Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 20, 1922, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Pajre Two
INnKPENljt .'CK KN t i Kl'KlSl':
Friday, QQkVi
A Glorious Vacationland
"Where dreams come tine and cares of yesterday
are soon forgotten.
Sunny Souihern
Sunlit skies Fknvers in blossom Miles of
- i sparkling ocean at your feet, are just a few of
! life's advantages in this vacationland for
Low Round Trip Fares
San Francisco Santa Barbara Los Angpeles
San Diego and other California resort points.
'The California Express" has through Pullmans from Seattle,
Tacoma and Portland to Los Angeles via Sacramento.
Stay a day or more in San Francisco a delightful stopping
i LINES i j
For fares, train service, sleeping car
reservations or beautiful folders, ask
agents or write
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
not to do m. The decision lit of mu
importnm-o it mltle Pi" of IttW
that ha great bcorlnff upon co-iir.
Mtivo marlM'tinif contracts, of which
there arc n great ninny in U brnnchon
Oscar liaytor, of this city, repre
sented the plaintiff, and Vinton &
Ttw.o, of M.'Minnville, the defendant.
Tliu case wilt probably U appealed.
UALUwN will stack
! Last year Armistice day was cele
brated by tho American Legion post
in Independence and tho post from
Dallas was a guest of that city. This
year tho celebration will be held in
Dallas, this action being decided upon
J at tho meeting ef the post held in
the armory Friday evening. As this
meeting was the first to be held for
this w.nter the attendance was ex
ceptional large. Plana for the win
ter activities wero gone over and if
all the contemplated plans are car
ried out tho winter will b an es
pecially lively one.
For tho Armistice day celebration
on Saturday, November 11, tho plans
are yet in tho making. It was de
cided to have a big parade in tho
afternoon, starting at about 1:30
o'clock. This will be joined in by ex
service men, the various military or
ganizations in the county, the ladies Ti. lirro.,t of tho two- men
auxiliary of the American Legion, 1 niate ly Sheriff , 'John W. ;Oir and
the civic and fraternal organizations. ! nj8 deputy, Rao Craven. Hi sheriff
The matter of sports will also be I n,j.jv(. information- thaUtfie two
given a prominent position on the nu,h nuy liquor irA their session
program. Plans for having a football nmj tnat n was H'ched near trophy's
hop yard just. ouUiffthv-'W urm
of Wwst Salem. Tht sheriff upd his
deputy -'mmediately left .for .too place
Dallas Koseoe S'tnaU and Henry
Lehman, both residents f Independ
ence, were tried before Kd. V ('ad,
justice of the peace. Vr day after
noon and Slants received jail sen
tence of 30 days and a fine of 1H
while Lehman was declared
i-uiltv. E. K. Piasocki, attorney
Staats, iiimounced an ppel
tho sentence . '
f! A. .v
See the Champions
Pacific International J
Live Stock Exposition
$75,000 in Premium! Beef and Dairy
Breed Hore, Swine, Sheep and Coali
Western Winter Poultry and Rabbit Show,
Western Dairy Products Show Manufac
turers and Land Products Show
Night Horse Show.
Lsrgemt exposition of ita kind in America
10 cre under one roof I
M : : I
game have practically been comple
ted, the contesting teams not as yet
having been decided upon. But as
surances have been given out that
the teams contesting will be cracker
jacks. The day's celebration will end
in the evening with a big dance in the
armory and a banquet, which will
probably be served in the Woodman
hall. A number of outside speakers
will address the diners during the
The post has also made arrange
ments for showing in the Majestic
theatre on Thursday evening, Oct
ober 26", that great moving picture en
titled "Cardigan," from the novel by
Robert W. Chambers. This is one of
the greatest patriotic pictures ever
filmed and starts with the early his
tory of the government from Paul
Revere's ride, continuing up to about
the present time. A nominal price of
admission will be charged for both
the afternoon and the evening. Observer.
Have Y(M This
A HANK is an expert. ho'okkeeiiT which
keeps your accounts correctly and your money
safely and makes no cljarjfjf for oithcr.
We sell you Safety, Service, and Satisfac
tion, and are the only kind of business that
makes no charge4' for'iW koods.
. f i i t ii i ff
ill I
The liidepeiiiiehce National Bank
College Hens Goin' Good
The best results ever obtained at
the poultry plant of the Dominion
experimental poultry farms at Otta
wa were through male birds obtained
from the Oregon Agricultural college
experiment station, George Robert
son, assistant Dominion poultry hus
bandman of Canada, has written A.
G. Lunn, professor of poultry hus
bandry. Requests have alrtady been
received from six of the Canadian
branch experimental farms for breed
ing stock this spring.
After several weeks of considera
tion, Judge H. H. Delt has rendered
his decision in the now famous "egg
case," officially known as Pacific Co
operative Poultry Producers, vs. J.
A. Hanson. Hanson had signed a
contract with the plaintiff company
to market the eggs form his poultry
farm exclusively through it.
Later he failed to live up to this con
tract and the company brought suit
; for specific performance. In de
j elding the case upon a demurrer to
the complaint, Judge Belt held in
favor of the defendant, on the
grounds that the contract was one
sided and that there was nothing in
it to require the plaintiff to accept
4' paid on Saving Accounts
where they found twenty pint of thi
liquor vpped;'!1" J"K'k" ,iL. I
net's. " Thcyco7fct"uTod themselves to?
K.2.1 n .l'.r.. .,M W At ,, I
await' -limner urirn'jMm iiv... .v!
uVoufc.,,,, o,VW Aa, tb,CVeUKl
Staats nnd Lvhman. arrived on the-
scone" 'amt'go't 'I'lie liquor und were j .Cn..a:
taken info 'Cftstbtiy.1'" TKey"'"'fre , "T.
!! mil
fail. -i.l "n ' :
,V'i(" I VMllC'll ( Htltrf
i "" . Mi:MniiSl '.- I
:';-l;:,,;;;,,PtL RKSErve
, i
brought to-Xa-i"-nil ha4 hiring (
. . i .... l ...I... U..1.I 'v
ouore junge vouu iw ".(in!
each 5a 70 Hi wii.4 wit f ifnW- ,r
hi in i.n; .uim..
sufweiHiin for "tie ' now ii.&q i-er yias
Ml' M ') V JJhi
Vote 314 x Yes
i The. trilllfcf SW.?l"SiiU 'leTat
January tM ot iud'cu-miU-ourt Me
was convicted of the same offense
about six jnonth-t-ago at jlndi'Uftttd-fl,
ence1 tt'te'W IKtf-Thfi ' caso ;,
was aso i)peakAintoJ Journal. y
v tTTTTtl ttu. t ij. j,ur)llre At (h'romiiulitory public m-hool attcndimrii bill ii t -i
New Wficat "Smut Control L'mited th nMrai-in ff uU'-Orftton rhtllri-n of Krmunmr icbool telmtoj
r,,nnr mrhoniitn'Hunt rontml of' lugiiKe, a lomuioii hutury and roiniiinr. Minis, to lh that aat.
0. A. C. experiment i station only
when adcijuute maciiiury , ffr..lrt- J ThU'b'ill a j.rpoiiAi' brcauso (t ufpnrtor WIIm that onlykjs-
ing the grain by that mejhnd is avajl-f rflnctftiort 'or our riiluin n' On atanaanl ana uiiilorm liiii-i can UicmH;
able, and wh,-n tlr gVow ''al!et, ,ath',v,,J- " ' .
smut is retwm-TidAd B- the VTU t(ollJ, i,..rp(.tuu,l.-l.
C. experiment! Mation onlyf''7 " "n f" '" 1 '
Aujtrlcuu ldttl ajfiuardid find Aaoj
Tl:l ti!l ropoii' no r liKlmi rffttrlcttona
It ronti-mplatciMte-,
I child In hi! oi
li rul no Imiuij uf n-liKlout Aitlemit
,;r j oj.,.tnc iikmi.w ,)' partijp iy uyirn reiiKina to til rhiiu in hiionr.
.usii acroniins to iiU own ix-ikf
n i i
to put on a comparative jtost wihe j
usual nieinotu aiongsiiig. ,,.,lwire
the vrra.n is treated Witbi this
.11 V L " ' I . I 1 .
tvw.! I. ...1 nil uiimf l.ullu v I, . ,i 1 1, 1 l. .... ' I
fully removed by" 'fanning.('( ,.yh,i;at V"'1 '''Thlii 'hfU'W inri'y"'i'heiiuro to Inniire that all children hj tuat
that is conspifwiusly mutt'y i.t put ' 'PuWlc mii ' i4H' h tuui;ht allko durltiK ltn-lr Ermiifiuir tcM t
.uiUbl. for seed, a, unclaln r t M
can be had on application, to. JLbe
:.: a.. ... . V i. ' ,., ) iit .
",c "iM"'riv',vnic .m.'Wo.i To mk an II-Anf rivn nation we mtmt have nll-Amerku totrf
or our rhndri'h aliihic n-roKnUiMj atandard lim a, litnoranca ot As
idculH and IriHiitiitliiii nruj l.mKtiitK" I thn cronti-Ht nii'iiuce tolVa,t
Hume hu do not uil-rtnd tlietu $rop-rly do not support ttia,
. 'it" :ti;.:- i ..I nth
exper mcnt station at
from the local agent,
Corvallis, ori
Where lights are used, now I4, the
time to start them 'on the pullets.
Lights arc used for layers only -"ry.t
for breeders. Artificial Tight !"su'f-f-cient
to make a 12 hour" 'day ''is
generaty u.d. " ' '" f""
One Flag One School One Langin
Iimpi'i tor Hfni'tn In Ofjot,
, Ancli'tit and Accepted ScoltuA
ll'alil Ailvrrtlnrmrnt)
hM IS' '
it m mi m m m m m
J -1! i ! S - - ff . 1
cry -1
5 -. & -"V-i-a
We call a man suc
cessful when he gets
what he goes after.
We are giving you
what you are after
in clothes; distinc
tive style, fit, and
long wear.
With the first real touch of cold weather this store is ready to announce an Over
coat Exposition that presents selections and values of outstanding importance. This
is not a display that has been grouped up over night. It represents weeks of effort
in searching the markets for dependable qualities and extreme values. Every stylo
and type of overcoat is featured in this display. 1
They are all Wonderful Values.
$16-50 to $50-oo
alem Woolen Mills Store
Open until 9 p. m. on Saturday nights.
C. P. BISHOP, Prop.
. :