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    friflAV. August 11, 1922
Thl! inl!tutln offers
Tl at ft cost within
It tiffw training lor collegiate degrees in:
. .i...Kiir Minu
Sneering Mechanic ArU
.t.., Kcormmu'M
n offer trulnlnif also in;
ration, Industrial Jour
Fall Term Open September 18.
Yor circular of information and Illustrated booklet write lo
The Registrar, Oregon Agricultural College,
Corvallis, Oregon
Chemical analyses of Oregon le
prae thut will eivo farmers a better
knowledge of their fertilizer require
ment assure them a place in
their farming systems ere nearing
(ompli-tlon t the agricultural col
late experiment station.
The investigations will determine
the mineral content of tho leading
Oregon legumes, and develop Infor
mtitn tiiHt will bo of value to live
itock feeders.
"Legume such as alfalfa, red
clover, ibike, vetches and peas and
binf are not only high In feeding
nlue but excellent rejuvenatora of
loila," mid J. S. Jones, agricultural
chemist at tho atation In charge of
the inveKtigation. "They have spec
it! importance in agriculture aa they
ean be innoculated with jiitrogen
fixinjr bacteria. Continuous growing
of email grain has given western
Oregon much runilown lands, which
i wider knowledge and use of legumes
will do a great deal to correct."
Many sample of legumes used cen
trally for feeding or soil renewal
are been carifuJIy analyzed to deter
mine feeding and fertility content and
The analyses will be followed by
nutritional study to determine their
feeding value. No work in animal
nutrition baa yet been conducted in
Oregon, and these studies will prove
valuable to livestock men, Professor
Jones believea.
A nummary of the work on legume
end hay in expected to be ready for
fwtribution in a few weeks.
lhe GaSoUne garages, or other dealers.
of Qualify
Successful Graduates
Are the Bet Recommendation of
A. C.
0...f..uKl., i.i-m-ticMl, nTV gtandard education
Much of the high school graduate.
Vocational Kducation
Chemical Knirineerinir
Military Reicnre and Tactics
Tho School of Munic, Physical Kdu-nuliMii.
Liberal payment to prune growers
tire to be ninde by the Oregon Grow
ers' Cooperative association this fall,
according to an officiul announcement
upon delivery of the fruit to the pack
ing plants. Those payments will be
of sufficient amount to cover the cosU
of harvesting and will be followed
tthortly by other advances based upon
the grade report. With 75 to 80 per
cent of the 1922 crop sold, official
believe it possible to make earlier
payment than heretofore.
The market aituation is reported
dull with practically no buying, and
the trade waiting for the California
association to announce prices. Tho
extent to which the trade has sup
plied Itself with the Oregon prune
will be indicated after the California
prices are announced, it is said.
The Grants Pas district of the Ore
gon Growers' Cooperative association,
which ha been selling its fruit thru
Mcdford is to market its fruit here
after directly through the association
proper, according to a recent report.
The estimated tonnage which this
district will produce is 14,000 boxes
if apples; C400 boxes of winter pears;
10 to 20 cars of peaches and two to
three cars of grapes.
The association, it is said, will not
handle the Bartlctt pear tonnage
this year due to a previous arrange
ment of this district with its agents.
Men are different. Husband's are
Men like to be laughed at for their
wit, but not for their folly.
Every gallon like every
other gallon. Every drop ca
pable of vaporizing rapidly
and uniformly in the carbu
retor, and being consumed
completely in the cylinder at
the jump of the spark.
That's "Red Crown."
That's quality in gasoline.
Use "Red Crown" and
nothing else, and your car
will develop the maximum
power that its makers de
signed it to give.
Fill at the Red Crown
sign. at Service Stations,
Dying Drunkard 8old for Fifty Dollar
tha Only MUhod of Making
DolU Eytjs.
Doll' eje inf ronmritlc history,
say a writer In Pearson'.
A i'.lrmlngham toy manufacturer
i'urs iik" wus approached by one of
the largest dealer In dolls, who asked
him to undertake the manufacture of
The toy manufacturer, thinking
there whs nothing in the business,
turned down the proportion.
Hut the business was u big one, and
when an order to the value of jCWX)
whs menl loned the manufacturer un
dertook the work.
The real dlllleultle of the tusk then
became apparent. The first eyes were
hopeless failures, and a great (leul of
money was spent on experiments. The
cleverest glass toy-workers In the
kingdom were engaged, but all to uo
purpose Finally the attempt wa
given up.
About eighteen months later the toy
manufacturer, by u strange chance,
met a mail utterly Impoverished by
drink and In the last stages of con
sumption, who held the secret of the
proc ess for making dolls' eyes. He was
willing to "sell this secret for 10.
KaKcrly the manufacturer paid the
price, hut so Incoherent were the dying
man' directions that It wus Impossi
ble to follow them.
In desperation the Birmingham
manufacturer went to the Inventor's
garret and saw the process In actual
operation. Uefore half a dozen of the
eyes hud been made the secret was
grasped and the manufacturer of
dolU' eyes wus tlrtnly established.
Why Colored Woman Wat Convinced
tha Lord Waa Not Aiming to
Destroy Her.
lnirlng a thunderstorm In the South
a lurge oak tree within thirtyifect of
a negro cabin on' a plantation was
completely shattered. The crash was
terrifying, the ground for quite a dis
tance around the tree was broken up
us If it had been plowed and pieces of
the tree were hurled many yard and
showered on the cabin roof.
The next morning, when the old
negro woman went to the house to
work, her mistress said sympathetical
ly: "You must have been very much
t..l. I Iwu s.-utt utt-IW'ls
IIIKOft 'lit -(1 IMTll nil: nvi; inra c uv-
last nignr, Jennie.
"Oh, no'm," Jennie reassured her;
"I wasn't skeered. I never did see no
use in feelin' skeered after sumi'In's
over. I Jus' said dat I knowed if de
Lord had a been almin' ut us, he
wouldn't a-mlssed us dai far, an' went
back to sleep."
Ancient Greeks' Prsyer Charm.
Great value lias always been at
tached to rare and beautiful stones,
but with primitive people the intrinsic
value waa less than the supernatural
virtue credited to them. Stones were
favored a a charms, but among the
early Greeks none was rated as hav
ing the power of compelling the gods
to answer prayer except rock crystal.
This was used as a burning stone,
and the founder of perhaps the cur
liest recorded temple mysteries.
Onomacrltus, gives exact directions
for producing sacred lire. A bright
transparent piece of crystal was to
be laid on dry wood In brilliant sun
shine. He says the god appears first
with smoke, then with a little smolder
ing fire, then with a burst of flame.
This was holy fire from the sun's rays.
"Whoso goes Into the temple with
this in his hand may be quite sure
of having bis prayer granted ns the
gods cannot withstand Its power," he
told his followers.
A Letter Changed.
She was a stenographer who would
leave out sentences, paragraphs, too,
when she couldn't reud the hieroglyph
ics In her book during the two weeks
that she lingered with an advertising
The head of the agency was away
for a couple of days. A client tele
graphed that he was coming to the
city. Would Mr. Williamson be In his
office? The president's secretary dic
tated a reply: "Sorry. Mr. William
son Is away trap shooting; will return
The telegram was dispatched. A
duplicate of It was placed on the pres
ident's desk to let him see that the
client's wire had been taken care
of. This Is what he read : Sorry. Mr.
Williamson is away crap shooting. Will
return Thursday." Judge.
Niagara Traveling Backward.
Niagara's total practical energy
equivalent Is In excess of G.000,000
horse-power. This stream of energy
is kept constantly renewed by the ac
tion of the laws of nature, nnd It finds
expression through the medium of
noise. The falling water at Niagara
presents a grand spectacle which Is
viewed ench year by less than 1 per
cent of the population of the coun
try. But this spectacle, though grand,
Is n traveling show, for the falls have
receded JW5 feet since the first survey
was made In 1764. World's Work.
A Misapplied Term.
"A man who was Inveighing against
.u r,ifniiKti' nress In a restaurant
the other day got what was coming to
i ..,,, -top wlin was standlne of! a
kind-hearted Greek for a doughnut
snd a cup of coffe rose up and smote
hlni on the Jaw." jjirnungnaiu age
8obrlquet Bestowed on Clement XIV
When He Suppressed the
Order of Jesuits.
Poite Clement XIV bears the so
brlfjuet of "the Protectant l'oe," al
though he wh by no. means a mem
ber of the I'rotestsnt faith. He earned
this title by a bull which he Issued In
177;!, ordering the suppression of the
Order of the Jesuits. This se;ned to
the devout Cutbollc a concession to
I'rotestantlsin, and lhue Clement waa
given his tltl.
The Jesuit order was established
In 15.'i7 by Ignatius Loyola, and Us
chief alia was t'i establish the power
of the pope and to preserve It against
the ut tucks of the Prot estants. It
grew to be the most powerful Hocluty
of the iCoaian Catholic church, gain
ing Its Influence principally through
the excellent mcIiooIh which Its mem
bers founded and maintained. Its
potency grew to such an extent that
the temporal authorities took alarm
and, In 1773, France, Spain, Portugal.
I'arma. Naples and Austria prevailed
upon Pope Clement, to Issue his bull
abolishing the order. It was re-established
by I'ope Plus VII Immediate
ly ufter the full of Napoleon In 1815,
and Is now In a thriving condition in
all countries where the Koman'church
has adherent. The order has been
distinguished throughout Its exist
ence for the great learning and schol
arship possessed by Its members.
Saxon Monarch, a Thousand Years
Ago, Instituted Custom of Satur
day Half Holiday.
A thousand yeure ago the Saxon
King Kdgar proclaimed a rest from
all labor from the noon of Saturday
till the dawn of Monday, and the sswne
principle wan emphuslzed by his suc
cessors. i
The church was In those days the
dominant factor In all social life, and
the Satunlay-to-Monday ordinance was
doubtless at first Intended to give the
people full opportunities for going to
church. Hound the village church, too,
gradually sprung up the Saturday mar
ket for the cottagers, and so, though
slowly, the Saturday holy day evolved
Into a holiday.
With the change from agriculture to
Industrialism, people left the villages
for the towns, and here for some time
the Saturday half-holiday was endan
gered In the rush and greed of the
new-found and little understood "prog
ress." A saner ana more moueraie
outlook, however, restored the Satur
day half-holiday. But, curiously
enough, the towns claimed It as a new
invention of their own, ignoring the
village life which, long centuries back,
knew as A legal right the weekly half-
holiday of the Saturday.
Indian Tale of 'Pillar Rock.
There are Indian tales of the Pillar
rock, which Is located about 1,000 feet
from the Washington shore, and which
stand about 1'0 feet from the surface
of the Columbia river, and of the oc
currences thereabouts, real and fanci
ful. One Is that Chief Skauiokawa,
his ire aroused because a Clatsop
brave made away with the chiefs
daughter, hurled the rock at the de
nnriln; canoe of the swain from the
tribe across the river, missing the craft
but implanting the huge pillar in mid
stream. The rock extends below the
30-foot depth, and the base, or projec
tion. Is said to have an approximate
width In excess of 30 feet.
George Vancouver, following Gray,
the discoverer of the river, spoke of
It in 1792 as "the remarkable pillar
rock." He is said to have been told
of the rock by Gray and entered the
river on the way down the coast.
"Washing One's Soiled Linen."
The phrase, "washing one's soiled
flnen," is popularly used to express
airing of unpleasant private affairs
or family quarrels in public, the anal
ogy being, of course, that both are
matters for disposition In the privacy
of one's home.
The expression comes down to us
as one of the brain children of Vol
taire, the famous French satirist. The
occasion for Its origin Is said to have
taken place In 1740, when uenerai
Mausteln wrote to Voltaire asking to
be vindicated publicly of accusations
made against him.
Voltaire happened to be occupied
In answering the appeal of Frederick
of Prussia to help him straighten out
one of his dilemmas. So he replied
to Mausteln :
"The king has sent me some of
his dirty linen to wash. I will wash
yours another time."
Late Letter Mailers Fined.
In England a century ago fines were
assessed for late mnlHng of letters.
Unless letters were mailed In London
before four o'clock a fee of a penny
for each one had to be paid to the
bellman who collected the late mall.
The postman was an important per
sonage in those days. He was all done
up In red, white and blue, scarlet coat,
blue breeches, white stockings, with a
great cockade in his hat.
Those who chose- to carry letters
to the general post office could do so,
but If the' wished to have letters re
ceived after a certain time lio less
than sixpence must be paid. It was
usual for postage, to be collected from
the person who received a letter.
Style and Style.
lie You say you've met Miss Pen
ley. I've read some of her works, but
I can't say I like her style.
She Neither do I; she's positively
dowdy. Boston Transcript
And the Editor of That One Had to
Teach His Subscribers How to
Read It
Journalism In Greenland Is In rather
a primitive mage, according to the
captain of a British bark. The cap
tain makes frequent voyages to Green
land and is held to be an authority on
conditions In that country.
The one editor In Greenland Is a
Dane named Moeller, who conducts
the only newspaper and enjoys the
singular distinction of printing the pa
per for the natives and teaching them
to read It.
Mr. Moeller Is not only the editor
and proprietor; be Is the reporter,
printer, distributor and business
manager, and every two weeks he
makes a long Journey on skates to dis
pose of his Journal.
Originally It contained only a few
crude Illustrations, but gradually
other matter wus Introduced, until now
It contains articles on the affairs of
the day.
This man actually taught bis sub
scribers to read his paper, first intro
ducing words, then sentences, until
now bis subscribers are able to read
articles oil any topic he cares to write
about. ,
Tissues, After Operation, Grew To
gether, and Voice Is Said to
Be Improved.
In three out of four cases In wldch
Dr. II. Burger resected the vocal
cords the tissues grew together to
form a new vocal cord. He reports
to the Xederlandsch Tijdshrift v.
Geneeskunde (Amsterdam) that the
more radical the operation on the side
wall of the throat the more the new
cord approximated normal.
In all these cases the diagnosis of
malignant tumor was beyond question,
and the operation was dope through
a slit In the thyroid cartilage. No at
tempt was made to suture this after
ward. The voice Is good In all but
one, who atlll is hoarse. The voice
Is very much better than In other
cases in which merely the growth It
self was resected and the Test of the
vocal cord left. The repair after this
Is much less perfect. In one of his
cases the repair was so perfect that
In examining with the laryngoscope a
year later there was some doubt as
to the operated side. New York
Saw Volcano in -Action.
A volcano In action was witnessed
about six weeks ago by the captain of
the British freighter Bounty, off the
West African coast. The skipper said
the Bounty was about five miles off
shore when he observed smoke pour
ing high and profusely out of a peak
inward from the Bight of Biafra. near
the boundary line letween Kamerun
and Nigeria. Thinking he might be
of assistance In the event of disaster
to the villages near the seacoust he
put in tovard shore and went to the
land in a lifeboat. He said the smok
ing peak was about 11,000 feet above
sea level and on Its westward side
he observed large streams of lava.
Finding no signs of human life along
the shore he went back to the freight
er and proceeded on his course.
Put Out Fires With Glass " Us.
A glass ball? the glass belns: minand
easily shattered, and about the size of
an egg, filled with a standard flame
kllllng liquid, Is now being put on the
Most fires can be extinguished with
little danger and little loss If proper
means are available for prompt use.
Experiments have shown that a few
of these new glass bails or fire-outs,
as they are called, will quickly snuff
out a bad blaze.
In the past most fire extinguishers
have been rather high-priced. This
new extinguisher is a notable excep
tionthe three balls which comprise
a set being retailed for only 30 cents
per set. A set of three balls comes In
an Ingenious ; carton which can be
hung from the wall.
Not Pretty Music
Dorothy, three years old, Uvea at
New Albany. Her father took her to
I the barber shop to have her hair
' trimmed, and the electric clippers al
most drove the little girl into spasms
of fear despite the kind assurances
i that they would not hurt her. She !
was completed.
Next day Dorothy went to visit a
neighbor who lived hear the barber
shop. Shortly after her arrival sue
heurd music and inquired Its location.
On being informed that It was at the
barber's she replied:
"Well, I don't think his musle Is
pretty." Indianapolis News.
They are GOOD!
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned executors of the estate of
August Quasdorf, deceased, havo
filed their final account in the County
Court of the State of Oregon for
Polk County, and that Monday tht
21st day of August, 1922, at the hour
of 10 A. M. thereof, at the court room
of the said County Court in the city
of Dallas, Oregon, has been appointed
by said court as the time and place
for the hearing of objections to the
said final account and the settlement
Executors of the estate of
August Quasdorf, deceased.
B. F. Swope, attorney.
Notice is hereby given, that the
undersigned, by order of the County
Court of Polk County, Oregon has
been appointed Administrator of tha
Estate of Louisa J. Bezanson, de
ceased, and has qualified. ,
All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
present them with proper vouchers
within six months from the date of
this notice to the said Administrotor
at Independence, Oregon, in said
County of Polk.
Dated and first published June 30th
t Administrator of the estate of
Louisa J. Bezanson, Deceased.
D. E. Fletcher, Attorney for the estate
Campbell Buildiner
Cooper Building
C. C. WRIGHT, M. D. C.
pp?idence, "Uncle HiHvV
Brotherhood of
American Yeomen
Meet in K. P. Hall 2nd and 4th
Wednesday nights. Visiting Mem
bers Always Welcome.
Foreman, Bliss B. Byers.
Arthur Black, Cor.
Efficient Service Courteous
Funeral Director and Licensed
Calls Promptly Answered Day
or Night
Reasonable Prices
Phones 9821; 9822
Independence, Oregon
WindMill Barbershop
We appreciate your trade.
Uniyersityw Oregon
The college of Literature, Science
and the Arts with 22 departments.
The professional schools of Archi
tecture Business Administration
Education Graduate Study -Law-Medicine
Music Physical Educa
tion Sociology.
The 47th Year Opens October 2, 1922
For acataloiu oranjf informmtion
Writ The Rcittror, UnfVtrstttf of
Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.
L. m. HUM
Care of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Co.
Has medicine which will
cure any known disease
Not open on Sundays
152 South High Street
Salem, Oregon Phone 281
J IE I lira 11