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Peed your horse and cow wcll-nnd buy the feed at the Star Grocery
ltc utct'iatoi
Enterprise Publishing Co., Publishers
J. 11, MOWN, BuiIuom Manager
KuUtTMl Ikt lb. poaloltUia t I ndcptitlnc.. Or, w
aviMiid-iuNi mail iMiifr.
1.50 rKU YEAH
TiaiifilUY, MARCH 14, ISO").
Til wide-spread Interest in public
Bchorrl education in this country in one
: "o'f tlio healthy stern of tlio times. No
people can be intelligent, moral nnd
prosperous unless the edueutional tone
:. t, society u of a high order. This vna
".'Jis true of tlio old historical nations us it
''' oI the modern world today. Ancient
"Athens, in the days of Pericles, a a
" scat of culture and lenriihiR and so was
- r
., Alexandria under tho Ptoleuiys, It
.? was the cultivation ol the intellect that
iuadtf i people masters in tho woild
' of science, pliilotwj hy and letters. The
fchoofroom is tha birthplace of civili.ui
tion, the only royal road that leads to
the serene heights of intellectual kirnr-
hip. ,JCo nation or people ever became
truly great who despised learning anil
ignored the fundamental principles of
.. common school education. Tha modern
world owes its present intellectual vigor
to. the rerfvar of learning in the six
teenth century, to the discarding of u;e
dieval scholastic speculations and a re
- studying of the great masters of Greece
and Kome. ' Modern science took its cue
liora Aristotle and for all questions re
gardiiig the universe went direct to
nature for the answer. To the schools
' of'Athens, Alexandria and Cordova the
; world of today owes much for their
"" methods were the foundation of our
present educational system We have
'improved upon those earlier schools,
we have both systemized and synthe
r 'tiod the educational system and made
."'its advantages adaptable to the wants
-'cJ the many rather than tho special
privileges of the few. The rich and poor
share alike in its bounty and mutually
Jesst atthe festal board of the great
; storehouce of knowledge. The- educa
tional system of America, England,
: France and Gernmny is tho great lever
' that is lifting ' the world onward and
upwaru. it anu rennes ir.c
. young intellect, sharpens the moral
'eense-and makes the will power strong
and self-reliant. In onr own country
the -common schools are doing move for
our vouth uian any omcr insuuiuon oi
mora? and intellectual education, and it
is because the people recognize this fact
' that they cheerfully contribute their
means to the support of these schools
The perpetuity of onr political instrtiv
'tions depend upon the intelligence of
' tho people, and a high order of public
. intelligence depends upon the character
'of our public school system.
J-K America ever allows her public
"schools to degenerate the pessimistic
prophecy of Harriet JIartinue will
come true. "The founders of the
American republic," said Miss Martin ue,
' ''laid down a political 'programme too
lofty for their descendants to perpetuate."
hardy pioneer thought thoy had found
new Andalusia and wrote glowing
letter to their fnond in the Kut
descriptive of tho country and climate.
To the people in tho Kastern tates, who
were pinched and chilled by the
winter' cold, these letter brought th
welcome revelation of a new world and
talubrious climate. Olefin owed its
rapid settlement along in the Into NO'
and early V0' to the im-'iires of six
month transit sent from hero to Mis
souri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohifr and
New York. It was a bravo and ttimiy
race, if a survival of the fittest can be
called audi, that ilrst settled the Valley
of the Willamette, and the impress of
their mental vigor and moral worth ha
been indelibly stained up the
Jurisprudence, social organism ami
political institutious of the country.
It is currently reported that many
Polk county farmer are finding numer
ous deposits of the grain aphis larva in
their stubble fields. We do not vouch
for the truth of these reports. It is
unusual, however, for the aphis to de
Tiilarmer.of IVIk county are be
ginning to realiie tho iieeowity of hav
ing oinethinglHlde their cereal crop
to market. When wheat, Iwrley and
oats command! I"1 ,l,e ,r,mr
could ill afford to fhttiijr their method
of farming, but U I now apparent H"
uew niothods must 1 adopted if the
agricultural das expect to derive a
revenue from the products of the soil .
Uev. Jenkins, of IiulopomVnoe,
peached an ablo sermon to a largo
crowa iueeaay I'vciiiKg.
Jeff Hex-ens, of Airlio, passed
through town Saturday.
Say, tho next time you ro any
where make a few inquiries con
Ci rniiiR the road and then you will
not get lost.
A crowd of youna; noodle passed
a very ploaxuit evening at J. M.
leather's one day List week.
Tho government workers nave
moved their crew from leather's
quarry up to near AUiany.
The Wells' disti'u-t school enter-
f tit n mi nt was attended
lv a
posit itsesfgsiu tho ground. This insect j nun),r 0f cntr town people aivl
usually deposits its eggs upon the bark
of tlve twigs of the trees, and also atxmt
the Imseof the bads. When tho buds
begin to expand in the spring, these
eggs hatch very t'u.y lice which feed up
on the tender juices of the buds. These
lice rapidly develop and popauate other
colonic. The aphis is as yet an un
known quantity as a danger csttothe
strain fields of Oregon, but our farmers
should use every prei-.uilion possible to
guard against the spread of the pest. It
is quite probable that the recent frosts
will destroy H,!tios of tho larva of this
insect which have penuaturely lintched
during the wanda of hist week.
they reported a giKid time.
Uev. J. R.llahhvin, .f Iml. pen
ill urcach at the Metho
dist church hero next Sunday at
1 1 a. m.
James Shivcs camo out from
Salem and visit'd liis parents
Saturday and Sunday.
Sam Haldwin and tnother are
visiting relatives in the vicinity of
Junction thrs week.
lirtrn. To the wife of (i. Nelson,
of Tueky Paw Bottom, a hounehi.4
big girl on Saturdi.y evening las',.
Mr. Olt Kan, of FuPa City, wan
visiting with his brother, Charley,
here last week.
Quarterly conference at the
Methndist church two wtvk from
next Saturday niul Su;id.iy.
The eclipse of the moon last
Sn ruin v ni'-lit was seen by a lmh!
Mrn. W'hitenian ia on tho nick
Uncle Cage Morrison, who has
been ill, is iniprotintf.
Dr. Kmhreo will prencli at
Liberty next Sunday.
Mrs" Alice Deinpsey, of Pixie,
was doing lusines iu Dallas .Sat
urday. Our temperance people- are talk
ing of putting out a eitUeua ticket
in tho coming city election.
County Clerk 11. l Mulkey U
getting to ho quite a bicyclist.
John Logan started for Harney
Valley Wednesday where lie ex
pects "to obtain work on a stock
ll rand pa Etuhrcc expeets to have
one of the finest gardens of the
Tho hop men around Dallas
lxivo tvgun work in their hop
Tho free silver craze ha taken a
drcpliold ow some of our demo
cratic and republican brethren
round about here.
There is a 'younjj man in our
town, hui the boyscall "(Irover,"
who is lntuving quite a ladies,
main. . .
The voung people of tin; M. K.
'church, South, gave a dun.' s.vial
i Monday evening at tho residence of
Mr.Dunn. '1 hero was q'ute a
eroivd prt-si nt and a plea: ai.t time
enjoyed by a!!.
Coniuiittoo's Kc;oit.
The fullowlng t ci or t was made1
in the House of IJeprcsentaiives hy
the jiiint specir.l ivnuuittc? ap
pointed to visit the State Normal ;
sclioid, at Monmouth' !
Salem, Or., Feb. '20, im.
Mr. Sjn-aker. Your Committee
duly appointed to visit the State I
Normal School, of Monmouth, Polk !
Co.. (her. n. bou leave to rcfort ;
I 7 CT .
that th y have visited said Sctnx 1
of Muiimouth, and tlHroug!ily in-
vestigateil the Schoil nnd itsfinan-
Mrs. Judge Peok Toll How
Sho Wo Curod
8iiBerr from Hy'H liul '"
Mta MIM frvn ' M. I'h. U
Jud IVck. a Jtlo at Trocy. Cat. ""''
ui, iha A.H'llnl fri
lly n ilwp ' ' rlUuil'111 I lirtva IWfnr.! Iri ' '. i'.'iiL'
hitf uu-uiil lor i o I'i'iifii. ' . Li
iimv l. ihiilliirly amiclf'l. I'-r .X"r; "'
Uvu gr mwri-r lm ilyH-wni w
Heart Troublo.
ll.,..l rarvthllli! I BIO woulll UUtn" we. I
irli.,1 tlincrvul Uinlmoiiu auU mwllflwm. tul
'.. '. ii"i . .7.. ... .... l. Irv ll.Mf K.,rMM.iilU.
Vlw'l I.I.UIO I li.U' "l I Ik I iw.i... I --
laUiiis II. H !l-l i """" i''
,,i..r,;i. i iii nuuov-nii.iii. i u
iJctvuO.upli cr,.l Itii. IH (row II Uttl
clarilv Rocommend l.
I now liavo an r.- lU i.t bimwUU .! noUilaa I
latent ilbiro.' liw. U kl' "'' '"'
nr.U a.l trrii:;lli. ei""'0' V'?.
Trm-y. talltunil.. 0'l IUwUO.
4. A
A A 4
Hood' P. Hs nrp l,u,lU'' "J '''
Iu pruiwrllou au J ai';;Uiuii-o. wb. a
7. V.'. VILLI AO. fmp-
Tha splendid weather of the past six
weeks is very encouraging to those who
are seeking tha balm of healtli ana
si.rinc-like skies, but if U.ese beautiful
ji, ,;.. mn)i,Mnl.ould L lone con- manv ueonle here. althow;b iiuite
will be great danger of cloudy we got teverai goon glimpses , fviiool au.J lis management exev.
oi it wneu loxai anu u m.v " , out in evcrv rcsi-t'et. e tun! me
moneys aipripiiatcd for tlio u.e ol
rial condition. W'c found the
A It !'!. I I
lii !i I'-. u; 11
inont. .....
from out of the shadow.
The nast few Sundays we have
tinned there
serious danger to the crops. All old
time Oregonians, whoso memory runs
back a quarter of a century, can easily
recall, at least, ono or two seasons when
the earlv "dry spells" have caused a
serious shortage in harvest-time. It is i tion mutually dissolved
a well known fact that the soil of the
Willamette valley requires a large
amount of rain to bring it up to its
normal productive capa.-ity. Ii is quite day rooming.
probable, however, that tlio lattei part j ,
A t A
Tlif (ol "f m'''i'i'
n.i'li.iloti f.rtm.
hu'it'LiI lui'ti. . .
S: t u- s-r: .? nr H. t'. I !,'r.NCK, oukcoX.
'ib( instittitio'i have Ix-cn carcfullv
failed to hear the rich "ol!ii liCComil,,l for and economically
voices of the ' bong Circle.' It isj
rumored around that said instilu- l,c,,,,wL , . " .
I ihe initiioa ol booK-Keeping is
! ; .1. , .1... t'ir.. ...
GranJma Moore is in Albany su nuciem, me um.-rciii
this week visiting her daughter. Ideparnicnts YisitcdUere neat and
comfortable ns possible, under the
A little snow fcil Iiere last Tuts-
of March and also the month of April
and May will be productive of copious
showers of rain in sufficient quantities
to guarrantee abundant crops.
Tns air is lull of conflicting rumors
with regard to the attitude of the lead
ins European? nations in the settlement
of the Eastern question. One day ft is
said that Knssia is becoming belligerent
towards Japan and the next sensational
cablegram says that very friendly rela
tions exists between these two countries.
It is probable that gallant little Japan
will make her own terms with China,
regaruiesa of the growling of the Rus
sian bear and the English lion. Of
course Europe would never permit the
dismemberment of the Chinese empire,
or the absorption of Corea by Japan,
but they hardly object to China's hav
ing tj pay a lieavy war muennniv to
gether with the cession of possibly the
island of Formosa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P- Clrant have
taken a 10 pound girl to rsdse
since March H.
circumstances of limited means
and small school-buildings.
The present, method of heating
the School building is very defect
ive and at th same time expensive.
Your committee P-runiond an ap
propriation ofnoS less than !?5(HK
Missrearmine, of West Salem, j fr t10 jUirpo;-e ,f heating the
is visiting relatives hero.
Delegates from Falls City Kp
worth League to the Epworth
1 f.nrfi.A Mint'Onlirt'l 111 bo ht'ttl fit I
IV.1I.. . Wnn.r'ya Troinci V i rl n ill aiKt
1aUitB UIC. .MU1V ...ii...
Gilbert, Sadie White, J. X. Hart
and M L. Thompson.
Geo. W. Gripes, our acco;:irlat-
building by sttain, and ti do away
with the stove system, which is
very injurious to tho health
wry expensive. Your Com
mittee arc of the opinion that some
too' huge; there
of the classes are
Mur.'.f.Klurir ol
Sash I
.ii ii
ill ft
a 4. a a 4 ',,. ,
My entire Htia-lt of Hoota and
hlinea, at the following price)
Men's Storm Rubbers
Ladles' " '
Children's" "
fine kid shoes. 5 to 8-
" " " Bfttolfl-
' 12to2.
Men's Tan Shoes
Ladles' Kid Shoes from $1.25 to 3.00
$ .55
. .85
1 ,)) SNiiiphaof C'lothlnir to Meet
from. Hltlta niudo lo order for ll t:l.AO
Call and If convinced thai you ean cava
3a per cent, on your purchaMi.
a- f
r a f r
New Year's Proclamation,,
fPUK proplo cf l'olk county will '
J InCe iH'li'i' that dnrina tha .
IJUOCKKY hnl the Jiroeesnlon with
fin griMvriea and .w price.
This year they j'roposK to put a
still greater dislanea llrei them
sclvra aruf all competitor. Thajr
will sell (,'iki.I nt Ixittoni prices.
I R Few Pointers:
being as many as eighty pupils in
ing postmaster, has hcen confined gome classes; we therefore recom
Tiik New York World figures np that
"for the five months ending Jan. 31.
iSyo, we exported 4,770,000 hales of
cotton, for which me received 138,1)39,
000 For the corresponding months in
1S!)4 we exported 3,621,000 hales, for
which we received $H3,5ot),000. In
other words, though we shipped 1,155,
000 hales more during the last five
months we got f5 ,220,000 less for it. In
January, 1S!U, 44,094,000 pounds of ex-j
only get $3,803,000. In January, 1894,
1,341.000 barrels of wheat flour brought
$5,537,000; in January, 1895, 1,207,000
barrela bring 3,859,000."
'The amended charter of the city of
Independence, passed by the last legis
lature and recently approved by the
governor, greatly enlarges tho municipal
privileges of the citizens of this city by
. giving the council umple authority to
protect the pence, dignity, public credit,
' moral and material interests of the city.
'The most radical innovation occurs
ij,fi) Section 'o. 3 which reads as follows :
The power and authority given by the
geperul laws of the etate to the county
court of Polk county to divide said
county into road districts, to appoint
road supervisors, to lay out or work
highways, to license the sale of liquors
and la-grant ferry licenses shall not ap
ply '6r extend to the territory within the
Jirfuuf of the city of Independence, Polk
cobny, Oregon, but said territory and
thfthiiabitant8 thereof are hereby ex
Cepted out of the jurisdiction of said
court upon said subjects; provided, how
"cver, that the street commissioner shall
work the county road tax due from the
inhabitants of the city on the streets,
alleys and bridges thereof after the
manner prescribed by the general law
for road supervisors, and he shall have
the same power and authority to en
force.the payment of such road tax iu
Tite linker City Epigram rounds np
tetieral law for road supervisors: but all L, , . .... , , ,,
1 the lata legislature in the following
suits, actions or proceedings conccrninz ' . .
- B " ! terse fashion :
road or street work, or road or poll i . . . .
. ' Not a single economical measure
taxes siiall be prosecuteJ in tins name pMge.
tf thecity ofludejiendence.etc." Xot a single ueelcs expensive com-
iuision abolished.
The clerk-hire abuse excelled any,
to his room the last few days with
an attack c-f the la grippe,- but is
now improving.
E. F. Bryant has returned home
after a month's stay in Oregon's
A little child of J. J. Brown fell
and broke its arm a few days ago.
Dr. Browne set tlio broken bono,
and the little one is now doinjr
The I. O. O. F. ta'k of organiz
ing a lodge here. It ia believed
that there is material here out of
which a good strong lodge may
eventually be made.
W. P. Ireland has moved out on
his farm for the summer.
The town boys vroreted the Nor
mal team last Saturday. Tho score
stood 22 to 1G in favor of the tow n
ported lard was worth $4,043,000, while i boys,
in January 1895, though we exported j Carl Coats, who has been quite
5,728,000 pounds more than in 1894, we ' sick, is improving.
mend the addition of one more
teacher. M ..,
The desire for a higher education
is very apparent, from the strenu
ous elforts exerted by the students
to obtain it. The tone and disci
pline of the School of Monmouth is
excellent and speaks well for the
cftieientstair of teachers and all con
nected with the School. The
School is turning out very efficient
teachers, whioh aro being sought
after from all parts of the State.
p.4 a A a
Miss Sophia Goff.
IIiih lately rttiinu d fruni Sj.n
fraiicUco Mild in pivpareit to
(,'ive patrons tho beoi fit
j( i new system of
Dicks Cutting niul VU tint'-
Ci.r. llailro.'id mid I) St,
H.W'M vutt over fnijsidon
tlif tipiaraiiei' of Ih
vutt over cnnsiilon 1 that
he (da-
ii.'iierv tifod lv a IniHincpN man
Iuih a gnat tUal tu lo with the
optnionH fiirnu'tl uf hiiu ly tliofO
with whom ho rorrtiHMinlH?
You hn vc doubtless learned
long nyo thot
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair tUihcst Medal and Dipto.-na.
ulwuyff on liitnil
lo KI'l.Tt ri'lllll.
The time has now come for back
yard and street alley cleaning, ami the
citizens of this city Bhould see to that
their resident and business premises be
thoroughly cleaned of filth that nat
urally accumulates daring the rainy
season. The germs ot malaria lurk in
A. J. Shipley took his place in
the public school again Monday.
He has entirely recovered from
his tussle with the "grippe."
A little drainage on Main street
near the postolhco would not be
Miss Rose Ingram started for
her home at Monroe Saturday." She
expects to teach school nc r that
place the coining spring.
A trio of whittlers took in the
town thn Tinst week. Thev hv
U1. ..,.. . . .
w-.c.j. ..... ii.. p.ivt-i. .o., fwo W(.f.k uiakinw their
alley in this city, and the only way to
clean them it by a vigorous lire of the
rake and shovel.
Tm pleasant weather of the patt
winter caufes some of our "oldest in
habitants" to recall to mind ti e sprini;-
previoui session.
Not one of the populist members of
the late legislature found it necessary
p'ke iniiduete of the winter of '45. 1 lioe : to einploy n-eleg clerks."
from Eugene to this place.
Considerable early garden has
been planted in town during the
past week.
C. C. Cox is visiting friends at
the Summit this week,
One hundred and eighty-nine
pupils are enrolled in the public
school at this place.
Rev. J. N. .Smith's family will
remove to Seattle in a short lime.
Aline line of samples
SafeisfaeUon Guarant-eed
Independence, Or,
I'romptly and
neatly done by
The Cash Bhiekunith.
H orses l o e i 1 1
A Specialty.
Our city now lias a dg tax. j
Fluttering, No Appetite, Could Not
Sleep, Wind on Stomach.
"Foralonjr time I had a terrible i CSTT1KKT, - IXDKI'EXDE.VCK.
nain at my heart, which fluttered al- , i i !
most incessantly. I had no appetite
and cjuld not sleep. I would be corn
pclicd to sit up in bed and belch pas
from my stomach until I thought
that every minute would be my last.
There was a feellinfr of oppression
about my heart, and I was afraid to
draw a full breath. I could not sweep
a room without resting. My hus
band induced mo to try
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
and am happy to say it has cured
me. I now have a splendid appetite
and sleep welL Its effect was truly
V.V.9. HARRY E. 6TABB. PotUvllle, Pa.
Tr. Miles TTeari Cow In nM on a pmltlv
F-jiraou-e tlial the firvt bottlo will iH-nctit.
AllclniKKlMwllltal l, Uttlm fortii, or
Hwlll tsent.. pncaUl, on reri'lpt of priru
hj the Dr. JMil MuUicttl Co . Elkhart, loO.
CT2"liL i,,?Br '"m""t ).inli. vrlla lo
Ml MV( !., wkn hara lid nwirnrtr
eilwrieiHW In tha patnt Inunnc C,m,mnrZ.
tl.ina irirtlT o.,ntllntlal. A Ilaa4bvk of fZ.
JormMloo cnnnnniliaT I'alrnla snd how to j,.
tain thorn piit frna. Alio a nukm ol
leal and aciantllla bonka x-ot fnw.
1-aiMiu takua thromh Muoa k O. raxam
anecial notlra In tba ar.ati, A mf.rlr.iT.TlT3
tbua ara bmrniht mtAUr tof.mitba pul.iie
ont to tha laranuir. 1 hi. .tl-T.nid MiMrr
lM.aaO It, riraaour illaatnum bu h futha
inrpat rircoiatl.m of anr iiitine wr.rk In Uia
wurld. .1 ?w. Hutm.i. nim at-nt fraa
Bnliaiiif MiuoavBonthlf. l-ioa mi. fi'nala
eoptea. MX arnta. Vrnrr nialw omtaina twa.
flful platoa. in nolota. and ..i,p, of
poaana. wita plaaa. anahlmg bitHOer. to ah..w tna
aut daU7i. and atnaranrialranc A
JtU.NN I Co, Mnr Kuaa, Baoatrw
Erains aro used
Ti make a jrn job of printing.
U coiiftioiKt1. A jni made
without hkill and liciicKty i "
o O O
Has tho Lent ojuipK)d oflicc in
the ;ounty and employs the most
skilled artist. It reputation for
lino work iu becoming rajidly
Remember that it Costs No More
To have your work done here
thanitdoen lo have it done any
other place.
$ The Enterprise also carries the
H bestlineof Legal Blanks
& in Polk county.
W They aro etirrect in every partic
le ular. We 8ollcit a trial order.