Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, August 14, 1902, Image 1

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ninth yi:au
ikmikiKX1)KXi:K. I'Ql.K COUNTY, OlUON, :f(MT 14, liMtf.
hihihmi th r"i xvri-u.
A regular he b.i.iine has I'mi n
l.i'thUrUy. !- of Hi" ''')y
used hre fMii" from ir vlli-.
hut an aorid.-iit t. tli.if.K-K.ry'. en
Ki., redued t!..MnH.u'.
and the demand h"r" l',u1,1
uotlm supplied. I -t i v .
,m.I weto made "
Ap.any lint tli'V were mi .l.l- to
Jill standing ord-rd. Several tons
were shipped in fri" Portland. i it
iheexpreasageaud "l,l"r exp-n-s
make il unprofitable, in handle H
f.,r e.Miiin-r.ittl purpose. The
-r..nm-ry ha '"' ''""v'"''
.iir..rr,"M h-e i ah-ohm-ly '
tinl to keen the erf .mi In prper
,-liupi'. .
m:iL'ti i kvh:m.
To (ho .Scntl "d
Ticket are now on sle t ail
S.oth.-rn Pacilh) and Corvalha
Extern H. II. otlic-.n. through to
Newport and Yttiiuina at reduced
ruled. Southern Pueilio trams con
...-a with C. & K. at Albany ii"
.rvallis. All tickets triod f"r ri'
mm until October lt, 1902
P.oHeiigerd for Uetroit, Breiten
Im.-Ii ivii'l niher mountain resort
., leave AM.toy the Nm atter-
......ik reaching iMroit in the even Tickets are on Nile Iron) Ah
imny to Detroit nl ... ud ircm
Corvatihi at $3-25 ii'! fr return
until October HHh, will, privilege
to "get. on tntf ii r turning at any east of Mill v ity.
Another F.miLr Scene In PolK County.
L m. Mr ( : Mi TfJll II MHmmI I'l"t " "
. . ..I,.,., iii 1)1 iH. ; Winer who a i ....... .
.. fiwrfiv ...J r"" ii...i.-jr "..
. ,., .1 ... !.!.. I''"' .""-...
f,r. .lrna u. ...traction hn pn'mrel
noHHci! took thn n,tr up car,- H.e nri - - - ;
r..ii.. ... Hftwr a mutiny fXium-K" .
I vi - -
nation nod diet-ii-dion .Wi.l.-d upon
the lo.-.ttion of ftftwn hydrantd. .lis
tril.ut.Ml in men h way m to rearh
the entirt. huaiiiea and
r. i.l.'iu:e portion of the city, with
the poUle exception of a few
homed in the. extrem anburha.
Thi diatrihution of hvdranta would
. . ....
ultention. Kike ily win a-e .o-.r the B V. 0. K. from all
parta of the country. A trainload
of the Elka i." coining frm Texa
K participate in the grl.l parade
which will he a contest among all
lodged of the principal Coi:t cities
f... ..r;...a nnorraalinS tlOUO. ' The
I,lli rn.p Uoleea Weather Ilii
provfa, K;a Mr, NeU
1'i.rtlan.l .foii' Phillip Ni.
a vieraii hop grower ood Imyer of
I hid eoant, hn returned to thia
,iiy afl.r a very ext.naive im-pee-lion
,f the hopyardaof the 'oa.t.
Yefcterdav Mr. .Neia wa indpect-
jn the ynrd near Aurora, Cham-
p. .eg and Butteville anI aai.I 01
hid ohM-rvationa: -;The appear
,.. .. of tlie var.le in thin vicinity ia
rather disappointing to me. I
thought at the oflVet of the ueaaon
that the dtitt of Oregon would
raie a larger crop of hopa thia aea
don than lant year.
li the weather utaya ad it 18 at
pr.dent we will p.rohaldy have a
fair, hut if it turn hot or
the raiua net in before ttie crop ia
harveated, I look for a very ligbt
"There has been gome talK in me
papers of the poaaihility of the
growers having to pay 50 cents a
f..r t.ickinif thid aeason. I
don't think that it will be possible
for them to do do if they want to
mk anv money. AIout three-
fourtha of the growers who have
contracted their crop for this sea
son have done so at price ranging
lrom 9 to 12 cents a pound Only
a few of the contracts were made
at higher figures and they have
been made lately."
ThU diatnnulion oinvir..M -- . . , ,
iw... ..... ... ...r ':: i
changa that inight he .h,(ra,,e he- organ.ed UW wih have a grand
change main, k ... .i..,.,,,,... ration n coimecUou with
.it eat of Mill t it'. fre the ninind were lam. .mi nm. f
The Southern Pacific Company ' pftl,,reath d-aired at .hid time I the Carnival. Nearly er day o
have now on aale round trip tickets , w ft mlUinfl f . ay-teni ' r gnecia,
iroin all points on their liJn tj,ftt would ho adeqtiale to
Oregon to either Newport or Ya-i jJ(, cxpttinod
I...... ... m.i urn via I. .. ... . i.. ... tin.
.. ..i.... a.;.h .oivileif to return via
vitherEaator Weet Si.Ih th vibl n-.
in eo.ineotion with Ui ''-three-day
Sunday excursion ticketd
good going Saturday and return
ing Monday ere also on sale at
ry low rate from all S V. and
10. point.
Full information can he obtained
.d to rated, time tabled, etc., by ap
plication to any S. I. or C E.
A Narrow Kst-npe.
Special from Ped.-e.
While hauling l'lmber last week
O. S. Craton, of I'edee, met with a
inidhap that oiiginnted umlor con
favorable to frightful re
n.i. In descending a steep hill
with a heavily loaded wajon to
which four horses were attached,
the brakebeam gave way, and the
weight of the load being too great
for the team to hold the outfit
started down the incline at a dan
gt,roiid rate of speed. Fortunately
the roadbed was below the Burface
of the ground on either side, and
Mr. Craton was able to guide the
team to one side which brought
the wheels against the bank, caus
ing the wagon to stop, but the sud
den stoppage of the vehicle caused
the coupling to part, the forward
wheels were wrenched from under
the load which fell, throwing. Mr.
tlv to the around and
though not seriously hurt he re-
i of nainful bruises.
CflVfU a ...... r
Dallas W liter works.
David Calbreath, of Indepen-
tho coun
.cil and spoke on the subject of
the city's
at some
length the plans for the proposed
plan',, a description of which was
publish-d in last week's Observer.
He informed the council tnai at
the next regular meeting of that
Vw,,tv I... would submit a ueumte
proposition looking to the estab
lishment of a plant-ue propositi....
to cover every detail in which the
people would be interested as to
cost, terms and kind of system to
be installed.--Observer.
HlsrtVW-brntlon Diivh Set tor the
Portland :lks' itvul,
September l-U
Thn event, of the year in the
p-.Mfbi Northwest in the exposition
line ia coming on' at Portland, Sep-
tern 1 to 13, when the Portland
ir.lU ' Carnival will be given. 1 his
Street fair is on a larger scale than
anvthing of the kind attempted m
this part of the country. Besides
.. .fi ..f Autumn leduvai
p...ivl I.hs been B4 for special
crlehrations. Owing to 1 he exceed
ing! v low rated announced. It is
believed the general attendance
will be "large as interests is wide
spread in the big show.
A Diieiiii Vista Itonnuiee.
ri,,.,. .u .. fat tier stern and old;
There was a lover yoiuor anuooiu,
Theie was a maiden fair and nweet,
A i-li'idy u.Htk and a rustic seal.
There wa a pint conceived l.y two;
a .. ir ..M i.i.r.M.t ii. a tew :
i i.. ... .-oiinle nuwt distraught
, liri.r .... " . .
1 e-t In the aeheme they might be
-..a m oiulit. a moon and utarsi
Two Hhiuing wheels ami a pair of
There was a wedding, papers say
'Twns result of a tandem ruuaway!
Now Is The Appointed Time.
ri... a l? ,t- ' Oo. has issued a
handsomely illustrated pamphlet
Washington .v
Idaho and their resources. 1 eople
in the east are anxious lorinior-
f the I'lieihc North
IlliUIIIII ...ywuv - . ,.
West- - If you will give me v. iv
l.uiiwr l NOrt O .AUlUMI.l f
oeinaaen . ...rfnt. a st of nams ol
the cvpodi.ion will be replete ftr, yMy to be
o riea of shows connected there- j , u.,0bvi will be
with the like of which has not been j Jimi,e(1 trt,'e lo M1(,h persons."
on ibis Coast before. Every rail-, -lours uuiy,
4. li. v ni'M
(ieneml Pasgr. xVgent
way and steamer lino throughout j
nm.n. Washington, Idaho, jion-i
tana and British Columbia, realu- j (f Mf anJ Mr9.
ing the importance and the ex tent choking t0
oftheallairhasmade espec.a Ion d h Tupw,By eVPnil5g. The
rates to induce irave. .,...... lvinB with a
.mil hil HwaUowed it. the
1 i th,. ivlnil 1trt.'KA4.
. . t luinnv ntihiiii: hit' i" "o-
The Jabour Oriental Circus ana i ' ,rriTl! of
Menagerie has been secured for the , ioU, M0 0f the
Carnival. This aggregafon comes Pre.
from New York City with ICO peo-1 accident.
ward during the run of the' Carni
Court House Xotes.
Ol server.
'....-.i;T.,cl.;.i f.f minor heirs of
A. K Har.dy, deceased final ac
count approved and guardian discharged.
KKtte of W. S. Bricker deceaseu
final account approved and dis
tribution of funds ordered.
Estate of Margaret Howell, de-
,.vie.J. ordered that John Howell
be cited to appear on or before
August 14, 1902, at 1 o clocK p. m.
r d account and turn over prop
erty in his hands belonging; to said
Estate of William S. Ela, de-
filed and ad-
- u . . .
.,iinitrfltnr discharged.
Estate of Joseph Miller, deceasea
final receipts filed and estate
P.state of Marraret 1. Babcock,
deceased C W B ibcock appointed
administrator; bond of .f-'inw niea
and approved
Guardianship of Edward iincaer
a minor Mary E Bricker appoin
ted guardian; bond fixed at ifoot
? V. Mver. Eugene anu
V Daltou appointed appraise rs.
II B Plummer, trustee, to Victor
Fink, lot 7, block 9, Millers lid
add to Dallas, $400.
E S Longacre et ux to. I U
Zeigler, south end of lot 8, block 6,
Monmouth, $75.
,f II Hill et nx to John C 1 ratt,
is.'i acre., t 6 s. r 4 w, $2200.
Caroline Fuqua and hd to W N
O Kelley, lot 9, block B, Damon
Haley's add to Monmouth, $20.
J J Goode et ux to C D McCoy
m 11 on.l V block K. est
Urn, H AUenburget ux to Fred
S Chapman, acres. tK'.rf
w, $2000.
John I Cameron, native of
Koii.N of Uoad Supervisor N V
(iregg. J H Mulkey, A Simt'kin-. II
Howell. John Middleloii and u
Brink, Justice C W Paggett. II
Holman and J W Butler and Con
Htable, Elmer Lewis approved.
Appointment of E llayu-r as
deuty sheriff approved and Ii'h
dalary fixed at $'.0 per month.
Win McGhie, road acct . . . $50 00
H Brunk, same 24 00
j j $ tJ
Andrew Smith, same " v
Gluts & Pi udhomme, stat'y . 12 U)
C Aikman, scalp bounty . J
Q G i'oad, enveloped t4 20
honntv ... I VO
U i (r ii i f i rf
Blessing Vanskike. livery.
J D Irvine, pauper acct
Mrs M ATetberow. same .
II Holman, justice fees
M lJ Ellis, electric lights..
J M Larsen, election acct. .
U S Loughary, salary and
penses 1:56 5i
C L Starr, same. ... , 84 08
3 G VanOrsdel, same 30 60
F A Douty, paupea acct. . . 16 50
J N Smith, same. . 5 00
E I) Morgan, same .
W F Nichols, salary "0 00
E Hayter, same w
E V Paltou, same 2 50
Milo Woods, same. ...'.... 4U UU
Ii win-H.Klso"n Co, supplies lb
C E Huntley, pauper acct 11 50
J T Ford, salary and ex
Observer, printing
A L Shute, road account. . .
S T. Moore, same
K Campbell, same 8 GO
A Simpkins, same w
M M ulkey, same ....... 1 19 00
J STalbott, same... 3 00
L Belieu. Bame ...... J f
I McElmurry. same
D G Meador, pauper acct. . 8 OO
F E Mver. salary w
Milo Wcwds, labor 10 UU
3 00
2 50
7 00
4J 45
15 00
2 00
140 87
39 70
17 05
3 75
$10O Keward, f lOO.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there ia at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages anu
that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
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stitutional treatment. Hall'a Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot
the svstem, thereby destroying the
t .1...;.,., nf.h disease and giving the
patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature ia do
ing its work. The proprietor have so
much faith in its curative pora
they otter One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send tor list
of testimonials.
Address. F J. tM
Toledo, O.
Sold bv druggists, 75c
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Shatters All Kccords.
Twice In hospital, F. A. Gulledge,
Verbena, Ala., paid a vast sum to
doctors to cure a severe cas,e of piles
causing 24 tumors. When all failed,
Rncklen-a Aruica Savlesoon cured him
Subdues Iutlamniatiou, conquers
Hest saive iu mo
Salem $250. I Aches, kills Pains. Best salve ii
State of Oregon to W C McClure
i world. 2ac at Kirkland Drug Co
oOwM r, acres t 9 8 r W, :o.)u.ii. . ,