Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 20, 1894, Image 1

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vara endeavor lul ...
raoarr u AocmiTi,
bnt rrA-w Maurur of
etatmntiiil to bluudvrlng
A Mtauatu,
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tlolna. In audi a r.
Eternal Vigilance it the Price of Liberty. Jeffenon
i V0i: ji NO. 3
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Commenced Uuiiiims March 4, 1HW
f r .' f f 1 " . ' v 1 '
r"" ' T. T 7 ...,...,T.Mi.i urn i.' nniivrv nntTJONT THURSDAY DVCVMUVH 2fi. 180.1. 21.50 PEIt YEAH. ' trrlELti'
- , IJNJ-fJ'ji TjiNi-TjIl vJV, ivun vvum a, uniiuv-. .. - - ;-i -'t -
. ..
; Tine
pirt otiorpal Bank
of I iHlie.idm.e, Oregon,
OtptUl Btock,
nnnraa. J W. anaanTtio".
" ' Vlca freeldeiit,
W. . KlKlITi CMIlier,
J. B. Cooper, L. W. HoUrlaor,, Law Is
llelinii'i, vi. r.
W. W. Collins.
I . ......I kanklll txUlnM treiHWted. f
OBI f"l. ullTun made.
0ee eerei le. . WO. e.
i Rational Bank!
Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
. II. 1I1K8C1IDKUU, President.
AlUtAM NKI-HON, Vire Preal.lent.
V, P. (X)NNAWA Y, Casl.lfr
; A gennral bank luff and eiolmnire timl
tteaa transacted : loans matin, liilla dis
counted, commercial credits granted J
tjfpoait rwwlved on etirrent account
"Subject to check, interest panl on time
' B. F. Smith, A. Nelson, I. A. Allen,
II. II. JHron, A. J. Goodman, I. W.
boar, II. Himhlirrg.
One door "went of jxwtofllec
Tropical and domestic fruitit, nutM,
etc., at wholesale and retatl.
jj Kruitiof ill Kiads CwsUntly Oa Haad
Our Prior are the Ixxrewt jaaj
Sperling Bros.,
Meat Market
i dealer is
'Choice Meats.
.OPEN SUNDAYS FKOM 8 to 9 a.m.
I Free. Delivery to all parts
? Win Ktrwt.
P. H. Murphy, Prop.
, llenalrlngof
all kluU will
' receive
i prompt
Tlie beet of
turnod out oo
nhort notice,
, A share of your patronage
is solicited.
" Main street, Independence
M.nufkotur.r of
. . For . .
Prl reawnabla ad Work luaranteeJUj
Promptly and
neatly done by
K. A.
Sash I
1 Doors I
The Cash Blacksmith.
A Specialty.
I Poultry and cash, j
I f f . . ,6
Jl., ..STAR.. If! ff J
3 H il ' ' GROCERY, hi I 4-
B ni oo pu ii ooi 4
if 'iMp'nig acuou 'sub)
If p ib s)H8q 4a3)t ur dnn.3 O-v
We have a Bargain
AVo have a few novelties left . in tho
you want any, come quick.
and Toilet Cases.
Finished in Celluloid, arc very stylish presents this year,
and we have some beauties which are also goiflg fast.
Wo have a very large stock of Dolls going cheap, cheap,
cheap 1'
v . .
Photo Albums,
Christmas Cards,
Xmas Books,
Celluloid Goods, and if
The Currency Committee Ito
i miiietid CurlUIo'a I'lan.
Japan ! Hammeriog Away at Obioa
Tb4 Beserv rand Again Down to
191,000,000- Opium Beiiure-
From the Oregonlan, Hun, and Htaltmiiau.J
ThurHtlay December Vi.
Japan Will Kaka IoTMtiKaUoaa.
London. The Japanese tvarmin
istcr will go to Port Arthur, prob
ably to ascertain lh basis of the
persistent rumors that the Japan
ese solJiers killed civilians after
capturing the city.
Tillamook Light Clublftd.
Astoria, Or. Tho late storm
disabled the Tillamook light. The
mad waves threw up pieces of rock,
breaking the plate glass around
the lantern, damaging the lenses,
etc. At one time six feet of water
was in the siren room and four feet
in the keeper's quarters.
Chang, d Iti FitM-aity.
Washington. It is understood
that Representative Springer will
father the Carlisle scheme and in
troduce it in the house over his
own name. There will bo no im
portant changes made in the bill.
The New York financiers favor the
scheme since they learned that the
silver Democrats oppose it. The
bill will probably pass the house
before the holidays.
Senator Suboii 1 Tiawt.
Washington. Senator Dubois,
of Idaho, said today international
agreement meant agreement with
England. That country established
the single gold standard in 1316,
and in 1873 she succeeded in get
ting the world to agree to it. She
is the great creditor nation and all
the debts are made payable in gold.
To expect England to go into an
international agreement for the re
monetization of silver would be
like proposing for a man having
$100,000 to' go into a pool with
half a dozen other men, each hav
ing $10,000, with the understand
ing that when the pool was made
up all were to divide equally.
Friday, December 14.
Again Below the 8100.000,000 Mrk. '
Washington.. There was a
heavy drain on the treasury today.
The enormous sura of 14,870,000
taken out of the treasury and the
sab-treasury of Boston and New
York. The gold balance in the
treasury is now reduced to $96,3 11,
884. Japan'! Diplomacy. ,
San Francisco. The steamer
Gaelic brings the information
direct from Tokio that Japan is
jealous of foreign meditation iu the
settlement of her war with China.
The Japanese consider it essential
to Japan's national supremacy to
compel China to admit her over
whelming defeat and humiliation.
Tha United State! Will Not Inratigata.
Washington. The United States
will take no part in the investiga
tion of the Armenian outrages.
Finding that the limitations pro
posed by Cleveland upon the func
tions of Jewett were such as to pre
vent his joint action with the Old
World powers, the sultan withdrew
his invitation to the United States
to appoint a commissioner, conse
quently Jewett's appointment
Under Arreat for Embeslemunt
Vancouver, Wash. Representative-elect
Mills, of this county, is
under arrest, charged with the
embezzlement of school funds
while acting as director of school
district No. 51. Mr. Mills' asso
ciate director, P. Wolf, is also ar
rested. The district has recently
built a new school house, and the
specific charge against Messrs.
Mills and Wolf is that they in
directly drew pay for work done
on the building.
Am Attempted Train Bobbery.
Grants Pass, Or. Two masked
men attempted to board the north
bound overland train at Woodville,
a small station 9 miles from here,
but missed their footing and
failed. About four miles out from
Woodville three masked men swung
a rea ugni across me
track ahead of the train, and the
engineer, enepecting something
wrong, pulled tho trottlo wide open
and left ibem behind. It was
clearly an attempt to hold up the
Saturday, December 15.
Carbale'i Plan to be Kaaommendad
Washington. The house bank
ing and currency committee have
decided by the close vote of 9 to 8
to recommend the adoption of
Secretary Carlisle's currency plan.
Johnson of Ohio and Ellis of Ken
tucky voted with the republican
members against reporting the
plan. The committee has been in
session for a week hearing leading
bankers and officials on the pro
posed revision.
Xi-Treamry Howe Found Onilty-
Jacksonville, Or. The jury
returned a verdict of guilty in the
case of Ex-Treasury Howe, whose
case has just been tried here, on
change of venue from Klamath
county. The case was contested
with great energy ou both sides
and has excited a good deal of in
terest. Counsel for defense asked
until Monday next in which to file
a motion for a new trial.
Harmon Kotion tha Field.
Buffalo, N. Y. - Col. D. S.
Alexander, ex-United States at
torney for Northern New York, is
authority for the statement that
Ex-President Harrison will not be
a candidate for re-election. While
on a Western tour CoL Alexander
visited the ex-president, who
talked freely on the presidential
outlook for 1896, and says most
emphatically that he is not a can
didate for renomination. General
Harrison thinks "the treasury de
partment will get very tired of
maintaining a gold standard by
paying interest on bonds issued
for the purchase of gold."
Banker BtJohn'i Opinion.
Washington. President St.-
John, of the New York Mercantile
bank, iu his testimony before the
currency committee said: "Con
gress fiddles with the bank notes
while the burning issue is our
primary money coin." He charac
terized the repeal of the Sherman
act last year and closing of the
mint to silver as "the worlds
blind experiment" in money. It
severed the last link that coupled
silver to its crippled right of money
in the western world. Mr. St. John
declared it was the duty of congress
to stop experimenting and go back
to the Hamilton-Jeflerson coinage
system to restore bimetalism, inde
pendent of other nations. In con
clusion Mr. StJohn declared that
'if this respect of mony is to be
preserved, the rich will be made
richer and the poor poorer as the
achievement of our statute law."
Sunday, December 16.
Associated Banka
New York. The bank state
ment of the associated banks show
the following:
Reserve, increase $ 443, 1 i o
Loans, decrease 962,200
pecie, increase 6,37o,900
Legal tender, decrease. .. 6,246,300
Deposits, decrease 1,246,300
Circulation, decrease 29,000
The banks now hold $33,345,825
in excess of the requirements of
the 25 per cent rule.
Bonn' Diaoonrteiy.
Denver. John Burns, English
member of parliament, re-
narked to Delegate Wersman:
'You delegates have been asses."
The American Federation of Labor
takes this as an insult. Delegate
Pomeroy made this pointed reply
to Burns: "If an American were
to eo to England would he escape
the duck pond if he criticised the
personal habits and institutions of
your people as yoa have freely
done during your stay in America?"
Tha CbJaeaa loaa An ether Bttle-
Tv-ixnnv A corresDondent in
Antong telegraphed December 14,
that a battle had Ik-cii fought at
Yth-Min-Shan, five lulled from
Feng-Huang. The Japane at
tacked with spirit, and defeated
the Chinese, driving them to
Timatsch. The Japanese loss i
three officers killed and 70 privates
killed or wounded. The Chinese
loss is 250 killed or wounned and
30 prisoners. The Japanese cap
tured four field guns. The Chinese
prisoners say that the general had
under him more than 4000 Kerin
troops, who are in every way
superior to Chinese troops.
Monday, December 17.
Willie Duolway Appolutwl.
Salem, Or. Governor-Elect
Lord has publicly announced that
Willis Duniway is to be bis private
secretary. And it is authentically
reported that C. M. Lock wood, of
this city, is to be chief clerk In the
secretary of state's office.
Japaneae will Attack Kew Chwanf. ;
London. A Tien-Tsin dispatch'
says General Sung has an army of
20,000 men at New Chwang, includ
ing 6,000 who escaped from "Port
Arthur. It is likely the Japanese
attack will be delayed until the
second Japansse army from the
South joins the first army from
the East.
rrcaldent Gone per! Defeated.
Denver. The Federation of
Labor in convention today elected
McBride, of the United Mine
Workers, as president by a vote of
1162 to 957 over Gompers. This
is said to be a victory for the dele
gates who favor the "government
l- ? :tailan ' hlunt 111
tne piauorm to wmcu vrumjo
was strongly opposed. A. Me
Craith, of Boston,' was elected
secretary, and J. B. Lennon, of
New York, treasurer. - 'mere were
four vice presidents elected.
John Burna Talka Like a John Bull. ,
Denver. John Burns, the Eng
lish delegate to the Federation of
Labor, said in an interviews.
'Since my arrival in America, in .
the short time spent in Chicago
and New York, I saw more poverty,.
dirt, wretchednssa and misery than .
I have seen in all my life in Eng-
land. Mark my wouls, within the
next 25 years Americans will be
emigrating to England, because -.
.,1 j
that country uy wia umo ?.
have the model government of the
world. It will be the only happy
and contented people on earth.'
Opium Seizure.
Tacoma. Customs Inspector
Jossey says that within the last
30 davs he has seized 80 pounds of
opium shipped to Portland, witln
sweated stamps on the cans, lie
has worked quietly while making
investigations. His first discovery
was make about a month ago. lie
found a small shipment bearing.;
stamps on which he had placed
the number of a Portland store
early in November. Ah Hing,' a
prominent Chinese of Port Town-
send, is implicated ana Has Deen'
arrested and bound over for trial.
Tuesday, December 18
Tha Cdiaei Ontflankftd.
Shanghai. The Japanese hare
completely outflanked the Chinese
armv in Manchuria, which is now
shut out on the eastern aide of the
ereat wall from the central portion
of the empire. Some of the Japan-
ese officers are being tried by court.
martial for not restraining their
men after the capture of Port' Ar
Hot Guilty ! gabexslearaBL
Tacoma. Ex-City Treasurer G.
V. Roffffs has been acquitted of the
embezzlement charge against him,
without a line of evidence on iha
part of the defense.
Dr Price's Cream Bakln; Powda
AwardW Gold MU fr. T--
Hood's Pills are the best after
inner Dills, assist digestion, eura
a . vV