Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 25, 1895, Image 1

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rioriTiiLi Mioiw , ,
.! (olio faralul ar.
lining IK ' l'awr.
lit ili mailer of -
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but prefer art-inury f lojiliiaileilng
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VOL. 2
rrir ".iZZixw vruK. THtJHSDAY. JULY 25, 18U5.
NO. HI JNl)KrKM)i:CJ;, nuv v,v,u.i i, w
ii - iiirri
mot" - i mm i i a r r-. Till irillv i
m-ihi iiTnmwiPi-B i ii i iil imp uu r- i a i
id I ID :
.50 I'EIt YEA It. JEERS:'
IIihuiipm March , lHM"
pirst Hat"lor?a Bonk
of lmi't'Hilviir',rftf'ii.
14,000 00
ffia. , ,
W M llWI-t alllfr.
W. V.Oltlti.
Rational Bonk!
Otpilul St.M-k. .V,IHI-).K.
ii. iiiitsriuKtc.
W. V. t'ONN AW AY,
VI,,. r'l'l-iit.
. . I'mhIiUt.
A general bank l."J and 1 '"'
m:;.Tr-..-H-li iiittiU'. WM- . 'j;
,4. ..,,.u..r.-ll rmlli- "'"'.
r,-ive.l .... r.,rr,,.t are.
J-Ki ' 1""n"1 mia "
,j. V.H..UI.. A. S.I-..". I. A Allen.
II. .J,..i-r.... A-J."""''""". '
rr. It. IHm)ilTH.
i Maroio uiiutiw
lint 'I stunt's,
M ,. . .
Cnrrei-poiid.-nc' solicited.
Sperlipg Bros.,
Meat Market
- ir. v-
r.hnir.R Meats.
Hot Weather Headaches
Aro Mostly Due to the Eyes.
Tito lull-line limit and "glare"
of the suit weaken often M;r-
inant'iitly injure tho sight. ; '
A pair if
All tltin. NVIl tnuko a (.oii-ntilio rx
iiiniiiallon tU y.iu what glttHi..- ore
iwt united for your vyea mid fii nl
luljllHl tllt'lll"
KRAMER, The Optican-
j HtruniHhli.H Collide at H- mid
Oiiti Hundred and Forty
Crop Damaged in South Dkot-The
Horr-Harfey Debate-A iJar
Oonnty Tragedy Judge
Btrahan Dead.
. i
Vnan the OrtKnlii, Hun oud HUU;iimn.)
" " fZduunfr 'I ' P'"'
New Vohk, July 18. A diiqmtch
to tho Herald front Berlin Bays: It
U considered in well-informed cir
cleK here that tho dcandalous mur
der of Stninbouloir has added an
(other dark elond .to a horizon al-
iutlicientlv dark. France-
S i .V
Diirlmr Ht leitHt H. vcii Ht.iI.Ml jutIuiIh In
I,lfi it cliotiltl tie jttiwrveil of a
HTBOIlV llUfll.H, iim followK:
Iitf.ntlli.MMl. ltat.ytto.Ml. i "h I t.l I ...!, J toy-
IkmhI, MuiiIiimhI, Ml.lllei.i.'. Ol.ltuje,
mid D.ll.CUAVKN tlie'r,
will you wlilt tliemt llk.-iu-mn t
I lie vtry lowettl riit.H. (Jive lilin aeull.
The City Ilostaunuit
Will tflve yon hlX ifimd
l!." eitt itieuUlor $1.
We try to mnlie our Kimdiiy Il"
iit rs tli l st In
Mnlll Ht.
Don't be Sick!
W Im- hI. I
KNOW liuw it iiiakf" one f.fl to
ltnt if vott will iti't n' k
t.-tiicinU-r iluit it i our t.uKii. to hII
Ali'.li( iin-H We've Im.l t-x-IH-rien.-..
in .n-'Ufinif iii.-tlu-m'1
Lnowtl.o ...(vuniHtro ot "7h
..iro ItrugH. We kren no oilier kind.
Whon You are Well
v,Ai ,hH-,
V ' 1
Free Delivery to ull tmit
ol the eity.
. lnili-iK'ii.l.'tfe.
P. H. Murphy, rroi-.
KM KM li KU that we han-
k,-llo luativ avticU'K you
L . . - 1 1. ...... lv.-
niav (U'sno, sueii v-"' "j
Silverware, Watchou, (.'locks,
Mriin St.
In(l.'H'tiit.Mtee. liciroii
iiiCity truck & Transfer Co.jij
11. i.-,.i-iiltiiroearef
i llliurr ?
U.'.alrln of
kII kln.UwIt'
nni'lve I
Dronii.t i
T. tM Ht of
turn.'l ''1
,hort nt !'.
A share of your
. I .a anlil'itcd. I -
Mainxtrfei, I.tdepende,
City : Feed : Stable.
Km Jhnios,1'.
Horw t.y tlie day,
tn'k or inontli Trail
iviit ft.H-k left I" our
inre ill I writ al
teti.tcl to. Cl.uru"
lit vear. in
If vou will act judiciously in tne
matter and take your work to
rviuri-n-D1CNCE. OREGON.
Main 81., -
CHAS.CLAHK, B.ceiver
r..n.,-..n. with h..u1.
a,.l. n.l t.n Kr.nol..
wt.mer imw r",n,'MT;:h 1. U. :i..
" h.n.-e will" ,t."
rfIKllt '
wltUoutnotlw. .
Ko.,,, r, ". rP'.V"""
b.. lUndr Ho..' '.
ttD FlMft"'
H A. l-'Ul.I.K"
s working fr nie
He employs onlv the most skilled
workmen, guarantees all his work,
and is as low in price as first-class
work will justiiy.
Cleaned, Dgedand
Gn ,!d also Ladies Jackets,
Repaired, aisv .
apt: Dr... cood-
Faded Clothing Eestored
. TWO Blocks North Main Street Bridge.
W. EVANS, Proprietor.
UuHHinn intrigues in AhyHinia, the
reotieHt malel.v tho ezar'a govern
ment to Japan for her withdrawal
of troops from Chinetto territory,
tho reinforcement of the Hufiai
llei t in tho far Kant, and the ar
rogance of the French chauvinism,
are all factor rendering the pres
ent munition precarious.
llrovy (Jold Hhlpinentto Kurope.
Nkw Yokk, July 18. Notwith
utanding the many iromtHes of the
'bond syndicate" to prevent the
exrortatwn of Am. ricnn guiu,
.t750,(X)() was i-hipped to London
on .Saturday's steamers.
The rate of exchange is so high
that importers of c IL-e and sugar
find it cheaper to buy gold. The
'exports ot the present week will be
fully 1,000,000, with good pros
pects of a steady increase tor tne
future. The "syndicate" say it is
all right, and that it is tho "or
dinary course of business," and
I can't be hotyted.
Hubbcd by u Trutcd Miengr.
. . . .1
New Yokk, July i imrii-o
Gove, a trust.d messenger, robbed,
the New York Ilera'd of $10,X0 on
Wednesday. He whs ser.t to the
bank after" the funds for t ha weekly
pay-roll. He got the money and
that was the lust seen of him.f It
is supposed that he took an out
going steamer There is no clew to
his whereabouts.
ltciti'titiitK Hluitrum Dead.
I'knpi.kton. Or., July 18. George
Shutrum lied this morning of
cerebral meningitis. His illness
lash-d three weeks. Shutrum was
a republican member of the lower
house of the hist legislature. He
wns one of the wealthiest and most
successful farmers in Eastern Ore
gon. He owned 2000 acres near
Pendleton and considerable wealth
besides. He was Highly respected
in this community, where he lived
twenty years. He was born in
New York state, and wns in tie
war of the rebellion, enlisting from
Illinois in the Ninth regiment, and
served until mustered out in 1803.
Until Father uiid Hon Killed.
Oregon City, NIuly 18. Mark D.
Bhickburn, a Springwater farmer,
was killed by a Southern Pacific
train at the Tenth street crossing
in this city nt 11 o'clock this morn
ing. His 10-year-old son, Klmer,
suffered spinal and other injury
t.l, t. nrove fatal. Both horses
they were driving were killed and
the wagon demolished.
Peath ot K. A. Cogswell.
Klamath Falls, July 18. At
torney F. A. Cogswell, a wen-
known citizen ot Uregon, uiea at
Sl,v..l Cretk last evening, while
en route homo from Oakland, Cal ,
.. Knm Iia hud been taken a lew
weeks ago for medical treatment,
Large Wheat and Com Crop.
New Yokk, July 19 Brad
slreet'fl will say tomorrow: Not
withstanding the season of prevail
ing midsummer ouiet in some lines,
the general trade volume and the
general business throughout the
country is largely in excess oi vuat
of a year ago.
The Pacific coast advices are
that the California wheat crop is
.v..i,;ncr nnt noorlv. but in the
Northwest spring wheat prospects
r nr nt ine Of Si.
t .1. .ill riroduce an unex
tl arr a
Turk. I'.'f.alL'd l. tn.r(c. nl.
c,.. tnW 19 A serious fight
occurred on the Turko-Macedonlan
frontier between a force of insur
gents stated to have nnmbereti
5.000 and a body of Turkish
troops. The latter were defeated
with a loss of COO.
The lllaek Kluga Wake Hlul.lorn P. f. ne.
Julv 1!). An oflicial
f -
dispatch from the island of Formosa
savatho Chinese are making a
stublKirn defense of that territory.
After the capture of Lung luaho.
inn. 14 mi uttemnt was made to
elfeet a junction between 4he twoj
Japanese battalions at vne ncrj
Taku Kausi, butthcaiiempnauru.
A s'juad of Japanese cavalry, who
were suddenly attacked by a
superior force of Chinese, was cut
to piece, only three troopers es
caping. The junction oi mo t
battalions was ellected July
During IxikIi b' an Knglnc-r.
Utk a, N. Y., July 1!). The pas
sengers on the Montreal express
on tho Adirondack & St. Louis rail
road, duo last evening at Utica.had
a thrilling experience. As the train
rounded a curve on a heavy down
rrl Bfivpn miles above the chain
of lakes, where ex-I'resiueni Harri
son is spending the summer, En-
i ..r t.:.,.
gineer W illiam wrassei, oi inv-,
saw. 500 feet in front of him. a
trestle a quarter of a mile long en-
mi a
velojied in llames. ine nam
were shooting twenty feet above the
track. It was impossible to stop
tho train before the trestle was
reached. With lightning-like deci
sion the engineer threw the throttle
wide open. The train rushed
swaying through the flames and
stopped safe on the other side. Be
c.,r.. it fume to a standstill the
burning trestle fell in a heap of
ruins on the rocks nitv ieet ue....
There were seventy-five passengers
on the train.
A Wayward Boy-Ocatli of a Pioneer.
Vooim-uN, Or., July IS Jse
Moore was tukeu to the reform
school today by Orlicer Beach He
had broken into the house ot ms
F. II. Cowles, and stolen
money. The boy tried to get 20
..l.m.irmi which let! to his convic
t in., hist nieht. He is about htleen
years old, and his mother, who is a
widow, is completely prostracieu
over the waywardness of her son.
Mrs. William Mack, of Cunby,
Mrs. Charles Mosh-
Higheit of all in Leavening PowerLate U. S. Gort Report
Cholera at IIKa.
Wabiiixo'to.h. July 20. A cable
gram to the state department, from
the United States consul at Hioga.
Japan: reports the presence of
cholera at that place. ' '
prowned in Ihr Willamette.
F.rnr.NK. Julv 20. Bruce, th-. 11-
veur-old son of Mr. and Mrs. II.
M. Black, drowned in tne inaui-
ette river, near this city between
1 and 2 o'clock this afternoon. .Mr.
i i i, ; ......K.vil in the saw mill,
nnd the l.y had carried hi father's
.i: i, a he wai in the
UlUIK'l .. f
habit of doing, but did not return
home promptly. Hi" hat was
found floating a nong the logs in
the boom, and, after a short search,
the body was found.
Keara for a Geological Patlv.
Pkixcetox, N. J., July 21. The
party of Princeton students thought
to have been captured by the Ban
nock tribe ot Indians in u yuiu...g
is believed to be the Princeton ex
pedition which left for the Bad
Lands June 20. The object of the
expedition was to collect geological
f.siU. Professor J. B. Watcher is
in charge. j
Over One Hundred and Forty Passengers
Genoa. July 21. The Italian
steamers Ortegia and Maria P were
in collision off the Isla del Tinto at
the entrance of Gulf Genoa today.
The latter sank, and 148 pas
sengers were drowned. Maria P
was bound from Naples lor
Plata. There was a crew of 17 and
the passengers numbered 17".
She was calling here en route to
her destination, and was entering
the Gulf of Genoa when she met
nut wit rd bound The
Yellow KevcrCaaaa at Havana.
Washington, July 20 Surgeon
General Wyman, of tho Marina
hospital, today received a telegram
from Dr. Burgess, the representa
tive of the hospital at Havana,
stating there hsht-en a marked in
crease in yellow fever cases in the
city in the past few days among
civilians. n
Another Baker County Tragedy,
Baker City, Or., July 21.
James Circey shot and instantly -tilled
a man named Brown, and
seriously wounded Joseph Meyer
tholen yesrday. The tragedy oc
curred at the White mine, situated
in the Auburn district, about
twelve milts south of this city.
At this time no cause is known
for the shooting as all those con
cerned are stiangers here. It i
supposed that there was a dispute
over the claim, which is said to con
tain rich d. pjsits of gold About
six years ago S. J. Fore shot and
killed henry Dell over thin same
claim. Circey has escaped, riding
a sorrel horse. Officers are now
pursuing him through the moun
The Cuban, are Practically in Control.
London, July 22. The Timet
will publish a dispatch from
Havana which says: .
Yellow fever and dysentery aie
causing great suffering among he..
Spanish troops. The rebel a Uva.
cut the railway bridges, thus isolat
ing Puerto Principe. Recent ar
rivals at the latter city state that
while the troops are garrisoned at
the principal towns, the rebels
have complete control of the coun
try. Antonio Maceo is again
menacing an attack upon jjianzat.-
the Ortega outward oounur o - - v;l,
berger. of this city, died this morn
,.n...t f,;inrp She was 70
lug oi inrmv ..-
years old, and an old pioneer.having
come to Oregon across the plains in
1853. The funeral will take place
next Sunday at Canby.
Too Horr-llarvey Debate.
fWA.m. Julv 20. In the Horr-
Haryey debate today Harvey al
lege 1 that the integrity of the
a, ,.-;,!, i nnotile was used as a
aiuviivi... j-- - - i
shield for those in high political
nr.. l,mii he nroDoses to expose.
Then he introduced the subject of
. ti O
the demonetization of silver in io.o,
and quoted the Congressional Re
cord to show that the bill passed
without reading.
Horr protested against Harvey s
previous assertion that he would
take everything for granted as be
ing accepted by Horr as true if not
deuied. He said that such wos not
the case.
Horr proceeded to defend
Hooper's action on the bill of 1873.
Harvey refuted these siaiemeiu
by reading from the Congressional
Horr denied that the bill was
,;1,-,,,1,1 through.
Harvey brought out Sherman's
speech at the time, showing that
i.;ii nlid onlv an hour's
Liic paiu "
consideration and he succeeded in
getting it through in that time.
War riKWlble Wlllim ""
r ... T..K. on The news of
Itr lu-i... v u j v.
naunnlt imon M. Stambuloff,
the distingnisl ed Bulgarian slates
man, falling like a live bomb in the
midst of the state of present calm
reigning for some time, depressed
.1 n.l mused eeneral con-
11113 l,wuicv '-
. f . 1 11' . ...
Some idea oi tne eueci
last .tcp in life's journey, he had j
Bit. 1 iiflvivit. 1 fwtivi
iU4 tuw r. . . i iLJlmK. :it down to neiiorrvrt
the fact tbuta high omciai ui ic ,
i ikfaai: a will ui v .... . . , urn n nm ininn
' .. ... ..n:.. ;.l in reot.rtcr IO- tn.
! iM-ctedly large crop of Indian com. . lore.g.. -
a - 1 -a ?a-a 4 ri( ! ltfV
-Withiu a month war may break
out in the Balkan peninsula."
M...cUr Knllfts in recent en-
V itl. iuouov. "
gagements which occurred between
Manzanilloand r.ayuiuo, w.t,
that the insurgents possess Maiisew.
Kale or the Oregon I'aciuc t,u.i..r.-.
Salem, July 22. In the supreme
court today in the case 01
Farmers' Loan & Trust company,
...t the.
as trustees, resu
Oregon Pacific Railway company,
appellant, on appeal from Benton
county, the judgment of the lower
court was affirmed, tne opinion uo-
ing by Judge Moore. After reciiiiifc
the well known history of the case
in its various stages and discussing
.-chIv various legal technicali-
ties urged against confirmation of
the sale, the court sustains ine ac
tion of Judge Fullerton.
Hop Picking Price.
Woodbubn, Or., July 22. The
Hop Growers' Association held a
meeting in Woodburn today, and
decided to pay pickers So cent a
box. Some discussion arose over
the tact that the county assessor
placed a valuation of 5 extra on
every acre of hops. This action
the association denounced as nnjust.
There were thirty-five mem here
present, and from all reports ob
tainable the growing crop is mostly
r. ntul the vards ill
iree irom ., -
good condition. The prospects for
a good crop and better prices make.
the growers feel much . encouraged.
t imit in Dakota Wheat Kleida.
Chicago, July 22.-A special '
from Grand Forks, N. D., say: .
The farmers of the region of Min
nesota and North Dakota, compris
ing the ten counties on the Red
river valley, are gloomy rt
prospects. A week ago the wheat
promised the greatest yield known
in this section, some placing it as
high as fortr bushels to the acre,,
but it has rained four days last
week and the weather has been
ne cloudy and hot. Smut and nj
other I . , j t1 &larunii2 de-
navc ttfcii-' ,
: i. !a n.,w feared that thous-
looke.1 as though, having taken the . J " acrtg of wneat ,rts utterly
starboard side of the Maria P, pen
etrating six yards, and ripping up
the Maria P like matchwood.
Klgliting Said to Have Beg"'".
Pocatello, Idaho, July 21.
Settlers in the Jackson Hole coun
try country, in Idaho and North
western Wyoming, are in a panic
over the imminence of an Indian
outbreak. Disquieting rumors
were confirmed tonight by J. C.
Houtz, a wealthy rancher of Soda
Springs. He and one of his herd
ers, while trying to cross Salt river
.. iTnnii' ranch, seventy-five miles
northeast of here, were stopped with
, ;t!e in the hands of Indian police.
The police said Indians were on the
warpath. Mr. Houtz says tne po
li told him the Indians had killed
a white man. his wife and child,
and that the settlers had rallied
and killed six Indians.
Unionists IIbto Oained Blsty-Elgbt
London, July 21. As a result of
the polling thus far had in the gen
eral election, the unionists now
show a net gain of sixty-eight, giv
ing the government a mojority of
The districts to bo heard from
the coming week are almost en
.;lvin th counties in the shires.
The number yet to be heard from j
is 140. The majority ot these were
represented by liberals in the last
general election.
Sudden Death or jnoge s?
Portland, July 21. Judge R
S. Strahan died suddenly yester
at 9:30 o'clock. The
A J v O
indre had evidently started to as-
A atairwAV tO 1118 OBICC. lie
got no further than the fourth step
of the second flight. There, at '. :30
o'clock, the janitor found him dead,
restiii-' in a sitting posture. There
was a slight abrasion on his fore
head,' which looked as though he
lull eii against Ine
i.iiwtrfl.1f There was no
mark of injury upon hint, and he
tl- ttnl vipid ot corn in tne
country will probably even exceed
the previous large crop views.
from ikm lexy, unquestionably
caused by over-exertion in climb
ing the stairway.
roa"sli.E at raw ortia