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poInU Out How It May Bt
Oivtloptd ueym.w
,,, people wy
Hiclf IfllUC Willi , nmvn J."-
it . i.,.ll,.r'
),, tin' NlHliill iwibiiii'hw,
r"'.... ......oi'timlilcM In .lilt nro
f''I.,r II'"" ,,,,y ",lH,r rm,Mry'
-r imii tn bw H'ls rutin rati
..i mm i'i i
i .., .,.,1 Willi 8 fOIIVtTKMUiM 1 flll'M
C wi n,,"T. ?,H,r""t "'
Qv. !'? "'I'M" ' ,
""v, , going ! llHTeime tl'li'lo
I ,iy n1( r'.i"li'K l'"' Iuri IihhIi iw
C of II'" l"',,l'1''"
i -nui," "' "u c""""1 ,,M
I. IwT
friilll I II V nimui-i jmi'i Hum'
f' it wax lii winter und mow
f ' til.. Kl'lllll'l. Ml UH UK'"
hit l'r-rMt-I. I wuit piiylng
i .. .i. hi rent a day, I hiiIiI:
2 VoU n,kf tliM thirteen iiii'ii oft
nut k lion tliiTO with
n to drive and put the other
W,lve iik ii "" fu' toi'y "' '" w111
doiTwuw their purrhnalii power. They
jLtii I'")" m'rv al t,v,'lw' com"
Live of your country." , .
I ili il I'll" how H'tnjr persona In
f,n,i. witb eoliiK barefooted, mid h
Implied Unit t Imro muni bo lOO.OUO.OHO
Anyway. " "ot '"''l 'll,u
tl,,y rr. going narerooiwi iroui ue
ilty ami not from choice und that
If they rmilil earn mors they would
wt )ri'fKtc'(l. Khi Ii out of llifiu
mtl l l',jy I1' ahiiPH and
lnockliiBt. Mnyi n anm inunuiuciur-
fef trill r'ul till. What wouM It tiii'an
Itohim to fui-t'iy iwvw.ww.p"pii'T
I And I'i'ar In mlnl ihat nhoca are
if 4 ili only nwi'tniWa' that thi'm?
jjuDOuMMK) Nopl .iir doing without
ftlif lmile rraaon-ihat thvy huve
;Vo t poor to huy. ,
origin of COATS; Of arms
i - . ..,
ffmployad a Mtthod of Rocognltlon In
, Day When Learning waa in
, It Infancy.
' "' -
PAImont fvery name of Knropran
origin, which haa txt-n pusncd down
,'irttie cpiiturka un'hnrikHi, t-xci-pt fur
l lij.)il ultiTutl.m In Ha apvllliiK. hud
In Hie ciirllfM tltiif, bffore HiiniMtin-a
:ire iim iI, mill utuTi Iiiiikuiiko waa un-!c?vi'lo'-i
unt fow rtiulil rfnil or writ.
',1 tiiti-iu or sMil. which rcr'i'iili'd It.
TIip toiciu waa uitfd a a m-al. All
rim of propfrty had u arul, and
lnti knl(lithood wna Introduced In
jMnlal tluifH, iiflf-r the Itommi era.
ilf c. tif the cnl hm piCiiUMi on
the ki.inhl'a ithlcld, uiid li 'M known
thw-hy when the hclini't wiih cIimiimI
1 wiufnre or In touriiuMH'iiia. The
nrlWt knlifhm had no creM. l.Hlcr,
itiiii tlo kiilylua In a family multi
plied, (nut a oil the top of tho helmet a
irr udopted to iIIkI1iii;iiIiIi I hoae who
Niinller artnit on their nlilehla.
f'tvitIM rcprcKi'litrd the Chrlelluu liuinc,
th anna the niiriiiiine. The urnia were
oftrii printed or i-inhroldered on the
biglit'a niHiiiel and home Idunket, Mini
kmce wna termed "coat of nnna."
Odd African Buth Tribe.
The KlnitiKest people In the world,
irrordlnu to Mrs. Harry Kalh Kus
luc, who Is here on her way to Kns
lind wild Africa, are the women of u
bund tribe In the OordonlA desert, feu-
trsl southwest Africa.
Tliee women, she says, huve (level
eped ciiinds In the hark In which they
wore water, like cuttiela. When they
drink n Kreut deal of water, the ghind
niiike them iippeiir deformed. After a
few days In the desert, with little or
mi wiiter. their reserve supply la tile
sorhed und they look normal. They
ran ko without water hniter than a
Mm, Kiistnre, whose husband la n
big name hunter, Is KngUah, and hits
Mieni '' veiirs In Africa shoinlnu blR
tun, i. ultli iMimersl lllld Clin. She IS
iwpurliiK for her ninth expedition,
Slid is in New York arter u visit to
Bun I ninolHco.
She says snakes , are reiilly ufTee
tlaniiie when you eel to understand
theiii, und make pootl pete.
Home Hunters Take All Except Ghoet.
It whm a haunted house in a gossipy
'neighborhood, relates the New York
Herald. Itosldcnts assembled dally nnd
talked In niullled tones of spirits nnd
queer noises. With such advance ad
vertising the reul t state ngenl f,.iifid U
(lllllcull to gel il "prospect" near (he
Wis. . As n last resort be decided t
lue im. (dace r,'l'('oiiit eii if ml to 1""
mall new electric llxtures nnd plumb
ing. i " -
The work had scarcely,. lcc 'wrt'
pleted when the agent heard a "live
me" liad visited the property. Knph
Ing olT to the caretaker he Inquired
breathlessly : "Is It true that someone
luts taken the house?"
"Nn, sir, not yet," replied the care
taker, "but they've taken the fixtures,
piping and doorknobs. Perhaps they'll
came buck for the house."
The Last Resort.
In answer to the returned summer
visitor's questions ns to the welfare
of Mr. Padgett and hl whereabouts.
Mr. Iiorkln replied that ".Take" was
teaching at the little red schoollioiise
on llarly'R hill.
"Hut I thought"
"Well, be Is." admitted Mr. lorkln,
limlerstnmlliigly, "an' he gel's more
'n' mure iniidillelieiided all the lime.
Hat what else could we do? We bad
to Put him in ns schoolmaster to keep
nm off the town.
"We ain't gain' to pauperize u man,"
he added, loftily, "If we can find any
N'ln' for him to do." Pittsburgh Dl
. Patch.
When Herb Wm Mew It Hd Verloue
Appolliitlono, At Alo Did the
Among ( i tlmuHiiinlN ,lf Ntnif))n,
ou wchmI In R work (), ;n-rttl
Illalory of I'lunta, (inthered hy j0lm
Cernrde, MiiNir In t'lili'iirjterie," and
flrat printed in J,oninn lownnl tlio end
Cf Iho SUteenlli evniury, whm one of
tin then HUM new ucrh. "tnhaio, or
henhiine of Ivni." nccordlriK to (he
text, "The penpJc ,f Amerlcii dill Jt
Pet un ; Komi!, iim I((,(.(,. flrul Pena, have
Iflven It theM. Lniln names : Karru
llerhii, Smii'ia Merlin, Knim SnnriH ln
forumj ami oiImtx, iih Uodoihieiia, mil
It llyoHcyminiM Pei iivliuiiiH, or Ih nliatnf
of Peru; MeohiiiM MoimrdiH nanien It
TahaiMiui. Of Koine It 1h called Nlco
t la nn."
There wna an lllummtlon of unother
platit, nlmi then at III new the potato,
"hy anuie called KkyrreLa of Peru, Ren
emlly hy ua culled point in. Climlua
culled It P.attatn. Cutiiolea, Amottn
and iKnamex; In KhkIIhIi, potutoea, po
tatua und putudo. The Indiana do
tall this plant pappus." The itntus,
he hook Informed the reader, wna to
he euten "tousted In the ember and
sopped In wine," It wua also made
Into conserves "no lease toothsome,
wholesome and dalntle than the flash
of itilncis." Its use, however, lnllur
gundy "where they call them Indian
artichokes" whs forbidden, according
'to Pnuhlne, heraiise It Induced lep
rosy. The sweet potato and the com
mon potato were pictured as belonging
to the same fiinilly.
EnQttah Pin Manufacturere, Centurlea
Ago, Shut Down Before They
Would Obey Royal Mandate.
What would happen In the United
States, where two thousand tons
pins are turned out every year, If all
tht'ptn factories closed dow n, as once
they liid In England? In the thirty
fourth year of Henry VIII complaints
were made of fhe Inferior quality of
the plna supplied to the public, and.
In consvxpienee parliament enacted
that none should he sold "unless they
be double-headed, and have the headex
soudercd fuste to the shanke of the
nvnne etc." The result was that the
public could obtain no pins until the
act was repealed three years later.
The act of repeal, having recited the
former act, pathetically admits that
the attempt to control the pin Indus
try had proved n failure. "For as
much since the making of said act
there hath been scarcltee of pynnea
within this reiilme, and the k.vnue's
llejte people have not been wel nor
comyletely served of such pynners nor
ar Ilkelv to be served ... I" con
sideration whereof It male please the
klnte that It may be adjudged and
denied from hensforth frustrated and
nlhllated and to he repealed forever."
Breeding of Buffalo Mystery.
Whatever of romance In ward to
the American buffalo may have van
ished with the pasHli of the old
West the life history and breeding
of these animals are still a mystery
to the biologist.
Just how old a buffalo getH to he
Is not known. As far as the records
.... ih Mpthusc an or me
Is one In Paris which Is said to
thirty-one vears old. The oldest buf
faloes in the government herds are a
venerable cow on the Wichita pre
serve now twenty-four years old, und
Kallspel Chief, the leader of the Mon
tana herd, now twenty years old.
It Is known that the cows begin to
breed In their third year. When they
i. i.iol.iL-lenl mystery. There Is
m I . .11.... I., hnr
n record of a
of ii cow iireoniMK
twentv-slxth year
and one on me
-i..i,itti ureserve had a
cnlf at the
nge of twenty-two. The normal num
ber of calves and the exact ratio of
sexes are likewise unknown.
Snails Fed on Grapevine Leaves.
The choicest of edible French snails
Is the Ksciirgnt-de-Bourgegne, or the
IlourguUtmn Kug In the vlne-
vnrds of Burgundy for the French
mnrkot. n.l fl 't,ty on the tender
,enves of the grapevine. This escarp ,
i.h that delicious st tilling with
which the Kronen a.?
hint, la, it Is MM. .lejleloujt when .one
L got over the; gulp- tbnt urlijeH at
?,e Idea of eating a Stall. Or., eaten
. f (., crown
K,r,.ged fork ns a means oi ';";.' -P
r . .' ..,..,i.,a U.lnn ta the mouth).
V I ,:," dainty to remember
d1 nl. nv districts 1 Kngland are
..mdmSdant. of the snails the Ro
mans ate.
Remarkable Micrographlc Feats.
. ..I..I ...oli nnft
iicrogniphers nave v.n.
Tr in the execution of the most
'" 1,1 ,.f lerHlmr. The Ten
on several oc nsion . ,dp,o
Blx-tenlhs of an inch
There Is an aecoiun
, i rmiL'ht to pass by Tt'ter
f W.,k Sllman nnd clerk of
Hales, an Jlsht B,Me ln
P,,'T'nsh wSSIt -no Mgrer than a
a)i KngllMi watnur . k
lien's egg
Ttie nui .; - ...
"leaves In this little
there are a '"" .,,, nna he
.... ... nnv
Hible ana ne
hnnk as in
tne K'L-i .
In one of his
. . j. no muni
TOO PRONE TO EXAGGERATE Flr;urn of Rpeer.h Employed In
Or-Jiriory Csnvurnat on Are R.
dlculoun Voen Analyzed.
A Jiide In u,o courts the other
day objected to u witness who wus
pi'otiu to tine exaggeration und employ
figures: of speech.
The Jude remarked that It was ab
surd to nay Unit "the uecimed was
beside I,l;r v. It 1 n,," nod that
"ho Hew ut Ilia tither iiiuii." Ho
waMii't two people und he hadn't got
When you come to think of It it Is
uhsM-il. Wo wallop our children for
saying that there are hundred of
dogs In the garden, hut then they
hear us my Unit we are "driven to
death" with work, or tliut somebody
has "set the ocean on lire."
Kipially untrue In it when we say
tliut h steak Is us "tough us leather,"
the coffee "ns cold us Ice," or that the
cake Is "us heuvy us lead." One re
sult of this sort of thing Is seen when
the child usks his ulster's young tnun
If he has tiny prizes for running, be
cause the child bus heard that he's
always "running after" Slssle.
The fact is thut we ure ever look
ing for something out of the ordi
nary. When hullstoues fell during June,
they were In a few cases the size of
eggs hut evoj-ybody told everybody
else thut all of them were as big us
It's time that we went back to sim
ple description. No day Is ever so
hot as to be "baking," or we should
all be deud. No man drinks "like a
Fishes, anyway, don't drink a lot.
They see so much water thut they're
probably alck of It. And no soprano
sings "like a nightingale. Buffalo
Power of Attracting Birds May Be All
Right In the Country, but In
the Cityl
One of the best ways of attracting
birds, according to the authorities, is
to place the Hps to the buck of the
unnd and make a violent kissing
Apparently this has some resem
blance to the cries of a wounded bird;
arid, according to one of the bird books,
one muy enter an apparently deserted
thicket and. ufter a few minutes of
this sort of thing, "find oneself sur
rounded by nn anxious or curious
group of its feathered Inhabitants."
This is valuable Information, but to
tie used with discretion. In Central
park, for Instance, one Is Just as likely
as not, after trying this little ornitho
logical experiment, to find oneself sur
rounded by an anxious or curious
group of gentlemen with blue coats
and brass buttons. Better keep these
tactics for the open country. Freder
ick L. Allen, In Harper's Magazine.
Medicine Men.
In all times some degree of henllng
power has been ascribed to the priest
hood. Medielne-men, mystery-men, sha
mans, or by whatever name they might
be called, were to be found In every
tribe of North American Indians.
Some of these knew the medicinal
qualities of roots and herbs and prac
ticed rude surgery, and otners were
"fukers." A medicine-man of the
Walapai, a Yumiin tribe on the Colo
rado river, says John G. Kourke In nn
article on the Apache medleine-nien,
would cast a bullet In a mold contain
ing a small piece of paper. The healer
would have an Indian fire this bullet
ut him nnd the lend, because of the
paper, would split Into pieces aua uo
hhn no harm.
Another would secretly fasten the
end of a roll of sinew to a twig, swal
low the ball and hold the twig between
his teeth. After the sinew bad
softened and expanded "because of the
heat and moisture of the stomach" the
magician would astound his friends.
Adventure Magazine.
Geography of Planet Venus
Venus appears to be a mountainous
world. Gray shadings may be seen at
times in the midst of high pressure
ureas, xneir positions
and outlines
change with tne snuum, -
when a composite drawing Is made of
several observations they appear fixed
- i tli
..... i.ij.ii...- ..i..i...- i, nt
to fhe'surfnee or tne piuu.-i. x ...... v....
tact thut .the darkest ones are nisi
..I ;-ren -visible, .it Hs-lnforrei
L j til'""!
UiaMhe.g.i;u1,spoi? are. the masses oi
nmitlnents dimly visible.
L.4'hb behavloc. of Venus', storms also
f .. ...i, Than octlllllV
confirms tins iieaei. -
SI . . dWshadings
are seen, anu maun -
snnccs lictween." Storms on' earth find
CtorioU hard to cross divide, of
land The VemiBluh seas seem to be
hot and steaming, and from their sur
faces rolling clouds of vapors arise.
Venus shows phases like the moon
She lies between us and the sun and
so a portion of her night side is almost
always turned toward us.
Who First ticked Stamps?
Dispute is. being e Jn
enrllest postage stamp Hckei. Umin
Jut forward for James :halmers
r Arbroath. Scotland, who submitted
lliZTot adhesive postage stamps
A select committee of the house of
commons hi 1N ,vollHon. hav-
SO creii" - . ,,,
!!... VV1TU LIIU ,
lug experlmenteu
with glutmpus
in 1K:.7. AS KOWiauu u...
. i run ,.l-
w . L British postal arrange-
reCt!j h WM pblj the first man
ments. he wus v t
to lick a genuine i-v-r - -
Even Celebrated Engineers Havo Been
Known to Waste Time on Un
necessary Measurements.
There can he too grout accuracy, ac
cording to Chemical and Metallurgical
Engineering, which siiyn:
"We recall one InKtnnce where a
celebrated enRineer wns preparing a
set of tables fur publication and wus
uslnx a set of 12 place logarithms. We
asked why he used 12-place tables and
he replied that tln:y were the best he
could find, that lie had heard there
were 20-plncf tables but he bad been
unable to locate them. The Interest
ing thing about tills anecdote Is that
practically all the data which the cele
brated engineer wus tabulating had
an accuracy which wus seldom better
than 3 per cent, and an ordinary 12
Inch slide rule would have been umply
accurate fur the work.
"Again, when a young engineer is
about to make a mathematical calcu
lation, say for example the surface of
heating colls necessary to obtain cer
tain results, be will almost Invariably
sit down and calculate It to an ac
curacy of a tenth or even a hundredth
of 1 per cent, and this In spite of the
fact tluit the constant factor In the
equation (the rate of heat transfer)
may not be known within 50 per cent
"Herein lies one excellent reason
why many n practical man with good
common sense and a wide experience
has been able to compete with en
gineers In many fields."
Evidently There Is Something In th
"Medicine" Devised by East
African Witch Doctors.
Quite recently a Kikuyu (East Afri
can) had a spell put on him by a witch,
doctor, whereby he was compelled to
kill the first man he met The Kikuyu
went to another witch doctor and had
the spell removed. But No. 1 was cute.
He placed a medicine on the TCikuyu's
doorstep so that when the latter
stepped over It the spell would be re
placed. The Klknyu came out of his hut
shortly afterward. Immediately ran
amuck, went down the street and
killed the first man he met another
old Kikuyu. The witch doctor and the
murderer both stood their trial and
the witch doctor got the longer sen
tence. At a place canea iuix mer u ,
lived an old gentleman who carried
around a monkey's paw strapped to
his finger. Whoever he pointed this
at Immediately fell down stone dead.
He caused so many deaths that he
ultimately bad to be removed from
the district by the government Lon
don Express.
Apples Breathe.
Every living organism, whether ani
mal or vegetable, breathes ; that is. It
absorbs oxygen and gives off carbonic
Any organism which does not
breathe may be considered dead. Now,
ripe apples plucked from apple trees
are not dead. They are not so vigor
ously alive as while the sap ran
through them, but still they are alive,
and so tliey breathe and absorb oxy
gen. It is found, too, that apples
stored in an atmosphere of oxygen and
carbonic acid keep twice ns well as
apples stored in common air.
No doubt the oxygen stimulates
their respiration and increases their
vituhtv. while the carbonic acid serves
as food, provided sufficient light
reaches the chlorophyll in the skin of
the apple.
Watchman Helps Men on Careers.
it.... tioined moke more big men
than most old fellows have, despite
my menial job, and of course I haven't
done It through giving young upstarts
financial backing," boasts the vener
able night watchman for a large down
town corporation.
"You see, people who come and go
here after seven o'clock are supposed
to sign in and out. Well, a lot of
fellows are in a hurry to get
out aud oftentimes don't want to sign
out. I make them, though, and in
that way the big bosses, scanning the
time sheets and personal reports, learn
that voting So nnd So Is an indus
trious lnd. who often works over
time. Christmas presents from them
net me a big penny annually, attest
ing appreciation for what I've done."
New York Sim
The Philosophy of a Smile.
Of all appearances of the human
countenance metliinks a smile is the
most extraordinary. It plays with a
surprising agreeableness in the eye,
breaks out with the brightest distinc
tion, and sits like a glory upon the
countenance. What sun is there with
in us that shoots its beams with so
sudden a vigor? To see the soul flash
in the face at this rate one would
think would comfort an atheist; by
the way observe that smiles are more
becoming than frowns. This seems an
actual encouragement to good humor,
as much as to say: If people have
a mind to be handsome they must not
be peevisli and untoward. Jeremy
Collier., .
Reciprocity Desired.
"Will you marry me?" anxiously
asked a swain of the Fiddle Creek re
gion in the Ozarks, addressing the
daughter of the proprietor of the
crossroads store.
"No!" replied the lass
'Aw," I think you might! I do all
my trading with your paw." Kansas
Ofty Star. ; "
XX1 lii fl " i'i
Multnomah county's assessment roll,
is corrected by Assessor Welch fol
lowing adjustments by the board of
quallzatlon, shows a decrease of $5
)43,020 from that of last year. The
;otal last . year was f 283,630,450 and
this year it is $283,593,430.
plans for exhibition of Deschutes
' ;ounty potatoes at all of the import
ant potato shows of the northwest and
mid'llw went were formulated -at a
meeting of representatives of all the
ominercial organizations of certral
Oregon, held in Redmond.
Senator McNary has cancelled all
speaking engagements for which he
was scheduled In New England, New
York and New Jersey and left Wash
ington, D. C. Sunday for Oregon, where
he will take the stump In behalf ot
republican state and congressional
More than 40 years ago William A.
Kirk filed on government land in
Morrow county. Last week a son. Will
T. Kirk, state Industrial accident com
missioner, received a check for his
share of an overpayment ot more than
$PW which his father made the gov
ernment. fiherlff Wellington's threat to in
vade the various cities of Columbia
county with his deputies and raid
shops operating slot machines if the
city officials did not stop the gambling
waa said to have resulted In tne clos
ing down of most of the various gamb
ling devices.
The injunction suit of the Lane
county good roads association against
the recall of the unsold portion ot tne
county's $2,000,000 road bond Issue
failed when Judge J. W. Hamilton in
circuit court at Eugene dismissed the
case and ordered the measure placed
on the November ballot.
Prominent Medford men who ac
quired timber' holding in that sec
tion which will justify manufacturing
oneratlons for many years have organ
ized the Talent Lumber company and
will erect a sawmill and box factory
at Talent with a daily capacity of ap
Droxlmately 30,000 feet
George Roberio, charged with kill
ine Alvin H. Price and wounding an
other man in a bus on the lower Co
lumbla river highway August 21, has
been nronounced insane after an ex-
t amination at St. .Helens and the grand
Mmmdd he be confined
JUI J uao
in the state hospital at Salem
The surface of Sutton lake, in the
western part of Lane county, will be
lowered about three feet when the
Mitchell brothers, who live on Its
shores, have finished opening an out
let. The Mitchell brothers will re
claim 300 acres of land and will culti
vate cranberries and vegetables.
Preliminary organization of a road
association which has for its purpose
the boosting of a north and south
highway from Pendleton to Lakeview,
was effected when' James Moffle of
Ukiah was elected president of the
delegations which met at Pilot Rock.
Felix A. Johnson of , Range was named
vice-president and C. I. Barr of Pendle
ton secretary. " " .
Delegates from -many commercial
and highway organizations and repre
sentatives from t. the -executive and
highway departments of Oregon, Ida
hn rniifornia and Nevada at a ban
quet at Jordan" Valley went on record
as pledging the.niflija.aJiPPort to the
movement early com
pletion of nth :IahoOregoa-Nevada
cut-off highway;
Circuit Judge; Belt of Dallas, sitting
in court at McMinnville sustained the
demurrer of the defendant in the case
of the Pacific Co-cperative Poultry
Producers, a cA-opcjativfi association,
against J. A. Hanserr, thus dissolving
the injunction against, (Uansen selling
his eggs to othefsthan the plaintiff,
and dismissing ther association's suit
'for specific performance of contract
iwith Hansen.
Physicians agree that most human
ills ' are caused by accumulated
. - - .... T-r -
waste lii the lower intes ne-iieaa-
aelies. biliousness anu mni. .nc
feeling" are but the forerunners of
much more serious ailments, and
more drugs are used with the mis
taken idea of ridding us of this
waste than for all other ills com-
Why not try the unfailing and
perfectly natural method of bathing
internally with the "J. B. L. Cas
cade," and keep the intestine always
clean and free from all poisonous
Over a million progressive Amer
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Independence, Oregon
Pacre Seven
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Treatment ( , - .'
Funeral Director and Licensed
Embalmer ;
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Phones 9821 ; 9822 -
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'y!- YOUR - ;
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Real Estate and Stock Sales
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Phones, Res. 1211J, Office, 1177
Salem, Oregon
Wind Mill BarberShop
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Automobile Insurance
George ,W. Chesbro'
Beaver Hotel Block
Care of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Co.
Has medicine which will
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Not open on Sundays
152 South High Street
Salem, Oregon Phone 28
We Paint Signs
Your Car, Your House
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Independence Paint Co.j
Phone 9622, 273 Main
Notice is hereby given that the un-
. haj been duly
: , . . . .
administrator of the estate of Juliu'
Stalding, deceased, by the Count
Court of the State of Oregon fc
Polk County, and has qualified.
All persons having claims agaira
'said estate are hereby notified V.
' ...
present tne same ouiy vexmeu, to
gether with the proper vouchers
therefor, to the undersigned admin
istrator at his law office in the city
of Dallas, Oregon, within six months
from the date of this notice: and
notice is further given that all debts
claims and accounts due or owing
said estate be paid to the undersigned
administrator, within said period of
Dated and first published Septem
ber 22nd, 1922.
Administrator of the estate of
A Classified Ad
Will bring you a buyer.
WOOD SAWING promptly dona,
Sam Muhleman, phone F5113.
IV.ble."- -