Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, January 24, 1895, Image 1

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Eternal Vigilance la the Price of JAherly.Jefferiinri.
$1.50 rion year, jrsiia
01, 2 NO. 8
BtllWll UllHIIII"" Mlllt'll i, I"-
First Hotiopol Bonk,
,1 of Illlll'lH'lllll'lll'B, Oll g'ltl,
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TRC STAR grocery i
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,4 You will remember that Goliath
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David 1VW nit wit'' a
stone. 1 l- Ho said that "such
n thing had never entered lYliwi t
hi. head before," Npw-"-
idi- iH riro MimtTouH in our stock. Wo
I always tiiis i) what in latent, best ami
Several thousand pieces
High-grade Music
at10c per copy.
Books, Periodicals,
Stationery, School
Oreut KVctrlc Jtnlhvay
Ktrike In Brooklyn.
The 0. P. 6a! Oonfirmed-First Week
of Legislature-Trance Hat 4
Hew President.
Rational Bank!
Capital Slock, t'.0,(K)i).(K).
Vice I'real.lunt.
! A general iNUikliiKU'xl t'xrlmiitfa hunt
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rei," counted, commercial ervliu granted;
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' l; n. F. Hmltli, A. NkImii, I. A. AIl.'i.
II. II. Jnfri.n, A. J.liiKHlimin, l. W
f or, H. Hlrwlilwri;.
CLODFELTER BROS., Stri ct, Iiil i)oiiU'ii-o, Oro
During nt li'imt Hcvimi H'.nlwl w rlo(l In
I.lfu a ri-conl hIiouM be rcwrvel of a
Miim'n likt'iifKH, a follow:
InffttitlitHxl, IJubyluMMl, CIiII.IIkkxI, Jtoy-
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ami 1. II. CKAVHN tli,',
will nuil-'you wltli tliewj llkenes-n-s at
I ho vi ry lowtttt mien. (Jlvo him a cull.
a. r.
Uarblo Granite
IntU'iKMuUuK-o, - Ore-
CorrfFiMmilenco fnlicitcil.
Sperling Bros.,
Meat Market
Choice Meats.
tfW'.V 'r lid 7'
Cri" SUNDAYS FKOM8 to 0 a.m.
Frcfl Doli very to nil purls
of the city.
MalnStreot. - - IudeiHn.lonc.
P. H. Murphy, Prop.
ItenalrliiK of
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Don't be Sick!
WK KNOW how it make ono fool to
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iiciicnoo in rciarini inuiliciiicH ami
know Hie iilviiniro o( ulnit frei-h mi'l
pure Drui. Wo keep no other kind.
When You are Well
E.MEMHEU that we han-
inany artulcs you
iicty desire, such as .Jewelry,
.Silverware, Watches, Clinks,
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Iiu!i-it'in!eii.f, rcr""
The Traveler to Independence
The City Restaurant
Hhould not Till In mako
hl lu'U.I'ilurlrlut
Hi iiiemlxT, wofflve O FlrHt
class MciiN lor
"Tim nin fort ofKUcst la
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mint will -i;ii It. -o "ull. U
mrc.I mid co.irtemis trcnl-
n trial.
MILS. L. CAMniF.I.L, Prop, C. W. UAYKS, Mau'gr.
Muiii'st., IiiilojH'ii.leiice, Or.
Pox EooaOimy-
EeononiV4 in P
in tn'ttinir thtit wiitt'li or clock
'Unit doe not cconotnizo i not oconoiny
i.liiiwiiii tiinenici'C.1 cuiiKiHtu in tri'ttin
whirli will hiHt the lonireBt, keep time most ncrtirately and
need tlio leant repairing.
Yoii intiv Lvt in fur 2 while nii jllier will coft $100. The
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one for the leant ihikhIIjIo money.
A share of your patronage
in Bolicitcd.
Kin Btroet, - Indepen Jonce
i:.t. CROW5
I Everybody.
m rearannblo and work guarnntcrd
main ST., in;epi:tdnci.
Iioiilrr hi nil l.lnit.i of
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Wluce etc.
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m V
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Low Price ior Cjeu3lx
From the Orrgonlau, Hun, and HliitcMiiun.)
FranM Hu a Hw Protident.
VKKAii.i.KH,jMn.l7. After a most
excitiiiir contest toduy M. I'clix
Fauro was elected president of the
French republic. The final vote
stood M. Fa u re 413, M. lifion 3G1.
The socialistic t lement manifested
congidurable strength in the npsem
hly. The new president is a mod
erate republican and lms filled
many ofllcial positions. He was
born in Paris, Jan. 30, 1841. He
took part in the Franco-Prussian,
and assisted in putting down the
Puris commune, lie is cons'ufercd
a man of much sterner mould
than Casimir Pcrier, and is 8ud to
possess many of the characteristics
of the late M. Carnot. ,
Adjourned to Monday, Or., Jan. 17. The senate
adjoi ned in the morning and the
houso in the afternoon, to meet
Monday. Resolutions were adopted
yesterday by both houses out of
respect of Ex-Governor Chad wick.
Two Mora F.'nicoiol Edit
Washington, Jan. 17. Slwrman j
of Ohio, nnd Pugh, of Alabama
both offered an emergency currency
bill to meet the treasury deficiency
The Sherman biil provides for
tho issue nndsale of bonus under
the provisions of tho resumption
net from time to time as tho deft
ciencies of tho treasury require, the
proceeds wholly used for deficien
cies, and the bonds to run for five
years at a rate not to exceed 3 per
cent interest. 'The second section
provides that in lieu of the fore
going bonds the secretary of the
treasury may iesuo coin certificates
in denominations of $5 to $100,
bearing 3 per cent interest. The
third section deals with the deposit
of bonds in tuitional banks. The
Pugh bill provides for the immed
iate issue of :f 100,000,000 treasury
notes to meet the deficiency, thee
to be redeemable in gold aoin and to
bo constantly reissued. It further
directs the coinage of tho seignior
age and the deposit of silver bul
lion from American mints.
Ho Mada Too Many Promisee
Si'RAtU E," Wash , Jan. 17. Pop
ulist Sheriff Williams was inaugu
rated Monday, hut was so besieged
by applicants for deputyships that
he entered into tin rgretment with
J. B. Gray, the outgoing republic
an county clerk, whereby Gray
would take the office, run it, keep
$110 of the monthly salary and
turn over the remaining $40 to
Williams. The populist held an
indignation meeting, sent for Will-
iahis and prevailed on him to re
sign. Gray resigned all claim to
the oiliee at once. The county
commissioners appointed Samuel
Derakin to fill the place.
CuUom Elected Senator.
Springfield, Ill.,Jan.l7 Shelby
M. Cullom wa elected United
States Senator to succeed himself.
He received 103 yotes, against 23
for Geo. S. Willets, of Chicago.
Woman Suffrage Pasted.
Boise, Idaho, Jan. 17 The wo
man sum-age resolution, wmcn
passed the senate last week, unani
mously passed the house today.
Involution in Hawaii. i
San Francisco, Jan, 18. The!
steamer Alameda, from Honolulu
this afternoon, brings news of revo-
ution and bloodshed in Honolulu
The insurgent royalists are under
tho leadership of Robert Wilcox,
who was prominent in the last
revolution. CLas. L. Carter, one
of the annexation commissioners,
waa killed and other government
supporters were wounded. Nearly
200 royalists have been placed
under arrest. Fighting was still
in progress when tho Alameda left
Honolulu, Jan. 11, hut the govern
ment forces had practically over
come the revolutionists.
Central gcbofieM Promoted.
Washington, Jan. 18. Tho sen
ate today passed the army appro
priation bill, carrying 22,000,000,
and the bill which advanced Gen
eral Schofield, in command of the
army, to tho rank ol lieutenant-
general, held by Generals Sherman
and Sheridan. Aside from this the
day was given to debate on the
Nicaragua canal bill.
Election by PopukrVote.
Tni'EKA, Kan., Jan. 18. The
house today adopted a concurrent
resolution calling on Kansas sen
ators and representatives in con
gress to favor an amendment to the
constitution of the United States
providing for the election of United
States senators by direct vote of
the people.
Firtt Week cf the Legislature,
Salem, Or., Jan. 18. All things
considered, tho legislature has made
a pretty good showing for its first
week's work. There is unmistak
able evidence that both houses
have a distinctly business tone in
their makeup, which will result in
a good deal of practical conserva'
tive legislation. The senate, of
course, makes the best showing. It
has the advantage of smaller num
bers, an experienced presiding of
ficer, 15 hold over senators, two
who have been in it at other ses
sions, two members of the last
house, and some others who have
sat in other deliberative bodies.
The house is mostly ono of new
members. Only four of its mem
bers were in the last session and
many ore utter strangers to parlia
mentary usage. There is plenty of
discordance, waiting for the vicissi
tudes of roll-call and committee
reports to develop into hostility
and wranglings.
l4wt Tribute Paid.
Salem, Or., Jan. 18 The funeral
of Ex-Governor Chadwick today
was oneof the most remarkable held
in Salem in many years. The
funeral ceremonies were under the
auspices of the Masonic fraternity,
of which order Mr. Chadwick was
a distinguished member. A large
concourse of people attended the
buri tl services. Exactly at 4 o'clock
P. M , the mortal remains of Ste
phen F. Chadwick were consigned
to a grave lined with evergreens,
and his casket was strewn with the
choicest flowers. The obsequies
throughout were inspiring in their
grandeur and earnestness.
Earned to Death wnje in a Fit
Oreoon City, Jan. 18. News
reached here today of a shocking
accident whereby Mr. Scheurer. a
German farmer residing near New
Era Btation, lost his life Tuesday.
Mr. Scheurer and his sons were
slashing and burning timber. At
noon they started for the house for
dinner, but after going a short dis
tance the father remembered that
he had left his coat behind and
returned for the garment. The
boys continued on their way to the
house. The father did not appear
for dinner, and knowing him to be
subject to fits, a hurried search
waa made for him, when hia body
was found lying near one of the
fires, his clothing having been
wholly consumed and the flesh
horribly burned. It is supposed
that ho was seized with a fit, foil
into tho fire and .was burned to
The Big Trolley Strike in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 19.
Three thousand men are under ar
rest in Brooklyn tonight. Rioting
has been the order of the day, and
the strikers bad some serious
clashes with the militia. In manv
instances non-union men were bad
ly hurt, and so fierce were the at
tacks of the strikers tonight that
the soldiers had to resort to the
bayonet. Several citiaens or sym
pathizers were bayoneted, and the
situation is considered the gravest
that has confronted the authorities
for many vears. Rumors were
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report.
ft : V.
The 0. P. Bale Confirmed.
Couvallis, Or., Jan. 19. Judge
Fullerton convened tho adjourned
term of circuit court today to con
sider tho matter of confirming the
recent rale of the Oregon Pacific to
to Bonner & Hammond. After
listening to arguments .of ounsel
against confirmation, Judge Fuller-
ton declined to postpone matters
any rurther and confirmed the
sale. Notices of appeal were filed
by Wm. Hoag, Wallis Nash et al,
C. C. Houe, H. F. Merrill and Jim
Hew York Aucc-'ited Bank Statement
New York, Jan. 19. The weekly
statement of New York's associated
banks hhows the tallowing changes:
Reserve, increase $3,672,873
Ixjans " . . tS-HJ.200
Specie, " 2,4V1M)0
Ijegal tender, " 2Job,:HM)
Deposit, " H.'JUO.lOO
Circulation, decrease 14,400
The banks now havo 145.405,075
in excess of requirements
Export end Import! -
New York, Jan. 19. The ex
ports of specie from the port of
New York for the week amounted
to if 5,630,800 in gold and $303,630
in silver. The imports were:
Gol.l . t 197,3'
Silver. 23,5:
Drv eools 4,009,SM6
General merchandise 7,300,270
Kii Clereland'e Cird Reception.
Washington, Jan. 19. Mrs
Cleveland held a card reception
this afternoon, which was attended
by more than 1000 ladies who had
been invited.
A Olsr&ntio 03 Combine.
London, Jan. 19. The Standard
Oil Company has entered into an
agreement with the Scotch oi
companies by which the price of
parafline will be increased a far
thing a pound. This will yield an
annual gain of $250,000 to the
companies, and stop competition
with American petroleum.
indicted for Ballot Bos Franrls;
San Francisco, Jan. 19. The
grand jury has indicted five promi
nent politicians two republicans
and three democrats for ballot
box frauds in miscounting votnsfor
county clerk. The indicted are
George W. Lee, Ex-Supervisor
James W. Ryan, James Sutton,
James J. Cusick and Albert Hous
"The Grand Old Alan."
London, Jan. 19. Mr. Gladstone
has recently signified his intention
to make his . reappearance in par
liament again. He will only speak
upon questions of the first import
ance. It is understood mat ne
will take part in the debates on the
Irish land bill and the Armenian
Both Murder and Suicide.
Tacoma, Jan., 19. Just before
midnight Isaac II. Bratton, aged 41
years, shot and killed his wife and
then killed himself, at their family
residence, South Seventh and J
streets. The cause was domestic
trouble. They left three children.
Bratton was the woman's second
husband, and came here two ago
from Mexico, Mo.
France's New Cabinet.
Paris, Jan. 20. After a confer
ence lasting threo hours with M.
M. Poincarre, llanotaux, Barthon,
Peytral and Cavaignac, who prom
ised to enter tho cabinet, M. Bour
geoise succeeded, by promising him
perfect liberty, to execute his finan
cial programme, in inducing M
Poincarre to accept the portfolio of
The Japanese Fleet Again in Action.
Shanghai, Jan., 20. It is report
ed here on good authority that a
part of the Japanese fleet is bom
barding Ting Chow, a short dis
tance from Che Foo .to the west.
No details have yet been received.
The British warship Daphane and
the "American warship Yorktown
are in the vicinity of Ting Chow.
A Steamer Sunk In the Ohio River.
Louisville. Ky., Jan. 20 The
abroad during the day ihat elevated Cincinnati & New Orleans Packet
railway men would go out in sym line's steamer State of Missouri
pathy with the surface men. was sunk in the Ohio river just" be
low Alton, Ii;d., Saturday evening,
just of:er C o'clock, and it is be
lieved at least 10 live were lost.
The vessel struck a rock and ripped
tha starboard side from end to
end. In less than five miuutessho
was a complete wreck.
Iiutantly Killed.
Tacoma, Jan. 21'. Josio Tewes,
four years old, ran in front of an
electric car on Jefferson avenue
line this afternoon and was in
stantly killed. No blame is at
tached to the motorman, who
stopped the car within a space of
Mexico May Declare War.
Mexico City, Jan. 21. The war
ship General Zaragossa has been
ordered to a Guatemalan port to
lake on board the Mexican charge
d affaires, Senor Jose Godoy. If
Guatemala does not answer Mex
ico's last final note a declaration of
war is looked for.
The Advance In Rate.
Chicaoo, Jan. 21 AH the west
ern roads have now recorded their
votes on the question of advancing
the one-way and round trip rates
to the Pacific coast, and the vote is
remarkably for the raise, which
will take effect Feb. 15. Chair
man Caldwell was today instructed
to notify all the connections of the
Western roads of the proposed ad
vance and the date on which it will
become effective.
A Snow Blockade,
Dcxsmieb, CaL, Jan. 21. The.
snow storm of yesterday continued
uniu tms evening, ana cnangea to
rain. About noon a big avalancbe
of snow came down from the moun
tains west of the river and just
above Upper Soda Springs. It
buried tho tracks 60 feet deep, un
der snow, trees, brush and rocks.
It started three miles up the can
yon, where the snow is 4U and ou
feet deep, and carried down every
thing in its path. It crashed into
the river away up the other bank
and dammed the river till it ran
dry below. About 100 men are at
work on it tonight, and a special
has started from Red Bluffs to pick
up active section men and hurry
them to the wreck. The track can
not be cleared before tomorrow
Secretary Carlisle's Opinion.
Washington, Jan. 21. Secretary
Carlisle was present by request at
an important meeting today of the
house appropriations committee.
In reply to the question what ob
jection there would be to a system
of redeemiug notes in gold and sil
ver, at the option of the secretary
of the treasury instead of the hold
er, the secretary answered, "If
that policy had been inaugurated
at the beginning of resumption, it
would have worked beneficially
and no trouble would have amen
from it, but my predecessors have
followed the policy of redeeming in
gold or silver, at the option of the
holder of paper, and any secretary
who tried to change this policy and
work silver on a man who wanted
gold, or vice versa, especially at
such a critical period as we have
been passing through, would hava
precipitated disasterous results."
rerkins Chosen Senator.
SACRAMENTO, Jllll. i. UCO. Kj.
Perkins was chosen United States
senator to succeed himself for the
unexpired term of the late Leland
Standford, by the legislature of
California today. -
Two Men Lost in the Mountain.
' Albany, Or, Jan. 22.-1 wo men,
Chas. Danielson and Mr. Merriilea,
old experienced woodsmen, left
Detroit Monday morning for .
hunting trip to Blowout lake, two
miles from the' railroad track. Th y
expected to return before night.
Nothing has since been heard from
them. Eight men have started to
hunt them up. . '
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powda