Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, November 14, 1895, Image 4

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    01 TUM
Nipping Profits in the Bud
Black, Hrown, Navy ami Kol at 85c IH'ryanl.
IVttor goods at $1.50 lHr .var,,
5l inch, all wool, Suiting at 75c w yard.
All wool Tricos at 25 C lor .vaul-
Just in, one case 11. it G. Corsets, Mack or drab, at
$100 Iir pair.
Bed Spreads
Marsales Quilts, good value, $1.00.
Marsalos Quilts, large size, extra value, $2.00.
Shoes rrr
Just received 20 cases of Mens and Childrens Shoes.
Mens Cordovan Shoes, $2.50 lH'r Tair
Mens heavy Shoes, $1.50 to 1J5 r pair.
Oregon Blankets . . .
5-lb mottled, all wool,. $4.00 I,or Ya'1T'
Boys black and navy blue Chevoit Suits, $0.00 to
$12.00 per suit from 12 to 18 years.
Next week 1 lot of Childrens suits, $1.75.
Next week 1 lot of Childrens suits, $3.00.
Next week 1 lot of Boys suits, $4.00.
It is better to look than to wish you had.
A TRIAL and we get your trade all the time.
West Side Trading Co.
Cor. JTain and C. Sts., IXDEPEXDEXCE.
fount I v between tlio coast mount
ains and tho Cascade range, T
quote the figures given: "The total
amount that foil during the month
of Ootolwr. IS'A'i. was the ureatost
at Astoria, where O.'-'.'t im lira fell
At Albany 0.10 of an inch foil, am
at other places west of tho Cascade
the total amount ranged from nonr
or no trace, to 0.0" of an inch
There have loon years when i
much aa 11 inehrs have fallen i
tlie lower valley ami from 10 to
inches lit the middle ami uppi
valley. The yeir 1 S08 is quote
a having nit autumn aimilar
that of this year, ami there ia
tradition among tho oldest inhah
itanta of a year along in tho early
10's that had no rainfall
the autumn. As a rule, however
tho month of Oetotier is
seasonable, there being a surli
ciency of rainfall to insure goot
llow inn ami amnio sunshine to
germinate the seed planted in the
Experienced, competent miller. Best flour on the market,
for Bale. Highest market price paid for wheat.
Mill feed
he (Enterprise
Published every Thursday at Independence,
Polk County, Oregon.
Entered at the Postofflce at Independence,
Oregon, as matter ol the second class.
BROWN 4. BAILEY, Proprietors.
P. M. Brows, Editor.
J. T.F(bi, Asaoctate Editor.
L. A. Bajlky, Business Manager.
scbscbiftiok bates.
One year
Mix month ....
Three months..
(Single copy
i .m
. .40
A nvKRTisiNB Bates will be made known on
Job PpTNTixe of all kinds done on short notice
ana in a nrst class manner.
Address all communications to The Entek-
pbise. Independence, Oregon.
ihe UDserver quite loltily in
forms ns we are in no danger of in
dictment for manslaughter because
of unduly exciting the torpid mol
cules in its editor's brain the "in
sanity dodge would save us. Even
tinder the conditions suggested we
should consider ourselves in partic
ularly bad luck to have to exchange
localities with Bro. Doughty.
If those the Lord loveth he
chagteneth, then, it is reasonable to
suppose that the Democratic party
is in good standing at the throne
of Grace, and there is yet hope for
it in the future. However, it is
safe to say that its political bosses
receive only a moiety of comfort
from the assurance of the biblical
text. There is a certain degree of
satisfaction in the reflection that
they have ample leisure to give
the scriptural lessons their prayer
ful consideration.
hie age in wnicn we live is in
tensely practical and it is also
highly educational. This is an era
of commerce, industry and finance
Under the pressure of this intensely
practical and intellectual life keen
commercial competition and re
lentless struggl" for existence which
each wages against all a well
rounded education has come to
mean the open door to success.
Existing social conditions have
made it obligatory upon the individ
ual to fit himself intelletually and
morally for the great world-
struggle into which he must enter
sooner or later. It is now rec
ognized on ever hand that the
educated man, other conditions be
ing equal, is better equipped for the
active duties of life than he who is
deficient in educational training.
To tie one all the great highways
of life are open while the other is
compelled to trudge along narrow
and rugged paths. Education has
become a sine qua non of success
and usefulness. It is the civilizer
of the race; it enlarges men's views
and reveals a new world to his
moral and intellectual vision; it
gives meaning to life and puts its
possessor in touch with the uplift
ing tide of civilization.
IxiKrKMK.oK is greatly in neot
of a free ferry, there is no diversity
of opinion on that laiint, but tho
lcst method by which to establisl
KUt h a ferry is a mooted question.
Some say that it should lie done by
taxation, others suggest voluntary
contributions. He that as it may
a free ferry is needed at leant one
way. That is to say all persons
coming to Independence from the
Marion county side should lie
grossed over the river free of charge.
1 his is simply a business prop
osition. It is a fair, square bid for
trade that legitimately belong to
this city. There is a largo and
thrifty farming community along
the rich bottoms and adjacent foot
hills on the east side to which In
dependence is the nearest and most
atcessiblo trading point. The riv
er is tho only barrier to this trade,
aid it is a barrier only in the sense
that these farmers have to pay toll
to reach the city. The small pro
ducer can ill afford the expense.
If he takes five dozen eggs or i
half dozen pounds of butter to mar
ket it requires twenty per cent of
this produce to pay the expense of
ferriage. There is also a large
amount of wheat produced in that
section, which should be stored in
Independence, but hard driven far
mers can not afford to pay ferriage.
This trade naturally belongs to this
piace, and if our citizens will only
show a little public spiriti dness in
the matter it can be made a source
of substantial revenue, increasing
in volume as the country becomes
t'hickly settled and developed.
Important llapppnluga and Ent
From tha Various Neighbor
hood! In tlit Co nut j
Oathtrod by Th Enterprise's Corp
of Able OorrenpoiiilenU.
N OK.-IWrminnilvuv ht Mlt ! M"lv,1 n
lalor llitl Wrinwlny bOtii. 'il fiwn ' "'
liiaurv iHilill.-atloH. W w mil II w errrli.iii.w'iii
III t) low a anil li iilu l " waul) i
UihnIIv Uod crowd 'la attendance and
everybody enjoyed themselves,
lint M.
Some of Oregon's big dailies have
been looking up the Willamette
valley's weather record for the
month of October since 1850. The
data is not absolutely accurate but
sufficient information has teen
gathered to establish the fact that
the month just past has been the
most phenomenal October in the
history of the country. The aver
age rainfall during October varies
from two to four inches in the
The republican city ticket put in
the field by the convention on
Wednesday evening is an excep
tionally good one. The candidates
arc all bona fide citizens whose in
terests are thoroughly identified
with the city. And whatever the
result of the election the ticket is
well "Cooked," to ' say the least.
The democrats should get out their
best men.
Tiiehe is cumulative evidence
that the political and social an
archy now existing in Armenia will
sooner or later precipitate a cri.-is
in Turkey. The enlightened na
tions of Europe can not long with
hold the protecting hand to the
sorely oppressed Armenians. If
the Moslem fanatics will not listen
to the dictates of reason and hu
manity they should be driven
across the Dardenelles into the des
erts of Arabia from whence the Ish-
maelitish horde emerged in the
th century. The Turk is an usuper
upon Iuropean soil and it will be
a blessing to humanity and a for
ward step in the march of civil
ization when his dominions are
blotted from the map of Europe.
IVrrmimtulone Uitho r'Ni KHTHIHK,
Mr. Wolf visited IuIIhs on Saturday
1' ml Strong vim l -d rvliitivoM in Dallas
Saturday and Sunday.
The section men made (tip to Tort
laud on business Tuesday,
J. M, Wise made it living trip
Portland thin wees, on business.
John II. Ware ha I xvn oil (lie slo
lii-t (or the past week but Is improving
Tlio section uien are leveling ii tlie
track in tow n. An iulilitioii to tlicir
(oiv Is needed.
A pitrtv WHStfiven at Mr, Nolile's t'rl
lay nielli. Tlioxuwlio attended reHirt
s pleiisunt time.
The t'liriMtluii endeavor In tfettliii; ti
an eiueriuuiiiient to Ik) given on
rimnkHiviiivI ttititit.
II. M. itroiiK returned (mm the coiihI
Woilnestliiy, lie rciKirU considerable
sickness In thiit locality.
V scrilx lots his wood nil in the
house ami now is rciuly to join the mil
vemil crv "It it ruin."
Ir. 1-aiixins: lots ulsiilt recovered from
his recent Mckucss Hint is nhle to ln
at ont on the streets attain .
Kx-SuiiorlntoiiiJent ltrvim. of IVntun
county, siH'iit ednciMitv iiit'ht In
ton n us the n'lcst of A, J. Miiplcy.
Charley Myers has lxon workinii In
Win- it kevt's store thi week. They
nivo Ih'Cii imiKinu it thorough clen tip.
Prof. J. J. Bryan, of Corvullls, was in
is vicinity c .mvassliiir for maps this
week. He was mooting with good uc-
The school tmanl nddel H turpi limp of
the state, of Oreifon mid tho UiiUhI
tates to tho stock of appnrutns this
week. .
Mr. Wimpson, a druggist of Amity.
was found dead in l'd Suii.lay inoriiiii.
Heart fiiilure is MtijHuntI to bo the
Hey. Sfekafixise orenpied the Chrlstinn
church at U a. in., and Hev. Colder the
M. K. church at 3 p. in., Sunday. Key.
Cahlor preaches every second and fourth
It we ms strange that suuie youi; men
can not Udmve thoinselve when they
attend an endeavor lueeRii. A suiail
tante of the law would-prove beiiillcial
to some of them. Oi l) IIickoky.
tiMMHMliH in T m a If s i " t
UihkI waterworks would Iki a K'a""1
Mr. Jolmson, of Albany, 'i"'"' Hiimlny
In Monmouth vUltlihj ' ho students.
Mlsa Marv Coats I" al'lo to resuiuo
her work of teachlnit, uiiicli lo the joy of
hor little puiil.
Wo realise those dark iiljtlila thl
Mouinoutli In very much la no'd ol
electric llhl.
IW, liinn and w ife have hnted rooms
at Mr. Crosby's whore they nN'ct lo
live thhiiiRli the w liitor.
The (ilendsof Mrs. lilmer Jlall "
rejoiced over her Improved eondition
and now entertain hopes of her siatnly
Mr. hit rivnn has move.1 Into Ids
sloie buildiiiKt on tho south side of tiniln
stretit and ha a full supply of dry tpw
on vvhibition,
Mr. Kiaiik I'owell and (ninlly have
moved Into town (or tho winter and
their friends aw pleased to reot them
as lienlilKiis oncu morn.
We hear many remarks show In- the
appnviatlvo inn r in which lln ruin
of Monday iiIkIiI was lecelviHl ami jml
tfintf from appearance the end is not yet.
Prof, mid Mrs, HaliHiiuh gave their S.
S. elas of normal students a roocptinu
at thoir home last Saturday ovaiiliifc', a
very pleasant time was the verdlcl o( all j
w ho attended It.
(Mir town liow Uuist of a 11011111 latin
lrv, oarrii-d oil under the tiperv Uioii ul
tr. IKity siid wife and another party
w hose name we have nol learned. Sue-
coa to tho undertaking
Mr. Chas. Kii-herhas built an addition
to his livery l-arn, ho now has a place.
to wash his I'iignles nod a plpo to carry
the wuter away so it makes a dwulid
iiiiprovomeiit in ditferoiit ways.
Hon't enliciso Ihu ludicrous luanm-r
In which tieo. Adkins acta and talk.
for he is beside himself with joy over
thnartival of a little daughter, Wliu
came into their home Tuesday last .
Mr. (.irons, who purchased tm liutel it
prepariiii; to uiuvo in ami is roimaiioiiiu
ami repairing until the rtKiuis and fur
niture will have the ap)H siuiiif o( new
articles. We predict suei-ess (or him.
Nervous ProsM
Gould Not Sleep
a 1 sa.
lenffartid ti-ry mueh 1.-. .
llh Uervoua lirsiUtl.m . r
rXr?, X
-"-atiutt, 1.;
n,t duty t
nW Ihs k..
''uid Not
4 0U iwiu.
wruil liuu
air, J. !. Itiuisi
V n. ... ..........1. . . M1
rlmt U.tlle Ol HimhI's Hara,,,,"
nind and eonllnuwl tg ji . j
Bright end RefrelhH
tn tha niornlnB. I comIbihmI .i,J
luwll! Ins ud m ruratl, bml; u,4 "
Mil sli ll and h,tUlf s
way. I gladly racmimivntt
parlllalo othrrt." J, nwaao
.- aiaiiisou an,, Aiii-glitay, fL
XL JL pari
Ic Sure
to Get I Iood's
H00d PUIS f"'?" "r'.Mia.t I
ward, W. U. lUwley; TliirJ
Andy Wilsmi.
tn motion the convention
j itino'd.
MA It It li:i .
l'AKK Kit.
I'ormpunilrnr to TIIK KTKItCRIMI!.
There will be a literary society organ
ized at Calvary Friday ninht.
James Aldrieh leaves in a few days for
Colorado, where ha will siier.d the win
A social dance was triven at the resi
dence of Thoiuus Culbrcath Saturday
Clinton Hradley spent Sunday at
home. lie is attending school at Mdii-mouth.
L, L. Raker i trapping coons in the
J.nckiamute bottoms. He has several
pelts already.
Win. McCurdy, section foreman at
this place, replaced 1.01)0 ties during the
month of October.
Parker has been serenaded tho last
few nights by fox huntcra. We are fond
of music, hut would advise them to
change their tune.
The barnyard turkey has begun to
show signs of uneasiness, as tho inno
cent old farmer gives him his brenkfiini
of wheat and corn, "who looks uh if he
never thought of eating more than the
better half of Mr. Turkey at tlia least on
Thanksgiving day."
l'ruf. tiinn will teach tho llrst lenwin
in riidiiuoutal ami vocal muic at lira.e
huri'h next Saturday evening. Thetw
remise to U a gorsl uttendance of ihe
young peoplv lor they reaiuu the value
of learning to sing anil sing correctly.
(ieo. Mctiowan, of Mallas, will remove
to Monmouth and n ii a full stis'k
of morehaiidise January 7. He will oc
cupy the saiuo building formerly used
by the Mercantile Co. We extend
a hearty welcome to such a buniuens
Our community was grieved Monday
morning to le.irti of the. death of Mr.
I 'avid Martin one of tho oldest and
most highly honored eltuons. His
death was peaceful and calm, well litted
to the i)uiet manner in w hich ho had
lived. His funeral took place at the
Christian church Tuesday afternoon.
The sermon was preached by Hev. Hon
nell, of Italia.. Th lloral tribute was
beautiful and numerous ami the church
was filled with sympathizing friends.
May Ho who Comforts all sorrowing
hearts bo the stay of tho companion
w ho is left to mourn alone.
Hkx A Hkx.
I Suver School Iteport.
Report of the Suver School for
the month ending November 8,
Number days taught 20
Number days attendance. . . 6S2
A u tniier any absence 4.i
Number times tardy 0
Numlx;r enrolled, boys 12, girls 22,
total 34
Average number belenging 31-
Those neither absent nor tardy
and whose deportment was 100 are:
Robert and Bessie Patterson, Ilar-
ley Wheeler, Lena Jackson, Flor
ence Marsfield, Carry James and
Josie Harper.
D. A. HoAO, Teacher.
OorresjiowUmee to Thk Kntkhpbiss. '
The roads begin to show a pretty mud
dy surface.
8upt. Hutchinson paid our school a
visit last week.
Joseph Miller returned home from
Newjiort last Monday.
Prof. Swann attended the football
game at Corvallis lafit Saturday.
J. B. Williams, Honry Beaton and
Charles Kaw visited Salem Monday.
Win. Wells, who has been buying hops
at Independence, returned home last
James Slaves, who is attending the
Willamette University, visited his par
ents Sunday.
Capt. Jim Smith, of Portland, was on
our streets last week, U was looking
up a body of balm timber for logging
Henry Boivine returned from Port
land, bringing a goodly sized stock of
goods back with him, which he offers
for sale eheap.
The members of the Evangelical
church gave a dime social last Friday
evening at Mr. George Smith's. A
Pursuant to call the republican
voters of Independence met in con
vention at tho City hall on Wed
nesday evening. Meeting called to
order by W. P. Connaway.
On motion, W. II. Ilawloy was
elected chairman and (J. L. lluwk-
ins secretary.
W. P. Connaway was nominated
Ifrmyor by acclamation.
w. v. uook, J. V. Richardson
T 4 unit.. , , .
uuu j. rt. iitiits were placed in
nomination for recorder.
Jirst jJalJot Cook received 33
votes, Richardson, 2.'S; Mills, 8
1. 1.. ..I. A nr ien t, t. iur. wins name was
Second Ballot Cook, 41 votes
itichardson, 2A; blank, 2. Mr.
Cook was declared tho nominee for
Claire Irvine was nominated for
treasurer by acclamation.
1'eter took and J. E. Hubbard
were placed in nomination for mar
On first ballot Mr. Cook received
35 votes and Mr. Hubbard 31. Mr
Cook was declared the nominee for
W. YV. Perciral was nominated
councilman for the First ward, O.
W. Cleggett for tho .Second ward
and C. W. Parish for the Third
The following committeemen
were appointed:
First ward, W. O. Cook; Second
Ml ICI-MV Si.hi-kr, In IuM
Saturday evening, Noveiiihr
1M'., at the reaidottre of V
WVMm, Mr. limner Murphy
Miss Maud MojH'r, Hev. B
Piiuuoll, olVu iating.
1 ne iair nrino is mo t:
daughter of Mrs. Viola Sltpr, 1
lives aUmt one mile Roiitb of
t !ty. She is an Itiil-xndetic rl
oil girl and is universally tMw
for lior many aimublo iUnlitic
li'ist of friends wish her well in
new relutiniin of life. The env.
tho second son of Henderson !j
phy, Ks'ir., and ia a young gei
man of gixnl character, eticrp
and intltiMlrioiis. He staiuU n
in thi eomiiHinity and bin its
ftienrU extend their con?
illations. The Kntkki'KIsi 1
gives congralulalioiis.
An Important Olllce.
To r rojH-rly fill its ollice &
funi'tiotiM, it ia iinMirtai)t that t
blood be pure, hori it is in 11
a condition, the body is aliiinle
tain to bo healthy. A conipUi
at this time is catarrah in some
its various forms. A slight ;
develops the disetms in the hn
Uropjnnga of corruption passing i
tn the luug bring on coiimmpti 1
Tho only way to cure this dica
is to nurifv the bhunl. The mi
obstinate eaes of catarrh yield
tho medical jaiwera ot Hood's 8
(iparillu as it by magic, siinply
cause it reaches the seat of the u
ease, and by purifying and vit
izing the blood, removes the cat)
Not only does Hood's Snrsnpari
do this but it gives renewed vip
to the whole system, making
possible Iur good health to rei,
Wonderful are the cures ace"
polished by Hood's Harsaparllla
yet It Is only Imwium) HooI can
parilhi, tho one true blood pun"
makes pure, rich, heidthy blood.
the Greatest Transcontinental Hi'
offers the
to all Eastern Cities. Also to ar
from Europe.
Unequaled Sleeping and Dinir
car service.
Canadian Pacific Railway's Iw;
al Mail Steamship Line to Jup
and China.
Canadian-Australian Lin '
Honolulu, Suva (Fiji) "
Central Ocean points.
For descriptive nam nh lets, rat
or information to or from any poit
call upon or write to
Agt C. P. R'y, Independence, Oi
Agt C. P. R..14G 3d St, Portland, 0
Hist. Pass. Agt. Vancouver, B. C."