowed to
drop. There i some talk, bow
ever, of making trouble for the
young man lrom Southern Oregon
as re was told the connwjuenoes of
his act when in the Star grocery.
Th7 i'ridcit Heroes.
tt,.r in tlie taut war wr.'e
to aay that (or Bruieef, Cuts,
I alwav aVfej. table
For Cnristmas Presents
Fur the finetft line ever brought to tuvvn
A. S. Locke,
The Independence Druggist
x' T- C
Itlue AndaliiMiiina.
I am making a specially
! ilor!e, HiigSJ' and Harness for
f)f i Sale at a Bargain.
breeding hlue Andalusian chickens; A good big horse, perfectly gn-
and I think they are the beet egg i tie; can lie driven by anyone, 10
machine on earth. They a.e quite ; K-lMr vvith buggy and harneM for
, , , , , . . 'ua e al hn f price. Inquire at th.s
a bit larger than the Leghorns and joffi(e .
as gentl as the Plymouth Rocka. , . ' " -
I bought my stock of Klein, whose J For Sale.
bird captured all of the prizes for , A stock of general mdse with
this hied at the state fair and they nu;jj;ng, aa residence in
are as good as any in the state. rnuntrv: stock will
I have one. cock and six cock
about $2.(K.
, jiruieei, V"i. ; . . : aiicu i4"'nj'
Wounds. Corns, Hot Feet and Stirtlerels tor sale, ana win nave egga m , Kx.rEKt.K,E 0liCe
Joints, llueklen's Arnica 8r? U the Uei8on. Now is the time to buy , . . ni ,
heat. Pame liif Burn hV-..., Jio.s, your rn-sU'rs, , H rite ir ruci-.4
larn. U. Al. caioreawi, .uuui'iuui.
J." care
TTi.-.a KL-in Krurithtct and Piles. It
cures or no pay. Only Mo at Kirklaud
Drug Co. '
The Iadiea Ilnxanr.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
a Garland range. That's the make Presbyterian church held their
niaiiia has, and for baking or making bnzuar at the npera hosue last Fri
jiaslrles It is lovely. Tlien too, we afternoon and evening and
wHii't a heinliiiir stove, some tattle cut
lery and" a manifold lint of eoeking
utenolU." IlettlB continued. "For
these we'll go toll. M. Wade & Uo.'a,
the llmi tbut did our p muting and
roofing and where I got the builders
hardware tbe other day," remarked
the liberal old gentleman. "There
you can fit out your culinary depart
ment on whatever scale you wIhIi.
The xtoek la Indeed eomiiopolitau nod
I know of nojwttcr, more rellai-le or
uureealile house to patronize. Its cu
ti.mers coiuo from all pdnU of the
citinpa'S." Accordingly everything
iHH'ded for tlie kftclieti whs purchased
from It. M. W'udd & Co.'ti big hard
wttrg xlore. s " ,
4,N"thlng rei'alls r. miiiixeeneea of
iho boncyiiKiou in alter life no vividly
as a plioiogmpb, I ueiden tally remarked
Uncle lli'.i, 'Vo our next . virit will be
to PieKel't gallery, where we will all
lor piciurin. PofiHiiil.v it may appear
at Ilift glmico Hint as every photon
raphcr uses the same general metlnala
und operates wl"h fiiiillarappllatices
all aie alike, skillful, but thia is no
more true th:tu that pen and Ink and
paper make the amtie author- Kx
,,,.!), -new and equipment are vital in
.redieula that anccesa In porlrait plio
toiapliy recpiires, but. mine l ban
.i...... iu ili w.iiih of nereei'l ion in
po-lng, a knack Unit dialiiigumhes tbe
' m l let from me omiunry caiia-m nuat
I pcra" Hint it I" tbb f 'eulty or likeuesn
making that hsabrouisht I'holograpber
PicKel Into guild repule." -
' 1 he upparelofl proelatms the man,"
hiM-tcd Uncle Hill to Harry, "and nf
i colli von w ill want lo mrt ur lead
i intt ni'VehMiit ti-ilnr. lie's a bows cut
Iter 'lid invariably sbowa the smartest
and nobbieat suitings and woolens iu
I tho market. 1 ref.-r to W. . Shnr
mail, who baa m:il- all of my Hints for
years and I've liui'id him correct and
.'pains-taking in all my dealings there,
! And wlien a tellow is toKirod out in a
imiitwith 'ShiirniauV trade marK at
1 tached he will bo acceptable in the
most polite eoeiety." Harry, when
larit een waa goiuir up to et ineaaui-ed
and to size up things for himself
To Iw continued.
Stockholders Meeting:.
& . -
Notice is hereby given that tbe; a
annual meeting of the stockholders j
r .1 T J 1 v...:l tlu,,b-
monmouib Eatmdry
II. I). WHITMAN, Prop.
were very successful in every par
ticular. In some rfspects it was
rather an unique aflair. The ladies
had prepared and procured a large
number of handkerchiefs, dust caps
of all sorts and sizes and colors,
aprons of the most improved and
unimproved patterns, cushions and
cushion covers of beautiful designs,
quills, etc. These were offered for
sale at very reduced rates. The
hall was neatly and con venieot'y
decorated and arranged for the oc
casion and everything contributed
to make it a pleasant social event.
In the evening an interesting pro
gram was presented, consisting of
music, an illustrated lecture, for
tune 'telling, refreshments, etc.
Despite the severe storm there were
many present, and the receipts
large and satisfactory.'
The lecture by Prof. French of
the State Normal school, deserves
npcciul mention. It was scholarly
and very interesting. The views
he presented of what ho had seen
in bis Kuropean travels were ex
ceedingly clear and beautiful and
were prepared by Mr." Lewis, of
Monmouth. The musical .iniin ber
presented by Mrs. Babbitt and
Miss liowden was great'y enjoyed
bv all.
"The ladies of tho Aid Society
wish to express their most sincere ! (.
thnnltato the many friends whol,.
assisted them eo cordially in pro-j
vidinu this entertainment, anujfM
thev have entered the bazaar upon
., -,1 1... .P antar!nin T?1ntQ
tneir cuioouai ... ...... .........
which they will give annually.
a. in. anu i p. in., voo Washing calleu tor on iue-
the purpose of electing a Board of i day al)ti delivered on tsatur-
uireciors anu iu ihumih oj
such other business as may come. 4 mtV liarailtftd '
before the meeting. , '4 '
C.u Ikvixe, Cashier, r Monmouth, Oregon.
.Dated this 3d day ol Uec im f
I n Sacrifice Sale ; ..
S of fioliday Soeds. ' S
As we arc crowded fur spat e we .can
not aflord to carry o-.or cur hoi i lay! so have dveil'l to eluse them
out regardless of cot. We tall your
attention 'to our Albums ot which
we have a large stock. We have cut
them to the following ridiculously
low prices:
$4.50 Albums
!-,- it
3.50 "' ..........
li.oti .."
2.f0 "
. 2.3U
. 2.20
. 1 .55
. 1.15
All the remaining goods must go at
a similar reduction, lou cannot
- atlord to miss this opportunity. r
1 Simpson Biv-s., mon.iiouil),
W . jr. je. rf"s A