Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, January 10, 1895, Image 1

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Eternal Vigilance it the Price of Liberty.-Jeffenon.
VOI,. 2 NO. 0
f hhnmkI . numvM .March 4, 1HH.
irst . Hatiorpol Bonk.
f o( Indwiiilmn'e.Orrg'iii
CipHl Btook,
. $60,000.00
14,000 00
..CW'I-ICH. VI...
I'iMlitonl. . .
i w. M. iuwLT,C"liier.
,7"f '"" full''"'"
urn- kn "
i. r--l "'V" ' ,..
Notional Bank!
7 Caj.iUl Stock, (50,000.00.
II.IIIUKCimKKO, - 1'riii.lm.t.
ABKAM NKUWS, Vice lWdciil.
W.l'.OUSSAWAV,--'. U-liler,
A general l.nVlniff ami rliiK wl
oeestranaactod; tanil. ' J1
counted, commercial crUU granted,
depoait. rooflvea on current account
mtyect to cheek. lntrot paid on tint
U r.SnHb.-i.JiN'loil, I. A. Allen,
H. II. JiMrn,A. J.Wlun, 1.
gear. II. Illretlilawjf.
' (One lr went of itoniec
Tropical and domestic fruits, nuts,
tc, at wholesale and retail.'"
ss5yji! "10
ljrOur Prices are the I.owchI
Sperling Bros.,
Meat Market
Choice Meats.
C:N SUNDAYS FKOM8 to 9 a.m.
Krefl Delivery to all parts
J of the city.
Main Street. Independence.
P. H. Murphy, Prop.
Impairing or
U Vln.U will
The btt of
turned out ou
ihort notice,
t ten Hon
A ' share of your patronage
; 4 is' solicited.
UJjVBtreet, r Independence
t t i.-
nn'unioturer of
ft.For .
I Everybody.'
rtwi re.nblo ncl work guanatce
Promptly and '
neatly done by
L i-, A,' JS UJki
. ' The Cash Blacksmith.
( Jik5lMi
Sash S
I Doors j
y A Specialty.
and reea
wood ware.
VYou will reniemtartljatfloliolh
wan verv iniieh Hiirnrlmid when
HtoiKt. 15 W He said that "such
a thinir hud never enU'rod I Hn T
hit head lM'foro." Newi
itlciin are numerous in our stock. Wo
always havo what is latent, hint and
Several thousand pieces
High-grade Music
at 10c per copy.
Main St toot,
on'jiY mimm WokK tiIhjkd oiIt.
' L3 .tl.l tu.rfwl-i In
Itep't&Z.W&l if At
Don't be Sick!
When You are Well
The Traveler to Independence
HI1011UI not full to mako lit'itdiUitriiKi
Kcutomtier, weirlvo Flrst-t-lu.H!
Meals 1'or 1.
W r. your , -5w.TOKi SSS. 'Dd COUr,0U' trWU-
MIJS. r. CAMPlELL,rroP.s . C. W. HAYES, Man'gr.
Main St., Indepctidenco, Or.
For Hooxxoxxvy
That does not economize, is not economy. Economy In pur
chasing timepieces coimiHts in getting that watch or clock
which will lant tlid longusi, seep lime iuobv kcuioj
need the least repairing.
Von mav got one for
former i's cheap, the
0oo IZraxxxor.
if vn i..w.,l wrMi.
one lor 1.110 ie.m H)hmiuio muuev
Furniture, Carpets and Wall Paper, Window Shades, Picture Frames,
Ollice Desks, etc.
Terms Strictly Cash and Prices Accordingly.
The fadepe&deacd' Meat Market.
Is now ready to supply the people of Independence with all
kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats, Hams, Bacon, bausages, ,
Lard, etc., at lowest possible
Independence, Orrgon.
Marble Granite
Independence, - Oro-
Correspondence solicited.
Independence, polk county, oregon. tiiuksday, januahy io, m.
Tec star
Books, Periodicals,
Stationery, School
Imlopemlenre, Oro-
During at leot Heven Htated jicrlod In
Lift) a record liould Ikj reMtrvcu 01
K.rn' likencwi, sh follows:
Inf.intli.MHl, Bul.yliood, CIiIMIkmmI. oy-
IkmhI, ManliiKKl, Middle age. Old age,
and p.U. CHAV1CN the photogrsi.Ucr,
will supply you wltU thew likened at
the very lowest rates. Give himaeall.
WE KNOW how It iimkes 0110 Icol to
U) sick Hut it you wi:i Kct nU-lc
rumeiiilwr that It i" our IiuhIjiciw 'to sell
Medicines. We've had considerable ex-
crieoc in preparina medicineji anI
know tho tt.lviint.itfo of umIiiij fre h ami
puns lrug. We keep no other kind.
REMEMBER that wo han
llo many articles you
may desire, such an Jewelry,
Silverware, Watches, Clocks,
Main St.
Independence, Oregon
The City Restaurant
TI. mitnrnrt of EUC'ta IS
ur coubUih I aim.'
f-' while anothor w ill cont $100. The
latter beautiful; neither is economical.
nml ho will tell von how to get a good
Dealer lu all kind, of
City : Feed : Stable.
' ,v ' Em Jonssox, Frop.
Horse fed br the day,
week or month . Tran
lient stock left in our
care will be well at
tended to. Chargea
grocery 3;
Our TurlfT Schedules Cause
Trouble with Kuropo.
OoTernor fennoyer'i Gift-The Storm
South of Us Gongrejimsn
Post is Dead.
Prom tliaOrrgontaii, Hun, and HUtanD.
Thurnduv, January 3.
Tha Oregon FaciiU and Conflraut uoa.
Corvai.uh, Or. Judge Fuller
ton convened the circuit cour at 2
p. in. today for tho purpose of con
sidering the matter of the confirm
ation ot the recent sale of the Ore
gon Pacific to Bonner & Hammond.
A number . of leading attorneys
were present representing the in
terests of creditors and argued
against the confirmation )f the
sale. Judge Fullerton has taken
the case under advisement until
Jan. 19.
Subbed E11 H-fBraUiar.
North Yakima. Yesterday af
ternoon John Pell stabbed his half
brother, Jell Hargus, in the side
side with a knife. The trouble
grew out of Hargus wanting to
make love to Pell's step-daughter.
The wound is not considered dan
gerous. The Blnefleldi ASut.
Washington. The president
submitted to the senate today a
full report of the Bluefields affair.
The administration has practically
succeeded in settling one of the
most annoyinf international ques
tions that has perplexed this gov
ernment for 50 years. The contro
versy resulted from efforts of the
United States to open a shorter
sea route to California, through
Nicaragua. Great Britain has
maintained a protectorate over the
east coast of Nicaragua since 1850
until now, and the Mosquito coast
has been a bono of contention be
tween the two countries, but, as
shown in the report, the Mosquitos
havo finally been completely in
corporated ujdcr Niearagnan sov
ereignity, and Great Britain has
surrendered all claims and recog
nized the "paramount sovereignity
of tho government of Nicaragua."
Saonunento't Vigflano Committ.
Sacramento. The, intenso ex
citement prevailing in this city
over the recent murder of the Web
bers has ended in the organization
of a vigilance committee ot 100
men. These men havo formed
themselves into a close secret or
der, and they are very reticent as
to what they intend doing. The
preliminary meeting was open to
the public and was held in the old
pavilion. Many prominent citi
zens addressed the meeting. Rev.
Chas. Banks, pastor of the Baptist
church, of which the Webbers were
members, said: ''There is not a
man's house nor a man's life safe
in this city today, and we must
change this condition and change
it now." B. S. Laweon, a pioneer,
said that these things would not
have been allowed in 1849, and
that they must not be allowed
now, etc.
Friday, January 4.
China and Japan Cloeely Watohed.
Vienna. A leading journal,
which publishes ofiicial news from
every capital in Europe, had this
paragraph today: "The French,
Enclish and llussian ministers at
Tokio have been instructed to keep
themselves closely informed of the
daily course of negotiations be
tween China apd Japan. These
three powers cannot permit their
interests to be violated nor allow
European influence to be elbowed
out of eastern Asia, so that Japan
may monopolize the Chinese trade.
Their squadrons in ' Eastern waters
are sufficiently itrong to give ef
fect to their wishes and those of the
United States."
Ella la trod no . a M amoriaL
Washington. In the senate this
morning Hale offered a memorial
in the interest of native-born Unit
r"thi na
asn rriccs.
ed States citizens living in Turkish-
Armenia, whose lives, property and
lawful occupations, tho memorial
says, aro frequently imperilled.
The memorial shows that in Asiatic
Turkey there is a permanent force
of nearly 250 American mission
aries, who hold over (2,000,000 of
Armenian property. In the east
ern Turkey mission there are 50
adult missionaries who have under
their charge 42 churches, 1G9
school.!, a hospital and a large
medical work. The sources of dan
ger pointed out are the lawlessness
of numerous highwaymen who in
fest the country; tho fanatical
Moslem population of cities and
the hostility of Turkish officials,
who have encouraged attacks upon
the home and property of Amer
ican citizens.
Jim Turk Ii Dead.
Tacoma. James Turk, the no
torious sailor boarding house mas
ter, who has operated at Portland
and Astoria for the last 28 years,
and whose reputation is known in
every port in the world, died at
the home of his sons in this city
this evening, aged C3.
In Hi unory ot His Son.
Wilmamsto.v, Mass. Governor
Pennoyer of Oregon has endowed
Williams College with a scholar
ship of (3,450 in memory of his
son, who died here last term. The
money is to be used for the sup
port of needy and deserving stu
dents, preference being given to
Oregon students when such are in
Haw Offisw Will be Eaublished.
Washington. The postal busi
ness of the government has in
creased at a highly satisfactory
rate during the past iour .months,
and it has been decided by the
bead of the department .o estab
lish 29 international money order
offices, 90 domestic money order of
fices and 102 limited money order
offices on or about Jan. 7.
Batnrned to Their Old Love-
Atlanta, Ga. The county elec
tions throughout Georgia show!
heavy democratic gains every
where. Many counties which went
strongly populist at the two last
elections have given democratic
majorities. The negroes in many
counties voted solidly democratic.
Out of 130 counties the total num
ber carried by the populists will
not exceed 15 at moBt.
Another Baker City Bobbery.
Baker City, Or. Three masked
robbers entered the store of P.
Campbell, near the depot, last eve
ning, and with drawn revolvers
ordered the proprietor to open the
safe and deliver over the money.
The command was obeyed and the
contents, amounting to 15, were
handed over. Two of them, being
Mexican pieces, were returned. Mr.
Campbell had sent a large sum of
money on the evening train to
Union, payment for a shipment of
flour, which accouuted for the
small haul.
Saturday, January 5
The Storm South of Ua.
Sis90N8, Cal. Today's north
bound Oregon express, No. 15, has
been cancelled on this division on
account of a big snowslide near the
18th crossing, seven miles south of
Sissons. The rotary snow plow is
hemmed in between this place and
Dunsmuir. One hundred and fif
teen shovelers were sent to the
scene of the slide from here this
afternoon. Today's south bound
train is reported 10 hours late out
of Ashland. It is snowing heavily
this evening.
An Embenling School dark Suieidea.
Pendleton. Or. It is reported
here this afternoon that W. O.
Warren, living six miles from Pen
dleton, shot himself as officers were
arresting him for embezzlement
Warren was the clerk of the school
district at Warren station and was
short 150. He had been sued to
recover the money, and then crimi
nal action was instituted. The
showing on his own books left no
Highest cf til in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov! Report
hope for acquittal. He was a wheat
boyer, a wealthy farmer, and was
a delegato to the last republican
state convention. This is the third
suicide here in tho last 10 days.
Won Than Death
Paris. Captain Dreyfus, who
was sentenced by court martial to
military degredation and banish
ment, was publicly degraded on
Jan. 5 in front of the military
school of this city. He was stripped
of the insignia of rank, his sword
broken and thrown at his feet and
he was compelled to march bare
headed before the throng. The
court martial found him guilty of
betraying important military se
crets to the German government.
Dreyfus will be banished to the
Isle du Saint, off the coast of
Guiana, which is a French penal
Ou Tariff Schedule Camas Trouble.
Washington. Austria's protest
against the American discriminat
ing duty on sugar, supplementing,
as it does, similar action by Ger
many, is giving the administration
grave concern. An evidence of
this was a conference today, last
ing about an hour, between Secre
tary Gresham, Secretary Carlisle
and Attorney General Olney. The
Austrian minister undertakes to
6how that imposition of the differ
ential duty of one-tenth of ono
cent per pound is in violation of
article 3 of the treaty of 1829, be
tween the United States and A us
tria-Hungary, etc.
Sunday, January G.
Congretamaa Poet Dead
Washington. General Phillip
Post, member of Congress from the
Tenth district of Illinois, died at
the Hamilton, hotel, in this city,
this morning after an illnes of but
one day. Death was caused by
heart failure, resulting from acute
The War in the Orient
San Francisco. Advices from
Tokio, by the steamship China
which arrived today from Yokoha
ma, indicates that peace negotia
tions have advanced with great ra
pidity in tho last two weeks and
China fully recognizes that her
powers of defense have broken
down and she is willing to make
any reasonable concessions and
Japan is disposed to act honorably.
Arretted for Counterfeiting.
Lebanon, Or. Deputy United
States Marshal George Humphrey
arrested "Doc" Davenport yesterday
at his residence, eight miles from
here, on the charge of counterfeiting
$1 silver coins. The prisoner has
served a term iu the Oregon peni
tentiary for the same offense. Several
plaster-of-paris molds were found on
the premises and considerable
money of his manufacture is now
in the possession of the officers.
Perished tn Sight of Home.
Spokane. Particulars of the
death of F. W. Hoyt, a well known
resident of this county, have been
received. It appears that the body
was found yesterday morning by
his little sou 150 yards from his
farm-house, on White Bluff prai
rie, six miles west of this city. He
had come to town last Friday and
is supposed to have indulged freely
in drink. In going home he un
dertook to make a short cut across
his field. He probably stopped to
rest, fell asleep and froze to death.
Was on Her Wedding Trip
Tacoma. Mrs. Marie Jasous,
who was killed by walking off a
train near Ashland, Or., yesterday,
was the possessor of a romance, a
handsome home in the North End
and other property estimated to be
worth nearly (250,000. Five years
ago her first husband, Mr. Bern
hardy, died. She has since lived a
quiet life here. Her home joined
thi in terstate fair grounds and dur
ing the progress of the fair she be
came acquainted with .Mr. jasous,
$i.r,o wax yeah. ;;:
r'c r
11) )
a handiome young Turk em ployed
in his brother's bazar. They were
mutually attocted to one anolW,
and were married in November,
They went to California and were
returning home when the fatal ac
cident occurred.
A Contradictory Report.
London. The Times hears frota
its correspondent in Pekin that
the Chinese peace envoy to Japan
had a farewell audience with the
emperor yesterday. Japan re
fuses to conclude an armistice.
Minister Denhy . believes that the
present negotiations will be fruit- .
less, for the Japanese will wit hold
their terms until their army shall
have occupied Pekin. Japanese
landing parties are exploring the
bays on the east coast of Shaa
Monday, January 7,
Kale of the Cal! Confirmed. : 1
San Francisco. Circuit Judg
McKenna today confirmed there-
port of Master in Chancery Ilea
coclc of the sale of the Morning
Call at auction last Friday to C. M.
Shortridge for (360,000.
fitaDford L'Qlvenitjr Opened.
Palo Alto. Stanford Univer
sity opened today. The registra
tion of students is not complete,bul
it will exceed 1,100. Prof. W. W.
Willoughby has been added to tha
faculty and will take a chair tn th
economic department.
A Portland Counterfeiter Caughk
Carthage, Mo. Woolford Reed,
who was under a (5,000 bond In
Portland, Or., charged with court
terfeiting gold coin, and who dis
appeared from that place some timo
ago, was arrested here today. Ha
will be taken back to Portland.
Believes In a Finished Product. ;
Locisviiak, Ky. Cassias M.
Clay is carrying out his plan of ed
ucating his yonng wife to fit her for
her new station iu life. Mrs. Clay
is only 15 years old, and has little
more than the rudiments of an ed
ucation. A competent lady tutor
has been employed to make a fin
ished lady of Mrs. Clay.
China Will Not Surrender Territory.
Paris. A Herald despatch from
Shanghai will say tomorrow:
"China's peace envoys to Japan
have been instructed not to sur
render any territory. China is
merely willing to concede the inde
pendence of Corea and to pay an
indemnity. The failure of the ne
gotiations is regarded in Shanghai .
as a foregone conclusion.
Tuesday, January 8.
Sibley'a Karaoua Ulceration.
Washington. In the debate on
the currency question Representa
tive Sibley, ot Pennsylvania, made
a most sensational speech. He
said: "If ever a rebuke was need
ed for one who has attempted to
trample down tha prerogatives of
the people, it is needed for him who
has attempted to usurp this entire
government to himself. The tinr.e
has oome when there should ce
something more than brains, belly
and brass to this government."
Three More Arrests for Counterfeiting.
Lebanon, Or. Andy and Luke
Jennincs, of Waterloo, were arrest
ed today, charged with counter
feiting. The oflicers also had m
warrant for the arrest of Frank
Jennings, but Frank heard of it
and came here and gave himself
up They are supposed to be ao
complices of "Doc" Davenport, who
was arrested a lew days ago.
Accidentally Shot in the Lef.
Wallsbiro, Or. While out
duck shooting last Monday after
noon Hugh Roberta accidentally
fell while crossing the railroad
track, his gun fell from his handa
and was discharged, the load strik
ing him in the left leg, below the
nr Price's Cream B-Mar Pi
Main St..