Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 27, 1894, Image 1

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Eternal Vigilance 1$ the Price of Liberty. Jeff 'erton.
t r.n irri w 1 1 a bioib f
; VOI, 2 NO. 4
I uonika !U
CuiiiiuviimhI llumwH March 4, 1HW.
First tfatioqal Bonk
of IiiilPjmloiiWiOrfiioiW
Capital Btook,
L. W, RrillUHIwi!,
1 m. m. iiwi.T, Caalilrr.,
lieimit'B, ."."
I Ufa
a.l. ..f .lln t'ullwlium mail.
UIR a.arai la. m. lo- ai.
Rational Bank!
Capital Stock, ."(),(KX).(K).
H.llIRSCIIBKHO, I'rt'uMcnt
AiutAM NKI.KON, Vie iWdent
i i-nWAWAY. Caiililer
. A go nemt lmkhK ami cclmnu
inM tranaaeU! J loana imule, lM li
aVWite.1, coromervlal ciwlita grant.!
JI-...-U. rmvlvod on current aeeotin
aal.jeet to check, Interest paid on time
n. F. Smith, A. NVIoon, I. A. Allen
II. II. Jaarioit, A. J. tiixxlnian, l. W
Saara. H. lllratlib g.
j Oh 1( wont of ixmtofllt.
Tropical and domestic fruits, nuts,
I etc., lit wholesale ana retail.
ft Fruits of.IlKiodsCooslaDjyiland
Our 1'rktHi nre tlto LowmUP
Sperling Bros.,
Meat Market
Choice Meats.
OI'EN 8UNIMYH KUOM 8 to 0 a.m.
Free Delivery to all parts
of the city.
Main Straot. - - Iiulei-jiulencc.
P. H. Murphy, Prop.
lttalrliK oT
all kimlH will
f receive
The lu'Ht of
turned out ou
aliort notice,
U sliare of your patronage
V I !g solicited.
Mainstrert, - Independence
31. T. CROF
Manufacturer of
Doors I
t.i i in
. . -a. i -m
rricrs reaMDable wnd work guftrnntetJll,
Promptly and
neatly done by
1. A.
' The Cash Blacksmith.
A Specialty.
a 5 a- the sgf-a
ILf,:;-.stab., fir rr
I l GROCERY. , Ql :
I B u oojii a8
t' B '... -S3AYI 'ti pub wwoii - jk ' .
B .'ai."pia)i(5 '8UITIJI 'SUB)
A ff p:to ei.)liB 1 'J-l utdnit. O-v
0 3Ioo;s in doo OAV r
ill 1 :
We have a Baargairi
GliSDfChfER: BR2S.
'Wo lmvo a few novelties left in the
you want any, come quick. ;
and Toilet Cases.
Finished hi Celluloid, arc very stylish presorts this year,
and we have some beauties which are also going fast. . .
k ?
We have a very large stock of Dolls going clieapreheap,'
Photo Albums, ,
Christmas Cards,
Xmas Books,
. Celluloid Goods, and if
i :
The OarllHle Kill Amctiited mid
Will I'robably I'saa Cungreg.
'$.) IV, ' ' 'J AC
Thi.Lezow Committee at Work
Chrlitmai at the White Uoaie
Bryan Ceoonseti Oirllale'i Bill
(From tUeOivfonlun, Hun, and Htulrmnun,
Thurndiiy Deccmlr J20.
- , Bihar ifain to tkaFroot.
Wabhi.noton. The Carli!e Lill
is losing ground and the fellver
fiieHtioii is ngain coming to the
front. Every day there U nn in
crease ,in the reluctance of the
leaders of the house and the com
mittee on rules to report an order
to limit debate and fix the time
for taking the final vote. The fact
is recognized that the paSHagu of a
free coinage till over the veto of
the president is imp nible, but
t'ie chances of the substitution of a
free coinage hill for tho Carlisle
bill are increasing every day.
A Urw Praiiiantial Palisa.
Washington. A bill wa in
troduced into the senate today by
Senator Quay authorizing thg
secretary of the treasury to pur
chase the land contained in block
29, Columbia Heights, a suburb of
Washington, as a site for a resident
for the president. The bill limits
the price to 13 per foot, with a
total appropriation of 1,000,000.
Barasri of Peaos.
Lo.vdon. Dispatches received
here tonight from Tokio indicates
clearly , that tho war between
China and Japan is practically
ended. Tho assurance giveu in
quarters known to bo thoroughly
cognizant of diplomatic affairs is
that the empire ot China has been
pfevadeJ upon to hasten the com
missioners to Japan, and that these
envoys will have such power of
concession as will without a doubt
enable them to bring about an im
mediate and thorough end to
Booming tadiUa.
Denver. The recent gold
strikes in the Leadville district are
causing wild excitement. Rail
roads are doing a large passenger
traffic, and the short liue from
Denver to the camn, is preparing
to run extra trains to accommodate
the travel. -
Friday, December 31.
The Carliala BUI.
Washington. Chairman Spring
er's amendments today to the Car
lisle bill practically admits the
weakness of the bill as it was
originally introduced. It is not
thought that the amendments will
materially strengthen the bill.
Nioinuruan Canal 8took.
London. Chairman Bartlett, of
the stockholders reorganization
committee of the Nicaragua Canal,
in an interview today said the
whole of the Nicaraguan shares at
his dicposal had been taken in
Bradstreet'a Report
Nkw York. Bradstreet's Review
says: "An improvement in prices
is recorded in only a few leading
lines, wheat, copper and the lower
grades of-shoes which have long
sold at depressed figures. The out
look for trade after the holidays, is
fair, although flie larger Chicago
dealers report stocks on hand
larger than was expected, except
among the jewelers, who have had
an unexpectedly heavy trade. The
values of foreign trade in October
is nearly two xer cent more this:
year than last, owing to largely j
increased importations.
Tba laxow Committea at Work.
New York. Captain Schmitt
berger in his closing testimony be
fore the Lexow committee tonight
said: I consider the whole police
department rotten to the core. I
acknowledge the part I have
played and have made a clean
breast of it" If one-half the story
is true it is bad enough. About
tho only police officer not impli
cated was Byrnes, whom the cap
tain considers is honestly trying
to do the right, but has been
handicapped by money used in
politics. Commissioners Martin
and Sheehan, and Inspectors Wil
liams and McAvoy are involved. - '
Highest of all b Leavening
Adolgjteilv puke
Ie.-4 SandoIh CharchiU ill.
London. The Ft. James Gazette
learns that Lord Randolph Church
ill has returned homo by way of
Egypt and Marseilles. , The con
dition of his health is such that
his friends believe he cannot re
cover. Bvntmccd to ba Hocgsd.
RosKorKO, Or Judge Fullerton
today sentenced .Samuel G. Brown
to be hanged February 15, 180o,
for the killing of Albert Kincaid,
at Oakland, Or., on tho 13th of
August last. Brown received his
sentence in a stolid and don't-care
manner. Ilia attorneys will ap
peal the case to the supreme court.
Saturday, December 22.
Sryaa Denounce tba Carliala Bill
Washington. Representative
Bryan addressed the house for two
hours today in opposition to the
Carlisle bill. He attacked the
administration for dumping into
the committee on banking and cur
rency of the house a hastily con
sidered bill like the one pending,
i ts weakness was - d-jmoustrated
when, after four days of verbal
bombardment, it had been' practi
cally withdrawn and another
measure substituted. Bryan said
that, stripped of its verbiage, the
bill wa a simple proposition to
authorize the government to loan
banks money at a low rate of in
terest, or at no rate, to be in turn
loaned by them at whatever rate
they could secure, ;
Springer's aai Bland'a Opinio i.
Washington. Chairman Spring
er is of the opinion that the Car
lisle bill will; be passed by the
house. "The measure" in its pre
sent form," he says, "commands
the support of all who are desirous
of securing a sound currency, with
the single exception, perhaps, of
the radical silver element, which
has no faith in any - kind of cur
rencyissuing banks, and i will ac
cept nothing but government is
sues of fiat money." Bland, of
Missouri, said: "I w ill urge the
substitution . I have already pre
sented, notwithstanding the
changeB made in the original Car
lisle bill. These changes are evi
dently designed to overcome
objections, but they do not over
come the one vital objection 'jf
putting the currency of the country
in the hands of the national
banks." ,
Hiavy Storm ia the Siakiyons.
Asiii.and, Or. The heavy snow
storms of the past week have com
pletely blocked' traffic on the
Southern Pacific on the south side
of the Siskiyous to Dunsmuir, and
three overland passenger trains,
one northbound and two south
bound.are blockaded in that section
Snow is said to have fallen at the
rate of a foot an hour. The rail
road people expect that the road
will be opened for the passage of
trains before morning.
To Test tits Inooma-Tax law.
Washington. The first case to
test the constitutionality of the in
come tax law has been brought in
the supreme court of the District
of Columbia. The petitioner is J.
Gf. Moore, of the firm of Moore 'Ar
Schley, of New York. The com
plainant is a prominent diretor of
the Manhattan Railway Company,
etc ' The case will be " fought
through the supreme court of the
United States.
Sunday, December 23.
Tha Japa Win Another Battle.
London. Aftrr five Lours of
fierce fighting the Japanese division
nnder General Katsura defeated a
Chinese army 10,000 strong under
the command of General Sung at
Kung Waiea." The Japanese made
three bayonet charges before driv
ing the Chinese from the field. The
Chinese soldiers fought with un-;
usual stubbornness and bravery.
Power Latest U.S. Gov't Report
f prlnsrr will bo Provided or.
Washington. - Representative
Springer, who will retire at the
close of this session of congress and
has served 22 years in the house, ia
reported to he slated for a judge
fhip of the court of claims.
Outlaw fill! Cook Dying.
Miskogee. Bill Cook is said to
be lying at the point of death" in a
fastness of the Indian country, be--tween
this place and Fort Gibson.
His noted sigter, Lou, has reached
there and is nursing him. He i
suffering from two wounds.
A IXupcrado Bona Amm k
Acgi'sta, Ga. -Jabez Wiggins,
colored, in resisting arrest today
killed one civilian and probably
fatally wounded two officers of the
law. lie was finally captured and
lodged in jil. There are load
threats of lynching. Sheriff O'Con
ner is authorized by Governor At
kinson to call out the militia if
necessary. .
Monday, December 24.
Jif&aei Siat ia Setaiaa..
London. A Tokio dispatch says
the Japanese diet was opened today.
In a speech from the throne, which
was read by the premier, the em
peror said: "Our forces have been
victorious and are steadily pressing
forward. The neutral powers are
more friendly than ever. Oar long
cherished aspiration for a revision
of our treaties have already been
fulfilled with several countries, and
with others negotiations are pro- '
gressing favorably." The speech. ;
in conclusion, mentioned the prog
ress Japan has made in civiliza
tion, the glorious record its armiea,
are making in tho present war, that
the throne wishes more than ever
the civilization of the country and
enjoins parliament to tako notice
of the state of affairs at borne and
abroad, and by securing harmony
between this government and the
people to assist in the furtherance
of the imperial wishes. . ; . ,
, Tualatin Saw Mill Burned.
Tcalatin, Or. The saw mill at
this place was totally destroyed by
fire last Saturday. The loss to the
Tualatin Lumbering Company is
about 18,000. There was no in
surance". ,
. Becley Isinteuced.
New Yobk. Seeley, the default- .
idg book keeper of the, National
Shoe it Leather Bank, was sen
tenced by Judge Benedict today to
serve a term of eight years in the
ivins cuuulv ueimeiiLiorv.
a .
Gone Home for tUo Holidays. .
Washington, a great numoer
of congressmen have gone home to
celebrate Christmas. The capital
appears almost to le . dosertedt
nnlu tha lnmYilwri urifl thn anna- -
tors from the far West and those
whose families are in Washington
remained here. ..
Tuesday, December 35.
, Christmas at the n bite House.
Washington. The president aiuf
the members of the cabinet spent'
the day at their respective home's
At the White House it was chil
dren's day. Mrs. Perrine, Mrs.'
Cleveland's mother, was the enly
guest at the family dinner. , '
Staufords Were Badly Beaten.'
: San Fbancisco The . Chicago
University foot ball team mopped
the earth with the Stanford? to
day. It was a go-as-you-pleai-e for
the Chicagoaus. The score' was 24
to 4. ' ' ' " ' ' " '
" Enjineer Reedy Killed.
The, Or. A' collision
between the east bound freight atid
west beund passengor trains "oo-'
curred at the pummit, six miles
east of here, t'JSs morning.' En
gineer Joe Reedy was instantly
killed, and both engines, two freight
cars and the mail cars were badly
mashed. , . - .
Dr Price's Cream list-in? Pow&v
AwanM GoU M Krfwtmaf F, S Fraacac