Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, August 14, 1902, Image 2

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    CALL A T
PicKel's Gallery
Anl fH the finest assortment olant le
vou ever m.
Everything New.
i Social and Personal. !
r 1
F. A. Pouty w in Portland lust
Camp (-love ami tents at Fraier
A Rice's.
Mrs. I. W. Dickinson is reirtd
quite pick.
Co to U. M. Wade A Co for
your bale ties.
(Jirl Wanted. Inquire at Kn
teki-kise oflice.
Fred Holman, of Falls City, was
in town Sunday.
J. S. Itohannon came in from
Newport Monday.
J. R. Cooper, of this place, was
in Portland Friday.
Mrs. M. V. Wallace was at New
portover Sunday.
J. S. Bohannon jointd his family
at Newport Saturday.
Aure Ford, of Dallas, spent Sun
day with friends in town.
FlyoCuio will keep the Hies off
your cow. Get it of Frazer A Rice.
Chas. Bilyieu leaves soon for
Corvallis, where he has a position.
Mrs. T. D. Campbell and child
were passengers to Newport Satur
day. P. C. Patterson, iot Portland,
spent a few days in the city this
Don't overlook the Buckeye
washer. For sale at It. M. Wade
& Co.
Rev. E. J. Thompson returned
Friday from a short trip to the
Dr. V. C. Brown went to New
port Saturday for a few days'
Mr. and Mrs. Al Herren returned
Saturday from a trip to Eastern
Try our Deering machine oil
vou will find it A 1 at R. M.
Wade & Co.
P. L. Campbell is in Ashland
this week on business pertaining to
the University.
Miss Francis Cooper was a pas
senger Friday to Seaside for a sev
eral days' outing.
Mrs. Woods, of North Indepen
dence, has been critically ill for
several days past,
Mis Fay Richardson, formerly a
milliner at Monmouth, left Satur
day for Michigan.
Call on J. S. Moore for Herpicide
the dandruff cure. Sold in bulk,
or applied if desired.
The Misses Edith and Nola
Owen left Saturday for Newport
for a few weeks' outing.
When in town try Huntley's
Restaurant for a first class meal.
Special rates by the week. .
Mrs. V. J. Tuck and baby left
Saturday for Shedds Station for a
few days' visit with relatiyes.
A. E. Landweer and family re
turned today after a 10 days out
ing at Newport and Nye Creek.
Mis llattie Jones left Monday
for Newport
0. A. Wilcox and daughters are
at Newport for a few weeks.
Dr. and Mrs Crowley, of Mon
mouth, left Monday for Newport.
Flyo Curo projects the dumb
brute from the Hie. S't it of
Fraer A Rice
Prof. T. A ltaes and family ore
camped at the Fall in Ashland
creek canyon. Ashland Tidings.
Frai-k Richardson spent a few
days last week with his parents
hert, returning to Portland Friday.
Mis Amy Kelley, daughter of
Rev. Kelly, is visiting at her grand
parents in Portland for a few weeks.
Toe Miwe Mollie Johnson and
Oertrude Dickinson returned Mon
day from a two weeks' visit at
., , .
d child, of
Mrs. K. Cattron am
Eastern Oregon, are visiting at the
home of Mrs. A. Cattron, in Mon
mouth. If you want a fine chicken din
ner go to the Palace Hotel on Sun
day. First-class bar in connection
with the hotel.
I. M. Butler and family left for
Sodaville, tho scene of their annul
oulwig. They will return in three
or four week.
Morris Wiprut, of Salem, spent
Saturday night in town, hi son,
Louie, driving home with him Sun
day afternoon.
We will soon have in stock a
well selected assortment of shot
guns at prices as low as the lowest.
Frazer A Rice.
The Hero fanning mill docs the
best work, has the greatest capacity
and is the lightest running. See it
at Frazer A Rice's.
Mrs. J. E. Richardson. Jr., was a
passenger to Portland Friday for a
few days' visit with her mother,
Mrs. J. R. N. Bell.
Pre. K. I). Ressler came down
from Rosehurg Saturday, where he
! had been attending teachers insti
tute. LugeriH Register.
Asa Robinson, of Arlington.
Eastern Oregon, came in Sunday
afternoon and will be with his
parents here for a short time.
If you want Men's or Boy's full
stock Asbestos Calf Hand Made
Shoes call on 'f. B Clevenger,
the Shoe Maker, Independence Ore.
Everybody likes good things to
... . - . u 1
eat. Strong s uesiaurani ai naiem
. , , x .i v.....
thine served in season
M. L. Dorris and wife lnvn to-
day for McKeuzio bridge. M. L
is on the sick list and the trip will
benefit him Saturday's Eugene
B. F. Mulkey left Monday for
Ashland, where he will remain.
He is highly impressed with Ash
land and predicts a great future for
the place.
The twentieth annual catalogue
of the Monmouth State Normal has
come to our desk. It contains
much interesting data pertaining
to the school.
The old bathing place at the
head of the bar is regaining its
popularity, and every day nam
r i rf. I
bers may be 6een wending their
way thereto. Many ladies enjoy
the sport.
Zaduc Rises, of Salem, a former
Polk county boy, has been appoint
I'd a member ot the State Board ol
Pharmacy, His appointment is for
a term of five years
Miss Laura Chapman, who has
been visiting friends here, left lust
week for Sl erwood, tor a brief visit
brore returning to her home in
Kastern Washington.
The Spray Courier changed
hands last week, Jesse M. Shelley
turning the business over to David
K, Baxter. lone Post. Jesse is a
former Independence hoy.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hays are
in camp on the hanka of the
beautiful Willamette. They
entertained Mr. and Mrs. Kd
llerron, of Salem, Sunday.
No one to look at him would
lever take Mr. Dickey, the wagon-
maker, to have celebrated his Uth
birthday last week. Physically he
... . , , ,
Mrs. John JelToott and six chil
dren, who have been visiting at the
home of Rev. Kelley, returned to
Portland Monday afternoon. Mrs.
JelTeott is a sister of Mrs. Kelley.
W. J. Kirkland came in Satur
day from Arlington. Eastern Ore
gon, on a visit to his father, J W.
Kirkland. and other relatives. He
is a former blacksmith of this city.
This is the time of year when a
man should begin to think about
h i a fe n ces. If vou need anything
in this lin hunt up the ad of J. E
Wilson in another column. It
will interest you.
Tho boys of the town should not
postpone the reorganization of the
athletic club until too late in the
fall. io to woi'k early, organize
various teams and be ready for
An error crept in last week's
paper. Mrs. E. T. Henkle and
daughter, Mrs. Wm. Barnett and
Miss Bertha Osborne are spending
their outing near Neskowan. Tilla
mook county.
Elders Goodwin and Allen, rep
resentatives of the Reorganized
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, who have been hold
ing meetings at the grove, left Fri
day for Albany.
Work has been stopped on the
tie Polk and Marion connty
bridge at Salem. The contractor
asserts thut neither county has
kept him supplied witli material
as fast as he could use it.
J. B. ScrafTord. of Independence,
iw ,, . , ,
Vr K. K. Cummins, of June-
ana .Mrs. Vj. n. ummms, ui ju-
tion City, were united in marriage
V .. ....
on Tuesday. 1 hey were in a many
yesterday on their way to Inde-
pendence. Albany Democrat.
Rev. Ray L. Farmer, who a year
or so ago conducted meetings at
Baptist church in this city, is now
one of the most successful pastors
in Chicago. A Chicago exchange
speaks of him ns the most eloquent
pulpit orator in the -'windy city."
J. K. P. O raves returned Friday
from near Forest Grove, where he
has been gathering chittim bark all
summer He has had under his
employ upward of twenty men.
When he weighed up last he found
he had 51,337 pounds or a half
ton over two cars and a half of the
product. He sold it at a good
figure. Next year he will again
engage in this industry, having a
summer's gathering under contract
W W " W W -. W M
20 pgr cent! 20 per cent!
Off! Off! Off!
Our entire Carpet line, nothing reserved,
From July 10 to Aug. 1st.
At which time wo will take our annual invoice,
ami (Icwi re to reduce our tdock. Thin in your
opportunity. ItoinoiitWr the place.
The House Furnishing Co.,
305 Commercial St.. Next
Stores at Salem
President P. L. CampMl, of the
University of Oregon, will bo in
Rosebureall day Friday and will
he triad to meet all former students
of the U. of O. and of course, all
others who desire to take up the
educational work in that iimtitu
tion. Rosehurg Review.
Prof. David Tor bet lias relumed
from Tillamook, where he has been
lecturing on educational topic. He
was accompanied by his daughter,
Miss Vida Albany Herald. Miss
Torbet wa in the city over Thurs
day evening and stated that her
father was to leave Monday for an
extended visit in the Fast.
The representatives of the Salt I
Lake branch of the Church of Lat
ter Day Saints held several meet
ings this week at the opera house
The purpose of tho meeting was
announced to be to refute the state
ments inad by the eLere of the
other branch in regard to their
Forty-two from here , availed
themselves of the opportunity to
visit Oregon's popular summer re
sort, Newport, Sunday. A six
coach train took the excursionists
over and back. I'p to this point
the train was poorly pa tro intend,
but from hereon large crowds were
picked up.
Rev. K. J. Thompson left Friday
evening for Los Angeles. Cal.,
there to perform the very pleasant
t tsk of uniting in marriage on the
lGth inst, his daughter, Miss Edith,
to Mr. C. II. Roake. Miss Edith
Thompson is a former resident of
ndenendence, having spent last
summer here with lier latiier. Mr.
I . a
Roake is a former student of the
Oregon Agricultural College. He
. ...i i ., 1. ,,.,,:.,
is now cmpmsu " i
salary as an electrical engineer ir.
one of the large institutions at Los
Angeles. They will make .South
ern California their home. While
there Rev Thompson mav supply
one of tho nrominent mil nits dur -
t -
. . . .
ing the month ol August, a tie lius
an urgent invitation to that effect
extended to him. lie will return j 4 on Tuesday uini delivered on f
to Independence by the .r)th ofSep-1 4 Saturday a
teniber- , (Uork Guaranteed. '
Miss Dorothy Cooper was a pas- 4 ,
senger to Portland and Vanoouveri Monmouth, Oregon, a
Tuesday. jj,.,,.,., .. ,
door to P. Q., SALEM, ORE.
and Albany.
A letter received from Portland
at this olllce from Rev. Thompson,
previous to his departure fur Ca ! i
! fornia, conveys the information
that he will attend a meeting of
the directors of tho Hen Francisco
Theological Seminary, in Son Fran
cisco, Itefore returning home. lie
has been a member of the board 0
dirvctoia of the seminary for HI
Mr. and Mr Thos.
in camp on the Hays
and Mr. Bite spent
their camp.
Fennell are
ranch. Mr.
Sunday at
W. R. ALLIN, D. D. S.
I'hIiiIimw Kxlrarllon
l'our Hulltlltiif,
Intli'iMMlciH'v, tirv.
OTIS I. lll'TLICIt, M. !.,
Physician fe Surgeon.
Orl I In 0Hra Iloum- tuiiUliiiK.
Itt-Mtilenc I'tione 6. Oltlc l'tmliett
Attorney at Law.
Collections a specialty. Oflie
at residene, north of Monmouth.
Bath and Barber Shop.
main stiikkt,
Indkpkndknck, - Okkoon.
She y?pcade,
Davidsoi? & fledges, Props.
Citrarn, Cinrt te. Tobiu
con ami CoiiA'ctioiun-y.
Fikst Clash Soda Fountain
; Itionmcutb Caundry ;
4 II. I. WHITMAN, Prop. a
4 Should have your Work.
' - r n...i t... i f
i ....... linimiK iuii.mi I, ii mill IV
: f llvereil, both in Dallaa and InuV
4 pendence. Washing called for f
H. H. Jasperson, I
Independence, :: Oregon. I