Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, August 14, 1902, Image 7

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Another Salem Lady Endorses Dr.
Darrin' New Mode of
. I'.ilmr! I lull to toll Vdll Of
the -indues voii did 1" publishing
tl, tortlmonliu lo lr. Parrm' skill,
I would never hive known of hlni
had I not read your pr. For twelve
years I have bed sorely Hnlietcd will,
varicose ulcer of boll. l'ii.l.. My
limb had turned lo ft dark brown cokr
I.ttlll liiitht mid "HV,
III. ' .
rendering "!' I'"0"1 h..pot.le. 1
,d tried four dm-tor mid n.Hiiy patent
medicine, torn. avail, Htil wlnK
under Dr. Parrin'i decided malment
two n.onih ago, xvhoti I
atolv relieved. Now I " l'l'Py, will, my m.'IViinga thing of
the imi-t. ...
I cH.Hli.llv recommend all my friend,
to try lr. Isrrin, Ht the Willamette
11 olid, M.ile.u. 1 him German l-y birth,
and vcars old. I reside in South ha
lo..., near Ihe cemetery, nd . an Ik. teen
""y t,K!eMKS.CARI.KlM'H-:SM.
Weekly io IluIhGii.
-n. ...iKt week has been
warmest one of the season; ten.
pe.ntures between UO and UK) were
both the eastern ami
- 1
western sections of the Male. No J
ruin has fallen since the .last of j
July, and then the amount was tuoj
email to do much good. All late,
..r.,n. i.t.w need ruin. I'asturHgei
ik getting short except where stock
lias had the ndvantago of a t-erond
,-rop of clover. The supply of
milk being delivered at the cream
eries is diminishing, and range
etock finddillkully in getting suf-fici-nt
feed. Reports from the
upper end of the Willamette valley
and from Josephine county, are
hat the grasshoppers are doing
F. A. Douty,
Independence, - Oregon.
While Oak Shoes
For Harvest Trade.
The... ,Ih. arc n.anuf.o.urod l.y .hnemakera with year, of ex,,crio,Ke. They w nolhinS
1,t,1,verv.,Storrnt,K.kloa.l,or,a,lare dd on their merit, under a rt guaranWe ,f
......rt.ri.v: XV. I..VO a Pl many pair i among our customer,, .1.1. -at.factory result, Xou
, ,t d.fhettor buy d n.aUc. XVe have tl,e, in a,l ,Ue, an,, for Men, Boys and
Youths The W an,l youth.' are ld for $1.75, J1.85 and $2. XX e the
I, so ,2.7.'., $3. $4, 4JS0. XVe have the 9ole aSe,,cy f,r the.o -In, and ean ,ay to our en.
5..x;, v . - , , . 0f them.
great damage to the second crop of
; hay.
! The grain harvest in progressing
! nicely; the hot weather is ripening
! spring wheat and oata too rapidly,
1 and fears are entertained that the
heads will not fill well. Fall grain
1 vu.l.l Hre disappointing in the
I Willamette valley, but threshing
'.returns are coming in slow and it
I is too early to say just what the
I shortage will be.
I In outhern Oregon the vields
Uro Miiisfuctorv. In the Umatilla
country there is a shortage ot about
ten bushels to the acre in the
wheat already ih -ashed. In
(iilliam and Sherman c .unties the
yields are above the average. But
Utile thrashing has yei been done Valley,- but
r visit wo. -
no lADniN'S abc.t
f 1051 MARKET T., Sn rnm.ivw,
In lu Wori4.
ttnmll altrntlltm tn th City. A
turn oljot Spx-UUotun tb. I'MlOo
Cauu BuLu-lid U jrm
mow who r ttirTrrlng
7TT. tum rtrwnlm of TouUilul l..rtli
ci euutu or w.'".- -.
I r.7,.... n.rnwrrMi rr.ui..r. m
M lu U ll.ct.mpll.
i .V l r'll. . r sonibU.MIon of i
F rmdlM. ol rt cumllT" po r, lli. . lr T
i hw lo .rr.n. rl hi. treln.M,t th.l II will no i
onl ""' lmm-41-" b,,t P"n f
s::o:n:ndv.71;; ,,t I. w.ll known to b lull ".l
nM. to i.i form
NVPHIMl inorouiniy ero..
Lhn aviiciu without ih of '
f.. uainM. A oulrk ft ' J
n EKT MAN upplyfng to iw win cit
.TS'i "J .IrlcHT IlrtTl.
.r.:V."." f7r i .... v A-iK
Trrat.Uft.t' or n., i
' book lor Bin.) C'iioir.i
OR. J0RO. N ft CO.. IOl wi.imH . r.
F. A. Douty,
Independence, - Oregon.
it is expected the crop there will be
an average one. i;orn is earing
nicely and hops continue doing
well. Lite apples are promising in
most sections of the State.
All Were Saved.
"For years I suffered such untold rui
grry from Bronchitis." writes J. H.
Johnston, of Broughton, Ga., "that of
ten 1 was unable to work. Then, wnen
everything else fulled, I was wholly
cured by Dr. Kiog's iew um-u.j
i,.r cr,i,Miinii,tlon. Mvwtfe suffered In-
leusely from Asthma, till it cured her,
and all our experience goes 10 snow u
is the best Croup medicine lo the
world." A trial will convince you It's
unrivaled for Throat aud L.ung aiseas
tg Guaranteed bottles 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free at Rirklana urugm.
Grand TlirouRh Kxcurslon on
the C. & 13. K. It
On Sunday. Auguxt 17, 1902, the
O. & K. R. R. Co. xvill run another
through excursion from Detroit
and all points west to .Newport,
leaving Detroit at 4:.'?0 A. M ; Al
bany 7 A. M.; CorvalliB7:3() A. M.,
arriving at Newport about 11:30
A. M.
An excursion train from the
Lebanon Springfield branch of the
S. P. will connect with the
at Albany.
J. 8. MOOKC,
Tonsorial Artist
Only tirst-class workmeu em
ployed in the "Wigwam." Shop
situated on North side of C Street.
f M.S.G0FF
I iVavejun put on a new light W
drav and would solicit a part of S
your trade in the druy business. j&
tl. ui ,;ii.o,u. hand Ol
fifteen pieces will meet the excur- j business trip to Dallas i?atur
sionistsand play during the day. j day.
Special trick bicycle riding; surf p Hollo well and wife
bathing; and weather permitting, a i j' ed their titie trt, 40 acres
rrran .1 kiirf drill bv the U. S. Life fe , . ., 4i,
Saving Crtw xvill take place.
Excursions will leave Newport
at 5:30 p. m. Fare from Detroit
to Mill City inclusive $2.50; West
of Mill City to Kingston inclusive
$2; west of Kingston to Maxwell
inclusive 1.75; Albany, Corvallis
and Philomath 11.50; west of Phil
omath to Chitwood inclusive $1.00;
All points west of Chitwood $.75.
This will be the banner excursion
of the year and the time spent will
repay ten-fold the cost of the trip.
Mrs. Harry Parry, of Moro ar
rived Monday for a visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
The Myer-Frink-Ilinshaw
berry picking party returned
the Siletz basin Friday
with many gallons of black
berries. The Junior Kpworth Leaguers
are picnicking at the grove to
day. Presiding Elder J. B. Ford, of
Eugene will be here next Wed
nesday and Thursday to hold
the fourth quarterly conference.
He will preach Wednesday
evening and hold conference
Thursday afternoon.
j Mrs. C. N. McCulelv who is
I well known here has been visi
i ting at the Harvey Gage home
; for some time.
n. ' . 'l",r'"
I of land cornering on the 40 they
recontlv sold to Valentine W ag
ner to Samuel Kimmel Thurs
day. Say, Bill !
Why dou't you let
Cfce menmoutb SlwmaRcr,
Repair your shoes for harvest and hop
picking. Then buy some new ones.
You'll save money. Try U and see.
Tickets to ami from allPoinis East
AIMU run. 1 J
Through Palace and Tonrlst Sleepers.
Dining and Buffet Smoking Library Cars.
For rates, folders and full information
reitarding ticketf.routesetc call onorad
divs H. 'niCKSON, City Ticket Agent.
J V PH 1X)X, Trav Pass Agt Portland
612 First Axe., a tic Nsth.