Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 20, 1894, Image 3

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I'hv.loUiia and Huriraone. Nii-cial t
Cntlou WiM to diseases of women.
Utile over '''lM'V!,'?1Nl1.01'., ,T.V
J'. J. 1h. M. l. W. Babbitt, M. D. V.
M., fellow Trinity medical college.
and residence, ourmir Railroad and
Monmoulh elroets, Independence, Ore-
1C. M. OItAVi:H.-I. 1). 8., I'M;
rally ol Michigan graduate. IehU
parlor over liidendeiico rational
tank. Indi'iiendoiiee, Oregon.
MonVnoutli. All work war
rn tod.
at-Uw. Olttcw ovor ludeHmdonco
ISslional Hank, Independence, Ur.
Wat .rlioune building, College
treot, Monmouth, Oro.
XV A. VANNOltTWICK.-IN-ddneobaber.
Two chain, Sb.v;
ui rio. bathe . lUaor. ''"" r"
short nolle. Neil door to Ural
National bank. Imlr.nanc. .
JTTwo balli tub no tedious waiting
HASH mid lOOHSl-V carry a
uH a" of Kurt.. Doors. Moulding..
JV ' . t. tc. Cajrluriilnu specialty,
it Miuhell ATlohannon's, Main atreeu
Jnd Brick Work of all kind.
Son oil .hort notice and wr
ranted .atUfactory. Addreea
yoitmouUi, Or. ,
1UAL Alt l lHT. H auperlor lu
. avi .g and Hair-cuttlug. Ave , him
'.ur work. fsrKbvlug loo, Hair
?Cih.Vs". HaTh. 85c Mala street,
f tide prurience,
Justice of the Peace,
vrlu liiram and makes Co I""
a ic1hIi jr.
Boston Coliee House,
Main Klroel, lll Vanduyu'a,
Independence, Or.
Chop - House
....I..... ..i.a In liiilHK-tlilfll"" to gel
"rail )( always UM l.d.
... r..r luill...
I.,,M.I, Tob..cco
If vou smoke com
and Inspect our Hue w
of lK- and tobacco.
They are quite choice J
aud very reasonable.
We are offering fresh
candlve and nula at
Ha low a price a we
possibly can. Hanile
our uiiiviwiii. v.
Candle 1 J
. . . ...
Sealed Sidi.
Notice ia hereby Riven that the
undersigned will receive waled
bide for 100 cords of red fir split
Wood lour feet long. . The wood to
be delivered at the Indenendonco
fublic echool building. Said bide to
e received not later than 7:30 p.
. m. December 21, 18W4. - The school
, board reservea the right to reject
' ( y or all bidn. The wood muBt
bo delivered on or before Septem
ber 1, 1805.
J. D. Irvink,
Clerk School Diatriot, No. 29.
Pated Nov. 28, 1894.
All Free
Theme who have used Dr. King's
X'r niiuvivnrv kllOW It VulUB. Sllll
thoae Who have not, have now the
Opportunity to try It Free. Call on the
a4iveriiaei LtruKH1 acl "
,.m Vn. Hend vour name and
AddreHe to H. E. liuekleo A Co. Chicago
and gpt a aaruple box of Dr. King's
New Life I'llla Free, aa well aa a copy
Of Guide to Health and Ilounebold
Instructor. Free. All of which la
guaranteed to do you good and cost
you nothing at any Drug Store. 4
EllfbMt Honor World Pair.
pur Crspe Cream of Tartar Powder. Prse
jm Ammonia. Alum or any othar adulterant.
llock Candy Syrup, New Orleans
Items of Local News.
O. A. KrainnrJoweler.
Btrong'a broad at the Htar Orooery.
Hay wanted on trade by Wrong, the
Communicator, oomunltor, collima
tor which?
J. V. Grovee, of Dallaa, waa lu the
city Haturday.
Kvervlhlnif aoea at fhe HlarOrry,
They aelt aa cheap aa the clieajieet.
A "i acre lion farm near the city for
aale or trade. luipilro of Clodfclter
Mmnhal Tunm-r aold an liuiiouiided
borae for one dollar at public aucllou
Monday. ,
lluv. O. 11. Whltmore will couditct
aervUalu the Congregational ohuruh
uuxtHunday evi-ulngi
A lew chorda of that 10 mualo will
liiiike a very highly appreciated Xuiaa
gift, at Cloilfxlter lirua.
8 ir cent tiiuuey to 1miii ou farm
security. Louiin umde (julok. U. W.
Wright, Dallaa, Uregon.
Mm. Kdna NewbV. of Amity, who
has been vMUng at It. J. Wilson's,
returned homo Huturday.
Tickets 03. 2.1. 10. nd 27 In acrlea D,
E, F and (I reH.ctlvely, are some
more of the winners allloUrciier Jro.
The IndenendeiieeCity Hand will
give a gruud ball on New Year's eve.
Only one dollur a couple. Dou't for.
get It.
Oraud New Year's bull on Monday
evening, December 81, Wi. Hupier
attheCHy reatauraut at 60 cents a
I'np'JW) 1 oiantti ooi im ;o spjoi-j
mj; ijuji.k)ms jiioX A'nq iijiii pus II
pujj pus joAospti ujiij 'usiu jiuiio.v
Orsndiis McUuery has Uiujrht the
Ungley proerty adjoining Dr. Ketch-
urn's ou lUtllroed street, an.l is uaving
the house remodeled luslde.
A flue awtorttuent of Christinas p res
et! U In the line of ladles' aud gents' easy
chairs, children's chairs aud elegant
furniture goods at IC 11. llerg's, corner i-
and Main streets. . '
Tim notice of David It IewhT death
came In too lute lust week for publlca
lion. All articles ol length should
reach this ofllce as early as Tuesday to
Insure publication.
"We'll dauce all iiIkIH 'til broad
daylight and take the girls home lu
the morning" at the ojcra House on
'.,w Yr's eve. Under the auspices
of the Independence City bsud.
Th urovldeot man always went to
save motley and all good husbands de
sire to save their wive needles wora.
They cau do btti by purchasing a
Blnger sewing machine of E. B. Ilerg.
There will be a Christmas tree at
the Presbyterian church, lu this city,
on Christmas eve. I'ree' nts must be
brought In as early os 3 o'clock p. m.,
ontheSUh. A very t.leasaut and In
teresting time Is anticipated.
The steamer Altona Is preparing for
an active eeasou's run this winter ajid
spring. Captain Graham la one of the
most popular masters that vcr run a
craft on the Willamette river aud he
is certain to secure a large share ol
public favors.
We regret that the wedding notice of
I. C. l'owell aod Miss Butler reached
us too late lu the day last Thursday
for publication. The Entkki'hihr
anknnwleilifcs the receipt of some deli
cious weddiug cako aa a nieuieuto of
the happy occasion.
Mr. Anson, superintendent of the fea
1cm electric light plant, and the Mlsws
Btellaaud Pearl HklfTvlslted Professor
Little's dancing school at this place
Tuesday evenlug. The professor is
making a brilliant success of his school,
aud a large attendance was preseut.
All those who desire a knowledge of
stenography aud typewriting would
do well to see -or oonnuuuleate with
Miss Cora Goodwin. Independence,
Or. Now is your opportunity to ac
quire this very useful Bludy In a short
time and at reasonable rates. Private
lessons given If desired.
Save jour wife the hard work of
preparing a Christmas dinner, by dlu
ing at the City Restaurant ou that
day. They are preparing a turkey
dinner for that oocaslou w hich they
will serve for 25 ceuts. Call early and
reserve a table for your family and
friends. Dinner Irom 12 to 3 o'clock,
d. m.
Frank J. Buitth, general agent for
the steamer Altona line, was m wwn
Mondav looking after the company's
interests. Mr. Smith gave the Enter
pkisk office a pleasant call and ex
nlalued that he waa arranging to have
... . I.. .Ill.ln
rn. iM. iuvereo ai any noun nuum
reach of the river. e win ubi
" ' . - ... j .......
freight to Dallas via the river tramc.
rionrmi llrunk. of Idaho, Is Visiting
hi. invalid father. Harrison Bruuk.
rr nruuk Is an extensive stock
dealer. He drlvt his stock aa far
north as the Northwest territory ror
r.oMi.,rm In the summer season ana
again comes over the line into Idaho
before winter comes ou. air.
will return to Idaho again lu a lew
vhn the Orccontan attempts to
drive the free silver republicans out of
the party It should remember me ir -e-
In.l. n-nrliv.liea Ol IUBI biict: w" -
.nui,nis. The Oreironian has
bolted against republican principles
more frequently than auy oiner repub
lican newspaper on tlie coast, and it
never has a good word to say for the
old soldiers. When It suocids In
bouncing the free all ver votes-. ad old
soldiers from th party the j ubllcan
vote in Oregon will be rather slim.
Dallas Transcript,
Engag your Christmas turkey at
the Htar.
Judge Hurley was sgsln called over
to Dallas 011 legal business Monday.
Charlie Htauts Informs us that he
will act a local agent ror the steamer
Altona, at Ihl place.
The Dallas Observer has changed Its
publication dy from Thursday to Fri
day, aud dou't reach her until Hatur
day morning.
HheriiT Plummer was In the city
Friday afteruoou. He seemed full of
business and had only lime to nod Itl
head and say "How'dy."
F. E. Shafer will sell you th
best of hand made harness as cheap as
you cau buy factory made ones. Every
article he sell Is guaranteed. He
him about It.
4. vVe gleam the following Item from
the "skillfully cdlUid" columu "of ihe
best paiierj" Will II. Parry, a former
Polk county editor, Is now .city
comptroler of Seattle.
Marsh Green, of Newport, Is visiting
at his uuelo's, J. H. Hobsnnon, of this
city. Marsh's boyhoml days were puss
d hero In ludeiiendence. He has now
Ijust reuehed his 21st year.
The Baptist Sunday school will give
a Christmas tree festival at the Bap.
(1st church In this city ou Christmas
fve. The public la ooidlully Invited to
participate In theexerclses.
The tailor shop. C street, la the cheap
est place lu the city for clothing,
workaisushlp and material consid
ered. We will prove It to you If you
will call -It will be no trouble,
ltev. D. B. Whltmore haa been en
gaged as pastor of Ihe Congregational
church of this city. Ilev. Mr. wuit.
more will make his home In lude
pendeuec and exccts his family
here In a few days.
Miss Eva Robertson, who has been
visiting among friends In this city lor
several days, returned to her home in
Port In lid Monday She was ac
companied by her sister, Mrs. W. H.
Craven, of this city.
John Young has traded his city
proerty In second ward to Ira 8.
Smith fr a part of F. A. Patterson's
old farm about four miles north of
town. Mr. Young will not remove
from town until next fall.
Itev. K. II. Blckafoose will bcfclii a
revival meeting at the Christian
church In this city about January 1st.
rU-v.Mr.Slckafoose is a fluent aud forc
ible speaker and he Is sure to awaken
religious Interest In the community,
A number of Monmouth and Inde
pendence ldiee visited the Hebckah
degree Installation at Corvallls last
Saturday evening. They report a fine
meeting ami speak In high terms 01
the hcwpltality shown them by the
Corvallls lodge.
You wont to purchase candles and
confectioneries for the holidays. In
inakinir vour selections remember that
a good article Is cheaper than a cheap
one. The Bon Bon has a large stock
of the best . candles on the market,
which It hi selling as low as it possibly
Itev. D V. Pollua. of the Congre
gational church, and family, are liv-
liiitlnone of Mr. A. B. Wooiliu's
cottages and are well pleased with
Albany. The people of Independence,
where they formerly lived, speak in
the highest terms of them. Albany
F. 1L Wakefield, of the Dalles, was
lu the city the latter part of last week.
He Is assessor of Wasco county, anu
came dowu to attend the assessors'
convention. Mr. Wakefield was a
former resident of Polk county. He
used to own the J. W. Masterson
farm south of Monmonth.
Iu last week's Issue we erroneously
reported that J. II. Hawley was the
heaviest taxpayer iu Mouiuouth pre
cinct. Wo learn from the list pub
lished lu the Itemizer that twls
Helmick has that distinctiou. He
pavs ou f2O,0O5. C. E. Stump comes
..,,mi1 with $13,117. and B. r.
Whiteakcr third, $10,550.
The Itemizer save: "Tho editor who
allows his friends to run his paper Is
apt to make a botch or IU" mat s a
fuct, Bro. Wash, and so is the editor
nt to make a botch of it" who lu.
diHcrlmlnutclv print all the "stuff"
that is scut him for publication. To
borrow a phrase from old Nick Whif
fle it takes "caution and sauvlty" to
ruu a live local newspaper.
The Llun County Review has made
ItssniH-aranco upon our editorial table.
This paper Is published at Harrisburg,
Or., by Messrs. LeMasters & Cart-
wrlirht. It is independent In politics
aud Is a seven column, folio, ruus a
patent outside, but gives promise or
belug a live local paper. Ve believe
that It is located in a good field aud
the Enterprise wishes it wlU
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Yamhill County Reporter, says that
"J. B. Ford Is uow editor of the Inde
pendence Enterprise." The Re
nnrier has our middle initial wrong.
The error is unimportant so far as the
editor of this paper is concerned, but
iIipm hsmieus to be a J. 11. ford iu
this city who does not consider it a
compliment to have bis name neraioea
abroad as editor of a democratic paptr.
The Willamette valley la as deslr.
able for a home as any other section
In the world aud Polk county is one !
the very best In the state. We canuot
all make lortunes, but all who are
posstssed of reasonable Industry and
economy ought to wltb fair luck,
make at least a good llvlug. There Is
no need of any of our clUsene going
hungry or staying down to bed rock
financially If they will only rustle
around, keep at work and use economy
in all thing. Dallas Itemizer,
Molasses, Maple
Rev. Mr. Cowden, of Taooma, was
visiting over Sunday night at Dr. H.
A. M'ilkey' In this city. The
Mvrnd eentleman preached iu Rev.
J. N. Smith' pulpit at Monmouth 011
Sunday morning.
T. W. Estes, one of our best kuowu
cltltens, left for the Puget Sound
country last Monday. He will prob
ably visit Tacoma, Seattle, Port
Angels and other points. If Mr.
Estes finds a location to suit him be
may make the Sound country his
future home.
Raw Tsar's Ball. The Independence
fit v 1,1.11,1 will arlve a New Year's ball
at the opera house lu this city ou Mon
day evening, Dcceinoer i, "
Milit will lie furnished by Prof. N.
B. Butler's orchestra aud the lude-
..,l..i.. Cltv band. The committee
is J. S. Tallsitt, Chas. StauU, Byron
AdklnandE. J. Orubb. It i the
Will til I utM,' Inteutlon to make tula
dance the biggest social event of the
season. Every elrort will oe mane w
make It "out of eight'1., socially, "a
thing of beauty" aud a pleasaut, gen
i.l HHiiiM-iiieiit. The ball Is giveii lu
the Interest of the City band, to assist
lu raising the necessary funua 10 ue
r.MV WiiiaiaUs expenses., etc A
thoroughly organized band Is a neces.
.11 v In everv well ordered community,
aud the Independence City baud Ik
worthy the patrousgeor the (Mjopieoi
tl. lu eommuiilt v. It Is a credit to the
city and Is developing fair talent In It
line. Its membership I coutpoaeu 01
the best element among our young
men who feel a pride In the material
grow th and social progress of the city.
Let us all. who conscientiously can do
so, come out and give the baud boys
... us 11 Tl,.l..l .n nl at tl.00 per
m 1111. ... ... - - .
couple. Spectators will be iharged
25 cents eacb.
Kammoth Hardware Co
lt will, oerhap. be new to the peo
ple of Independence aud vlclulty to
leant that Messrs. J. It. Baldwin, M.
P. Baldwin, S. B. Baldwin aud R. H.
Wlloox have formed a co-partnersnip
for the purxe of engaging In the
hardware aud Implement trade In this
city under the firm name of the
"Mammoth Hardware Company."
These geutlemen expect to oe ,saay
for business early iu the month of
January. We understand they have
already engagad a suitable location,
although this fact H not yet public
Messrs. J. IL Baldwin and R. H.
vitx have had larsre experience In
the hardware business iu the East, so
we are inrormeo, ana iueir yr. ..,.
knowledge of the wants of the agricul
tural class lu this country will be of
service to them In the Hue ofbusiuess
In which they propose engaging.
The members of this Tiew llrm are
ho strangers to this community. They
rank among our foremost citizens, and
by their personal hearing and fair
dealing with all men they have gained
the confidence and esteem of the peo
ple. Itev. J. R. Baldwin was pastor
of the First Baptist church of this city
for a year or more and his strong per
onnlitv made Itself felt for good in the
community. Since retiring from the
pastorate of the Baptist congregauon
he has made his home in this city.
Messrs. H. R. Wilcox and M. P. Bald
win were engaged In the grocery
business here for several years and
they are recognized as competeut busi
ness men of Integrity and character.
S. B. Baldwin has been a resident of
this city for several years and is re
spected by everyone as a high minded
and courteous gentleman. The Mam
moth Hardware Compauy is a stron
SCOTT. Iu Independence, Or., to the
wife of M. D.Scott, an 8 pouud daugh
ter, Sunday, December 16, li4.
LANE Iu Independence, Or., to the
wife of David Laue, an 11 pound
son, Suuday, December 10, 1S4.
POWELL-BUTLER. At the resi
dence of Hou. I. F. M. Butler, in
Monmouth, Or., Wednesday eve-
uing, Dec 12, 1SH Ira Cliutou Pow
ell aud Miss Lena Genevera Butler,
Rev. B. F. Bounell officiating.
The gallant groom is tli sou of Hon.
K. 8. Powell, of MonmonCb, and is rec
ognized as one of Polk county's rising
young men. He is the geutlemauly
and efficient cashier of .he Polk Coun-
tv Iwiik at : lonmouth. The fair bride
1 Hie dauchler of Douglas JJutler, or
California, mid grand-daughter of Hou.
I. V. M. Builer.
The Wedding ceremouy was one of
the most brilliant social eveut of tlie
wmiiu. UnlV a lliniieu uumuer 01 rei
... , t ,
tttives and friends were present at the
mntial ceremony. The parlor was
hoautifullv decorated with chrysuu
llieinuma aud SinllaX. The bridal
M.inl atood under a beautiful arch
composed of white chrysanthemums
with a wedding bell suspeuuea irom
1 ha neuter of the arch. The bride was
.i.m,M In a srowu of heavy cream
ailk trimmed in lace aud ilia's of Ihe
vallev. A flow inn bridal veil envel
oed the bride's rich costume, a wreath
,.r while rosebuds craced uer urow anu
the carried lu her hand a boquet of
white nee aud her mother's bridal
k.nbrollpr. The maid of bouor
Miss Lottie Ground, cousin of the
1. ,-i,la a cream silk decorated Willi
pink rose. J. K. Powell, brother of
the groom, acted aa "best man - 01 lue
mloii. Mis Bessie Builer, cousin
of the bride, ws organist and played
rn!..l-wnhn's weddinc march as tne
brtrM pair marched slowly under the
nuntlal arch. Re. A. F. Boanell per
r,trrva a rwv imiiresslve ceremony. A
rich and bouuleous supper was served
Syrup, Honey,
the guest Immediately following the
marriage ceremony.
The happy couple were the recipient
of a number of beautiful aud costly
present from friends, both present and
abroad. Home of the most beautiful
floral decorations were seut by friends
from San Joee, Cal.
After supper a pleasant social hour
waa aneut In mutual congratulationa
aud all Joined In wishing the young 1
couple many happy returns or tntir
wedding anniversary which gave such
rich promise of a happy and useful
LEWLS. At the asylum lu Salem,
Or., December 8, 1804, David R.
Lewis, age 81 years.
The deceased was a prominent
citizen of I'olk county, w ho emigrated
to this count In 184.J. He located a
donation land claim on the Luckia-
lunte, where the townslteof Lewls
vllle now stands. When iu his mental
prime he was recognized as a man of
forceful character, an obliging neigh,
bor aud a kiud husband and father.
For several years before his death he
was atllicted with softening of the
bruin and was a constant care to his
children. He was committed to the
asylum several months before his
death.' Mr. Lewis was the futher of a
large family, four sous and live daugh
ters now living. His fuithful wife still
surviving him, but is quite aged and
feeble. The lemalns were interred In
the Smith burylng groundon Monday.
Rey. Futrell preached here last Sunday
ujornsng ,
Ira KuykenJall has been visiting in
Monmouth w ith relations.
Aa it w as so very stormy a week ago
last Sunday, there waa no Sunday echool
nor Christian Endeavor.
The Sunday school is making prepar
ation (or a Christmas tree here.
Several of our people have been doing
their trading In Salem recently.
Geo. White and Frank Gibson re
turned last week from a trip to Newport.
Kirkland & Co.'s dryer finished drying
Saturday, having dried 20,000 pounds of
Mr. and Mrs. Lamb, of Happy valley,
were the ffuests of Mr. Hatton last week.
They left their eon Ralph here to at
tend school.
H . B. Thielsen and family went to
Portland lust week to attend the fiftieth
wedding anniversary of Mr. Thieleou's
f! II. Haas, who was attending court
at Dallas, came down one evening during
the week and made his son a visit, re
turning the next morning.
Dl UUft.x 1 .
Several case of sickness in town this
The M. E. church will have a Christ
mas tree Monday evening.
T. J. Morrison is tho happy father of
a ten pound boy.
The Dallas fire company will give a
graud New Year's ball.
The readiuir society met at Dr. Eui-
bree's residence Monday evening.
Teinnerance is taking a new start
among the Christian brethren of our
The Rebekahs will hold a three days'
fair, commencing Monday of next week.
Mrs. Z. Howe died near Perrydale Sat
urday and was buried in the Dallas ceme
tery Sunday.
A couDle of men living in the Salt creek
iiniVhhorhood were arraigned before Jus
tice Smith last Monday 011 the charge of
larceny of grain. They were acquitted.
A. Shives and wite paid Salem a visit
last week .
Frank Smith, of Salem, waa on our
streets Suuday.
Chas. Docksteadcr, of Independence,
moved Intooureity last week.
Prayer meeting every Wedtesday eve
ning at the Evangelical church.
Miss Durell. of Woodburn, will stay
ith her brother "Billy" this winter.
Miss Cora Dompsey, of Eickreall, will
ork this winter for Mrs. J. B. Williams,
Prii-tpt n." ven a and wife, of Kings val
ley, was in town last Saturday and Sun
Gene Simpson, of Corvahis, was nere
isiting friends and relatives the firstof
lie week.
Wui. McLaughlin and Geo, Scott put
u their time last Friday hauling wood for
Rev. Ballautyne.
k Kallantvne attended the dedica
tion of tho new Evangelical church at
Salem last Sunday. neoDle attended a social gath
ering given in honor of Geo. Wells, Jr ,
and a ife last Saturday eveniug ai uie
home of tlie above named, and a fine time
as had.
a .limn social at M. X. Trather's last
Saturday niht for the benefit of the
Evangelical Suuday school netted a good
profit from a large crowd. A pleasant
lime was had.
r:.,. Limlenian is outline np a very
substantial woodshed, and has plenty
of wood on hand to nil it.
A heavv wind storm last Saturday
night caused several farmers a little
extra labor repairing fences.
George W hi tall, a nephew of the
rinrm'. arrived here recently irom
Eastern Oregon with a blushing young
Mrw. Wm. Lewis was taken quite 111
while attending the funeral of D. R.
etc., at Donty &
Lewis last week, bnt I better at the
present writing.
A debating eoclety was organized at
the Montgomery school bouse recently,
and they have lively time there every
Friday evening.
Mr. Hadley and sister will spend tl'1
week at the metropolis taking in the
fair etc. Several others talk of going
down before it la over.
Will Lines, of Indejndence, 11 a
rustler from away back. He was in these
parts one day last week with a four
horse wagon gathering np cabbage,
"latere" and "sich," for one of the
ministers of your city. We havn'tilug
our potatoes yet, in fact, we forgot to
plant theiu last spring, thereforj we,
couldn't give buna very big lift.
About twenfy yom.g ladies repaired
to the home of Jule lUnnum lat Fri
day evening almost loaded down with
iics, cikes and other goodies, and give
liiiuagratid surprise. Of course their
partners were alonjr, also, the Lrctsbr
boys, who furnished iiiumc for tho w-.
casion. Severul of the young ladies
have already got theircap set for Jule.
We are pleased to note the grand
change in tho Entskkbisx. The teachers'
column wilt be one of the leading fea
tures and will be eagerly sought by
school children and their parents. If
the citizens of Independence will sup
port the Extskprisx liberally, as they
should, we guarantee the farmers gen
erally will drop In quite often and de
posit a little "free silver" with the
' Fklix,
Billy Kuykendall and a man from Port
land bave been In these parU buying up mur
ton sheep.
Mrs. Dealo and four children arrived on
the train Ust'weck from Brush, Col. Tbe
buiband lives In Kings Valley.
B. L. Williams is notgoln te wall till bay
harvest time to begin making a hay rack; be
Is bard at work on one now.
A literary society was organized at this
Dlace last wees, and we expect to soon bear
some heavy gens on some very Important
D. lieven made a ttytig tripover to Elk
Cl?v last week. He expected to make tbe
trip there lu one day, a dlntanee of some 60
miles. We will wager a pop-gun. If snybody
can make It lu one aay, Jen can.
t. n so.ta and wife were agreeably sur
prised one evening tost week by several of
ihir n-irnd. coming In upon mem
with their pockets well Ailed with candy,
nnU, etc. The evening was very pleasantly
Perhaps yon can Imagine the feelings thai
f!liaa. Morrison last Sunday
-nrnln. vhn nn rolrtff tothfi Dam be dlS-
cov.rea that half of the roof was blown off
and laying out In the stubble Held iw rect
away. He said when he lived over on the
bay, the wind often blew the flsh out of the
-nA it.nri.ui ihm on drr soil, but he
bad no idea It ever blew so hard out here in
the valley.
A J A A..
-kt-iiu h.nk. viv.n thnt il.a annnal
meeting of the stockholders ol The Inde
pendence Water and Electrle Light Co. will
be held at the Indepenacnce national uu,
Indepsndence, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
soth day of January. 1S9 at 7 o'cloc p. m..
for the pnrose of electing officers for said
company and attending to such other busi
ness as may come before said meeting.
II. II. JASFEtusu;, ec.
Stnckholders' Meeting-.
TiiAiwnia.annitnl mrptlnr of the stock-
kiHpn nf ti.A Tnitone ndence National Bank
will be beld on Tuesday, January 8, be
tween the hours or 10 a. m. ana p. m. ai ure
hank lur thi nnroose of electing a board of
directors and tbe transaction ef sucb other
business that may come before tne meeting.
Datec this Kin day oi uecenioer, irm.
W. P. Cos saw v,
24 Cashier.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice Is hereby given that tho annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Tolk
County Land Company will be held at tne
Lj.nHunA. Vutin.tfLl Runk Hulldlng. In
dependence, Oregon, on Monday, the SUt day
of December, 1804, at ten o'clock A. for the
nv.p(iffWilniriifflcfn for said company.
and attending to such other business as may
come before said meeting.
I). W. Skahs, Secretary.
December 8, ISM. "
$10O Keward. $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
oue dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in ail its stajres aud
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure now known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh be
ing a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall s Cat
arrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
serfaces of the system, thereby des
troying the foundation of the diseas.
and giving the palieut strength by
building up the constitution aud as
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith In its
curative powers, that they offer Oue
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
rails to cure, neuu lor no u. ira.ui.uu-:
ials. Address
F. J. CHENEY Co., Toledo, 0.
gf3i,Sold by Druggists, 75c 8
Buckles' Arnica Salve.
Th Best Salve In the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, n.irna .ml alt Skin Krunt-
VU11UI.UI v I'-, -
, PiIol nr no
ions, aim r"""j ,
pav requlrel. It Is guarauteetl to give
periect snsi;i." v .-, J
Pi lee 25 cents per bottle, ror bale By
(Smith A Holt-
Hood's Pills are purely vegeta
ble, carefully prepared from the
best ingredients. 4
Tf wm; want smrar vou can eel as
much, if not a little more, of J. P.
Irvine as of any other man, and
don't you forget it.
It will pay vou to take llooa
c.nrilli With nure blood
you need not fear the grip, pneu-
J . ..... IT...!1.
monia, dipmneria or ievers. nwu
Sarsaparilla will make you strong
and healthy.
F. E. Griffith, of McMinnvillo,
has leased rooms in tbe east end of
tho Little Palace hotel facing C
street for a cigar stand and fac
tory. Ho will begin business about
Jan. 1.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powdar
World's Pair Highest Awarst.
Jfra, Jdgt Pec
Mrs. Judge Peck Tell Hows
She Was Cured
uffsrsr from Dyspepsia IsniM read the fal
lowing ktter from Mrs. II. M. -Peek, will at
Judge Peek,auiUcsstTraey.Csl..aiidawrltar
oniwcted with the AMochiWd Pressi I
"By a deep sense of gratitude fur the great
.unfit I liar rsrelrml In to the ef Hood's
lUrvtwarilln, I !, mn Ivd to write Ui Mlow.
lug UUrnH'Ilt I'T ins lieurllt Of .un.rar. waw
nay be almllarlr (IMIrtnl. ror IA years I aa
beea a great lunern Irom dytpepsla aac
Heart Trouble.
Almost sreryUilng I M would distress bm. ' I
Uied different treatm.HU and asedleiaes, bat
tailed to realize relief. Two years sgo a friend
prevailed upon me to try Hood's Hsrsaparills.
The rt bottle 1 sotleed helped I con
tinued Uking It. It itld me so nioeh good tha
m friends .uoks of Uie Improvement. 1 have
reoelred sueli grest benefit from It UuM
Gladly Rtcommind It.
I now have an excellent appetite and Bothls I
at ever distresses . ft also keeps up mf
Hood'sHS Cures
flesh and strength. I cannot praise Hood's
e Itl tiui m.i.k M U ii. II. U lBix.
Tracy, California. Oet HOOP'S.
HoOd'a Pflt are band made, and partes
la proportion and appearance). SB, a bog.
Recrular services at the M. E.
church Sunday.
The M. E. c!iurcli will have
Christmas tree on Christmas eve.
20 pounds best granulated sugar
fnsit Pklna clltfl,! fnT lllff Silver
uuv V...J Da, . f v. - O
dollar and two chances at tbe fine
lamp at J. P. Irvine s.
J. P. Irvine, the cash grocer, pays
rnah for all his roods and ItetS
every cent of discount and money
in the Dann to buy more wnn, so
there is ho use of his competitors to
go to cutting the life out of sugar.
far Y,a wilt soil na mneh sili'ar for
IVI A V " " CJ
one dollar as any man this side of
rortlana, or anytninsr eise in tne
grocery line. Call and git his
prices before buying.
Tt T. Xfnrnhr snnt
Tuesday visiting the public schools.
Durham & JIurphy sre the pro
prietors of the new meat market
Mr. Butler has quit working on
the section-and Mr. McCIure baa
succeeded him. " ' "
The Sunday school at the Chris
tian church will give a Christmas
tree at the church.
Rev. Cowden occupied the pulpit
in the Christian church Sunday
morning antj evening.
J. E. Bond is suffering with a.
lame ami. He is afraid blood
poison is the trouble.
Profesetr WV E. Ginn visited
Dallas on business this week. He
will probably organize a class there.
An orchestra has been organized
at the Normal echool. We are not
able to give the names of the mem
bers. A petition is being circulated
asking the legislature to prohibit
the manufacture and sale of cigar
ettes. ' " - ;
Large numbers of fat hogs ar
being brought into town now. They
bring four and a Lalf cents per
The meetings at the Evangelical
church still continue and will aa
long as the present interest is mani
fested. Ed. M. Smith's term of school
closes at Elkins on Dec. 21. They
will have only a three months term
this fall. ' .
Hon. II. B. Miller, of Grants
Tups, lectured at the Normal chapel
Tuesday evening. We did not
learn the subject of his discourse.
AVe are informed that F. A.
Stacey, who lives some four miles
out of town, is quite sick. We
have not heard what the complaint
is. . .
Professor Faulk is conducting a
successful writing class at the pub-;
lie school. lie is an excellent
teacher and the pupils are improv-
ing niceiy.
Professor A. N. Fulkerson, of
Airlie. was home Saturday. !
informs us that he will have four
mouths more of school. He is giv
ing good satisfaction.
C. P. Jordan and family departed
for Portland this. week. Mr. Jor
dan is an honest and energetic bus-
inaca man fill t tViA best wishes of
iuvcd aasja --
the people of Monmouth go with
A man from Falls City ran into
a deep chuck-hole in front of J. E,
Miller's Friday and had quit a
serious tip-over, which resulted m
a broken double-tree and a badly
sprained arm.
Tbe city election passed off quiet
ly and resulted in the election ot
tbe following officers for the en
suing year: Mayor. J. II. Hawley;
councilrucn, L. Beutlty, F. Pw
ell, G.T. Boothby, A. J. Shipley;
recorder, L. Ground; treasurer, lr
C. Powell; marshal, S. V. Coat.
The only question at issue wan
whether cows should be allowed to
run at large or not. -140 vote were
cast, and the majority' being m ht
vor of keeping the cows up, they
will have to remain in durance vile.
IIecto. -