Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 18, 1895, Image 1

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AJVriltina Madlum
" county.
rtorrriiui 0LM
-iw.vs follow "f"'"1 ' Hi "'' ."I"'
r m -
" "' " " " n, til.' II VI.' A 1 minl"
In !h mlCrrof -,
alwnya tmlraviira l lie
rcioun ui aoobbati.
but iirefrrs nen.irnry of
lalt'imMU lo Iduml.irlnx
Eternal Vigilance U the 1'rlM of ' LiUrlU.-Jeffer8nn
ui. - --
- - ..l.iriim nr TUC UCCIf
Mi IF! -
I M I . m A-
'immWr Hiwm-M March , iMhO.
Of Ilul0HllUltl,,r,'U""
114,000 00 !
pul Stock.
A A. ..III. Ill Mil
H nAi.v,UM',f. ,
u I.. lt.i-rw.U. 11"
i linking !.' '''"""I
. . .11 1 Mil '
Rational Bank!! Stork. mUlHMKl.
. I , -H ,.1-1 1 1
v u-tj rifi'i-i't
. I'tmltit-r,
. ..I CX. I.Mlf t."-i-
. crt II" BU(i.."r.
,,I.J.-I"t to f.iw. "
k. -...hi., a. SH..... i. a
,, ,', j4.,.fM.. A. J. ti-udMW". I. W.
S'ilM. II. Ill'""'""'
Hot Weather "Headaches
Are Mostly Due to the Eyes.
Tin) Intense heat ami ''glare"
of llic Htm weaken often per
manently injure Hit riht.
A air of
All tltif. We'll make a seientil'm ex
amination tell yi.u wliat glun are
ImkI tinted fur your t-yt's and fit ami
luliuHi tlii'in
KRAMER, The Optican-
.. . . . w .i, litIiii'm III
Kllflll lit l.'HHt Ht -i'ii Muli'.l .itIo.!h III
, l.lfi- ii it'fonl hIioi.IiI In '.nwrvi-il of a
)C(huh' liUfiuH, im follow:
Ji.funlli.MHl, HiiI..vIimmI( flillcllMMMl, !'.'''-
Ii.mhI, Mut.l 'I. MI'ltlle uvx. Ol'l ',
uii.l IMl.CKAVKN tl.i'l'li"",l-'r',l'l'l,r.
wilt ; you with Hi-" Hl"'ii-.- "t
Iho very lowi-nt ('He hi". Ht ull.
Harblo Granito
1 1 vail st ones,
Corrifiic.iKJfi' H..litl-n.
The City Kestaunint
Will kIvo .vh'i IX rl
VI.T-c-i'i.t tiit'uN fur .$t. .
Wo try to nii.Uf tmr Kiintlay lln
iwr lh; lifnt In lntU;iftitU'ii'.
.... MEALS .A.T HOTJES. -:-
Mum Kt.
MM... I.'...r1la1l TJlirinl Moot
Wtttcrlwo In tli ttt, I:1, -
Peffer Wanti a Novr Party-riglitln)? in
Fo:moa-Activity in Eailroad
Dallai, Texai.
(From tlw Or....l.H..n nl Hl.ti-wnon.
U.acltrcrt -!"
Mone y to bo tl.o indium.
'A!iiSGTox, July ll'crcr
tary lloko Smith nuestcd tl.e
....,.u,,rtf .I.M.artmciit to puy WM,
J . 1 . .. i . i i.i... ...
(XX) due the Indians in- iuu..
.i.i lan.U itold a year ago. I ay
mont iviik Btoppud two mouths ago
on chRrgCH or Iratlds c.i varn.
wrtH. Tl.fwo lv bn .ven
unfi.undod. Tho tribe comriH-H
1SL.) I..'l..l)8, eacll ol tvnu.ii.Hi,
reo.-iv? a little ovr 2.(XXJ.
I I... i:..ll.oul- Il.freMh.K Tl.flr K-m-f.
Omaka, Nt-li., July All
WfKtt-rn railroads aro nguiu m-
t-rcaHin thi-ir fure. During tli
. ... .... .. "O
panic tin! .Minvauivto ,
per cent of its fniployen, but now
orders have bet'H iwued for nn in
cre..8 of it f-'ree in all depart
ments'. Nearly if not quite all of
the old force will be at work soon
and by August M puFSiiny "'r
than wcro formerly employed.
The Union l'ao lie Hopfning it?
Cheyenne shops and the Burling
ton is increaning its thop f..rco at
IloldreJge. The Elkhorn also
. 1 " . " "
Sperlii?g Eros.,
Meat Market ix-
Choice Mea
Don't be Sick!
W i' t.n u
KNOW how it i.mkfH one feci to
ltut if vou will Ret 'i k I
,(.ei,,U.r lhul it in our l.UMi.f It. wi.
.,e,lieiiieH e ve euiiMileniule e.:
i,erie...e i.i ..e.u.l.itf ine.l.rl.ies ...
know ll,cft.lvul.t..ire of "-I"
.un. UrtigH. U v. keep t. othtr Uni.l.
When You are Well
I. : - 1 -1 v -5 .'i Lf j t) ' ' !i
' -rnrt-.! 'jA t t.m. ',... . -;r.
Frw Delivery ti all lrl
of the 'ity.
UI..8lnt.- - I.hM.l"'-
P. H. Murpny, nv
Tiie lct or
ttirlieil ""I 1' iiotiiv
ItepitlrlnR of
all kli.'U will
A share of "your pirns?
I is solicited.
... . ' Independence
Main street, - 1,1 !
R KM KM UK K that wo han
,Uu many articles you
mav (losiif, such as Jewelry,
Silverware, Watches, Clocks,
Main St.
Inireii"lei.i-e, Oi-eu
iilCity Truck & Transfer Co;
reason- j INjuiohiumI I urnuurr .t ( j
. . fully moved X
lllitullnir done at
;;Jnhle rate-
x iyUJM Offlr ....I Horn: OKEGON. M
f I Z mMmmmmmmmmmtmmim.m. r- ......
Lwy:r;g;rx-fc -
City : Feed : Stable.
Em Johnson, TreP-
llorwa fed bv the tiny,
week or month
icntt.ek left In our
rare will Iw well at
ten.le.1 to. Chnruea
Mala St., - Inde,i-..1'
CHAS.CLAUK, Utceivcr
... ..nnMKR" h-
Connrrtlna wl" s"m" '
Hi..mle... "h 4,M.2h'
HlKntt rwr - -without
,Di' .a rlARK. BMlvr.
CHA cl"Atroorr'n
ba Hndrr.
, i.tlc. M',,!lM,iiif
mn KrmncrtMO.11"-
Will ecM the peoi.lo of Tolk county innny dollars
, 1 tr ltUl every year. A portion of this
If vou will act judiciously in ine
matter and take your work to
1 N 1) 1- P EN PENCE, OR EG ON.
He eniplovs only the most skilled
workmen, ' gxmr&nioes all his work,
and is as low in price as first-class
work will justuy.
ii. a. ruiJ'i''11
I, working for n"5
TH1S -: SEAbuix
,.hinn Cleaned, Dgedand
Faded Clothing Restored
Two Blocks North Main Street Bridge.
W. EVANS, - Proprietor.
reaping the benelitrf of hetter times
and its force on sections ami
hops is being increased. The
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis
Omaha and the Missouri I'acilic
1... ..... n ai Hilt. III! i.itioiml HMn to
work at various ilepartments along
their lines. 1
Kiilo ol H. ut Have Coiiuncnw.l.
ii,,, 'IV .Jul v 11 Thesr.le
of eeats for the List fight began last
luVht. Mr. .1. T. Trezevant, pres
ident of the State Fair Association;
was the first man eetved. He tsok
live seats. The sales by wire and
personal application have reached
$18.01 X).
l'rom Vnnco.ivir Munil to the Stntcs.
Victokia. 15. C, July 11, The
report of the United States consul
shows that tho exports from an
eouver island alone to the United
States for the year ending June 30
amounted iaC2,500,WX). The value
of coal imported amounted to $1,
flOO.OOO,' while gold bullion is next
llnrnry County IModnots,
rir 11. It isestimat-
i)i . -
ed that fully 800,000 pounds of
freight have been hauled to date 10
.... CP1. .
the n.erchan's of tins place, toe
wool clip has uhont all been mowed
and runs ui to fully ew.uw
pounds for Hariiey county. Cattle
of all classes, to the number oi 3500
IwmwI have been sold and urn en
out of the country up to date since
last April. Instead of selling ana
shipping out mutton sheep, stock
men and ranchers are buying and
and driving in from outside
,.(!... Verv liUle grain and
m.tnbles and no fruit will be
: i ,i,. xri.llev this vear. We
raistu ... .
have experienced most peculiar
conditions unfavorable to crops m
frost', drouths and crickets.
lone Oerdcs Killed
Or.. July 11. lone
Gerdes the 2-year-old daughter oi
D. T. Gerdes, of this city, was run
killed bv a street-car this
Pennine. The child started to cro?s
tho Ftreet just as the car was set
in motion, and the driver was u..-
auu nvert the accident, the
...1.....1 ,f tli ear struck the little
one at the hip and crushed the
n. in n horrible manner, ine
driver, lb N. Miller, was placed
.iar nrret. l.ut no blame is at
tached to him by w itnesses ot me
r,vsh Balance and Reserve,
vuxr.TON Ju!v 11. Today's
statement of the condition of the
Availal-le cah balance tl91.51S,S(!4
(Jold Reserve w J"M-
A BruRh with Unimex Imltann.
Denver. July 12. A special to
the Times from Cheyenne, Wyo ,
says: Reports reached here today
- . ... .1.1
of a light in Ja kson' Hole, houh.
of tho Yellowstone Park, between
the fcettk-TH and a band of llantiocK
Indians, who were unlawfully kill
ing came. One Indian was killed
and 15 raptured.
Wnr etwon Peru unci Bolivia vrmiv.
T.tMA. .Tulv 12. Peru, inanswer-
inc Bolivia' ultimatum, refuses to
give the sath-factiou demanded.
It is understood trio M.uvian
minister here has asked for his
Today' Clfilil Kxpcrt-
Vnv York. July 12. Saturday's
English bteamer takes if'J.'O.OCO in
gold. This is the first s dpuienl
si nee the .bond syndicate in Feb
ruary undertook to check the ex
port of gold.
New YokkJuIv 12. Brad street's
report tomorrow will say: At the
close of the second week in J uly, Ine
condition of trad'! generally remains
unchanged, although industrial and
mid commercial activity at many
points continues more cmspicious
thu'n usual at the midsummer
season. Price. generally are
strong, the exceptions being among
'cereals, c.ii'oo :u.d load, while as
significant as anything else h the
exceptionally favorable outlook for
trade in the fall and the encourag
ng promise for the wheat and com
crops throughout the central, West
ern and Northwestern states.
Tho Hundred Chinese Killed.
Yokohama. July 12. Seven
hundred Chinese attacked I'sinis-
In. HVirmo.l:!. Julv 10. Two hun-
"'" " '
dred of them were killed and many
captured. On the Japanes side
the loss was eleven.
Tuc nm, Illegal Indet.tedueM
Tacoma. July 12. As a result
nf tl.e lei.nest made by the council,
the city treasurer and controller
today submitted a report of the
1 standing' of Tacoma, to
tho t flVct that the legal debt limit
been exceeded by ifyyz.wu.
A., eflort will be made to legalize
the debt by a special election
Blown Into ir.iernny.
Astoria. Or., July 12. Word mcMVPtl IIS CYCIUIIK mat
James Fish, a Clatskanit.e rancher,
was killed Wednesday last, at Ins
home, by an explosion of giant
powder. Fish had a large quan
tity of powder on the upper iloor ot
his residence, and is tlioug.u to
have been moving it when the
explosion occured. The house was
completely demolished on ine
second iloor, and the untonunaie
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U.S. Gov't Report
1 W v33SZBi
Bolivia can throw an armed force rule.' It ulatfonn could properly
of 4000 men into this district. I be short, plain and responsive to
The question is exciting great, me . ,
rancher was blown into fragments
Nuw York Associated Banks Sliitomeut.
New York, July 13. Following
ia thn wee klv bank statement:
. 1 1 1100
Keserve, increaeu ' '
Loons, decrease 212,700
s!.ie. .leeroase ' 231,600
"I ' .
U'ual lenders, uicreaso ..oi ,iw
Deoositf, decrease i,.mo,-uj
Circulation, increase WoOO
The banks now hold $S3,40o,400
in excess of all requirements.
A Tornado Visits New Jerse .
IIackessack, N. J .July 13. A
.errifie storm swept over this sec
ts. ,n this afternoon, doing great
rl,.mne. At Cherry Hill, a small
..;ii;...ta n. fw miles from here, it
1 cvclonic fury, ateended
by the demolition ot ine vmaSe
n,l a number of deaths, cnerry
iTill received the lull sweep of the
wind, and within a minute alter
the storm broke 2 houses were
wrecked. The cyclone made a
.1 A -f
clean path through the center u.
the place, carrying everything be
fore it. Houses were utnw
,! Hirnwn down, trees uprooted,
and crops in the fields were leveled
to the ground. At uie preset
it ia known that the killed
l ;rmnd are numbered by the
score Many of those injured, ii is
believed, are hurt fatally.
Bolivia .8 Inspired by CI. He
v York. Julv 13. A special
th. Herald from Buenos Ayres
ivr y
v: Tho attitude of Bolivia vi-
,, rem is inspired by Chile,
Unless Peru shall asccede to the
demands of Bolivia, that country
will occupy the district of Puno, a
department of Peru. For some
tin... it is also said, modern guns
and rihVs and artillery, suitable for
interest here.
Jacknou County I'loneer .lead. I
Ah,!I,axi, Or., July 13. O-car
Ganiard, a pioneer citizen of Jack
son county, died 1, ere today at the
age of 03 years, after a prolonged
illness from diseases of the heart
and complications. Mr Ganiard
fi.rmerlv encacred in firming
in the northern part of the county.
but sold out and remove.l lo asii
land a number, of years ago, in
.! in bis fortune in prop-rty
here, and at the time of his death i
he was one of the most extensne
nrrmertv-ow tiers in Ashland, being
the ow ner of the fine Opera-IIouse
block and much tenement properly .
The funeral occurs here tomorrow.
He left a widow and a married
daughter, Mrs. J. B. Pelton.
A I'endleton Boy'a Had Fall.
Pe.ndi.etox. Or., July 13. The
Ed Alien, the
W VtV' ..... -
proprietor of the Golden Rule hotel.
fell down a winding stairway to
stories high, and struck Lis neau
on the hard floor, a distance pf 40
feet below. The boy will probably
die. He has not regained con
EnslLh Lllwrul Meet Defeat.
T.nxnov. Julv 14. The defeat of
Sir William Ilarcourt is very likely
in l followed bv that ot tne uiree
other leading members of the llose
bery cabinet. Herbert Asqnith,
Campbell Banoerman and John
Morley will hold their seats ly
small majorities. All present in
dications are that the close seata
will be uniformly carried by the
The Defender is a Floet Vessel.
Newport, July 14 After many
rlUsnrM.intmeiits the big sloop
yachts, Defender and Vigilant, met
in an off-shore race today. With
the Defender it was a case ol v em,
.-Mi vici." Durina: tne trial ot an
hour before the wind, of 16 minutes
reaching, of 45 minutes close-haul
ed work, the Vigilant was beaten
enough to show that in a race of 15
miles to windward and return and
in ;l Hall t breezn and smooth water,
such as prevailed today, theDe-j
fender would be able to out sail her
m less than 10 and very likely lo
Indiscriminate Shooting in a Saloon.
The Dalles. July 14. Ac an
early hour this morning a shooting
ffrv took place in F. LeniM; s
saloon, which may terminate fatal-
lv. Clay McDonald, a carpenter,
hv liouor. rushed into the
saloon, and after making some re
marks about having some oia
scores to settle with some one in
.1,- h.on. Leean discharging his
six-shooter at random at the oe-
the place. In all five
shots were tired, two taking effect.
i;,v, TT:iren was struck in tne
small ofthe back, the bullet fol
lowing a rib and lodging, it is
thought, in the abdominal cavity.
His condition is considered serious.
F. Brandon sustained a Uesn
m,n,l i.. the lee. McDonald, who
seemed in mortal terror of violence,
ran to the Columbia hotel, wliere
he locked himself in a room and
went to bed. He was subsequently
placed under arrest by the sheriff.
Senator reffer Wants a New ran,
Tor-KKA, July 14. Senator Peff- j
er is oui xor u nt-w
letter just published he says:
"A new party must he formed
because there is a new work to be
done work that other parties are
i .,t fit ta do a new party fresh
from the people; a party made up
of men of courage equal to their
convictions; but it will ue ouui o..
leener and broader
U JU V4 Li v - v 1
than free silver or bimetalism. for
aufelv be constructed of MX planks
"1. (Jc the ptjopleto work; pay
them for what they do.
'2. Away with landlordism.
3 Out with the transportation
monoply down with the money
j ower.
"3. Up with the people,
"6. Live the republic." . ...
Incrcuxi In Wants In Alulmma.
Birmingham, Ala., July 14. The
Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad
has announced an advance of 10
per cent in wages to loUU tipple
men, drivers and outside luborers.
The Olympic Mountains Burning.
Port Towxsexd, July 14. Big
forest fires are raging in the Olym
pic mountains south of the Straits.
The damage has been extensive,
sevural logging Camps were burned
out, , and ir.ibions of feet of fine
timber has succumbed to the
Uuaies. Numerous houses owned
by poor ranchers have been burned,
hut no loss of life has been report
ed. The origin of the fire is unknown.
An Attempted Aswisst nation.
Sofia, July 15. While ex-Prime
Minister Siainbuloff, accompanied
by M. Petkoff, was walking home
this evening from the Union Club
he was attacked by four unknown
men. Two of them bhot him with
revolvers, while the other two
stabbed him. Stambuloff fell to
the ground groaning. He was re- ,
moved to bis residence, and phy
sicians were summoned. After an
examination of his wounds, the
doctors announced there was little
hope for bis recovery. The assas
sins escaped and there is no clew
to their identity.
Stanford tase WIllBe Appealed.
Sax Fbaxcisco, July 15. Judge
McKenna, in the United States
district court today, granted the
government permission to appeal
the Stanford case to the United
States court of appeals fur this cir
cuit. He specified in l is order
that the appeal must be filed be
fore August 15. The suit for $15,
000 will then be practically de-
Sherman's Sensible Talk.
vnv VmtK. Julv 15. A Herald
.nihil from Mansfield, O., quotes
Senator John Sherman as saying:
. . A 1
'No I am not a candidate lor ine
r.lB;,1nev. and if all the people of
the United States should join to
gether and offer it to me, I would
not accept the position, x
,i ...on .,f 72 has the rieht
Olu. iu ."u " .
to undertake the work and respou-
sibility which comes to incm
executive of the United States. It
is a position of wear and tear. and
it should have a younger man."
Japanese on the Warpath.
Hong Kong, July 15.-Seven
thousand Japanese troops have left
.1 Tt 1- Uli nil
Tuatula to attack ine imbc n-js-
f T..;.w,m-Fu. Formosa. A Dat-
tle is expected Saturday, July 20.
strong naval force win cn-upciM
with the land force of the Japanese.
A Tory Land-slide This Time.
Londox. July 15. The total re
sults of the parliamentary elections
for which returns have been made
tonight are as follows:
I Liberals
Pnrnellites ..
and rifles and artillery, smuo e ; , that
action in the mountainous diMric.te t
have been sent. ui" a"j..
of the Chilean port of Antofogasta.
Within 15 d.ijs, it is reported.
has confronted us. us
will be: 'Let the people
Mel a.tlivites
Iabor .
Total ....... ..T-
As compared with ihe parliament
which has just been dissolved,
twenty-four seats, thus returned
shows gains for the iinio...B
five are gains for the ntx-rais.
0.i.mse for tl 1 Yr.
WwiuxtiTOX, Julv lo. A state-m-nt
PP Utth- mint bureaa
shows the coinage during the tot
fiscal year as follows: m
Gold . 9,0fi9.4Sfl.
ver.. : 717.694
Miuor coins ;