Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, August 15, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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;S Are you Insured? If not Insure g
v with. . . S:
:5 ) V. O. BOOTS,
.-5 1 H company load in prompt payment of Iohhoh S:
:S . and o.ljuHtmcnti. W lal thirteen Iohm in g
I tho Monmouth ti ru
Sunday, June 16, 1901,
: Am! wo began paying losses the next day
: and by 5;
: Tuesday noon
ig ThirUwn claimants had ken given checks for
the full amount of their claims-
g The lry neauon is nere, navejuui r.w,.v.,
p County Correspondents
Mary Butler is staying at Balla-
Mr, George Payne and ons are
back from the coast.
It wu reported that Klmer
Yokum bad a sunstroke Sunday.
Several of the Woodmen of this
camp went to Portland Saturday.
NeaT Oviatt and Nathan Blair
are talking of going Si,el
Warm weather for the last week,
the thermometer being up to 102
Farmers are cutting their grain.
The bridge builders aire back
from working on a. bridg on the
It. R. Turner and family spent
Suudayin Dallas.
Ira 8mith was in this vicinity
Wednesday looking after some
H. J. Klliott and wife visited at
the home of J. W. Walker, near
Independence, Sunday.
Miss Huby Oilbaugh, who has
been attending the business college
in Portland, spent Sunday with
her parents.
Miss Edna Wyatt returned Tues
day to her home in Coryallis, after
month's visit with her sister,
Mrs. II. J. Klliott.
Miss Georgie Shives, after a few
weeke' visit at the home of It. R.
We flre Conscientious.
Substitutes, and impure drugs have no place in our store. We
know physicians do not want us to use them, and we won't do it.
Every prescription here is compounded of pure drugs by careful,
competent and accurate pharmacists, who don't make mistakes.
You can trust us with your prescription preparing.
A. S. Locke, Druggist,
Turner, returned to her home In
Dallas Saturday.
Henry Tillery la having more
than his -share of trouble with hia
binder. 1U had an expert up
from McMin a villa to 8 It.
George Nelson and family have
moved here from the coast and are
living" with Mr. Nelson's brother,
there being no vacant houses iji
town. n
the new engine and boilers lor
the mill have been placed and are
now ready for operation, although
the old one will be used this sea
ton to run the warehouse.
Kinmett Webbcame over from
Sand lake Friday. He will re
turn In a few day With the last
load of his household goods. He
is well pleased with his new home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gid Cummings, of
Wallula, Wash., who have been
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Sargent for the past week, left Sat
urday for Philomath, after a few
days' visit with relatiyes at that
place. They will go on an extend
ed trip through California for the
benefit ol Mrs. Cummings' health.
Rey. James Waggoner, of Cali
fornia, who has occupied the pulpit
of the Christian church here dur
ing the past two weeks, has ac
cepted the work of this charge, to
gether with that of Forest Grove
for the coming year. He will con
duct services here the second and
of each month.
Prrvdale mav consider herself
fortunate in aecuring the services
of such an able man.
. .
ApplM are not a iun -"
In twrotio UiMll
... . tl.UKr. !
HI. I IIR HHiriluunv IMIK J -
good shower f lion
" I
come pooii thn pwlato crop w).l IJ I
than uuol.
H. W. Swink spent a fVw days j
with his brother in Unn county,
returning Moiidny.
Mr. K. Thorp, of Independence,
is making some iiecenimry rt-pairs
at the Helmick warehouse.
The bridge iimpectora were here
Monday examining the railroad
bridge over the Luckiatnute.
Al Ilxrren. the Iadependence
wheat buyer,' was here this week
looking after businefs interests.
The steam thresher men are the
moNt accomodating people in the
world they give their hands four
teen hours to do a day 'a worn tn.
The Katydids commenced their
singing the 12th of this month.
Look out lor frosts in just six
weeks from that time. .
There is no excuse for being
idle, as there is work for all at
good wages. Some of us can re
member when this was not the
John FuQna and hia mother
started for their boma near Kansas
City, Mo., on the 15th of last
month. Mrs. Fuqua complained
about the weather being too cool
to be comfortable.
Lint week Isaac Elliott tied bis
horse, which was attached to his
buggy, to a post near the ware
house, and when the steam made a
hissing noise the horse left, taking
tit. with him. He ran about
saw -w - w , .. ,
a quarter of a mile wth" Isaac after
tti-v, mkhinff A ClOSA seconu.
damage was done,
Ultu " " O
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications as they cannot
man II ti.x diwjuwd portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that if by constitutional remcaie
rw.fn.M ia caused by an Inflamed con
dition of the mocoui lining of the
Eustachian Tube, When this tut is
inflamed yon have a rumbling sound or
! hn&rintr. and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness it the result, and
unless the Inflamation can be taaen ou
ni thia tube restored to its normal con
dltion, hearing will be destroyed forever
nine cases oat ol ten are caused by
r.trrh. which is nothins but an in
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
.nv mm of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be eured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. Chshbv A Co., Toledo, O
Sold by Druggists, 75c,
Hall's family pills are the best.
Lovely harvest weather.
T. J I. Williama is hauling lum
ber. ?
Roy Byerley is building a new
Born, to the wife of Hugh Wil
liams, August 12, a daughter.
Joe Hubbard sold about 2,000
bushels of oats for 21 cents per
Tommy Sullivan's horse-power
machine will thresh for B. S. Hast
inds and T. B. Williams. .
James Withrow and Mr. Gelatly
will do about all the threshing in
this vicinity with their eteam out
fits. Rev. Kelley, of Lewisville, was
severely kicked by a horse last
Sunday and was unable to preach
at this place in the evening.
Roy Byerley has moyed his
' y fmui Hum lanerai". '
'A ITrnl.ll limwii'a mill will
camp out until
hiit houne i fin-
Kniilioii, ruts, burns, chIo ami
or of all kliMltt quickly M-aied iy
.. It'll fstl litis! Hk.v. Curia...
.'Willi H ll.-M-"! '
for (,eB Ufwurt; of couiiterfeln.
. f f t':
IU sure you art tne oriumBt 1 n ..
A- 1mc)!1
The ice cream social and dance
was well attended.
V. W. Col) inn and wife were
Packer viuitors Sunday.
Mrs. Annie Brum, of Airlie, vis
ited in Suver In-1 Sunday.
ThreHhing has begun around
here and grain is turning out well.
Mrs. Hofltlter and Sarth (Jiger
are cooking for Wm. Steele's
threshing crew.
Albert Reuf sold C. E. McLane a
car load of oats, which he is ship
ping to Portland.
Tin Maxfield and family, of
Kings Valley, spent last Sunday
with relatives at Suver.
Lee Brown, of near Sulphur
Springs, spent Saturday eveniog
and Sunday with H. Maxfield.
Quite a number from Surer
BDent Sunday at Sulpbur Springs
aiid report a very pleasant day.
Mrs. Wm. Fuqua. ol Parker, and
Mrs. L. Fuqua, of Kansas Uy,
Mo., vhdted Mrs. Jones one day
last week.
Ed DeArmond Is suffering se
verely from a bad case of blood
poisoning, the result of a cut on
his hand. '
Mm Lillie Morrill and Miss Nel
lie Harris, of Independence, apent
Saturday evening and Sunday
with Mrs. Larson.; ?..- i
John Harris, of Wells, forded
u t .irimnt near the railroad
bim uv ...
bridge with his engine and will
thresh in t&e yicinny oi jucu
nr.-.. LAa Davidson srent Sun-
1UIPS ' ,
day in Buena Vista with her sis-
ters, Mrs. Carrie w ens nu noo
Emma Davidson, wno have just
returned from Oakland. Oregon.
J. K. Sears waB here on business
, Riley Hubbard's wheat made
about 26 bushels per acre.
Legal Notices.
Notice for Publication.
Land Offlce at Oregon Cltr. Oregon ,
July 27, 1901.
Notice l hereby glvan that the IWlowing
named 1 aettler riai Sled notice of his lu
tenltoD to make nnal proof in unportoi her
Slim and that aald proof will be made
bXtheRegl'Jer andJv-,
VlnTwagone, b E. No.fer. for the
W H of SeeltoP. S .Ltn dtot.
heTrDUnuour.duV .od euW
Mori ol Midland, via: K. Kob'nwn.of tall,
ritv Oreaon, Mr. 8am Tetbrow, of Kan
at? Oior7,'Mr.. A. M. Hurley, of Indepen
denoei Oregon. Ivan Woods, of independence.
Oregon. CHAS. B. MOORES.
First pub, Aug. 8. Last pub, Sept. 5.
Notice Is hereby given that by order ofthe
Honorable County Court of the JfWo.
ion, far Polk county, the final settlement of
file administration of thy estate of t.. F.
Hosford? deceased, is aet for hearing Satur
dav September 7,1901, at the hour of one
M of said day. All persons lnter
teTi notified to .pU at ld time at
.tyUement .bo.doUowed.
Adm'r ofthe estate of K.F.Hoeford, deoeaaed.
0tv Dill
vivi nnKVSlFE. Prop.
Personal attention given to the distribution ot all kinds i of
prVntKItterT HousS to house deliyery, at very reasonable prices
for good work.
The bather sometime find the and
oft and yielding to hi feet. It floe
not trouble him and he goes on unUl
presently he aink to ,
knrrn and dis
cover to bi horror
that he baa to fiRht
for hi life in a
quick aand.
Uioeaae ia much
like the quicknaml.
The first ymptom.
of stomach trouble
do not cauie anxi
ety. But when
the body grows
weak through lack
of nourishment and
dineaae of the stom
ach breeds diiieaiie
of heart, lunffn, liver
or kidney, the auf
ferer realiiea hia
danger and eek for
medicinal aid.
Dr. Pierce' Gold
en Medical Discov
ery cure diaeaae of
the atomach and
thrr onran of di-
r i . i; wilnrva. te.. when
n ana nuuiuon
ncsrv, iumK, 5 Ai.
tbeac diae have their ontriB ia o
eaae of the stomach and it allied organs.
Thorn. A. Inrti. of cb-HUlion C.jCol-m-b.
Ohio. Bo ioj. writ.: -1 VS?
mn hradachc. Ibra in I
ml my food weld o diU J''T'i
u (.hir mmd mi tack cot wek M l coma
Z .mniul. Al lui I had all the i
plalau ai
ToUMf a chair, .ml I a m lhi I hj
Zly-m to die. Tha a avefjthbor mti, . Tah
a m of yonrajUV Ti?iJ5C.
wha I waa whd aaa taidt JeJJJ
hard work ia Ujeoa elrraa .o-tha tha- ""J
ia two a (r. aad I a aa flawl
healthy fo4m. . -"-ah, I ",.,
Dr. Pierce's Common Scoae Meoical
Adviaer, in paper cover, is aent A?
receipt of it one-cent atamps to pay ex
pense of saalling only. Address Br.
V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Max Anderson is here from
Oklahoma Territory working for
A G Roberts
Miss Turgesen has a very sore
eye and had to quit cooking for
Williamson's threshing crew.
Ti ThA Williamson threshing crew
ot aaUl MI TMtl oaed. I haf
, t . ik ia the aoow
have threshed for Riley' Hubbard,
Cass Riggs and Jesse Williamson
We see by the last E.ntbbfwse
t.l . ..nnn nt I ll BUCCeSsfuI"
I V 1J u V "'' v.
f contesUnU in the contest ust
l. j.j i .1 L. Mr Kditor.
enaeu. oimuj iu --.
and hope the contest proved satis
factory to you.
. H. D. WHITMAH.rrop. a,
H. D. WHITMAN, Prop.
4 Should have your Work.
4 Washing called tor and de-
4 livered, both in Dallas and Inde-
4 pendence. Washing called for
4 on Tuesday and , delivered on f
Saturday...... . . f
4 Work 6it-r-stcf-
J Monmouth, Oreoon. f
PolK County TlfcX
Monmouth, - 0"oow.
J. H. Hawlit, P. L. CAnrsau.,
President. Vice Pres.
Ira C. Powsll, Cashier.
Paio Capital,
Dibbctobs: J. H. Hawley, P. L.
Camnbell. I. M. Simpson, J. B. V.
, Butler, John B. Stump, J. A.
Withrow, F. S. fowei i.
Transact a General Banking
and Exchange Business...
Oregon. O