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41st YEA II No. 1G
. ant
pjve Thousand uaies Arc
Taken from Local
A million pound of hop, atorcd In
U,, Southern Pacific and other ware
mc at Independence for more than
fork city for rxport to Ireland when
a- RfitiHh rmbariro la raiaed. Die
(iipmenl U the balawa of the 1021
and U mada by Biahop Broi. of
UUm, to George A. U Via of New
Yrk. wpreitrnUtlve of tht grant
krwerv concern or uuineaa oi uuo
Cb, Ireland.
Tb million pound l approxl-
mtely COOO balm and comprta
out onw-nail 01 uie anipmrni ui
Orrjon hopa to New York at thla
iime by IHahop Broa. The Guinena
htwcrl.- ue from W),000 to 70,ow
klr of hopa a year, and the Dublin
arrrn i demanding that the Amm
an bop be admitted at this time on
Jbc ground that the price la lower
umJ the quality better. It la expected j
k.t nuffieient nrciure will be1
rvuifht to bear on the director of Im-
prU to open the market tor Ameri
ca hop at an early dale, and in
nticiptiun of thl the hop are being
iitrmbled in New York.
A. . Ilinhop wan in Independence
;Vfdneliiy attending to detail in
mnei'ot.n with lh, hhipiiu-nt. He
,,r,-i h himaclf a being optimistic
I . - - 1 1 T!!!!"WWi",ww,",l'aMMMeMi
In keeping with the observation of
Education week at the Norma!
aehool, Lurio Aquino, tt m,tjv ()( the
Uiilippine Iwlanda and thi year a
tulent at the Normal, gave an enter
talning talk on variuu feat urea of
hi native land at the chapel hour
on luemiay morning. Mr. Aquino
iiiuairalert hi talk with slide how
l. a . i
" " "cnwu buildings, road, and
other place In the Philippine.
Mi Taylor apent the Thankngiv.
ng vacation period at hr home in
I'avitj hrati, a student at the
t:i.l t. i. .
.uK 'ic D id ik umvcrMiy ana now
In charge of the Christian church at
Independence, spoke to the Normal
itufk-nU at the chapel hour on Mon
day morning. He dicuHed "Hand
icap" and their effect upon character.
The Vepertinea will give their
regular program In the chapel on
Friday evening, December 8, at
7:30 o'clock. Visitor are welcome
to this program which will begin
promptly at the appointed hour.
The cause of the College Student
Friendship fund was ably presented
to the Normal atudent by Mr. Eliza
beth Fox DeCou at the chapel hour
on WedncHday morning. Mr. DeCou,
I lean Fox of the univernity, knows
exactly how to appeal to the intercut
of young people.
"Grandma' Hoy", a motion picture
which ha been highly advertised,
will be hown in the chapel on Sat
urday evening, December 9. The
Ktory in a highly entertaining one
with plenty of humor to keep the in
terest of the audience.
Mi Elizabeth Johnson, a member
Indcpcndence-to Decorate
For the Holiday Season
Continuing a practice which went into vogue last year,
Independence will decorate for the holiday season and if
weather conditions are favorable the nrnWr. is t.n hnvp
..t.i" . . -' m
juunc singing.
Main street is to be decorated with small evergreen
trees and large ones are to be placed at the intersections
of Monmouth wth Main and C with Main. The Retail
Merchants' association is back of the move, and the dec
orating will be done under the supervision of a committee
composed of R. M. Walker, A. L. Keeney and A. E.
Independence merchants have made extensive prepara
tions for the holidays. They are caiTvincr bitreer and
better stocks and have placed them on display earlier this
year than ever before. It is well for shoppers to remem
ber that there are only 17 days before Christmas. Early
shopping has become a national slogan and to adopt it
even in the smaller places has its advantages.
Preparing for Appeal of De
cision in Polk
Bond Suit
-r fhi- lum kituutlon.
A faal a anarr wi nuultt by the; of the aenii.r class, will represent the
tmovni of theae hop, it wa refilled Normal at
nth tin- V.22 crop, which has bee
itjit in atorage in lil b"P house.
Tlirouirh the lntraaiicnt.nlity of
Vef of IV! ire Parker, "Dick" Ci
vil ha retrained fmasesnion of a
yc!.-, which ha. I been mining for
. . . if - ti..
iffuj.!e or week or more. fir. -r
f.,und it abandoned in the street
A uui nl.ont tu advertise it when he
jcovered it owner.
Another bicycle, which had been
itel" from Uailac, waa founrt be-
th the bridge on Ashland creek
i-i was turned over by Mr. Parker
Deputy Sheriff Craven of DhIIub
at Fridav. It wa found by a
uncr-ter living in the north part of
' n.
Chief Parker ay that petty thiev-
ry in becoming too common in Inde
itndence for tolerance. At the
Icfflev nlace acveral chicken were
aken before Thankagiving and it has
nractice to take
Miltlet of milk and other things.
Chief Parker attribute the trouble
some boy who are running wild
M nay that he intend to tiks tcps
!o cuH their activitie
the business meeting of
thn Inter-ColleL'iate Oratorical as-
wociation of Oregon on Saturday,
Pecember 9.
held at the Willamette university in
Mr. and Mr. O.stien entertained
Mr. Laura HolHday Ostien of As
toria during the Thanksgiving recess.
MiHHca Allie and Maggie
Sutler upent Thanksgiving and t.x
weekend viaiting In Portland.
Mra. Kriekaon of Corvalli a for
mer resident of this place, apenv
fw days lat week with friends here.
Anions those who had family din
ner hint Thursday were the Mulkeys
ho assembled at the farm home oc
cupied by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Adam
nd the Powells who were entertained
t the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A.
M. A rant.
Mr. M. E. Tcrcival was hostess
t a Thanksgiving dinner for Mr.
"id Mrs, H. E.Guthrio and other
The Dorcaa society of the Chris
"n church has advertised a bazuar
n the Wedekin building for next Sat
ar(lay, December 9. Aprons will be
"de a upocialty and a chicken pie
dinner in the church basement in the
Wares Powell returned from Sun
franciKcn tnof c,.n,iQf wVinrn he has
working in a bank to study
ncw systemH. He has resumed his
ork in tho First National Bank.
Burton Arant of Eugene ate dinner
st Thursday with the assembled
Natives and went to Portland in the
y- J. Miller, J. W. Leask, J. B.
nl A. M. Arant went to Amity
eilncsday evening to hear the evnn
?fe'st Zook, who is in a protracted
('Jft at that place.
The fri(.n(H of Miss Laura Emer
on will reu-ret. tn lnrn that she is
Very ill. Jessie Emerson was
low Wednesday.
Elkins News
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Tedrow spent
Friday and Saturday in Albany.
Mr. and Mr. Fred Scholl spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. hcholl s
mother, Mrs. Ward in Falls City.
Miss Opal Ward returned home with
them to spend the weekend.
Misa Mildred Manning of Mon
mouth spent ThanksKivinPT vacation
with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tethcrow.
C. M. Tethcrow motored to Lebanon
Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving
with Fred Ireland and family.
W. II. Harman and wife were Sa
lem visitors Saturday.
S. M. Ray i driving a new Overland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Johnson spem
Runilnv visiting Mr. Johnson's
,.nts, at Independence. Their son
Earl, returned home with them after
having spent several days visiting
relatives at Independence.
J. A. Tethcrow and W. H. Harman
butchered hogs Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scholl and Miss
Opal Ward were dinner guests Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
G. B. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pitzcr motored
to Salem Sunday to see Mrs. Pitzcr's
latest niece, Margaret Irene Williams,
!orn December 2.
A very enjoyable surprise
t. the home of
Crook Wednesday night. Forty-three
guests were present. Games were
played until a late hour when re
freshments were served.
Money Is To Be Used in
Combatting Great
White Plague
The annual sale of Christmas seals
is now in full swing in Independence.
Ninety percent of the money derived
from the stamps is used in the state
of Oregon in preventive, corrective
and other measures for the eradica
tion of tuberculosis.
The Woman's club is sponsering the
sale. Due to illness of the club presi
dent, Mrs. Edwin Nissen, Mrs. Donald
P. MacCarthy is directing activities.
She has enlisted as lieutenants Mrs.
Chester Sloper, Mrs. S. Taylor Jones,
or at least $40,000 of the issue which !wrs- George uirara, Mrs. j. t. kod
was specified for the improvement! hie, Mrs. J. E. Hubbard, Mrs. George
of a road from the Yamhill countv ' Carbary, Mrs. A. L. Keeney and
line to the Benton county line.
I). E. Fletcher, who is associated
with Judge Pipes of Portland, as the
representative of the complainants,
will go to Portland today to consult
with Judge Pipes upon the matter.
The question of the validity of
the Polk county road bonds is to be
carried to the supreme court. Judge
George R. Bagley of Hillsboro has
ruled that the bonds are valid. A
hearing was held before him at
Dallas three weeks ago, the complain
ants being R. M.. Walker, C. D. Cal-
Thi meeting is ta beneath, J. E. Hubbard, Henry Matti-
son anu tne late . U. iianna.
It is the contention of the com
plainants that the bonds are illegal,
On Sunday, December 3rd, at the
residence of the groom's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. B. R. Wolfe, occurred the
marriage of their son, Vernon D.
Wolfe, to Mis Vera Dynge of Seattle.
The ceremony wa? performed at 6:30
in the evening by Rev. J. S. Green of
the Methodist church, amid lavish
decorations of yellow and white
chrysanthemums. The only guests
aside from the immediate relatives
of the contracting parties were Mr.
and Mrs. J. G. Mcintosh. The bride's
mother, Mrs. Laura Myers of Seattle
was present.
Mr. Wolfe needs no introduction to
Independence people, having for some
time been connected with the C street
grocery and Mrs. Wolfe while a com
parative stranger will be accorded a
hearty welcome to our midst.
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe have gone to
housekeeping in the McKinney bunga
low at 560 E street, which Mr. Wolfe
had furnished and prepared for im
mediate occupancy. Independence
friends join in wishing the young
people a long and happy life.
Application for $80,000
Corporation Is Made
by C. A. Elliott
Mrs. C. L. Fitchard.
The allotment for this territory
is $00 and it is expected that this can
be handled without undue exertion.
The sale will be continued up until
Christmas unless the stamps are all
sold before that time.
Residents of the Parker and High
land districts have petitioned the Fred Wiltshire, a former Independ
county court for gravel to cover the'ence business man, is dead in London,
road from Parker station to the High- j England, according to information
land road, a distance of about two which has been
The city council held its last regu
lar meeting of the year Wednesday
night, and a number of matters of in
terest were brought up for considera
tion. The appointment of Mrs. Asa B.
Robinson as a member of the library
board was confirmed by the council.
The footbridge along the old
motor track was ordered closed on
account of its unsafe condition until
such time as it can be repaired.
The material for some 18 or 20
crosswalks in different parts of the
city has been secured and the walks
will be built as soon as possible.
Bert Cross has finished his con
tract for grading and graveling Log
Cabin street, accepted by the council
and an ordinance passed levying and
apportioning the cost against abut
ting property.
About the usual batch of claims
were audited by the finance commit
tee and ordered paid by the council.
C. A. Elliott has filed an applica
tion with the state corporation com
missioner for the organization of aa
1 80,000 corporation to handle Fori
agencies in this part of the valley.
Mr. Elliott owns the Stewart Moto
or company of Independence and the
Elliott Motor company of Dallas ani
it is his intention to combine these
in the corporation, establish a third
Ford agency at Jefferson and a fourth
one at some other point in the valley.
Confident that as the Ford repre
sentative such an institution should
prove a financial success, Mr. Elliott
is enthusiastic over the possibilities
of the venture.
Only a part of the stock would be
issued at the time of the organization,
the balance to be kept in the treasury
for use as the business expansion
might require it.
Independence is to be the head
quarters of the business with toe
general business cift e here and rhip
ments made here and then distributed
to the other plants. This would
make it necessary to enlarge the Inde
pendence quarters and add quite a
number of employes to the force.
Mr. Elliott in a statement to the
Enterprise said yesterday: "I am very
well satisfied with my present busi
ness, but I believe that there is a
wonderful opportunity for expan
sion." Mr. Elliott will go to Los Angeles
tomorrow and upon his return expects
to perfect the details of the incorpora
tion with a view of launching it
shortly after the first of the coming
miles. It was presented to the court brother, George Wiltshire
Wednesday by George Dickinson and Oregon Agricultural college
L. W. Fuller and asked that suffi
cient gravel be delivered on cars at
Parker for the road, with an agree
ment on the part of the petitioners
par- that tney wouici aisiriouie h over me
road without cost to the county.
S. H.
Merle Brown and Art Black will
give a carnival Christmas dance in
the armory on December 23, which is
Saturday night. Guild's orchestra,
well-known locally, will furnish the
music. It is to be a public affair.
O A Wells & Sons have purchas
ed the entire Ed. Lichty herd of
goats. Mr. Lichty is expecting to
replace bis goat with, BhcP' ...
Gale Prather, who has been w th
the American forces on the Rhine
for the past three years, armed at
h0 honJ of his parents, Mr d
Prather, in time ior
r.nle does not ex
R. E.
1 .linnplV
"'B . . .i:....l,.l,r
If n hcinff parucum..,
himself as "."Z'uM
for nrmy lif. and ""W?",
lhat ho will heed a call back tojh
soil, as his father is an extensive
farmer in the community.
J R Loy has placed some of b
J' . V ...... test.. He has a
f ne Jersey cow - ,
t ....... ,.nrefullv selected
m0. T V .ra revered
Til I In L
R. W. Baker was in
Portland yes-
One of the biggest features of the
year at the Isis is Harold Lloyd in
"Grandma's Boy," which will be
presented Sunday and Monday, De
cember 10 and 11. It shows Llooy
n his oest iorm.
by his
of the
and re
ceived here .Wednesday by C. Mcroth,
a partner of Wiltshire in the plumb
ing business here for several years.
No particulars have been received
as to the disposition of the body.
A few months ago Mr. Wiltshire, ac
companied by his wife, went to Eng
land on a visit. On the day of their
contemplated return, Mr. "Wiltshire
was stricken with hemorrhages of
the lungs and has been in a hospital
since that time. g
Independence basketball fans will
be jubilant over the announcement
that a University of Oregon team
has been scheduled to play Independ
ence at Independence on Thursday
night. December 28th.
.Independence boys are doing con
sistent drill work and otherwise get
ting things in shape for an active
season. It is probable that the uni
versity contest will be the opening
one on the local court.' Negotiations
are being perfected, ' however, for
other games and there will be some
thing doing after the boys geti under
Through the instrumentality of S".
Taylor Jones, local representative of
the Southern Pacific, a controversy
which arose over a claim for fares
due the company on account of spec
ial rates during the hop picking
season, has been satisfactoroily ad
justed and the growers are to suffer
no financial loss.
A delegation of local hop men went
to Portland just previous to the open
ing of the picking season, and ar
ranged for a fare of one and one-third
for return tickets to Independence.
There was a misunderstanding of the
negotiations and subsequently Ithe
Southern Pacific filed claims "against
local hop men for several hundred
Buena Vista Mrs. Edgar Lichty
was hostess to the Ladies' Rural club
Thursday, November 23rd, with 19
ladies and one gentleman present.
Roll call was responded to on current
topics by the ladies and Mrs. E. J,
in terday looking after business
I ests.
Do RCaHZe? I
T p! ' i 1 'I I I " i! i1 SEVEN HUNDRED. SIXTY -TW !
Paying a premium of $4.87 per
$100 the Dallas City bank was the
successful bidder for $39,317.13 worth Anderson gave a splendid paper on
of improvement bonds of the city of "What the Church and Bible mean to
Dallas. The bonds draw 6 eprcent in- a Community." , Mrs. J. R. Loy
terest. gave a reading on "Husbands" which
There were six other bidders for caused much discussion. A lie-lit
luncheon was served, the hostess be
ing assisted in serving by Mrs. G. L.
Harman and little Miss Barbara Muhs
of Portland. Club members present
were: Mesdames. E. J. Anderson, G.
E. Harman, J. A. Reynolds, J. R. Loy,
H. E. Prather, W. D. Simmons, J. K.
Neal, M. N. Prather, F. P. Ground,
O. G. Wells, R. O. Mack, George Gray,
E. M. Lichty. Guests of the club
were: Mrs. Withcrew, Mrs. A. J.
Richardson, Mrs. I. W. Compton, Ruth
Savage, Barbara Muhs, Bonnie Sav
age, and Master Donald Wells, and
the gentlenHan was J. K. Neal, who
always is so generous with his sedan
in conveying ladies to the club meet
ing. He amused himself out of doors
during the meeting but was finally
persuaded to join the group for re
freshments and later took a hand at
dishwashing. It was the opinion of
the club members that if Mr. Neal
was as devoted- to household duties
at home he would be eligible to club
membership. The participants re
turned to their respective homes feel
ing that they had had a particularly
pleasant and profitable meeting.
A statement of the disbursements
and receipts of the training school
kitchen for 18 days November 6 to
November 29 will be of interest:
Received for 2767 bowls
of soup - I $39.37
Paid for milk $40.25
Paid for groceries 30.30
The above deficit plainly
that as a commercial venture, the
soup kitchen is a decided failure;
but, thanks to the benevolence of the
f moving spirit in the enterprise, it is
not expected to be a financial success.
The deficit is in a measure accounted
for by the fact that the price charged
for the soup is less than the actual
cost, and that about 30 percent c
it is served gratis. A further in
crease in the deficit comes from th
fact that in addition to the sou.,
whole milk is served each day with
out cost, to pupils whom accurate
tests have shown to be under normal
weight, and as a consequence, handi
capped in their school work.
Mrs. Joseph Anderson, accompa
nied by her children, is visiting at
, the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. N. Alexander, south of town.
Mr. Anderson has sold hi3 chicken
ranch at Drain, where the family has
been located for about three years,
and will join his family here as soon
as he can dispose of his ranch equip
ment. Formerly owning and operating a
ranch south of town, the Andersons
will come back to stay. They will
remain at the Alexander home for
the winter and in the meantime per
fect their future plans.