Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, August 13, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    WTSTJ3. 102O
r jiifr
ferial Complete in
j Three Days
o' Serial
, ft.turiii(f
Iwitfle to
Hon in mm?
Itf ....
mi fit'
jrd flv '
, , , . Monday
, , . .Tuesday
! f .. 1 1
E. Fletcher wh in imnas
... Iki'hI mnlic-m.
H. IVnirni is in I'ortljind fit-
f to business maiicrs. ,
P. Sayles waH " uusines
in Portland Wednesday.
r AntliT!n Hpcnt tho weck
... ... I. ... i i
i.h rwiiive I" ' oin'u.
in. S. E. NYImuii is visiting rel
m Corvnllis and Philomath
C Eklridge f Portland,
it'll hi family here over
k end.
-j. jiuiiie iii iM'n, uuc u --
risitine at the Pilchard home,
if town.
i. M. 0. Fluke nnd (laughter
jr. A. McLaughlin, are vimting
o, Wash.
Roland Trt'in of San Fran- j
. ... . .i . . t
i viMiine ai i nonic oi
V. Dimick nnd I. I. Good.
rinied by their wives, spent
y in Kings Vulley.
Roy Sm it it of Kugene,
a few days this week visiting
Hrhtcr, Mrs. M. II. Pengra,
0. Thnycr and family re
Wednesday from a visit with
layer's parent s near Corval-
I'ortlitnd to j(,ln her
C W. lhuU0
erice llurton are
nd, nftei
nnd M!
IMS J'',, i.
"landing wcpk
Margaret Pilchard and
Mbit" arc on a 10-day trip
: la with a party of Portland
I Mabel I!i,ughcy, mother
Her, Helen, nrc at Hay Ocean
f- outing. They were taken
y E. E. Tripp.
i. LaFtver, grand-dnughtcr
Clara Taylor, fins gone to
on th. Tillamook bead,; w lh M"
Ilenklu's brother.
-lb It. Wolf of tho In.lepend,,,,,.
N lona. Dank accompanied 'by" M .
Wo and laughter and ,, from
ito,,li5t a,;:' ,in w-
Horace Clark threw hj ri(.ht
nn "out of joint" last Friday while
l'lyl" bull. Ho I now carrying U
'" nl It In probable that hi.
Ml Ituytnir 1h over for U.Ih season.
John Hramburg is finishing his
curbing contract at Monmouth. He
has put in over r.000 lineal f0,.t and
will complete hin job in a few days.
Mrs. K. N. Joh.iHon of Terre-
hlitt tut ft Hil TV T
...... .. 4in j,m.h iianna of
ortiana nave been visiting nt the
mme oi int'tr pnrets. Mr. ,.r,,i m...
Bum Irvine.
m - .... i
mr. una jvirH. (Jeorifi. f',.1,.
will K to Newport Monday where
mr. nroray wil remain fr n w..u
n.i Aim. i,n,ray -will tay tut
Icntror oulinj;.
V. . hmith has Iiurehnr1 tu..
W. K. I)unKan property on R.
!...... .
m.. v. jungnn, a former well
known midi-nt here, in holding
rcuponaihle portion ut Camas, Wash.
Mrs. K.l Owens was a wasK.-n.
ger Tuenday for Newjaut. She was
met in Corvallin bv hi.r i,,,.v,t..-
Mr. Dole I'aineroy, and children f
Mabel. They will i.nerul ul.out two
week nt the roaat.
Dr. Maurice ISutler and Howard
Morlan of Monmouth, with their
families, left, Wedneioiay on an auto
trip along tho Oregon coast nnd
northern California. They expect
to be irone about two wii k
. I'.. I. raven, Charles Cnl-
hrcath nnd I H. Drexler have been
appointed appraisers of the estate of
the late John Winters of Indepen
dence. The fxecutors are JameH II.
Winters ami his son, V. I. Winters.
I'. H. McCarthy returned Mon
day from Newport where he spent
a couple of days with his wife and
son. Without attempting1 to break
nny speed records, he made the run
from Newport here in about four
Dr. It. T. Uurnett and family of
Kngene, stopped over for a few
hours Wednesday with Dr. Hurnott's
sister, Mis. .Sherman Hays. Thoy
were on their way home from an
wuto trip through Washington and
M:-s Helen (Hlcepie, who is well
known here, 1ms been spending the
Hummer in Alaska with her sister,
Mrs. Walter Smith, was married
Saturday, August 7, in Cordova.
The name of the lucky man has not
been learned here.
Dr. DunHmore returned .Sunday
evening from his vacation, which
was spent at Helknap Springs in
company with his daughter and
frranddauijhter from Portland, and
bas resumed his position in the In
dependence National Dank.
J. A.HewIeyhad his car in oper
ation attain. It went over nn em
bankment about three weeks ago
near Husking and it was at first
thouirbf iUi i,
1 ' i mm .,..,
Page Five
was pretty much
ri.,., i
n-w wneeiH.
wieek. Thrw'
..I.! I .
""-body comprised the nrinnln-i
l ortland, Spent th(, fc
Wlh Mr. and Mrs E I T ,
Thi. ,., l'' T"wnsend.
S Jav 7 H,rmi,uni';J to lortland
H.nd.Mr. lownr-ond returned Wed--"ayand
Mrs. Town-end i. re
n'n there for a longer viit.
-Charles (i. Jrvinu nlurnc(
Saturday from a,... ,..b..
- "KM VilL'il-
k T "I"'" hiM ramh ntar Hos
KI'IS. Mrs. Iruin,, , ,
u, .. ,v "uugnter are
ui,s W(!ek visiting with
.. in mat local tv and r
I"'cted to arrive home tomorrow.
Neskowin is the finPt-
A I V J'H.t
on the coast in my estimation," do-
mre yKler Kum,
from a two weeks' outing at that
' o last r'riday. He wan accom
....... y mn Kum ,.We caught
.e mouniain trout, sea trout and
mer kuids of fiHh we could
lily uhc."
-Mr. and Mrs. P. II. Drexler left
Wednesday for a two Weekg, R0
jourri on the coast, Otter Rock being
their destination, where they have a
'otlage. Mr. Drexler is an efficient
"ales-man in the grocerv dr.ntrm,.nf
of Conkey & Walker.
Mrs. G. C. Skinner and 'd.-ino-h.
tern, Kathleen and Alice. nn,l M
fiuy Walker are at Newport for a
couple of weeks. They were accom
panied there last Sunday by Mr.
Skinner and Miss Ruth Mills, who
returned Monday evening.
Charles Smith is recovering
from an illness of several weeks.
A lack of help during strawberry
picking necessitated considerable
ertra pressure on Mr Smith's part,
with the result that he has had to
recuperate. Mr. Smith has been a
continuous subscriber to the Enter
prise for nearly two score years.
Miss Gladvs Childs has finished
her work with the Ellison-White
company as a junior in
structor, and is Spending a few days
at the home of her sister, Mrs. Jack
Eakin, of Dallas, before returning
here, MiRK Childs has been in
Idaho and Montana, taking up the
work as a vacation stunt, and will
teach the coming year in Salem.
C. P. Hembree of Willows,
Oil., accompanied by his wife and
daughter, is here for 10 days or two
weeks attending to the harvest on
Viis big ranch near Monmouth.' Mr.
Hembree is making a mint of money
n growing rice and has become a
very extensive grower. The yield
of rice to the acre is very heavy and
the profit is large.
Senator I. L. Patterson of Eola,
is here for a brief visit with his
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. F.
A. Patterson, and is attending to
Home business affairs. Senator
Patterson is president of the Wil
lamette Highway association, and is
confident that the highway will be
bu'lt from Dayton to West Salem
and that eventually it will be con
tinued Fouth through Independence
to Corvallis.
C. C. Archibald, local superin
tendent for the Mountain States
Power company, returned Wednes-
"v iiuoi a -two weeks' vacation
perit in San Francisco and environs.
He was accompanied homo by Mrs.
Archibald and son, who have been
visiting for tho past two months
at the home of Mrs. Archibald's par
ents. During Mr. Archibald's ab
sence Richard Saunders was in
charge. .
J. M. Gentry of Camas, Wash.,
Btopped in Independence Monday
wnne enroute to Newport to spend
a week "or ten days at the seashore. '
For 29 years Mr. Gentry was in Ihe f
v.t;i;jf oi o. n, cooper, growing
nops, making bricks and other work
in which Mr. Cooper was interested
during these years. About three
years ago Mr. Gentry . purchased a
small prune prchard at "Camas,
WaHh., and moved his family there.
Mr. Gentry expresses himself as be
ing very much pleased with his new
location. The place is located right
on the Columbia, with lots of beau
tiful scenery and good fishing.
"Just previous to our arrival at
Neskowin, the beach was strewn
with dead fish for miles," says A.
C. Moore, who returned the first of
the week from a three weeks' out-!
mg at that place. Ha was accom
panied by Mrs. Moore and the two
children.. "This is the second oc
currence of this phenomen in many
years at that point. Persons vers
ed in fish lore and habits allege that
it was due to one specie of fish
warring against another. Like a
great army, the marooned fish were
forced toward the beach and held
there by the victors until the tide
receded and left them high and
dry." ,
A traveling bag which was
found by J. S. Bohannon several
weeks ago on his way to Neskowin,
has been restored to the owner, R.
N. Henkle of Tillamook and a broth
er of Chester Henkle of this place.
Anxious to place the bag in the
' hands of its owner, yet with noth
ing to identify him except a blank
check book on a -Tillamook bank,
Mr. Bohannon expressed his predic
ament to the Enterprise last week.
A short story was printed and Mr.
Henkle recognized the grip as one
which his brother had lost from his
car while on his way from Tillamook
to the Elks' convention at Salem.
Mrs. A. B. Robinson and Miss
Florence Burton entertained a doz
en ladies with five hundred at their
country home Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. George Conkey was awarded
first honors and Mrs. W. J. Clark
the consolation. A delightful sum
mer luncheon was served, the place
favors being purchased in Philaeel
phia while Miss Burton was touring
the eastern states and Canada.
Those present were: Mrs. B. F.
Swope, Mrs. II. Mattison, Mrs. P. M.
Kirkla,nd, Mrs. S. B. Walker, Mrs.
K. C. Eldridge, Mrs. George Con
key, Mrs. W. J. Clark, Mrs. O. D.
Butler, Mrj. W. H. Walker, Mrs.
Curtis, Mrs. George Carbray and
Miss West of Monmouth.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our appre
ciation of the kind tokens of sym
pathy rendered to us in flowers and
kind acts during the illness and
death of our late son and brother,
John M. Walker. .
Mrs. Anna A. Walker and family.
Beginning August 15. the prices
of milk will be per month as fol
lows: Pints $2.25; per quart 14
cents; per gallon 50 cents. Ed
ward Becken, Prop. H-lt
The Enterprise is still $1.50 a year.
The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting fTSSS to
rims with 3 Jf inch tires all around, is a family car of ctSu
.summer and in winter. For touring it is a most c nfo r able r- A 8
Plate glass windows make it an open car when dewed, whih w t cue
all inclement weaincr, it - . p r f d t.
: f ul closed car in a few mmut es. n Pro llc
proof, fine upholstermg. broad,
in operation. Anybody
it has all the distinctive , Won-t
the Ford car in operation and maintenance
you come in and look it over t
inirSI .
I l"""'tk'. .,1,.kJtSUd
WfU lik
5 kUto-a,
Is Her Pride
Every HOUSEWIFE who' has
wants it again and AGAIN
A round, full LOAF with that
indefinable HOMEY flavor
which causes hubby to remark
' "Wife, I see you've been BAK
ING BREAD today. i
We have just installed an
This store is issuing "S & H" Green Trad
ing Stamps. It is a discount1 to cash customers
and is used by thousands of the most enterpris
ing merchants of the country. The stamps are
redeemable at the store in CASH, whenever a
book has been filled. There is no advance in
prices, but used . as an inducement to get cus
tomers to pay cash, and is a method which has
proved very popular where it has been intro
duced. '
Come to the store and let us explain it to
you. We feel sure that it will readily meet with :
your approval.
One stamp is issued for every 10-cent pur
chase and it does not take long to fill a book.
'dcSyg Carbray
that will do your work on low-priced kerosen.
y WHEN THE 8-16
" 1 " - ' r ,
reaches your farm it is complete, ready to run!
"It is fully equipped with" angle lugs, throttle
governor, fenders, belt pulley, tools, etc. You
don't have to buy a lot of extras.
Let us demonstrate to you the practicabilifcjr
of this tractor. Place your order early as the
shipping is limited.
: 7.'
I. D. HiBBS ' '& "'CO;
improved our bmd 100 try'
a Loaf today.
j . !'