Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, January 03, 1895, Image 1

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AdvorllalnU Mdluin
InK'IHiihI to ""i"1 I"
raormiui mulw
alwava ftillw rrrnl adver-jiilii(luH0lMiBr.
- VOL. 2 NO. 5
1 -THIS-
,-trst Hatiorpal Bank
I df Iiil''nf, ri"in,
JLl Stock, 0,000.00
:arpl.. J ,l4'000 0
' Mitr.croKH.
ft (W.t. !.. W. K..rtm, 11"
l7 ..'.MS.W.WI,ik,
, V. W.Colllii".
Rational Bonk!
4 Capital Stock, ."H),(HK).00.
I. H I ItSCl I IVKIi' ,
,V. 1'. COS S A WAY,
Vlio Pre-llnl.
i Uf.i,nri1 tonkin mid rxetoi.K
ifW trin'U-J j loan mode, MIU ""
all, cmuior,lil credit granted
Itufrdta r.vlved on rurrunt aci-muit
Uuj.-etlovWeis. InM-wl
B. V. Smith, A. NpIxoh. I. A. AIUmi,
I. II. Ju'lTll. A. J. tioodllinll, P. W.
itr. H. IHrMlihvrK.
' One door ft f lHtnic
Iropieal an J domestic fruits, nuts,
etc., at wholesale ami retail.
IVuIlsall Kiii3.nla;0D Hand j
tTOur Price are the Lowi-hI.
Sperling Bros.,
; Ment Market
Choice Meats.
spES SUNDAYS FKOM 8 to 0 a.m.
Free Delivery to all Prt3
of the city.
Iain Streot, - Independence.
p. H. Murphy, Prop.
loeiilrlnn of
11 kind will
Tho U'nt of
turned out on
abort not lee.
A share of your patronage
ia solicited.
jin street, ' Independence
Meiiufect urcrof
. . For .
Price rmuwnahle and work guaranteed JO!
, Promptly and
neatly done by
1. A.
The Cash Blacksmith.
if - mmmmm
A Specialty.
:aJufrKi4l'J V -' 3fc 1
I Sash j
Doors I
l HI
and Feed
Wood ware.
AYoti will romemlier that (Joliath
wiin vtv much Hitrpriwed when
David lVUr ,,U ,,i,n with ,ft Hl"V HoNuhlthafHuch
a IhiiiR lmtl never entered 1 VI t, f
hU IihkI before." New-t'itM are numerouH in our dtoek. We
alwiiy have what in laU-Ht, bent and
then peat.
Several thousand pieces
High-grade Music
at10c per copy.
Main Stx'oct,
4t.V.lS -lair
Rend thin and siiiile
'a have alwut
60 Ladies' and Children's Jackets
Which we muHt etU at once regard-U-m
of cot. See liicw) price and
comu running, for they will not
last lone:
M. h'hIoiih IJubher Hoot ( Woo'"oc1iet)
Men'Kchort Huhljer !!ti
I hildien'ii A 1 School Shoe
Clothing and Dress Goods any
way to suit you, for cash.
A short time only,
The Traveler to Independence
Rlllltf.lrr'4 The City Restaurant
Keineinber, welvc O Flrst
tl;i.j Meals for
Wu dunlre j our imlroimr. nct If or fvVlly prrpnrvd f-Hxt and conrtcnu. trcnl
"u ' 1 .i will wtciiro II. all inl.
MKS. L. CAMriJlCI.L, Prop.; C. W. HAYES, Muu'gr.
Main St., Indcpendt'iice, Or.
For EQOixojsiy
J llll. UU. D ..... . . i - .-- .
chiiHinrf tiinopiect'H eoiiHiMts in ifcttinn that wateh or clock
which will lat tluloinjent, keep timo moct accurately and
need tho leiiHt reiiairiug.
You limv get one for
former ia cheap, the
So Krasnos?-
If yon need n watch,
one for tho learn poiwiuie money
Furniture, Carpets and Wall Paper, Window Shades, Picture Frames,
Otlice Desks, etc.
Terms Strictly Cash and Prices Accordingly.
The Indepesdeiics Meat ICaxket.
Is now ready to supply the people of Independence with all
kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats, Hams, Bacon, Sausages,
Lard, etc., at lowest possible rates.
TR.E star
Books, Periodicals,
Stationery, School
IihU'Ik-ikIciico, Oro-
i)M( Tillp,l) OllT.
During at leant Seven tttatcd porlodn tu
Life a reeord should lie preserved of a
lienoii'u lilteuewt, an follow:
Infunthood, ltutfj hoo.1, C'hlhlliood, Hoy
hood, Munhood, Middle ue, Old ae,
and 1. II. CK AVION the photographer,
will hupiI- you with theao llkentHea at
the vry low-t rate. Olv l.luiaeall.
-We are
t it; lit lifter :
while e weep.
. 1 .oo
Tht. mmriirl nfcucaU III
u r coiiHluntiiliu.'
.i.u.b nit Mvnmiui7n Is not oconomv. Kionninv in tnr-
$2 while another will cost $100. The
latter beautiful ; neither is economical.
and ho will tell you how to get a good
Di-ulor la ull klnda of
Eternal Vijfilance in the Price of Liberty. -
grocery s
A Heyerc Jin k Front Ileal roj-a
thcOrimtfe Crop or Florida.
A Strong War farty in Japan-New
Tear'i at the White Home- In Ag
uration of GoTurnor Morton-
(1'iom tlit'OrrKonlun, Hun, oitd KtC-innn.
Tlim-Hdiiy, I)!eemher U7.
Vu ArioDiu Inveitigalioa.
Was in NfiTo.v. Sec reta ry ( J rcH h-
am stated today that ho had been
informed by United Slates Minister
Terrell that tho Hultau had finally
refused the request made byrthe
prcaidont that United States Con
sul Jewett 13 permitted to inquire
into the state A affairs in Arme
nia, and that ended the matter.
Another Betwllion ia Brazil.
It io (Jka.v Do Six. The whole
country seems on the eve of rehil
lion again. More than 200 oncers
are arretted and imprisoned under
heavy guard. President Moraes
is afraid to act energetically and to
order Pcixoto'a arrest, fearing to
precipitate a serious conflict.
TheEutern Storm.
Albany, N. Y. Communication
by rail with New York, Poston,
Chicago and other points was en
tirely cut oil till noon today. Four
teen inches of snow fell here during
the storm.
A Cut ia Wage.
PiTTKBi K'i, Pa. The new wage
scale for the KJar Thomas steel
works, at Hraddock, makes a gen
eral reduction in all departments,
including mere laborers. In the
blast furnace department a reduc
(ion of 13 per ciit is made. In the
other departments the reductions
arc the same that were imposod at
tho Homestead plant.
Friday, Dwembei' 98.
A Brighter Sunneai Outlook.
Xkw Yokk. U. G. Dun & Co.'s
Weekly Review of Trade tomorrow
will say: The commercial failures
of 181)4, already reported,' number
14,21)2, against 15,232 last year,
with liabilities of lG3,2.t3,404,
against $346,770,889 last year,
from these accounts banks, bank
ers' financial and transportation
companies arc excluded. Manu
facturers' failures already number
2,702, against 3.442 last year, but
the liabilities are only G1,491,2S7,
against $17(5,982,091 last year. The
trading failures already number
11,314, against 11,512 last year, and
the liabilities are only $87,899,087,
against $1. ''0,002,333 last year.
A County Trsaturer Bohbei
Santa Rosa, Cal. County Treas
urer S to fen was knocked down to
day and the county treasury
robbed of nearly $8,000. Mr.
Stofen was in the vault when he
was attacked and knocked insensi
ble by a tall man who stole into
the vault in his stocking feet. After
gutting the safe of money the rob
ber closed the vault door and
turned on the combination. When
discovered Mr. Stofen was still in
an unconscious condition. His
wife was the only person who knew
the combination, and it was through
her inquiries about her husband's
protracted absence that suspicion
was aroused and the vault searched.
IlorrllUc Holocaust
Klamath Falls, Or. News has
reached here that a most horrible
holocaust occurred at Silver Lake,
Lake county, Or., Christmas eve,
in which 41 persons were burned
to death and 10 badly injured, five
of whom will die. The fire oc
curred in Christman'8 hall, where
a large crowd had assembled to at
tend a Christmas tree. A specta
tor accidentally struck his head
against a hanging lamp, overturn
ing it. The oil immediately caught
lire, and everything in the room
being dry and of an inflammable
nature, it was Boon a mass of
flames. A panic ensued and in the
mad rush for the door men, women
and children were trampled down
and burned to death.
Efuliiing SUt Tax.
Salem. Following are the fig
ures on classes of property so far
equalized :
ever'thi ng
oasn rnces.
Hrturoed. Kiillld
To! l In utaUi, 17SUW7 horM MN.lff 1.I'H.I2S
Totulln lUi, IWI.OII rat lis !LVM fHM&t
Tolul lllll(i.l,(li.rt-.2Hliirp I,l-.,!i0 1,4V,,N;
ToU.1 In (it, Vt,WK wln Uln.Ktl ZVJU
Moliiy ,,71 J,ff,7IK
Noli and kccuiiiiI H.lVi.W a.l.YotM
Hlinrr orlM'll I,WH,7S) l,0M,7l
I ii l. -1 I h on land not
docdi-d 1,MI,2" fnijtCt
Ilouwliold furniture t.myul t.mM
Probable equalization of mer
chandise and implements: Raker
county, add 20 per cent; Ronton,
add 20 per cent; Clackamas, add
20 per cent; Clatsop, reduce 20 per
cent; Columbia, reduce 10 percent;
Coos, reduce 10 per cent; Curry,
, Crook, Douglus, Gilliam, Grant,
Harney, Jackson, Josephine, Klam
ath and Lake remain unchanged;
Lane, add 5 percent; Lincoln, add
20 jM-r cent; Linn, add 5 per cent;
Malheur, unchanged; Marion, add
5 per cent; Morrow, Polk and
.Sherman, unchanged; Tillamook,
reduce 20 per cent; Umatilla, add
20 per cent; Union, add 20 per
cent; Wallowa, unchanged; Wasco,
add 10 per cent; Washington, add
5 per cent; Yamhill, add 5 ier
cent; Multnomah, not acted on yet.
ranama V.'IS1 Put on Ttrut
Colon. Panama and Colon will,
after Jan. 1 next, ceaso to be free
ports. A decree has been issued
ordering that on and after that
date a duty of 10 per cent ad val
orem will be collected on all im
ports. ...
Katui-daj'-, December 3D.
Hatter cf Finance.
New Yokk, The following is
the associated banks weekly state
Reserve, increase f 1,308,175
Ijan!. decrease 6,619,200
PiKt'ie, increase 1,603,600
U-gul tender, decrease 1,600,000
lK H)sitf, decrease 5,218,300
Circulation, increase 103,300
The banks hold $35,208,850 in
excess of the requirements of the
23 per cent.
The imports at this port for the
week were:
Gold I 14,665
Silver 7.18
Dry. goods 2,120,000
tieneral merchandise". 5,145,152
The exports of specie for the
week were $887,025 in e;old and
$000,900 in silver.
An Xxtra Session i Possible
Washington. It is the opinion
among public men that if the urg
ent deficiency bill, making the
Appropriation to carry the income
tax into effect, and the Carlisle
currency bill, fail at this session,
the president will call an extra
session of the 54th congress.
Gladstone' 85th Birthday.
London. Ex-premier W. E.
Gladstone celebrated his 85th
birthday today at llawarden, and
was the recipient of hundreds of
letters and telegrams of congratu
lations "and birthday gifts. His
eyesight has been restored and his
health is good. He spends hours
daily in classical and theological
study. He has expressed through
the newspapers his thanks for
birthday congratulations.
Japan' Probable Demand.
London. The Japanese govern
ment is very reticent in regard to
the terms it is willing to treat for
peace with China. Enough lias
been learned, however, to know
that Japan will give China no ex
cuse to ask for foreign interven
tion. The island of Formosa will
be taken by Japan as part of the
pledge for tho war indemnity, and
certain Chinese ports, that are not
treaty ports, will be held as a
pledge for the remainder of the
indemnity, together with such a
lien upon the customs revenues
already mortgaged. In regard to
Corea, it is probable that a China -Japan
dual control over that
country will be proposed.
Stanford Win from Chicago.
Los Angeles. The second fcot
ball game between Chicago Uni
versity and Stanford University,
which took place here today, was
witnessed by 3,500 people and was
a hard fought game. The Chica
goans played a rushing, snappy
game, but the Stanfords outgener
aled and outplayed them at every
point. The score is: Stanford 12, 1
Chicago 0. The Stanfords ecorf d
Higheit of U in Leavening Power. Latert U. S. Govt Report
Absolutely puhc
ix in the first half and six in the
second half of the game.
Held for Trial
CiiEHALis Justice HubMl held
Max Haas, the slayer of Joe Patek,
in $10,000 bonds to appear before
the uicrior court. Haaa was un
able to give the bond. The testi
mony given yesterday by the wit
ncExeg for the Btate was very dam
aging, and the state's attorney pro
fesses to believe that ho will be
able to convict Haas of murder.
Sunday, December HO.
The DeUunn Honee Destroyed by tin
Albany. N. Y. The Delaran
house was gutted by fire tonight.
There were 100 guests in the house.
AH escaped, although two women
and one man, who jumped from
the third story into the street,
were badly injured. Two of the
injured persons will probably die.
Jack Froit in Florida.
Jacksonville, Fla. Reports by
wire from 51 correspondents in the
orange districts in the state indi
cate that at least 10,000 boxes of
unpicked oranges are solid, and
that more than 300,000 boxes of
oranges in warehouses or lying in
bulk, preparatory to packing, are
frozen. Tomatoes, cabbages, beans,
peas and all vegetables in the
northern half of the state are
ruined, except the pineapple plant
ations, which are not much in
jured. Day before yesterday half
the season's great orange crop ol
5,000,000 boxes was still ou the
trees. The tail of the blizzard
switched around through the pen
insula, and within the space of a
few hours Florida had sustained a
loss that, estimated in cash, will
reach into the millions. The de
struction will be felt for many
years, indirectly or directly, by all
the people of the state. The. weath
er has moderated and the cold spell
is now broken.
A Blizzard Raging in the South.
Birmingham. Ala. The worst
snow ptormi ever known in this sec
tion is prevailing. Four inches of
snow fell today, and tonight the
fall was renewed furiously. The
weather is very severe and much
suffering exists among the poor.
Tho snow storm extends all over
the northern section of the state.
Memphis. From six to eight
inches of snow is reported tonight
in middle and western Tenessee,
Arkansas, northern Mississippi and
western Alabama, with a steady
drop in temperature.
LI Hung Chung Oustod from Command.
London. A Central News dis
patch from Pekin says Liu Knn
Yi, vicerov of Liang Kiang, has
been appointed to the chiet com
mand of the Chinese forces, ousting
Li Hung Chang.
Brutal Double Murder.
Sacramento. One of the most
brutal murders iu the history of
this citv was committed here last
night. An old and highly respect
ed crocer merchant, F. H. L. Web
ber, and his elderly wife, were
brutally butchered in their com
fortable home, which was plun
dered by the murderer or murder
ers. As yet there is no clue to the
perpetrators of the crime.
Congress Resumes Thursday.
Washington. Both houses of
coneress will resume their sessions
Thursday next, and it is expected
there will be a more determined et
fort to press forward the work of
the session for tho next two months
than has characterized the pro
ceedings during the month's ses
sion iust passed. The necessary
work of the session is the passage
of the appropriation bills, of which
there are 14. None have passed
the senate and only five have
passed the sanction of the house.
Monday, December 31-
IVuuoyer Pardons Saunders
Salem. W. W. Saunders, serv
ing a life sentence, was today par
In lh mttltr of s,
ftlwuy ru'twivoni to U
rtovrr 4 Accum.
biit rfni mrwmty of
alHlvrnritl to tiiil.filiig
$1.50 PEU YEA1L
doned from the penitentiary by
Governor Pen noyer, on the condi
tion that he leav the state and
never return. Sauudera has been
incarcerated for over eight years,
lie says he will make his home in
Texas, where he expecta to engage
in the newspaper business.
Taat Gold OcacrY.
Washington. A telegram re
ceived at the treasury department
this afternoon states that $800,000
in gold was today withdrawn from
the sub-treasury at New York.
This leaves the gold reserve at $84
Victims ol the Silver Laks Horror.
Roseburo, Or. The terrible
tragedy reported from Silver Lake
is peculiarly distressing to the peo
ple of this city. Among those re
ported as dead are J. J. and Walter
Buick, son3 of Hon. D. S. K.Ruick,
together with Mrs. Buick and her
three children, making six in all
of that one family. Mrg. T. J.
Labie, who is reported to be fatally
injured, is a daughter of L. Wirn
berly and a sister of Lee Wiraberly,
of the Roseburg Review. The fam
ily of Hon. D. S. K. Buick are
completely prostrated with grief.
TlieJnpsWIU GetoPekln. .
Shanghai. The manifesto which
the liberal party in Japan has just
issued declares in most emphatic
language that the Japanese army,
must go to Pekin, armistice or no
armistice. The Sendai garrison it
about to sail for China.
Ad Estimate pf Florida' Los.
Jacksonville. It is estimated
that $3,000,000 will hardly covet
the loss in Florida from the cold of
the past 72 hours. " The mercury
dropped to. 22 degrees above zero
last night, and. the cold completed
its work of destruction. The pine
apple plantations are ruined, as
well as the oranges and the winter
vegetable crops. Next year's or,
ange crop will be ehortened by !,
000,000 boxes, which means an ad
ditional loss of $1,500,000 to tho
growers and transportation com
paiiies. The direct and incidental
loss by this spell will aggregate ;
$5,000 0 J in the next two years.
Tuesday, January 1.
White House Pomp and Pageantry.
Washington. A regal New
Year's reception was given at the
White House today. Numerous
guests attended the New Year's
reception, and the old White House
was crowded with pretty women
and distinguished statesmen and,
gorgeously attired members of the
diplomatic force. As in past years,
decorations were all floral, but
there were noticeable differences
from the plan of last year in the
freedisDlav of potted plants and
palms in place of great banks of
cut flowers, which formerly graced
the rooms. What was lacking in
color was more than compensated
for bv the beauty of the plants.
The reception was a most brilliant
and gorgeous affair.
New York' New Governor.
Albany, N. Y. Levi P. Morton
was inaugurated governor of New
York at noon today. The new
governor and the full military
Btafl' were escorted to the capitol in
carriages by four companies of
national guards. In the executive
chamber the governor-elect was
greeted by the retiring governor,
unrrounded by his military staff;
after which all proceeded to the as
sembly chamber. After prayer By
a bishop. Governor Flower extend
ed a formal welcome to his saicesr
or. In a brief reply Governor
Morton complimented his prede
cessor both as a man and an .
official. The oath of office was ad
ministered by Secretary of Statft
Dr Price's Cream Bakicr Pw4
Awarded Gold Mt f"1