Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 30, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    -"-m.wui, COLUMN.
Uncle Billy"
i Tli through to Cnmn On,
then 10
m. Leaving at
.vlnir Independence t
i . . -. t ok n. m. for Hoi-
Vlrt.m.n wlU have in op-
!t, to wmp "-
! . I
the State
No. 5383
,h. Circuit Court of
tfon for Tolk County.
.J in,l,rHon and J. O. Ander
S. H. McElmurry and Mr
fcmpton, Plaintiffs,
it CtanU.v.WadirWOrth
... . .1 I u..-
L n.vid S. Wudsworcn, ner u.
i Arthur MUJ-pny, -
.nJ Sydney A. Crysler ami
I .n other persona or purv.r.
Urn claiming any right, title,
f .. i;n or intercut in the re a
L bribed in the complah.t
..; Defendants.
"I . ...
Ffince M. Stanley-waiiaworvn
i s Wadaworth, Arthur Murphy
L Stanley and Sydney A
md also ell other persons or
- ...
L unknown cluirninjf any right
- .
ttUtc, lien or intcreat la the
.,(. Hmiti x'd in m cum-
L v. n thft above namcti uo-
EEGON: You are hereby re
lloippearand answer the com
filrf against you in the above
A mit nd Court, within aix
j from the date of the first pub
.a of this Summons to-wit:
L before the 14th day of August,
and if you fail so to answer the
tomplaint for want thereof the
tiff will apply to said court for
Wief in said complaint demand-
Webstk n
New International
DICTIONARIES arc In totB b b
new men, engineer., banker.
Judge, architects, phyrtdaW
farmer,, teacher., libr,,,,,:
gymen, by iuccufui mm and
tvomtn tht world ovmr.
Are You Equipped toWinf
The New International provide.
themeanito.ucccM. It U an all
knowing teacher, a unlvertul quea.
tlon an.werer.
If you aeck 1-iTiclenry and nd
Tancement why not make dally
u.eof t hi. va.t fund of Inform
ation? HMtO ;,,r.u puHzT
UiuaiiitihlcHi i.iitrtc. ".wvw
Regular and lndi.-Ppr Editiona.
imoil pitKa,
to, Frw.
"I f I'wokot
Ml II yon
nio tbU
Spr1nrli,ld, Mm,
Page Seven
be built here.
repair shop to
k ill adverse clnima of the do
isli be determinel By a decree
kid Court; that defendanta have
or estate in said premises
tiat the plaintiffs arc the own
r fee simple thereof and that the
2anta be enjoined from assert
W claim to saiii premises ad-
to plaintiffs, and that plaintiffa
inch other and different relief
equity seemi'th just; that de
HU set forth the nature of their
1', if any, in their answer herc-
;hat laid premises in said corn
it described an follows to-wit:
inning 54.40 chains West and
claim South of the Southeast
Pi Section 3 in Township 9 S.
West of the Willamette Meri
teice East 40 chains : thence
L1 80 chains: thence West 40
'Stnencc South SO chains to the
1 m beginning, containing 320
1 and a" situate in Polk County,
1 Sl"nmon, by order of Hon.
B' Robinson, County Judge of
County, Orciron. mndo find
N Chambers in the City of Dal-
lrcPn, on the 2th ,ln
l! rvcd upon you hv tho nub-
111 hereof fr a neriod of (fix
Ntive weeks prior t0 th(J mh
11 August, loon 4i, t.i
r '"ternnsp. B
f1 circulati
f lnd.
Crater IakeNew modern hotel to
bo built here.
Notice ia hereby given that tho
undersigned has been duly appoint
ed administratrix of tho estate of
Margaret II. Henklc, deceased, by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Polk County, and has
AH- persona having claims against
the aaid estate are hereby notified
to present the same duly verified, to
gether with the proper vouchers
therefor, to the undersigned admin
istratrix at her residence in the city
of Independence, in aaid County,
within aix months from tho date of
thia notice.
Dated and published July lGth
Administratrix of the estate of
Margaret II. Ilenkle deceased.
Swope & Swope, Attorneys.
Matter c.f Food, In The Day.
ni Become Que.
t'on of Calculation.
Oneo upon tt time this problem of
if man ,',H' nl tl,fl
, " '" wu "''iwu to u hollow reeling
"'""-I due ent of the lower J
vertehral column. Tll, va'J
t0 " h a ala. of
etc fliii I 01 hwr' n Pot "''.
liri ' . ' uccw""it to race, ro
K . , e ,te, ng, ,.,c. Tlll(J 0ttlw
'"" 1,1 u'l the next call
the fur ICiiMt.
It l,nl,.u .. .
ic, Htty tnat this was llv
"'K to eat and not rating to live. It
d'owert no adjustment of means to
h wus a HyHtem of food that
"inunction between a long-
-. mi ihiu a rree-verw
wan Internal niiarchv.
"applly the truth has been renllzed.
i ne c.-imurriptlon of food Is no longer
ilemruetlvo but coimtructlve. Man no
lonKer eat), corned beef and cabbage,
hut the vltamlnes in the beef and tho
i)i'7.cugnintlcs In the cabhaire. Wien
l' pick, up the bill of fare he no long
er snyo, "vi,at will moKt speedily and
cheaply allay the uurext In my far
ICast?" but be ay, "Where can I find
the 12,S(K f-Hrhoriuxntes that will irlve
mo tli" right outlook on the League of
uuori87 Anil lie rlnils It In untiollHh-
wi rice, ur ho says to hlinself, "I am
now at work on the fourth act of my
poetic drama; to make It convincing
to neiiiHco I must absorb 3,200 per-
mnganaziililH (hilly for the next 30
days. Ro he sliavea the kernels off
me corn and eats the cob. Perhaps
wnn coconut butter, for the added col
loidal saxophonlamB.
Thl very midnight In our great city
couple of army corps of tithing In
fants will he lulled to rest with 23,175
pneuinodactyllnes warmed up In a bot
tle. New Tork Evening Post.
newspaper of j
on, printed and pub-
ependence, in said Polk
Of tho firtit miKl?
8 summon h )u .
'The date of tfc ioef k.
bethe MihcJay of Aug-
swon: & swope,
for .Plaintiffs,
idenoe. Orocon.
I -"wrneys
rssi Intfcper
In the Circuit Court of tho State
of Oregon for the County of Polk,
Department No. 2.
Otto Emmenegge, Plaintiff,
Jessie Emmenegge, Defendant.
To Jessie Emmenegge, Defendant
above named:
OF OREGON, you arq hereby re
quired to appear and answer the
Complaint herein filed in the above
entitled Cause ami Court within six
weeks (6) from the time of publi
cation of this Summons, to-wit:
July 9th., 1920; and if you fail so
to appear and 'answer said Com
plaint, riaintiff will apply to the
above named Court for the relief
prayed for in said Complaint, to-
wit: for a decree of divorce against
you on the ground of willful deser
tion and for such other and furtlir
relief as the Court may deem equit
You are hereby' notified that this
Summons is served upon you by pub
lication thereof in tho "Independence
Enterprise." a weekly newspaper of
general circulation, printed and pub
lished at Independence, Polk County,
Oregon, pursuant to the order of
tho Honorable A. li. Kobinson, juugc
of County Court, made on the Cth
day of July, 1920, and you are fur
ther notified that the date of tho first
publication of thia Summons is July
0th., 1920, and the last puuncauon
thereof will be August 20th., 1920.
Attorney for riaintiff.
Address, Independence, Oregon.
Colored Soldier Knew Exactly what
He Wa. Golnj to Do With All
Those Black Clothe.,
nere Is a story of two negro sol
diers, who were talking Just after the
signing of the armistice:
" 'ItastuK,' said one, 'what you gwlne
to do when you-all gets home?'
"'What anj I gwlne do? Wal, In
the fust place, nigger, l's gwlne buy
me a white suit o' clo'es, 'n white
shoes, 'n a white shirt, collar 'n tie,
'n a white hat. I's gvine be white all
over, nigger, an' den I's give up you
nigger folk, 'n allun do my 'sodatlng
wid white folks.'
"The boy paused, then asked:
What you-all gwlno do, Jaker 'Wal,'
says JuKo, Ts gwlne buy me a black
suit, 'n black shoes, 'n a black ahlrt,
'n a black tie, 'u a black hat I's
gwlne be black all over. Den, when
dat's done, Pa gwlne buy rue a big
piece of black crape and fasten It
round my black hat'
"'Man,' says Kastus, what you-all
moan by all dem black clo'es and by
dat black erspef What for you gwlne
wear dat black crape T
- 'Nigger,' says Jake, Ts gwlne wear
daC black crepe to your funeral."'
Wendell D. Howie In the Boston
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, C. W. Irvine, ha been
appointed by tho County Court of
tho State of Oregon for Tolk County,
guardian of J. W. Kirkland, an in
competent person, and has duly qual
ified. All. persons having claims
against the said J. W. Kirkland are
hereby requested to present them,
with the proper voucners, -months
from the date of this notice,
to the undersigned guardian at tne
Farmers' State bank in the city or
Independence, in said county.
Dated and first published JulyJ,
192' C. W. IRVINE,
Guardian aforesaid.
A Leech.
A man on the South side' advertised
his car for salo. Early the next morn
ing a man who lived across tho street
came over and said: "Pardon me, but
I see by last night's paper you adver
tised your car for sale."
"Quite true," said the man who ad
vertised the car, "but surely you are
not lu the market for It."
"No," was the reply, "hut I only
live across the street lino i m&u wam
to sell my car. Ana tnere woum no
no need of me spending my money for
bu advertisement if after the people
were through looking at your car you
could Just send them across the street
to look at my car."-Indiunapolls
The Scrap.
Representative Frenr Interrupted the
rending ot a report to 8ay :
"Ofllelal language Is always rather
ludicrous. Once two scrubwomen In
government employ had an argument,
as a result of which the weaker vessel
was laid up for some duys. ,
"An otlleial inquiry was duly held,
and the victorious scrubwoman re
ceived a letter which said, among oth-
"'''Is'h' 'true, as reported, that said
Mrs. ilagnn received certain ocular and
nnsnl contusions ai ""
- 'The scrubwoman In ollk'hil language
wrote hack:
I regret to say that tho answer Is
In tho Infirmary.
'At a Boy I
At tho speedway races a tire com
nanv gave away toy billions us ad
Ssen nts. A lad about four years
1 can e up to the man on the Job
21 Paid : 'Tlease may I have two
''Soman replied: "Sorry, my Bttto
, i ,t only one balloon to a boy.
' vL' any brothers at home?"
U AVfJ a minute of deep thinking flu
A m answer: "No, I have no
TSer New,
and the Profits.
uaw . nrL
yon come w w "-
iteor?" n because of the law of
'Sd eSV whimpered th,
supply and o tQ get a
demand for lt"
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vallis Pure bred stock placed with
boys and girls of Oregon in club
work is expected to do much toward
building up the pure bred stock in
dustry in Oregon, by the state lead
ers of club work. The young people,
it is said, are interesting the grown
ups in paying more attention to qual
ity of stock.
L. J. Allen, assistant state club
leader, announces that live tetock
placed with the boys and girls in
clude 84 dairy calves valued at $14,
795; 50 beef calves, $12,280; 54
brood sows. $4,120: 141 weanline
pigs to be grown for meat purposes,
$1,180; and 87 pure bred pigs, wean
ling age $1,760.
The price paid for the stock was
small enough to make it possible for
the young people to make a profit.
The club leaders have put special
stres on the fact that not only
should an animal be pure bred, but
of a good strain.
by the department of poultry hus
bandry at the colfege.
"The O. A. C. pen, which has been
first for several months, has aver
aged 188 eggs a hen for the eight
months. This record, it is believed,
has never been equalled anywhere at
any egg laying contest for a like
period. The best hen in the pen has
laid 208 eggs. The contest continues
for four months longer. The "Ore
gons" which won the first place in
June are now sixth for the full period
of eight months and going strong."
The pen of college "Oregons" which!
led the contest for the month of June
made a record for the five hens in the
pen of 128 eggs. The Oregons are
also good long distance layers. This
pen is expected to advance steadily
in the contest as the months go by.
The Oregons were introduced by Prof.
James Dryden, head of the depart
ment of poultry husbandry.
O. A.
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor-
valli8 A new long distance egg lay
ing record has been established by an
O. A. C. pen of five barred Plymouth
rocks, in the egg laying contest at
the Western Washington Experiment
"For the full period a pen of O. A.
C. Barred Plymouth rocks led all
other entries with 940 eggs, the
second pen being white leghorns own-
Contract let for 4 miles St. Helens
Pittsburg highway.
The Dalles 20 acres cherries net
ted $10,000 here. .
Dallas Burned sawmill to be re
built at once.
Marshfield County commissioners
create big drainage project at Coal
edo. Coos county will build 10 mile
highway along Coquille to Cedar
Oregon apple crop to reach 2,500,
00O boxes. ,
Bend utility company plans $250,-
000 power plant.
Burns Work started on $40,000
ed by D. Tancred of Kent, Wash.,
with 912 eggs," reads a report issued St. Josephs hospital,
Freewater to have new bank with
$60,000 capital.
Coos and Curry and Independence
phone rates advanced.
Roseburg Douglas i Light and
Water Co., supplying six cities, gets
increased rates asked for.
A carload Oregon flax fibre sold
for $11,611.
Oregon City Portland Railway,
Light & Power Co. taxes for 1920,
Portland exports for year ending
July 1, 1920, $40,388,320.
Astoria exports for past year to
talled $7,000,000. '
Potato crop 1920, estimated, 5,
500,000 bushels. Crop for 1919, 4,-'
250,000. ' ' .
St. Paul has incorporated a sand
and gravel industry.
Rainier Drainage district . with
large pumping plant formed here
First county market in the state
being built from Newberg to Cheha
lis. .
Bend to get public health station
for treating ex-service men.
Contract let for paving one mile of
Odell highway .
Portland to hove a new cane fur
niture factory.
Oregon fruit growers will erect
plants at Sutherlin and Carlton.
Hood River and Odell, to have fruit
storage warehouses costing $40,000.
Astoria, Chinook, Sea View, Long
Beach and . Ocean Park to be con
nected with an automoblie ferry.
Baker Work to begin on $80,000
natatorium and swimming pool.
Astoria Y. W. C. A. building to be
Roseburg Money voted for new
'fish hatchery.
J A TIRE with the nigged strength to meet ; XlftJS
jLJl every service need that's the Ajax rJiiMSMV
Road King. Mark its massive tread, hraced -rrWy
a- and re-inforced by that exclusive Ajax Ww
feature, Ajax Shoulders of Strength. MmA
t Wherever your car must go, Ajax Road vv; iPfjP
King Tires will take you. HTrH
We sell the whole Ajax line.) v.. ilUffffctfS
II Say les Motor Car Co. '-tw
! 1
' i
: j
5 ?
j 1
J (
. j
i 4
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t C. r
t v
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