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MdS dSM3 1L ILJL U IT. 1 K
41st YEAH No. 9
. INDEPENDENT Fl ni?t!f!AM Twin A v irnn oa moo
Wationi Ucing
for Annual
Corn Show
Arthur K. Horton, William Oockie
,mitue to handle tne corn now
Prtmiiient It. M. Walker of tho
.in MunhimU' association at the
lajr nlht meeting. They will
i UMin with Paul Carpenter,
,.v grrcnt, determine the dy for
'in the blir event, compile the
i,im lint and e!cct a place for
tor It.
be com how in an interesting
fiir md in past yearn hna attracted
rrtt dcttl of attention. It U poiwi-
tht thu ahow thin year will be
rrrd to include apuda aa welt aa
iindi of corn and corn product.
ii has been an exceptionally
y corn neanon and it la expected
: the nhowing will be the bent
h ha ever been made here.
k county in the corn belt of the
,y and the acreage devoted to
Krop U being steadily increased.
i it the purpose of the committee
:.ike the chow a real farm gather-
ind it probable that in addi
to the exhibit, there will be at
!ive entertaining features.
fi. H. Irvino was hi independence
ihni raiuriuy greeting old frlendH.
lie hits been ntaying with hi daugh
ter, Mra. E. N. Johnnon at Salem
for tin.! paHt few weeks.
II. Hinuhberg, Dr, II. Charlie
Duimmore and Ira Mix were in Mon
iiwuth Jaat Friday night assisting
William Stocho'm in commemorating
hi C.lrd birthday anniversary.
At the Polk County fair, Helen
Alexander carried off tho first pre
mium for penmanship and Helen Olm.
atead received aecond premium on
Mra. Homer Hill has been cniovlntr
. c
a short visit from her father, O. Mar
tin, and her nephew, Floyd Frazier.
both of Roseburg. The gentlemen
left Wednesday for Alberta. Canada
The trip will bo mado in a Maxwell
K. A. Dunckel returned Wednes
day from Coqulllc, where he has been
engaged for several days in over
hauling the machinery in the laundry
at that place. While there Mr. Dun
ckel saw Crosby Dalton, who i in
business In CoquiJle and reports he
and his family as prosperous and in
good health.
I Oregon's World Champion jersey
C. G. Nelson and Robert Nea.Von
of Portland spent Sunday at the Dr.
0. D. Hutler residence. Messrs. Sul
livan and Nealson spent a few hours
seeking Chinas, securing a few.
h Ford Motor company sprung a
:rie this week by announcing a
-nt in the price of the touring and
,bout models, bringing the price
- i vnujy me omui'V place.
'it factory the lowest in the com-1 vl. . . .
t.... ... .,..Jxchanfe wlU be m8,,e t once
unvui. v. n. r.iwoiL, roru
R. Rue, who for the past year has
been a tenant on the ranch of Mrs.
Carrie Smiley, has rented a ranch
near Dallas and Mr. Savery of Dallas
will occupy the Smiley place. The
iUny y. VMkx::sl);;r..'.
'm. f -.V ,A? (vh ri t ' ' r '
Finances were getting low in tho
Methodist aid society treasury and I
members of that organization were j
waiting with an ear to the ground to
discover some way of relieving the
financial stringency. A field of un-
husked corn on the W. S. Small ranch
offered a solution of the problem, and
- C 11 1 a 1 . i 1 .
the contract. On FrHy afternoon I dependence in a receptive mood
, i I during the visit of the caravan last
assembled at the Small barn, prepared
Mayor Baker and Caravan
Are Given Welcome in
Mayor Baker and his caravan of
boosters for the 1927 exposition found
Here is Mrs. Sam J. McKee hold
ing Lad's Iota, world champion Jer
sey cow. Lad's Iota is deemed such
a wonderful animal and so great an
attraction that a special glass house
is being erected for her upon the
Pacific Livestock Exposition grounds
in I ortland, where she will be shown
from November 4 to 11.
Mrs. Earl Klum Struck by
Automobile With
Babe in Arms
tentative in Polk county, had
ed no information that such a
as even contemplated,
if predicted in financial circles
she Ford cut is but another step
I r which is being waged by
niea building the smaller cars.
kurtions made on the various low
4 car from tho peak figures of
IKO are: Overland, 49 percent;
, 4H percent; Chevrolet, 36 per-
Dodge IJrothers, 31 percent;
ell, 23 percent.
Tuesday, a deal was consumma-
I'hereby Mrs. Lottie H. Mcintosh
he the owner of tho K. C. Eld-
property at the corner of Sev-
nd Monmouth streets.
Eldridge disposed of the prop-
few months ago to Mrs. Clara
senlmrg of Portland in a tran-
n whereby Mr. Eldridge ac
i n apartment house property
rtland and the place has been in
of a caretaker since that time.
one of the finest residence
rtlcs in Independence with spa-
beautiful grounds and shrub-
and Mrs. Mcintosh are now
"S into the new place. Mrs.
I'osh's tnthpr. "IliKlrlv" Ilnrlcroa
' - c
ake his home with them, vaca-
;,,e Hedges propertybn tho op-
corner, which has been in the
ssion of the Hedges family for
'han a score of years.
Elfclns News
The ladies of the Methodist church
will give their annual dinner in the
church basement Thursday, October
2Cth from 5 to 8 p. m . These dinners
need no advertising and all attending
arc assured of a bounteous meal.
"just like mother used to cook," at
an extremely moderate price.
A masquerade dancing party for
Odd Fellows and Rebekahs only will
be held Tuesday evening, October 31,
in tho I. 0. 0. F. hall. Lunch will be
served and a silver offering taken
for the children at the Odd Fellows
homo in Portland.
An examination wj!1 be held at
Camp Lewis during the week begin
ning October 23rd for the selection of
second lieutenants of the regular
army, in order that a number of va
cancies in the commissioned personnel
may be filled.
George Bergeron, a partner of W.
N. Chapman in the Independence
Paint company, was here from Tilla
mook Sunday consulting with Mr.
Chapman. Messrs. Chapman and
Bergeron are running an auto paint
ing establishment at Tillamook.
II. E. Pankalla, accompanied by
Mrs. Pankalla and their sons, Allen
and Emory, left Wednesday morning
for southern Oregon, where the men
folks will spend a few days deer
Mrs. Earl Klum was struck by a
car driven by George McLinn at the
postoffice corner Tuesday afternoon,
knocked down but sustained no mater
ial injuries. She was carrying ,a
baby in her arms and it was thrown
between the hood and fender just back
of a headlight without injury.
Mr. McLinn was driving at a very
moderate speed. Mrs. Klum, appar
ently oblivious to the approaching
car, attempted to cross the street
just in frone of it. Mr. McLinn
sounded his ironir and applied the
emergency brakes to the extent of
sliding the wheels, but the machine
struck Mrs. Klum before it could be
brought to a stop.
The accident was witnessed by a
number of persons, who went to Mrs.
Klum's assistance erpecting that she
had been seriously injured, but aside
from the fright she declared that she
was all right.
Rum Runner Runs Against
the Wrong Customer
in Dallas
Miss Florence Hartman, a daugh
ter of T. L. Hartman of Independ
ence and W. II. Mode were married
at Dallas last Saturday and have gone
to Hoquim,' Wash., with the expecta
tion of residing there.
Mr. and Mrs. Mode have many
friends here and felicitations are be
ing extended to them.
G. C. Skinner, Emerson Groves,
G. G. Godfrey, James Robbie and
Merle Nye of the Independence
Garage, C. A. Elliott and A. L
A'len of the Stewart Motor Co.. Tues
!day night listened to a talk in the
' Myrtle and Mario Johnson, commercial club rooms, Salem, by Ray
ve lately moved to this vic-
'rom Lewinvilln nfi.rl a,.K,w,l
3, .... vnvki vii oviiuui
A- E. Tetherow and daugh-
iiared and Ruth, were visitors
'( Cnnitol c. j i
-'-y aaiuruay.
nd Mra. E. A. Tedrow wern
N: in Independence Saturday.
auRnn Jones of Corvallis is
"toff A fo... .1 , ...
" - uuys visiting at tne
01 her son. Georo-e .Tnnf
X A r, .
leoirow and Miss
ce Enschede were visitors in
lcnce Saturday.
an Mrs. DelH Springstein of
Iwitk S ew duys the Past
JP7 8- SP'ingstein'a brother,
I in !'.,ama of Airlie is sawing
L ls immunity ths week.
Sffc6,0' -N-s-visited
U01 Tuesday.
fc!"d Mr8- E- Bedwell visi-
m Pedee Sunday.
and Grace Jones
Sherman of Chicago on "Shop
Profits." Highly optimistic over the
future of the auto industry, Mr
Sherman's mission is to put a little
more "kick" into the men engaged
in the work.
Mrs. R. E. Williams of San Fran
cisco and Mrs. B. J. Hedgpath of
Tillamook arrived in Independence
,Wednesday for a visit at the home of
their niece, Mrs. P. L. Hedges.
"Aunt Jane" Hedgpath as she is
familiarly known to her friends was,
for years, a resident of Independence
and old acquaintances will be pleased
to greet her again.
Mrs. F. R. Arrell was operated
upon in tne i;eaconess nospaai,
Salem, Wednesday morning for
tumor, the operation being success
ful in every way, and she is slowly
recuneratine. Mrs. Arrell was taken
there Sunday by Mr. Arrell, who is
IT8 Kathryn
Tflll! "- vvruoc) v i
Wo . Were Sunday visitors at dividing his time between his home
The annual meeting of Willamette
chapter, American Red Cross will be
held at 2:30 p. m., October 25 at Keel
Cross headquarters, 640 State street,
Salem, for the purpose of electing a
Jwaord of directors of 21 members
for the coming year. All' persons
holding 1922 membership cards are
entitled to a vote in this meeting and
urged to be present.
Sheriff John W. . Orr runs up
against many unusual circumstances
in his official capacities. To be mis
taken for one with an unquenchable
thirst and have a gallon demijohn!
or contraband thrust into bis hands
was an occurence at Dallas a few
nights ago.
S'neriff Orr was lying in wait in
the rear of a Dallas business place
last Sundav rntrhf: fn-r a cncncntiirl
I Moonshine peddler. A car came along
the street, and without any material
slackening of speed, a man jumped
from the running board and started
on a run for the rear of the building.
The sheriff stepped in his path and
was handed a copious quantity of
Sheriff Orr was expecting Paul
Lundy of Falls City to be the peddler
of the stuff, but Lundy had sent an
emissary, and so the sheriff climbed
into his gas wagon and headed 'er
for Falls City. On the way there he
got a "scent" which caused him to
stop at the Ralph Thrasher place.
He demanded admittance, but Thrash
er allowed that it would be necessary
to have a search warrant in order to
make an inspection of the premisis.
The sheriff continued his journey to
i Falls City, arrested Lundy on the
charge of selling moonshine, secured
a search warrant from Justice J. J.
Summons and . returning to the
thrasher, place, found one of the best
equipped stills which has been
brought to light in Polk county, 80
gallons of the finished product and
600 gallons of corn mash. The still
has a capacity of 80 gallons and was
operated with three oilburner stoves.
Thrasher was placed under arrest
and taken to the county jail.
for business and with a man or two
in the field, Mrs. Carrie Smiley
hauling the corn to the barn and will
ing hands eager to dispose of it at
that end, evening saw the corn husked
and stowed away safe from the win
ter's rain and the society's finances
are once more looking up.
The ladies all admit the presence
of two red ears in the pile, but the
most rigid cross examination failed to
reveal the names of the finders, how
ever, with Grandpa Kelley and Mr.
Ingermansen the only two members
of the sterner sex present at the
husking, judicious questioning of
these gentlemen might be advisable.
Next! Who has a job he wants done!
with speed and expertness?
A car in which Mrs. Cyrus Purvine
and son Allen were riding went into
the ditch yesterday morning near the
A rt Baker residence in the north part
of the town. The machine turned
over, Mrs. Purvine escaping with a
few bruises and the son was
unscathed. A couple of cans of cream
which were being- brought from the
Purvine ranch near McNary station
to tie creamery here were srrilled.
and there was some damage to the
"The trouble was due to a defect in
the steering apparatus of the mach
ine. . Mrs. Purvine i3 the mother of Mrs.
tleorge Graves and was taken to the
.Graves home following the accident.
The Polk county exhibit, shown at
the Polk County fair, is to be shown
at the Pacific International show in
Oregon formal
J.J. Handsaker of Portland, chair
man of the Near East relief for Ore
gon, addressed the students at the
chapel hour on Monday morning. He
presented the subject in a most vivid
forceful way. In response to his
appeal for help, $300 has already been
raised and $100 more is pledged to be
paid by the end of the week. Such
a report reflects decidedlv nnnn the
student body of O. NY S.
Miss Taylor made a business trio
to Portland last Thursday.
A dancing party will be given in
the gymnasium on Saturday evening.
October 21. The arrangements for
this party are in the hands of the
seniors who are planning some feat
ures characteristic of Hallowe'en.
Local friends on the Normal's social
list are cordially invited to attend
this party.
President Landers read an interest
ing letter from Miss Clara Allen, '22,
at the chapel hour on Tuesday. The
letter reported the activities of a
most enthusiast'c group of Normal
ites who set forth the needs of the
Normal during the institute week in
Astoria, Oregon. Thev
Friday evening.
With a considerable din, the cara
van arrived upon schedule time, and
with a soap box as a speaker's stand
at the intersection of Main and C
streets, Mayor Walker welcomed the
visitors on behalf of the city, and
short talks were made by Rev. Charles
MacCaughey, pastor of the Wilbur M.
E. church, Portland; O. R. Hartwig,
president of the Oregon State Federa
tion of Labor; George L. Rauch, presi
dent Portland Ad. club, and Mayor
George L. Baker, in which the speak
ers pointed to the purpose of the
proposed exposition.
At the conclusion of Mayor Baker's
tak, he asked those in favor of letting
Portland raise $3,000,000 for exposi
tion purposes to make it manifest and
there was a lusty response.
There was one incident in connec
tion with the caravan visit to Polk
county which was not down on the
itinerary. That wa's the arrest of
Kirk Thompson of the Covey Motor,
Car company on the charge of speed
ing, the complainant being Marshal
Stewart of Monmouth. Mr. Thomp
son, on a motorcycle, was acting as
an advance guard to the caravan and
tore through Monmouth at an exces
sive rate of speed, according to Mr.
Stewart. He foUowed the rider here.
vwho was taken before Justice Baker,
,who remitted the fine after allowing
Mr. Stewart his fee of $2.40. This
was paid by Mayor Walker.
There were about 60 Drominent
business and professional men of
Portland in the caravan. It came
here from Dallas and went from here
to McMinnville.
C. W. Irvine, A. L. Thomas and
R. W. Baker have been selected as
a committee by Mayor Walker to
purchase and have installed a modern
filing and record system for handling
the city's affa'xs.
WillHam P. Riley has opened a har
ness shop in the Odd Fellows building
on C street and has moved his family
here from Dallas where he was for
merly engaged in the same business.
Paul Tacheron is spending the
week with his brother at firpshnm
Miss Mildred McNight and Miss
Allen are spending the week end with
friends at Albany.
The high school student body sub
scribed $60 to the Near East reMef
fund last Monday after Mr. Hand
saker made his appeal.
Rev. J. Farris Powell of Eugene
spoke at the Christian church last
Miss Eva L.
Charles MouJton
j weekend guests
I Charles Irvine.
Moulton and Mrs.
of Portland were
of Mr. and Mrs.
better at present.
i . f
orousiy carrying on the campaign for ' Sunday and will occupy the pulpit
a bigger and better O. N. S. again next Sunday. .
President Landers addressed the I J- B. Hill is building a norch on his
W. C. T. U. at McMinnville and the residence and making other im-
county institute at Oregon City last ' provements.
week. I Jack Rtit.W wno m.;io -.w i(.
- ' ' " .jmivv o .ijy laob
Saturday nisrht and Tlr Tt.rfU. t
L urwoods book "The Valley of Silent I Independence was called. He is much
luen win be shown in the chapel on
Friday evening. The story is well
known and should make an interesting
nends of Burton Belli are much
gratified that he has sufficiently re
covered his health to resume his
school work. Mr. Bell is nrPsirW.
of the student body organization this
Mr. Beattie spoke at the institute
in Baker county last week.
The seniors held their class election
last Thursday afternoon. The follow
ing offcers were elected:
Frances Lord, president. -
Katheryn Peterson, vice-president.
Marion Jenkins, secretary.
Mabel Rae Green, treasurer. "
J. 0. Burcham, Sargeant at Arms.
Emily Bergen, song leader.
Sam Galloway of Hillsboro was a
guest of his cousins, P. L. and V.
A. Fishback Saturday and Sunday.
W. J. Miller and Jack Leask of
Monmouth picked apples in the J.
B. Stump orchard last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman of Morgan
Idaho, and their daughter. MW
Fannie Walkup of Clackamas. Oregon
were guests last week of their r.U
friends, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wun-
Riddell Bros, are digging their
Clare Egleston of Monmouth
m our midst Jast Fridav.
James Dalrymple of .Washington
was a visitor with Darrell Stump and
family last week.
John Stump is having his
George Jones
harvested. .
here and the hospital.