Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, December 06, 1894, Image 4

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TAILORING. seeompanHnPat,
with , vote rll" d trt(lu ,,
to another UVe"1", K0Wrl
i TV
x , , Tho world bad turned blue afrain.
' "And it tan's neoosaary that you nothin .bead ot Mm but
hould," p-t.n Mrt. Boor. -Coni ther nilfhtin tho .troet.
Hon, my good girl. B. U not a fit so- thc m thrce hour, h0 w.mlerod
qualntance tor you." I t tl)0 jower part of the town, and at
tfbe dragged tbe . younfor woman h founJ bimsti( in front
away, and gate her" Jjoc ,ance to reP y- nsylvaniaraUroadferry-bouso
Uwrence. half cruodatbe ntf thus in- j of CorUanat street. TVen
with .W.
persons . f foUowlng
others P"'""' Y ' hep, hts tuna
tfarlr ,Pltt,Vlhaua lnuW and
and hU temper for a a
then, turning -.- , ol
i-iuuo down ,
tiii:i;i"k covntv imikss.
Xw Item d Editorial Hx-
Th.E.wnoe of rwdomiirttOoatrol
..tT-...s.. f fliia'a uwn
ol tn iiu" "
always on
tom.pted.waa follcwlng vuom toolishtoaiu over hlu like naan.
band was law upon n . ,.Thi8 -a to Tronton. io i s -r
a ha turned about, tbe policeman BO u frll?nd n0b-lie there, and
had directed him to Murray street tood . J fcsr0 , thousand quicker
before him. ' ' ...,, v than a wink it I can only reach him.
7" . mthinT like . soe
, he coum "j
5 liil
! i
a aquare meal he forsrot even the means
)T which the money had been obtained.
vinA wu his one irreat need. He looked
' about him for a restaurant. There vas
: none In sight Away to the left was tho
felevated railroad. Ha knew that it
would take him down town where eat
ing houses would be plenty, and he hur
ried to a station.
' An L-traln at ten miles an hour is not
rapid transit to a man who has not dined
for two-flays. Before he reached the
fcity Hall station Drane fully realued
, Vow badly Kew York needed another
and a quicker System. Electricity in a
inoment of excitement would have been
the proper thing to keep pace with his
. tio.n the iournPT
.impauenco. .
ended before the tissue oi nis j
Vholly wasted away; and two minutes
' rater Jie was seated at a restaurant
, iable And had ordered just seventy cents
worth of food.' ' Nothing, from fish-balU
)o terrapinhad ever tasted so good to
him as that soup.
- Wn," thought ho, when tho food had
Pgun to take effect, "I'll treat him to a
ten-course dinner."
The world took an a different aspect
as he ate. Ho felt Sure that every thing
would oorae out right. His acquaint
ance at Murray gtreetwould gladly help
tin out of his predicament, and he
fcould laugh at his strange experience.
"With i a tifcht waist band and ninety-live
cents in bis pocket, he was a rich man
wrain as he strolled up to the desk to
ray his check. Just there temptation
' aoiUd upon Mm. He wanted to smoke
It seemed as if his longing for food had
been feeble to his present craving lor
just one fragrant whiff of tobacco.
"How much are those cigars?' ho
asked, indicating some which tho man
at the desk had just spread before a cus
tomer. ,
-'Fifteen cents two lor a quaruci,
r.KiV here. Touni? feller, said to, . Sl.miortod by a
"I oaw da young woman give you some- j wouJ(J have 8torttd along
thiug.au1 that's enough for you, see? . u, but a ferry was a
Don't you follow her no more. different matter. How be regretted the
llrane couldn't abide the idea of an- ffe w Um
Other incaroeraUon. and ha obeyed the j f-.a
polioeman a instrucUons, with wrath la , f tho orry wa3
hli aoul. And yet, coo.ed stoop- house used as an
down a bit, fce perceive that hi. i noe had come U. tho con
ilon bad.been am.ltoraUHl to tho cxU-nt now ch
Uf on. silver dollar, a lf Uon by fion and ask for a night's
io means to be overlook. H i J,,, snd wtth tUls purpose in wind
. -j.i n,rt Vi-alized the ! out."1"1 " . . . , ..J, i ti
never am t ou . . bo entered the uo i - "
ah ...w hub no -.a
see iuo u.ivT.""...
ing it a man with a concertina in his
hand dropped into a chair near him.
' Hello, Billv," said the clerk to the
"where's vourside partner-.
donno," replied lUUy. "Ouess
he's In the jug. I haven't seen him
since the three o'clock boat this morn-
'"-Going to play a lone hand to-night?"
"Guess 1 11 have to, I cau do tho
dancing all right, but I can't sing.
You'd better come along, Jimmy, and
try your little song on the public
Jimmy laughed, and it was evident
that the offer was intended as a joke;
but it set Lawrence thinking. The
man with the concertina took a seat in
a remote corner and appeared to bo
Eoirewhat downcast Lawrence ap
proached him.
"Did I understand yon to say that
vou were going to give an enier.u
ment somewhere and desired a singer7
he asked. , ,-
Billy looked up with an amused stare.
. 'he inauired. "?o
foolin. now. I took a feller on bis
word some years ago, and when he
opened his mouth aboard the ferry-boat
the passengers came pretty near throw
in' us both overboard."
'I didn't know that entertainments
were allowed on the ferry-boats," said
Lawrence. "There was a-sign prohibit
ing such things on the boat I came over
'""Don't worry abort tbe sign," said
Billy. "I stand in with all the night
rews. Kow can you sing, honest?
Vhat do you -know? All the old chest
nuts, I suppose. Give us a sample. If
it's very bad I'll beg the clerk's pardon,
and you won't get shot."
Drane was amused. He had a tenor
voice of good power and compass and
excellently cultivated, -lie looked Billy
squarely and sternly in the eye for a
Jnmont. and then srave him a short
vocal exercise somewhat pyrotechnic
in its character, and concluding with a
smooth, mellow howl in the neighbor
hood of high C. Billy and every body
else in tho placo jumped to their feet,
but they did not run away, as Drane
had feared they might.
"Say," said Billy, slowly, putting his
foreunger on thetreast of Drane's coat,
that's great stuff. Just do that a
couple of times on board the boat while
I knock out a littlo accompaniment on
the old concertina, and we'll pick up
fcrane was elatod. Here was his
cbam-e to escape from all bis difficulties.
i4 that he bad not thought
earlier of using his. voice to mako his
Phr rilV Numnicr has six sternly
f...t. rureliKsed t. c
railroad hou at Moniuouth.
.re beinir rapidly old
. ...... im,.U are tiicd of
lirro inm . i
waiting forn gd I'riec.
c tn or throe years ago,
George W'hite Ml off a ear. He
now ruflVring from injury he
received from the foll.-Uiokrcill
IT,,,,. A. K. Lylelfft Monday
hi, btmch graes ram-b. after imr
,ha,ing several he.d of W etfoot
cattle. Mr. Fred MeCarter e
compamedMr.I.vh'to his ra. ch,
where he will mnain for uoine
lr next saturua.v iib'. '
k of changing rails "om n....
MicrKii" am
lurvn between
Dundee will be eon: pk ted ami
then all but about twenty of the
mm engaged will bo di.ehargex
The remaining twenty men will
gather up all the M Narrow
Guagfl rails and bring them to the
lY" at Sheridan Junction, where
they will be stored until deposed
of The new track will be a credit
to the country, ami we t.u.-v
ere many moons the same im
provement ttill be maite
Sheridan Junction ai.u aui.i.
He had often been affected by just
3uth entertainments as ho now proposed
to take part in, and he had woudefd
I W hat would be the success ot a reai.y
I r.t. nrfnrtner. He had no end
ni retilv. t.n, in orwvt music, and he resolved
Drane reflected that a man so poor as I tfao fprry.boafs passengers socio-
nt ffnrrt to cav eih-'cu , .. , Tv.r, timn draf-rru
new.vvu" tif tning worm ncuiuj. - '
oentaiora cigr " heavily tiil twelve ociotu, ""
for twelve and a half by simply pure has- ' ,n wM ris0. uniy v:s
Tbero ii. it ftppfaw to me, very
l,,y conception of the proper
functions of government in the
minds of many estimable cUue.
The "Moated banker" being con
ridtredan evil, Hi assumed that
government ought to "get at him
by means of the taxing power in
some way or other not yet dis
covered by u - U forgotten
that an intelligent uxe ot the ballot
...;.,i,t imi.iffiirate a system of gov
,,,t deiHiMtaries, by means ol
which the profits now going U
nriatto bankers might bo diverted
into the public till, and bank fail
ure avoided. In like uf.nner the
millions now made by railroad ex-
t..riion. wrecking of railroads, etc.,
,ight ! kept in the rightful own
ers pocket., were the government
nut in possesion ol Uieso monojm
li. s. liut to allow millions to tie
...niuilute in private hands by ls-
.oPion of various monopolies, ami
i M,.Y,i,t to fax away these
i urn ii i
ad thoUL'h wo should
Ilium"". "
by improper drainage, allow an
immense, lake to uceumulate. and
then end -avor to ladle it dry with
pitchforks. It is eingular, too, how
i! ,le notice is taken of "the robber
hoUkcsall that is left," while
all sorts of schemes are in vogue
for the taxing of the rich on the
money they are supposed to nos
hms. " Hut a little investigation
will discover tho fact that nature
has provided a tax fund amply
sufficient for the most extended
governmental purposes, so that
such natural monopolies as nul-.-oads,
telegraphs,-etc. may be run
by the government at cost, no
iK'eileil irom iiif-i-
I Ha nf mint nl lie
AIMP llllv Vl MlllU'llo t ,.i,,t
Sdtisfaekion Guaranteed
ludepeiuleiu o, Or,
is jnanufact tired by tho
1 11. MrCAllKj 1rP"
"I'ricea "to "uit tho times.
Ollieo and factory
llirrv'll tMtntrmiMi. HUli
We are closing out our nucoi
Gears' Furnishing Goods
.1 (rlmtti'ost.
H. S.'Fortwood,
Moiituouth, Oregon.
If tho merchant taki enro of a hugu .ynlort
hU Kh1, to iiy ny I"" cmlitr'
and InWwtl on outnUntHng counts. , lhi!
Vor ll.o cuMlomor if the morchant comluc l
1,1,, LuHinoM on a Mrictly fttHh UhI. Ho ha,
H,uHHlfora fon-oof hookkcoi and hil
colloctors; ho figure on no hm from lu,1
w has no inU-rt'Ht to y on out
llerauH" wo conduct out
dohtH, niu
Ktuiidiiiy; money
without giving crodit wo nro nblo t
Grandma UiUhm, who has been
sick all summer, is now very low
Rev. F. Dillard llolman is I,ae' hc wrote t Henry licorge that he
revenue iH'ina
sources. When Win. Wl
son Jr. was first convinced of the
soundness ( f tho single-tax theory
r.i nvr :it
orot trie urtii'i" w.v..
At lionco's Teedee lumlier mill
Ust week a vicious saw clipped off
a thumb for B. F. Zumwalt.
l!,nrv Brown lost a tine team
by drowning at the Smith ford
down the Rickreall last Saturday.
The new officials of the Eastern
Star lodge in Dallas are to oe
J. II. Townscnd, Mrs. Ed Biddlo.
Mrs. A. B. Muir, Mrs. J. J. Vv isc-
man, Miss Nora Craven ami -Miss
luez Vaughn.
Rev. L. W. Morrison, who went
from Dallas to preach over in the
Tillamook country lor a ear.
writes to us that he is well pleased
with his surroundings and he
thinks there is a grand outcome
for that region.
On Monday 150 head of two-
vear-om caitio viwg,
Marion county and delivered to A.
R. Lyfe at Derry. They were
driven to Portland, to be shipped
to The Dalles, and then driven out
to his Hay creek ranch.
.i i .. ..,-;,-,.u fur troodn tliut vou
glYO VOll Hie limeri y r
can .d.tuin anywhere. (Vine and tentonrolVca
Miss Sophia Goff.
Huh Intely ri tunii il from Him
l'nilieleo and is prepared ti
ivt her patrons the bvneJlt
of n new .yti'm "f
Dress Cttlllni; d l'ittltiir
Cor. Itailrnail mid 1 tN
i n ;: v.v kn i kn n k, 1 1 1 : ;on .
Orercome by this unassailable
is a
and Drano
arittifiietic, ha laid down his last quar- j 4 much, ashamed ot bis
ing two.
-i-j i .-nkT moment ho was en
Wrtng'one of tho weeds for winch ew
Yora U justly Infamous to such adr-greo
as he had never enjoyed a good ouc in
iiis life. But he was penniless again.
He crossed City llall Park with a firm
Step, and hi head in tho air. His woes
Vrte floating away in smoke; his hopes
were high. He walked down Murray
street and quickly found tbe number ho
sought The name Richard H. Billia,
in white letters on a window of the
Jower story, set all doubts at rest; and,
tAA ti.e nin himself sat at a desk ia
plain Tiew from the sidewalk. Lawrence P.he tfceir ln
identified him at once from description, fcacuritv of the passaire
and he f eit that be was sared. forward and after .cabins on the
' Mr. Billings, however, was engaged In g;de
earnest conversation, and Lawrt r.ce, ; ,.We.u baTe t0 wait tm she starts,"
tfter staring at him a minute through ! "That's tho rule, and por-
he window, decided to wallc arouna tue it.'iu8t M vv( 11. None of 'cm can ;
... i . ; fVtnnra m TiniHll '
blocu ana rivo ""; - escaDe after
society under ordinary cireumownci s,
but now he only thanked his stars that
the fellow was no worse. Ho was a
great deal more ashamed of the concer
tina, and afraid cf it, too.
They left the hotel and boarded the
(welve-o'clock boat. Drane was nervous,
lie hadn't decided what to sing and ho
feard the miscellaneous audience to
the last degree. . He had often sung in
public, and occasionally in costumed
light opera parts, but ho had never be n
so thoroughly and outrageously "mado
up" before, . , ,
1 1
did not believe it a panacea lor an
social ills. "Sop do I' rejdied
Mr fieortre 'but 1 believe freedom
y." And smglc-tnxers know that
there can bo no freedom until equal
freedom in the ue of the earth is
secured, and that the single tax
will secure this latter. Says the
St. Louis Courier: "The essence
of freedom is self-ownership, and
that is manifested in the control
of trie fruits of one's own labor.
e i :.. 4l.
ll-nve the essence oi slavery
lack of self-ownership, and one is
a slave U the extent that he is not
free to i.r.Klute, and free to ex
change his fcrcdWi. This basis
of property rights socialism denies,
while noon it the single-taxer
bases his argument."
What is necessary is first to free
labor before we engage in schemes
of national co operation, which will
naturally follow as soon as tiie
way is prepared for them. It is
becoming more and more fashion
able to howl against the usurer as
the urch-enemy of the race, and in
this we are not a whit more reason
able than are Jew-baiting Knssians;
while the eager demand ior
Confectionery, Xutn, IWi-n
and Domestic Fruit,
Cigars and Thaeeo, Kte.
Sawing rnilii" d Supplie
Moliino rpira .nU olood.
aHtand-. f.r t.-Ht,. IJnaliiy QutantU v. The
tfrnt nursti.m. is here ran you buy ll.o be
Stov, Uluare, Cutlery, Cr-kery, b, om
;,u?ion is, where can yot. buy the most for the least
T'llnds fr Anstter. The fM
A tion is, t Kramer A Son s lh str .o the
St'iMiid question is, at Krax'T v "" s.
V .oiiNforpr-f. Th.Mroof, is in
P ' S latinj. Th, yrJ of tlm v,
ia tho fact that our trade this year c nunterahly ex
cerds hist year's.
way lanhi.v:
Tak? Steamer Altona
. f I .. .1 ,i,,ii Milt IIIIVM. II HUI r'' 7 " ' n
l Ve lll'icpeiiiumu j ' (
Leave Salem
Fast Time.
Cheap Rate
:-: STAGE :-:
J. II. THOMPSON' I'rop.'
I-eaves Independence every morn
ing (except Sunday) at a. in.
Leaves Sal. ni at '1 p. in.
Leave order at Little I'ulaee Ilotrl r
nt INmtofllee. y
Kreiulit and pawciiRers earned ou reu
soimble term.
Estss I Elkins,
i i r lUft.-in li'ia
An appxe ouyer .run. - , . t rcslric.
been pu.cha-ing nppks in tlic , cwnt peo.
Northern part of this county, pa, ,
ing 25 cents per bushel. jjJ
Sam Lliiott is the fourj &i iU hlliim)
prisoners in the county jail, nights frpe lhe janJ) the Morehouse
Sheriff riummer -does not lr"I,0Se i 'of tllC supplies man needs to
to let them slip from his clutches j iuany wariU Giv(,
free acceps to unused lands, the
I I,. dear little eliap that notl.r!H
The kwiI ehap 'ttr llkw
The Irritation chap tlmt iioIkhIj UJ
All acree with the -nie.tle!
who tay that
; the proper place to get your
The is open every Sunday. Jewelry utore in connect.
. . i fir T i
J. W. Under anu v . ' i glut in
have formed a partnersnip unun
the name of Crider it Wells, for
the purpose of engaging in the
packing business. They will open
out December 10th.
Socially speaking, the chrysan
themum fair was a decided hit;
the labor market would be
at once relieved snu inc eua
the stimulus felt through all
brandies of industry. I have, for
instance, some talent in thc line of
gardening and horticulture, and if
1 can find a piece of unused land
within easy reach of the city I can
make an excellent living on a very
small area. Cut now il I start out
to hunt for such land I find a
'culation L
vu-VrKtinKBS. When be nao compieu-M , - . - , ...... i;,ti0 nervous Iinanciany, h us u- -
the tikvit Mr. Billing was no lon-cr , MW Mng3. Billy acknov. 1- , at. City hall never looked lovelier.
' nnrtS ' 'Ioyoa thinlc I'd b8tteMry to J booUlg Renting spring,
ft hi heart stood sUl. He hurried ;b w , Unir.mer. autumn and winter, each ; raT)aciou3 owner, with sp'
Into the ofiIo. ' ,',,.,.! "Billy." replied Drane, pclatin to , ,,,.. ; th; tarb of tho seafon 1 ;.. i,ia cve who, if he lets me have
-Mr- BiUmga has ijum the concertina bilc tho cold porspi- , , ,,,. f.n.,,1 . ' ...: ,:.....,1 ,, a rent
ration fathered on hi brow, "if you it rc-ree.a-., , it ai an, ....-.-.. . -
let that thing irrak Idoso while I'm wjtj, 'Jl different varieties of t lie j ftrt w,l l,.aVe me nothing Tor my-
BinKingril throw you overlaid." Howt-rs indicnU-d in the name tiv( aud I conclude I had Utter
1 buS" n" yoTwon'r ' t he fair, gave the room a., apar
S noShl'sstaru-d, . anee that had
' Billy ptwhed Drane out into the cahm j U-en regained with all or its Ioll
and then ixtraettd a fi-w wails from the ; itV g .0d crowd was present
conce rtina by way cf pi-dude. Vi h-n ho . t ( ,,:ov ,ie , Ctsion.
had fltislicd, L:ano bi pan tie w-ell- 4I-l.--,
knowa iir, "S;;ii;to lA.-r.lil, v.licu u , ... iv. Ulle two r.lCtly
City Draymen
aii k.nds of Hauling
in or out of the city
Promptly attended to.
Charges reasonable.
IS still ope;
KKLLHY it HOY, I'ropn.
Hiicecri to A. V. IXH-kiiloadr.
Rtvl. 5 t , At
Grand Ceatral depot." said an office boy.
'"He is going on to Boston to-n:?jt. If
you hvrrr up there you can catch him.
Have you got a message for himT
"N'ot I wish to ate him pernonally.
"Go on," said the boy, "you want to
- atrlke him for the price of a beer."
Drane could not wait to reprove the
routh for his Impudence. lie was in
, much of hurry to ret to the d.-pot.
li. learned that the bain which Jlr.
Xlillint... u. w Uke left at six o clock.
It wMt'uen half-past Dvc. '
Whca ho had reached the ntret he re
flected that it would be necessary
know where the Grand Central depot
-jl before foin there. u w y
outs mzmM??
gulted to a high ttnc voice, but not to
an audience of New Jei-eey people re-
ti.i.ninir ts their homci in the oead ol
night. After the firstfewmclodious notes j pendence. C;
bad ajitattd the air, an intoxicated citi- 0ffice fr-i
ir-n wuktd up with a start and shouted:
ed that if it w wn k m and gjn mei-bin
- ai Fa he ..i..,ukllo;. Sin?' Annie La'
incbrii -nd
sitimtt-d lots in a cuburb of I ort
land fjr a houpo and lot in Inde-
C&l' at the h.NTKBi'KisE
drift hack to town and compete
with my fu'lovrs lor a chance to
work for a. master 'by the day.
Whoever doubts that free land
would relieve the surplus of com
peting laborer, or be taken advant
age of by them, will do well to con
sider the rush to Okloliaina, etc,
flood turnouUfor Conimeic'id rr.fii
Ilorhenboar.led by the week or moiitli
INI) K l KM) 1 :N ('15,011
New Goods! New Prices!
at price t
tho tin.,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Etc.,
TL,. raCLSO, Proprietor.
Alexander-Cooper Drug C-
Syringe P,
Always aim to please and keep on hand f
linouu t
. ' t . A
Jf5 -K-C
1'ntent M!.
Cijrarf, '
Penl. '
Dray & Truck Co.
Praying of all kinds in and
out of the city will receive
prompt and careful atten
tion if entruided to
A..W. Docksteader,
v (fltirressor to Cha. StAaW)
Xf.Vuf -prices are the lowest.
Carefully -:- Compo
1 n -v T I (ill f
Prescriptions :-:
During at least cvc.
fprnli. Si-H ;vf-fT" Life a reexrd ahouKi l
k it;'.ff'?rVf?5 Kern's likeu., ;
j ''Jr.. J.-V: iA"' Ifcl v
, iu. these
rill auppiy j" hini
the very lowest rstes. ! ,