Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 30, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    ;i-'3 SPcECil '
co at Notl-
i.-. In
alt ftOIIM"
n ceremoni
n.i,inmi Con
5e$ n
untina Nation.
Ill w
..-Favor rrowo-
I1 ' c;..frana and
Army, Wem.n
I AMtl (Si""'1"1 '
1 0I" .n ,,iifi-j hero
. .v.., t'ni, (liMiey.
lor in" .
- irrpwrn-u K In P't.
fluta In Re.
" ..... nf Nations, Bays
w m RhUll I
tlihl rom
a - ..ItNfl
. BunubllO 10
vmrnl'tl'. I"1'"
,,,,.ri of Noll'
HltierS Of Ntt'
pirn IS d''n-ntlrn for a Republican
executive ti ulna.
It In hotter to bo the freo and dlsln
termitod Hfsont of International justice
und advancing civilisation with tlie
covenant of console-noo, thu.n bo shack
lod by u written compact which sur
renders our freedom of action and
gives to a military nlllinoo the right
to proclaim Americas duty to the
world. No surrender af HKhts to a
wcrld council or Its military' alliance,
no assumed mandatory, however ap
pealing, fiver shall mimmon the sons
if thin republic- to war. Thir supreme
Haeriflfle ahnll only be aHkod for Amer
ica and He cull of honor, There In a
mnctlty In that right wo will not dele
gate, Disposed as we are, the way li very
simple. Lt the failure attending us
umptlqn. obstinacy, linpractloabiMy
urn! delay be recotudied and let u
find the big, practical, tinanlflati way
to do oar part, neither coveUmB be
cnuae of ambition nor hesitant through
four, but ready to nerve oureelves, hu
manity and Clod. With a HwuaU ndvla
I ii a: an tho Constitution contemplates,
I would hopefully approach the nations'
of Europe and of th earth, proposing
that underata riding which nifikiw u
a willing participant In tho oomiocra
tkm of tint Ion to a now rolatlotiiihfp
to commit the moral fore of the i
world, America Included, to jiuai and
International justice, mill leaving
America free, Indepnnflnnt an wlf
reliant, but offerlntt trlcndnhlp to all
tho world.
Page Three
I mil liud OntU'-
. t , h. w.ll till VM
, jMilp"' J
rLrMlHy which la
;!. Ii N H.u'n-m
..,rvrft IN '""''
'.tl party, the a--t 1 vli of,
woven Into tho hlatory
.utile, and v-ry ' f an,,
I .icrtaklns to utn-r t"- .u.u.
t" . I 1 t,.at ai
..,10 that pny. i '
to charted th '.iy, y't.
ftUve come to CM' that
ilcn which voln- tli fal'li
(iihotnmt asiutno apt-clflc
, In Party Covarnment
. be ancW-ratoud ck-nrly from
IncSr.g. I h'dlcve In party
.pin fwcrmiifiit. I bolleve
mmment s dlMtlnKUltiln-d
Ltuliovemnieiit. Individual.
plutocratic or what not.
s It big anotiith to run thla
ihllc. Tbara Bv-r haa n'cn
.h jomlnatlon waa never In
IruqaiHty. itablllty. depnnd-
ifiireiiiurfd In party apon-
v mean to renew tho
a tblfh were rendd In the
bl vir.
sit &5mmlttal In the rtHtor-
pumtatlve popular govern
Iw the Conatltutlon. through
kcj ol the Republican party.
it Includes more than a chief
n ti believe In a cabinet of
opacity, equal to the respon-
which our ayfttom contcm
ho council the vice pr-
fmi official of the republic,
isM ti participate. Tho
ion Includes a cnrdlal under
ud coordinated acllvltlea
tw of cctiKrcKi, freMh from
lit, vclclm; tlin cnnvlctlona
Bberj brio f? frmn direct con-
h the electorate, und cordial
an lion? with llio rcatored
o(S.Tmte, fit to hi' theRri'iit-
-rstive body of tho world.
fiflSenatora Coniclcus of Oath
'Kllfflcult, Chalnimu ho.lm',
' Wwlvei clear on thu (JUOH
national rclatl.nielilp. We
of the Si nali', contjclouM
'in oaths ond mindful of
'MuhidobllKatlimn. when we
' itnicture of a world aupr-r-takiiiK
visionary k rm,
; becornine; wnrnlni; of our
to thla republic. f tho torch
"tutionalisni had not boon
9 delayed peace of. the.
rJ trilKcdv of dlMaritmlnt.
EurOIiil'h III I nil tl,l,.rul u n,1 1 n ir
easily mliht bavn bwnn
t IlCDIlbl ICUIIH it Ihn Si-n.
!he barter of In depondent
1 emlncnco und Influence.
"I propoBod to cxcliiini'ii for
FJr and unequal place in the
i"rnruent of the world. Our
W hold tho hcrltacn f,f
nationality unimpaired and
N H1 not mlHcoiiHtrue. We
tO tlnlrl nl,.f n j- .
i. i ""i. n e no nui
r m nlnirlo
WWlc to world civilization.
00 hate In tho American
'we no mi u .
r" for anv t.P,,i., i
; oidtocur ri hts and
fcrlki . ""-nil hj sua-
r !hl"fthl8 nation and our
everywhoro under, the
iu.-,i is U1 concord
l l P,U1,y tt,", fraternity
oration in "u"
, In every American
world. DquU ,r,en"'P with
V. l'ly Smiso tlm m.tiael.
; America. I ftm . T"
. -v v-i uib uominani
. 0Bnate. w
;i ii?M0U M,?,,,r,RrlHbutwe are
2tV"("'"lmt tlmt 119
5 , fl:H r7 the equally ga-cred
nSa.,H fUL"l n,l,v,",'. 'nhlH noooaaary
" it o wdlhood. Any American
Jm t be rlKht to quit hl employment,
,nttH ry Amorlcun the riaht to
ZToymmL Tho S
not mdunr tho Individual, and we
muHt dlHoourHKe Rrupa preytnR upon
cna uoodher and none ahull be allowed
forKnt that the govornmenfi obllga
tlona are alike to uJl the people.
Wa are o confident that much of
tho proMtnt day InauffUdoncy aud In-
-... i.ey ()r tranaportutlon aro due to
the withering hand of government op
.TlkllHi thta we einphaeizo anew ouir
'itKllJlan to fotohiteenl ownerahip,
we want to expedite tho reparation
and make aure the mlatake la not re
peated. A BtaUl of llindooujt lrgtnW.tlnn
I faollltlHa, mainly chargouble to the
uwiure or KovornmenUil exixirlment, la
H'ln rnlliioua to URrtoultur, It la hln
dnring Industry, it la menacing t!he
Arnert(n jwoph, with a fuol ahortae
llttlo lana tbaj! a peril. It cmphaelzoB
the proaciu day problem and Buggeata
that spirit of eiwoiuraKoment und aa
alataiKo which commlta all America
to rntleve auch an emergency,
Orxas cxpanKioa of currency and
credit have depreciated tho dollar Juat
u expauidon and Influtlori have dis
cminad the cxduii of the wonld. We
inflated In haato, wo muHt deflate in
deliberation. Wo didmaed the dollar
in reckless flmmce, we muBt restore
In hoiioiity,
Will Prevoat Uncsasonble Profita.
In all sincerity we promise tho pre
vention of unreasonable pronta, we
challenge profiteering Wjln all the
moral force and the legal powers of
Vft eminent and people, but It la fair,
aye, it in timely, to give reminder that
law I not thu sole corrective of our
economic. Ills.
Let us cull to all the people for
thrift and economy, for de.ulul and sac
rifice If need be. for a nationwide
but ours muHt bo tho appealing voice j dHve against extravagance und luxury,
Humanity Is Fteitlve.
It Is folly io closo our eyea to out
rtnndlng f-t. ' Humanity is mrUve,
much of tho world la In revolution, tho
(merits of dlM-ord and destruction hare
wrought tht-lr tnig-dy lu putt.-tlc !tus
sla, have lighted tliHr ttirchoa among
o'hor p'Oplc.. and Iiojm, (() nc Arnerlcu
as a purt f thu great red conflngr
t!on. Ourn la tho temple of liberty
umlcr tho law, and It is nura to call
tho atns of opportunity to Its defense.
Amrlca muat not ( uly rsvo hfyrself.
to at her tho world
' i . s '
', f" ' ... ' .
fer' -i Z " '"') V
- - - -
It mutt bo understood that toil alone
makes for accomplish ment and ad
vancement, and righteous possession
la, the reward of toll, and Its Incentive.
There la no progress pxcspt In the
stimulus of competition.
The chief trouble today Is that tho
world war wrought the destruction of
healthy competition, loft our store
houses empty and there Ih a minimum
production v. hen our need Is maximum.
Maximums, not minlmums, Is the call
of America. It Isn't a new story, bo
cause war never fails to leave depleted
fttorehiMiScs nml always Impairs the
efficiency of production. War also es
tebllKboH Its higher standards for
wages, nnd they abide, i m
higher wage ti abide, on one explicit
condllli'n that tho wamo earner
give full return for tho wages received.
Greater Production Neewsary.
I wunt, somehow, to appeal to the
sons nd daiig.htors of the republic, to
every producer, to Join hand and bmin
in ,im,Mi inn. more produc tion, honest
... i..,l..
to a recommittal to simplicity of liv
ing, to that prudent and normal plan
of life which Is the hoalth of the re
public. New conditions, wtilch attend amaz
ing growth rind extraordinary indus
trial development, call for a new and
forward looking program. The Ameri
can farmer bad a hundred and twenty
millions to feed In the home market.
jand heard the cry of the world for
food and answered it, though he faced
an appalling task amid handicaps nev
er encountered before.
Contemplating the defenselfissness of
the individual fanner to meet the or
ganized buyers of his products and the
distributors of the things the farmer
buys, I hold that farmers should not
only be permitted but enoouraged to
join in cooperative association to xeap
the just measure of reward merited by
their arduous toll.
Aid to Farmer Pledged.
Our platform Is an earnest pledge
of renewed concern for this most e
senllal and elemental industry and In
both appreciation' and interest we
pledge effective expression in law and
practice. We will hall that coopera
tion which again will make profitable
and desirable the ownership and op
eration of comparatively small farms
Intensively cultivated, and which will
facilitate the cnrlng for the products
of farm and orchard without the la
montable waste under present condi
tions. America would look with anxiety on
the discouragement of farming activity
either through the government's neg
lect or Its paralysis of socialistic prac
tices. A Republican administration
will be committed to renewed regard
for agriculture and seek the partici
pation of farmers iu curing the ills
Justly complained of, and aim to place
tho American farm where it ought to
be highly ranU-d in American activ
Hies and fully sharing the highest good
fortunes of American lifo.
Becomingly associated with this sub
ject arc tho policies of irrigation and
reclamation, so essential to agricul
tural expansion, and the continued de-
v.iloi.mcnt or tac great u.m
....,(,,. Ir, iirniliiotlon
cause patriotic production Is no less L ,t , our purpose to continue
defense of our best clvllliatlou t 'n ami enlarge federal aid and not in aec-
Stoat . W(,ro not
"''tilt ft n,-l.i , .,
resohcH V" ""i" ration,
'wj ; l? "ttrRuurd Amerl-
will be tomorrow.
k. HH,&B and independent
fie .
K won ?; ?.e'lco Ulftt closes
1 Wo"Bd of
world war, and
'and J dtatruHt Heed
o ttVDowln8 as I do the
ann !?.ntfreB8-J Promise
.i,. ,if ,.mH.,l force. I'ronteenng i
crime of commiBeion, un.ler-productlcn
is a crime of omission. We must work
our moat and host, dsn the destructive
reaction will come.
The menacing tendency of he pres
ent day is not chargeable wholly to the
unsettled and fevered cond tlnns caus
ed by the war. The manifest weak
ness in popular government lies In ho
temptation to appeal to grouped citi
zenship for political Bdvantnao.
It would bo the blindness of folly
- the aotlvltins la our own
cou it y which are aimed to destroy
our economic system, and to comrntt
us to the coloasal tragedy win h has
destroyed all freedom and made Bui
sla Impotent, Thla move ;,nei Is not
to bo halted in throttld litoe-rtlea. We
m.,.t not abridge tho freedom of
apoech, t'he freedom of press
freedom of nBBombly, ecause here b,
no promise In repression. These i no
ertlea are a. sacred as the J
religious belief, as inviolably b. the
rlghU of life and the pursuit c happ
sedition, to Btlfle a menacing contempt
for law, to stamp out a peril to the
safety of tho repub lo or 1 people,
when emergency calls, because rur
Ity and the majesty Ulfrlw,
flrmt osaentlalB of liberty. He
threatens destruction of the , M ver
nent by force or flaunts his n.cnn
for lawful authority, cessea to be
loyal citizen and forfeits hie right
the freedom of the rePbl,; wel.
No party is Indifferent to the w
faro of the 5 oon ern and
good fortune is of deepert oo
,we seek to raaae but ap-
m tint ODPOB" uul' y
permanent. ---- - bflCau3e
eminent should glvo its effective aid
in solving tho problem of ample and
becoming housing of its citizonship.
Government Should Protect Sonde.
I believe UiIb govornment should
make It liberty and victory bondi
worth all that its patriotic citizens
paid in purchasing them. I believe
tho Ui burden imposed for war emer
gency must be revised to the needs of
peace and hi the interest of equity irt
distribution of the burden.
I believe the negro citizens of Amer
ica Bhould be guaranteed the enjoy
ment of all their rights, that they have
earned the full measure of citizenship
beatowed, that thel sacrifices in blood
on tho battlefields of the republic have
eHtl0 JJl 9t (Cgedom and
opportunity, all of sympathy and aid
that the American spirit of fairness
and justice demands. I believe there
Is an easy and open path to righteous
relationship wtth Mexico. It haa'eeem
ed to me that our undeveloped and
uncertain and infirm policy has made
us a culpable party to the pevernment
al mlsfwrtunos In that land. Our re
lations ought to be both friendly and
sympathetic. We would like to ac
claim a stable government there and
offex a neiRhborty hand In pointing out
the way to greater progress. I be
lieve in law enforcement. If elected
I mean to be a constitutional president
and it is Impossible to ignore the con
stitution, unthinkable to evade the
law, when our every oommltal Is to
orderly government.
TJne four million defenders on land
and sea were worthy of the best tradi
tions of a poeple never warlike in
peace and never pacifist in war. They
commanded our pride, They have our
gratitude which must have genuine ex
pression. It is not only a duty, it is
a privilege to see that the sacrifices
made shall be requltted and that those
still Buffering from casualties and dis
abilities shall be abundantly aided and
restored to the highest capabilities of
citizenship and lta enjoyment.
American Womanhood Praised.
.The womanhood of America, always
Its glory, ft a inspiration and the potent
uplifting force In Its social and spirit
ual development, Is about tobe' en
franchised. Insofar aa congress can
go the fact is already accomplished.
My parr edict, by my recorded vote,
by personal conviction, I am commit
ted to this measure of justice. It Is
my earnest hope, my sincere desire,
that the one needed state vote be
quickly recorded In the affirmation of
the right of equal suffrage and that
the vote of every citizen shall be cast
and counted on the approaching elec
tion. And to the great number of noble
women who have opposed In convic
tion this tremendous change In the
ancient relation of the sexes as ap
plied to government I venture to jjjead
that they will accept the full respon
sibility of enlarged citizenship and
give to the best in the republic their
suffrage and support. This is not only
a fortunate people but a very common
seuie people with vision high but their
feet on the earth, with belief in them
selves and faith In God, whether ene
mies threaten from without or menace
from within, there la some indefinable
voice saying "Have confidence In the
republlo; America will go on."
$250,000 Timber Sold.
Spokane, Wash. Purchase or near
ly 100,000,000 feet of white pine tim
ber on a tract five miles north of Met
allne, Wash., for approximately J250,
000 by the Ohio Match company was
announced here.
ooncrese can prove collective bargaining.
" . ..-., f oil
tlonal partiality, t)Ui lor uie 6w
Budget System Favored.
I believe the budget system will ef
fect a necessary, helpful reformation,
nd reveal business methods to govern
ment business. I believe federal de
Jar monts should be made more busi
ness like and send back to productive,
effor thousands of federal employes
who are either duplicating work or
"XrinVhelrotectlve tariff pol
J and know we will be calling for
Ib6ll0Ve:rl I Mindfulness for
1,1 th sVhioh will avoid the un
preparedness wmo
utterablo cost of our P
I believe m o"r t ghould
abroad, which the gover ng
,i in expanam t
vrbke.s nrtards for im-
lleve r'wl oh are concerned with
migration, w Won i a republic,
te fmalpowt In industry.
not with man who dons the
1 !,t;,i0V: "AmeS citizenship and
garb of Anw American oppor-
ward step in Roman's
emPtoL ,nP out lynching
ornment Trom the face of
andVbeliete the federal gov
America, i Dtuo
Fourth Division Goes to Camp Lewis.
Washington. The war department
has Issued Instructions for the fourth
division to move fra Citftnp Dodge,
Iowa, to Camp Lewis. Wash.
"John," or Its Derivative, Common In
All Languages Explaining Size
of Jones Family.
John Is the most common given, or
Christian, name we have. Its history
Is curious. It came originally from the
Hebrew Jehohannen, "God Is gracious."
The Greeks made It Johannn, and In
the feminine it .became Anna and Han
nah. The name was unknown in Sax
on England and was seldom used
nmong the Normans. In the Dooms
day book the record of the inhabitants
of England which William the Con
queror had compiled, only two Johns
are listed, and one of them Is a Dane.
The German form Is Hans, and some
times Johnn. From these we have the
surnames Hanson and .Tohnnson. The
diminutive is found in Hanks, Hankln,
Hanklnson, Jankln, Jenkins, Jenson
and Jennings. . Shane is the Irish form
of John and Jean the French. Consid
ering the popularity of the name John
and the fact that at this time It was
spelled "J-o-n" and pronounced "Jone,"
the size of the Jones family will be ex
plained. The name means "son of
John." John Jones Is found In almost
every community.
Nothing Green In Death Valley.
The natural vegetation of Death val
ley is scant and stunted. There is not
a green thing that grows there natural
ly. The thorny mesqult trees nre of a
yellowish-green tinge; so, too, are the
crease bushes, while the sagebrush is
either a yellowish gray or the color of
ashes. A little round goaird lled tne
desert apple grows In some of the can
yons. It turns yellow when ripe and
has a thin meat within that Is exceed
ingly bitter. The cactns that grows
beyond the valley in abundance is
rare here. In short, the vegetation of
Death valley Is. terribly scant, even In
comparison with the Mojave desert.
Watch an
Mr. E. Conomy is
Going to Return
August 7th and
Bring Prices Down
People's Cash
Money is More Safe in
(Each Under Supervi
sion of U. S Gov'nt
Or all the places there are to
Deposit, Hide, and Invest our
Money here is the reason
"Why" we should prefer a
National Bany.
This Bank is Under Supervision of United States
j Jew Electric
Shoe Repairing
Shop 1
C Street, Between Main and Second
. Jill Kinds of Repairing, Laces
and Polishes
' Jill Work Guaranteed
R E. HEREFORD, Proprietor
The Enterprise is Still $1. 5