Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, August 06, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Jawgwm i ' i I "
Lawyers ,
rimpbcll Building
jgpENCK, OK.
?Coopcr Building
j Attorney .
j. BRIGHT, M. D. C.
lence, -Uncle Billy V
&Ton valley
S(f A SIIi Rilro.d will
Qt kt Independence at
t w jo Lrlng '
f b. arriving Independence at
Ling-H-5 P- for Uo
Ct.m wUl hare m P
ffto whip tb. Luckiraut
No. 5383
.Circuit Court of the State
Lut Polk County.
i j 1 cl A nil At.
I Anderson ami
fs, H. McElmurry and Mrs. P.
Won, riuintirrit, v
t M. Stanley-Wdworth
ipivid S. Wadsworth, her hus
I Arthur Murphy, Alice L.
I, wid Sydney A. Crylcr and
fill other person or partiea
In claiming any right, title,
k lien or intercut in the real
t described in the complaint
k Defendants. ,
Ituxh M. Stanlcy-Wadrworth,
;S Widaworth, Arthur Murphy,
Stanley and Sydney A.
wda!so all other persona or
f unknown claiming any right,
iute, lien or interest la the
,-4U described in the com-
tha above nBm,e(I ; do
jFIGON: You are hereby re-
! to appear and answer the corn
filed aeaint you in the above
jd rait and Court, within aix
I from the date or the nm pun
iofthia Summona to-wit:
ibeforc the 14th day of August,
Ind if you fail ao to answer the
pplaint for want thereof the
L'f will apply to said court for
fiet in aaid complaint demand-
all adverae claims of the de
in be determined by a decree
i Court; that defendants have
if or estate in said premises
ut the plaintiffs are the own
fee simple thereof and that the
Unts be enjoined from aascrt-
h claim to said premises ad-
to plaintiffs, and that plaintiffs
luck other and different relief
;eqaity secmeth just; that de-
p let forth the nature of their
if any, in their answer hcre-
U said premises in said corn-
described as follows to-wit:
Inning 64.40 chain West and
thains South of the Southeast
of Section 3 in Townshin 9 S.
M of the Willamette Meri-
thence East 40 chains; thence
80 chains; thence West 40
i: fence South 80 chains to the
' beginning, containing 320
and all situate in Polk County,
Summons, by order of Hon.
Robinson. Cniintu .Tiiritrn nf
s' Chambers in the City of Dal-
"KOn. on thn 'CtK Tn
f !erved upon you by the pub
P thereof fr n
Jtlve weeks prior to the 14th
August, 1920, in the Indepen
wferprise, a newspaper of
1 orculation, printed and pub-
iaependence, in said Polk
of the first publication
L , UUL or tna last puD
L1" be the 13th day of Aug-
t Attorneys for Plaln!tiffs.
H Inttependence, Orecoru
Iltr I. yor opportunliy t0 ntlir,
tsnlrut t.nb.rng In .iln
onuncltlm ani poor cholcJ
wcwiit. Know the mr.nlng of pui,n.
Which result In power in. iuccen.
DICTIONARY is an rdl-know-iiiR
teulher, a universal qmotion
aiuiworcr, mudn to mt your
newla. It i in dally usn by
hundreds of tltousnnda of gU
cimmIuI moo uU wuutaa Ihn world over
4M.OOO Word. 3700 Piitx. toOOII.
luir.Him., ll.OOt lllia,.,hl,IKn-
CIAND Mltt.UIivUtAw.rd)
. i iinui-J'mno Kiwitiuii.
ItCUltl m INDU-PiKH tdirioM.
VVH I TK I. Swrlma li fkKU
I'mkot Mp U you mint tliia piptl.
tIriogfli.ld, M., U. S. A.
s i
It is interesting to note that the
export far excc;d the import of
Alaska. The balance of trade in
favor of Alaska is about $30,000,000
per annum.
"Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been duly appoint
ed administratrix of the estate of
Margaret , II. Henkle, deceased, by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Polk County, and has
All persons having claims against
the aaid estate are hereby notified
to present the same duly verified, to
gether with the proper vouchers
therefor, to the undersigned admin
istratrix at her residence in the city
of Independence, in aaid County,
within six months from the date of
this notice.
- Dated and published July 16th
Administratrix of the estate of
Margaret H. Henkle deceased.
Swope & Swope, Attorneys'.
Page Seven
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of Polk,
Department No. 2.
Otto Emmencgge, Plaintiff,
" vs.
Jessie Emmeneggc, Defendant.
To Jessie Emmenegge, Defendant
above named: 1
OF OREGON, you art, hereby re
quired to appear and answer the
Complaint herein filed In the above
entitled Cause and Court within six
weeks (6) from the time of publi
cation of this Summons, to-wit:
July 9th., 1920; and if you fail ao
to appear and answer said Com
plaint, TlainUff will apply to the
above named Court for the relief
prayed for in said Complaint, to
wit: for a decree of divorce aprainst
you on trje ground of willful deser
tion and for such other and further
relief as the Court may deem equit
able. You aw hereby notified that this
Summons is served upon you by pub
lication thereof in the "Independence
Enterprise," a weekly newspaper of
general circulation, printed and pub
lished at Independence, Tolk County,
Oregon, pursuant to the order of
the Honorable A. B. Robinson, Judge
of County Court, made on the 6th
day of July, 1920, and you are fur
ther notified that the date of the first
publication of this Summons is July
9th., 1920, and the last publication
thereof will bo August 20th., 1920.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Address, Independence, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, C. W. Irvine has been
appointed by the County Cour of
the State of Oregon for Polk County,
guardian of J. W. Kirkland an in
competent person, an has duly qual
ified. All persons having, claims
ainst the said J. W. Kirkland are
toy requested to present them
with the proper vouchors within six
months from the date of
to the undersigned guardian at the
Farmers' State bank in the city of
Independence in said county.
Dated and first published July9,
1920 c. w. IRVINE,
Guardian aforesaid.
Flret American Constitution" Grew
Out of Feeling of Dlisatlafao.
tlon With Condition
The term "Mr American Const!
iiit n Is freguwaiy applied by
r Itm t wtlt Is Letter known his
rorlvally hh 'Turwluiuenlul Orders
of Conneetleut." Many people In
.MaHM.M.Ket!H having become (Ileitis
" ''iw that none ht church
memhers should vote or hold office.
t ength determined to form other
etth..uenu. ottar town , organ Iza
tloim rnlKnite.1 almoHt bodily from
MuNMtichunetu to what was then the
wilderr.eHH. These were Newton,
Vtatertowti and Dorehester, which had
their names changed, reflectively, to
Hartford, Wetherslleld nnd Windsor.
Along win, (i,ni wwit tn(.)r Kovern.
Ing organizations and a general court
for the three towns was afterward
Jnn. M. m-tn, 'this uttia community
formed the firnt written American
Constitution at Hartford. This Con
stltutlon springs directly from -- the
will of the people, and neither Kng
Hsh king nor parliament, nor Colonial
council, nor governor hud anything to
do with It. The orders provided for
two general representative asxemblles
each year, composed of delegates
from Mich town, one for the election
of governor and magistrates, the other
for making the laws. These funda
tnenlal orders as (hey were called,
were the beginnings of democratic
government In America.
Creek Papyri Have Revealed Practi
cally All That la Known of
Greco-Roman World. ,
Oreek papyri were documents for
ancient history which supplied a per
sonal view of things. They described
classes not represented In history as
usually written and helped In the study
of popular psychology of the Greco
Roman Kgypt, and by analogy, also,
to some extent, the Greco-Roman
The papyri Illustrated the history
of administration, showing It In ac
tual working, and not In theory. There
wss not much In the papyri cm mys
tery cults, but there were Interesting
religious documents, such as the hymn
to Isls. The papyri mostly Illustrated
the popular attitude to religion, popu
lar piety and Impiety. They were also
useful for early Christianity, Egypt
being the native country of mpnas
tlclsm. The economic decay of the Roman
empire, popular education, and the
history of the Oreek language, were
also Illustrated by papyri.' The bor
rowings of Christianity could be traced
from older paganism from the papyri,
and the Christian and pagan attitude
could thus bo contrasted.
Hlatorlo Lie.
Two of the moat famous lies relate
to the last hours of Nelson. Everyone
knows that the real signal at Trafal
gar which he ordered was "Nelson ex
pects every mnn to do his duty." The
other lie Is about the coat he wore
on his quarter deck. He. Is reported
to have silenced the affectionate Im
portunity of his officers, entreating
him to conceal the stars on his breast,
by snylng, "In honor I gained them,
and In honor I will die with them."
This Is the great style, but It Is un
true. Dr. Arnold heard the facts from
Sir Thomas Hardy. Nelson wore on
the day of battle the same coat which
he had worn for weeks, having the
order of thi bath embroidered upon
It j and when his friend expressed
some apprehension of the' badge, he
answered that he was aware' of the
danger, but that it was "too late then
to shift his coat." The fabricated
saying Is magnificent: why destroy
' Stirring Tilnga Up.
Ocrtrnde Is 4 years of age. She
faces the world feurlewdy. looks It
squarely In the eye. nnd if It doesn ,t
track exactly to suit her she tells
It things. Her mamma had gone
away the other day nnd left Ger
trude In the care of her grandma,
?h1 after a clash of wills, Gertrude
hnd been put Into . room t . remain
for a specified length of time If
you stir out of that room before I
Ml yon you may." cautioned grandma
severely, "I nm going to spank you."
Oertmoe stood with arms akimbo for
TmZlt and then retorted In a tone
of nnalltv: "Well! When you spank
rnVyo S will find that business is cer
STfy beginning to pick up In this
nelghborhood.-The Argonaut. ;
3,000-Year-Old Story.
po you know which Is the oldest
work of fiction? -Tt
la the "Tale of Two Brothers,"
The story was written for the
Ja Semen t bf the king's sob, who af
amusemeiu Second.
r hars sSfd ll name in two places
Script d tose arer0b;
aWftte BurvM"g aut0gr8ph9 f
tg4alfSPTwo Brothers" is writ-
Jnn nineteen sheets of papyrus in a
I'm Memt ic hand. It was purchased
K837 by "ha British museum from a
Mme. d'Orblncy.
Their Business.
. , f n meetins; of deaf and
gXT to be easy for painters to
get "S with tt- ".language.
Good Baking
Is in Good Making
lj Bread made with (XfijaJ3Q& Flour
1 ' . :. j i . .. -.1. . i ... t-
is casty ana, tenacr ip me last cruinu.
If the folks appreciate good baking and
we know they do it is worth while to
insist on getting
"Easy to make and easy to bake" are hot
cakes made from HERE Pancake Flour.
ffl Breakfast U the favorite meal wherever (QEZaURS
7", Wheat Hearts are erved.
There is an CIETSEK Feed tclentlfically balanced
t ra; cuuuuiun ui your nvcnuu or puuiu. , .
Coddling Moth Spray Due Soon -Oregon
Agricultural College, Cor
vallis Spray J or the. second gener
ation of coddling moths will be due
in the Willamette valley generally,
August 6 to 15, saya A. L. Lovett,
entomologist of the Oi A. C. experi-
station. In Douglas, county
10 is the date named.
"The brood will be'scattered and un-
Suit of William G . Nesmith, for
merly of Rickreall, to recover a 300
acre farm from Levi Ankey, present
owner of record of the Nesmith farm, ' ment
is in progress in the federal court, ! August l to
says the Dallas Observer.
If. T ' i 1 ! 1 1 k nAn Al j 1.1.JI.. i U ri 11 Ua r.4 lirn '
iur. riesnuin is nie yuuiigeav oun vi uouuLeuiy aume iuuuis nui w
Senator J. W. Nesmith. The acre-1 prior to these dates," says Prof. Lov
age in question is the old family et. "However, applications made
homestead located a few miles east of will afford maximum protection from
Rickreall on the Salem road. The the main brood of worms
plaintiff conveyed the land to Mrs,
Ankey in 1899.
The contention of Mr. Nesmith is
that the tansaction was a mortgage
Extension Hort Man Appointed
Clayton L. Long, manager of a
-Aside from the news print paper,
only a few grades of building and mill
wrapping jpaper are made at British
Columbia, pulp plants, but hemlock
spruce sulphite fiber is shipped to
outside mills for the production of
bond, manila, tissue, pure fiber, print
ings, and other high-grade papers re
quiring a strong, tough, white fiber;
this .same system could probably be
followed with pulp plants located in
"7 T TATT iOOO fruit ranch at Mentor, O.,
and not a sale, and that being a morfc. ;toA vt..nSin horti-
iLst9 KS,vaa ivmiw
gage, he had a right to redeem it
Mrs. Ankey was a sister of Mrs. Nes
mith. Levi Ankey is not in attendance
at the trial.having made a deposition.
He is represented by Beh'C. Day,
culturist for Oregon by the State
Agricultural College. He is a native
of Ohio, has lived much of the time
on a fruit farmland is a master of
horticulture from the Ohio Univer-
W. P. Lord.
are C. N. McArthur,
representative, a
. Aup-ust 1st.
nephew of the j ... T"
The Enterprise, Is still $4.60 a year.
The lumber industry of the United
States now has its principal producing
center in the Pacific Northwest, where
the timber resources are located; it is
predicted that the pulp wood produc
ing center" of the future will be in
Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, for
the same reason.
Secretary of Agriculture Meredith
believes that the development of the
forest and Tiydro-electric resources of
Alaska is a practical means of increas
ing the supplies of the newsprint
available for the United States, and
therefore eventually lessening the pa
per . shortage, now so acute.
It's a cinch
. ir; Camels sell !
You should know why Camels
are so unusual, so refresh inc. so
satisfying:. : First, quality second,
Camels expert blend of choice Turkish
and choice Domestic tobaccos which
youH certainly prefer to either kinri
smoked straight I
Camels , blend makes possible that
wonderful mellow mildness yet all the
desirable body is there ! And, Camels'
never tire your taste!
You'll appreciate Camels freedom v
from any unpleasant cigaretty after
taste or unpleasant cigaretty odor V.
; ,. - I r
For your own satisfaction compare
Camels puff by puff with any ciga
rette in the world at any price !
Camels aro sold everywhere in acimiUlceUy aoam packages otOO dtfa
rvttea for 30 centi; or ten package (300 cigarettes) in a glaaaine
paper -covered carton. Wo strongly recommend this carton for th9
home or office supply or when you travel - V
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO, Wtoiton-Salcm, K. C,
i l
Off rt A utr
i Attorney.