Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, June 25, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    A Grocery That Never
Disappoints Customers
Not Best Because Biggest
But Biggest Because Best
l""TT v nrW Ton I.nrire To till
No Order Too Small To Fill
This Store Aims to Serve the Public Pleasantly and Well The
Goods We Sell are Just as Represented and When Drders are Given
We NEVER DUPLICATE. We Send You Just What You Order,
Never Send the "Just as Good" Kind.
I I kw
Vt. , . . - - .. ..
-v m - . ., " ' mmL , , .
tVS i m zd?rlzfEIEE-, mm I
llil . I
EveryjHome Should
Have One
A Savings Account Book whose hap
py pages record not only consider
able money saved and drawing inter
est twice a year, but also a per
sistence of effort to be proud of.
Deposit every pay day. We will
help you save carefully.
Vt ET1 rma-i
The Enterprise is Still $1.50
Buena Vista
t... n., Povnolda. pastor of
jevt v "'w - -
the Christian church in Corvaiw,
and family visited last weea -
hi parents, mf. and Mrs. Reynold.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene llolcomb ami
daughter, recent arrivals from Kan
sas, are looking the country over
i-icitincr relatives in tho vicinity
of Monmouth and Alsea with a view
of locating.
Mis, Alma Wells spent several
days last wwk in Salem visiting
friends. She was accompanied m-n-by
Miss Gene Bailey of the capital
city who will Bpend several days
at the Wells home.
Mr. Arthur Huff SehmiU ami
Wim -
Portland are visiting her
brother, Frank Fisher, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. McCain of
Salem, were Sunday guests at the
M. N. Prather home. Mrs. McClam
recently returned from a very en
joyable two-months' trip east.
i N. C. Anderson, who is getting
jout piling near Black Butte, had the
I misfortune to get one of his horses
painfully snagged and will not nc
able to work for some time.
Mrs. Sarah Collins of Pallas was
an over-Sunday visitor with relatives
here. .
Mr. and Mrs. William Merchant,
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Bockes and babe
of Carlton, were Sunday visitors at
the Edgar Lichty home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Prather Misses
Marie and Mildred Prather and Bob
bie Prather of Corvallis came down
Saturday for an over-Sunday visit
with relatives and attended the
family reunion at the M. N. Prather
home. Others in attendance were
Mr. and Mrs. Willard McClain and
son, Raymond, Otho McClain, Grand
ma McClain and T. D. McClain and
wife of Salem.
Mrs. Martin Congor and daughter,
Mrs. Florence Gobat, of Suver visit
relatives here last week.
Miss Geneva Criderman of Seaside,
Oregon, left for Portland Sunday
where she will spend several days at
the rose show before returning to her
home. She spent a week here vis
iting relatives and friends.
The frame work on the new house
on the J. A. Reynolds farm is up and
work is. progressing nicely after be
ing delayed by the recent rains for
several days.
Arthur Black, Verd Shrunk and
Gilbert Loy, who belong to the In
dependence Colt's team played ball
in that city and helped "wallop" the
Spaulding Logging Co. team Sun
day. Next Sunday they play at Air
lie. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Nickells had
for Sunday guests last week the fol
lowing relatives: G. J. Santer and
family of Bellevue, Dale Nickells,
wife and babe of Carton, W. W. Nick
ells and Mrs. Mollie Bailey of Mc
M inn villa. '
Another Royal Suggestion
...... i I S!:!;!!!nw.
U th
der. i nereis ",'? , ,
wholesome and drl.g '
than doughnuts or crul cr
rightly made. Their rich.
cJlden color and arpctuinc
aroma will create an appe
tite quicker than anything
else in the world.
Here are the famous dough
nut and cruller rcci
from the New Koyal Cook
K cup UKr
t, cui mi.k
t tmpHn lt
j ciipn flour .
4tiilHHin Koyal lUktnt
Cream wtiortcntn: .U '
ml" run: lr
n k:-JJ "'
mrd tofc-rlhfr ami rnou.h I
dulonal lU.urloina.-dou.h'tuT
enough to roll. HH out ?
Soured h'"J t ,n,1
thick: cut lR Jrt
hot enough to brown ot
braid In 60 wconda lm on
ungliueJ l'per and .yrliikH
with powdered BUKr.
Afternoon Tea Doughnuts
wtalleponni iugr
4 tin unit
Absolutely Pure
f "u n..lir
I Iron I.- .. "i. hn .
4 tMf uportnj gf,
1 rup ur
I rup flour
ftfm lirtnlri' uj
t..iu,iir . uj;
.lf ...d n,u .l; ,44
ihirk ...d cut m., 7::
roll in ,V!Sfc
Jtrlp ...d b,lr. tbU
! III drb h,,l
roll In -uJ.rwJ H
Nw yt fnoli R,.L .
Ulllll. dir.. J
rHirr delll;r,,
Writ. f,.r tl Tul'iT
l it rViau
Vol on
"JSaAe ;Yr i?oya ant 6e 5ure"
Fishing Trip to Alsen.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Hurlou aiu!
children of Farkcr, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Sharp, Mrs.
Madjre Gaston and "l!ale" Sharp
of Portland, n-tuniod Wetlnewlay
night from a week's fishing trip ami
outing in the Alsea country'. They
brought back a nice collection of
mountain trout and report an enjoy,
able time.
Ik s nv incs Emu
Knivrg nj tciuen rx-
or bonml, kiuhennn
rellju and lawn trmi j
C trm"t, Mwwn Swalj
W. C. fc-tn-U
Express Agent HeHign.
Dallas Itemizer. M. S. Deljvnry,
who has been ajrent of the American
Railway express company for nearly
a year, has resigned and with his
family left this week for Alpine,
U'bpfp thv will mnki. Jlmir furiiri.
I '
j home. A temporary has been dent
.here by the company, pending the
appointment of a permanent agent.
FOR SAl,KTo Al cw, one
fr-h. Currier Cth ami C. W. K.
M.tchell. 2-2f
(FOR SAl.K McConnick mowing
machine and Hain wagon. In
quire M.Hre & Addmon Furnttur
Co. 25tf
we made this
cigarette for you!
f :?.t
I 5 r-.... -Mess , f . i . m-w.. .Hi
.nmw siiaji.s itf: nirmr t t sir r n n i m .i. .lusnfu v h n mmi ww
WWiss-J iiKSS
1 fA-'
!U m
" . If
'11 i 1
Jfllb.. II If:-'
'I I
The Monmouth Spirit.
At a joint meeting of the Mon
mouth Commercial club and the
Elkins-Luckiamute association held
in this city last Friday evening the
news concerning attempted libx-king
of the West Side highway was dis
cussed and plans made to assist tho
commission where possible. Mon
mouth Herald.
W hav jut noNi
mri mare rchihad bj kil fowl, limply di-i
lath room and other modern con
veniences. Not reuirel If for
ale. Write or phon riant &
Rose, Buen ViiU, Ore. ll-lt for at th foHcwiai
(n)er your wi'itrr "upply of wooi
from W. J. Clark. Phone rcaldenr
722 or leave order at the Enterprlat
office. 7-tf
WAim mm iuw in im qtiwt drinhinv wt
lnof )00lfritbli-l, ;.n ot SUjUn
UMu, 11. Juawy Iwk f notuUtuatl, T'd Uii Store
ucculenta Tablets
Adjusted promptly and In a work
manlike manner. Try me. SER
VICE in big letter-.
Savage, Curtli and Racine Tire,
and Tube for ale.
Across from Farmcr State Bank,
Scratch Food, $56. f
per Cwt
Developing Math, (SI
$4.60 per Cwt Producer MuM
$4.85 per Cwt
We carry Ilea Stai H
aolcrine. Abo M
and Seed.
Feed btort
ij fr t? "lji ef i jt h r
sr r
Camelm trm told everywhere in
CAMELS fit your cigarette de
sires so completely you'll agree
they were made to meet your taste I
Unique flavor, fragrance and mellow-mild-body
due to Camels qual
ity and expert blend of choice Turk
ish and choice Domestic tobaccos
are a revelation ! You will prefer the
Camel blend to either kind of tobacco
smoked straight!
With Camels you can go the limit
without tiring your taste. They
leave no unpleasant cigaretty after
taste; no unpleasant cigaretty odor!
To get a line on why Camels win
you so completely compare them
puff-for-puff with any cigarette in
Kha:t;ptr the world at any price. You 11 pre
1"?' erquaiirytocouponsorpremiums!
ton. W mtrongty ncommend
thim carton for thm homm or of-
'.Zor mHentVel R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C
Has been greatly relieved. You will be safe
now in buying that car you were figuring on.
WeHavk Them
If and RflliaVBl
and iUUett
We also have good buys in used
Maxwells, Overlands, Doris and Chevrolet
The Truck Season is here. Don't forget our
mm mm
maxwell and Nash Trucks