Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, June 04, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Methodist Services If K1 upon a piuviy
Your attention is asked for d eenU bM tatauq jot
moment. You should spend a few. success so "
.nAR VlirMlOlT Trt SI I.TJTlll LU .111 " -
matters of moral persuasion;. You
each should get right with God.
Come to the Methodist church next
Sunday morning at 11 a. m. and 8
p. m. and hear the following subject
Buena Utsta
"Doc" Black, tho man who buys
...... t., r. m;iw. this meat market
411 J "V ,
. i - .. a Vtnl'iavnF in
cerned. uui u juu runic " . .
striving for things worth wnne ir.en mnn of independence, v
they become prolific dividend pay- rean doin some buying this week,
ers. You may not agree with! Mrs MolHe Baldwin and w.
nts of f viWk. Wash., returned
dng subject an xne co. "?r"" , uu ? V " " iC:. ,ft., week
. a Th rutv the Chautauqua promoters, uu t0 UK'ir noims -
nesses." Sunday school at 10 a. m.e seeurec, k m mv Lo 7 t
All are invited to attend these ser-,up wiwi -
vices. C. T. Cook, pastor.
Every FSan and Boy
Should he Watched!
In the business world punctuality is more than a vhtue
it's an asset. The man or boy who is punctual to the minute
In keeping engagements of whatever importance is one who
not only commends but demands respect in their directions.
Of course, the market offers watches of various grades for
Investment in a Reliable Timepiece
Is a Reliable Business Investment
various purposes some of them low-priced for rough and
ready service, and others, so delicately adjusted that in a
month's time they vary only the fraction of a second.
But whatever the grade, you'll find it in our comprehensive
line from the popular priced Ingersoll to better grades in
the products of the Elgin,' Waltham and Hamilton factories.
Our expert advice in the purchase of a watch, and our ser
vices in keeping your watch in time are yours to command.
ite 5
wiiKMT. iWine. who has boon in the
Portland hospital on account of tho
loss of one of his eyes in n logging
j'camp at Ostrander, asn., w
his wife and son hero for an indefm
elji. ivlti. roliitiviia.
I ue oiiiy
I j The Stump and Fetterson sawmill.
S:vhioh was destroyed by fire a week
iago, will bo rebuilt immediately.
! Mrs. Chas. Kaw and daughter,
j Vivian of Amity, visited relatives
here this week and did some work at
! the I. O. 0. F. cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. leather tran
sacted business in Salem Wednesday.
I Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Harmon.Misses
Blanche Harmon and Ruth Prathor.j
'accompanied by Mrs. II. Mowery of
Winlock, Wash., motored to Salem,
.Thursday evening and visited Mrs. I
Mowery's aunt, Miss Chadvkk, who j
is private secretary to Governor 01-.
cott j
! Buonaites were well represnte 1 r.t :
the Chautauqua at Independence, aj
number having: season tickets niul j
being able to attend every number.
They report a fine time and no doubt .
next year more will buy the full sen-'
son ticket. '
' Harold Reynolds and Mr and 'Irs. j
"J. A. Reynolds were in CorvnllU onj
Thursday getting men to do th. foun-1
dation work on their new horse
, Wr. D. Nickts and family were in
McMinnville several days last week
doing work at the Masonic cenery
Another Royal Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book
Vli;it Jc-
Wl.t this word SHC
sn tctulor they fairly
Lt in the Ktovuh. an of
i . ..... (iu',ir that
the arivtitc vc,r s tisf
U nrc the k,d J
Wuhs anyone cr.j '"-
ith Uoval ISakinC
and these unusual rccijKS.
ei t .r,"ht-r Hour. V'-ln f";
.It una Mil. I",,.,,, ,,,,,,1,1
Koynl Cinnamon Euaa
Vow!' " . .,
tnt.W-U"" "
V. CU',1 Wftt.T
i.ruv 'Mnr .
i Uit li lK,'";' B" I-1-1'"'
Kif; L" fit
AZzc!xt2kf Furs
in !...,. ... "F Ml: .
- "irib wiin u..
tin ii union, ji,
mm? to nihk j ":
lrr IllRru.llr-,,1, b,
"'-"l. '''"Iltoll. '
rut h i.u,
earli Inlo n, fk .
.l.o ! la l,f t,,lti u
molt i-r!n N f
part n Mrilttr,'
Allow tu cim u 6,
'' '"' WW,,,
Wri!r T'.run.fft.tJ
-'. ill ..fl,.f I
" 'l.tlnt u u. t
Roval and b:
n ))
lJ'&i ej
41 .
A '-"k'-i j v
' , faini -ri-r
t. .. L I
and transactlnjr business. n - f!. ..fu-r a three-days' visit with U-vn BttenUing the A trim
j Mrs. W. I. Reynolds who was taken their I)umlts jr, ,! Mrs. J. R. the jmst winter i hottwfur the
seriously ill Fridav is much improved Loy sunuiHT.
at this writing. Her daughter, May, i,"vi(;ht NK-hols, vho purchased; Mr. Kdwar-I MrKon t I'ortUml
of Lebanon, is with her. 'the Fred Loy place u year aKo, its wan a Sunday viit.r in town.
; Teddy Steele, who was emp'oyed h.lujinK graVel fur a road leading; Mr. IVUtmhi and tit-man
at Stump's mill before it burned. jnto his I)lll(,e- jil aso contemplates friend from iVUand rre wt-ek-en.l
loft. Momlav for Kinrs Valley to ,i"i;,T ,1,,. .! doimr other visitor at the V. T. IVtfr.n Imtne.
work in a logging camp. minor improvements. Kmnm Zi-l-M-h, who hu bwn ft s.M.K -x-h f
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muths ana A numi,t.,. aroun,j Jutc report tlteir goir; to biMimv.n el-Be tn nwm, ,nkii.MrHt
dausrhetr, Barbara, are visiting Mrs. otatous am 0ther garden track in- home fur the eummer. i firBt.cSi -it romil'M.
i.i i. ia Rntiintriv niirht'K frost. Mrs. G. A. Dickinson tritrtamtMl i,..,,,;- KiiU-rt;njlf.
lu-r father. Mr. (.off. of In-!epen-i
(l.nce, and Mrt. Wood of ied-
A savings account in this bank is a
safe investment. It pays you 4
compound interest and is ready
cash any time you want it. Un
like other investments, it is always
worth dollar for dollar and you
stand no chance of losing by the
fluctuations of the market.
Muth's sister. Mrs. N. C. Anderson,
and other relatives and friends.
j W, H. Murphy left 'last week for'
his farm near Salem where he will do j
some summer fallowing. ,
! N. C. Anderson and wife were call- j
ing on friends in Salem one day last
A number from nere iook xneir
dinner and enjoyed all day with the
jolly people of Independence Sunday
and attended the afternoon session of
Chautauqua. They report a
time with the people of our sister
j Mrs. N. C. Anderson and Mrs. G.
;E. Harmon were hostesses to the
: Ladies' Rural club at the home of the
former. Twenty-two ladies were in
attendance with Mesdames Baldwin
and Morey of Winlock, Wash., Mrs
jington, over Sunday.
ami harm. 8-
about l'-'OO. ion
F. 0. Rourle.ti
T.i .1,.,. ..(...,.. tltn tti.i.rhhhra :
Nearly everyone attended the In- of Mr. and Mn. (i I Cuild nnd Mr. m
dependence Chautauqua ami wi re ami .urs. j. v.uuu ....MT' " "'"" ,. 1 1. vrk
very wen icjiuiu xui mvn -r""i' !
and trouble. itlonjf many thnis to i-stt and
Miss Mary Wackcn of Salem, a very pleasant cveninK; was rnjojfil n uwk-pnd visitor at the Vcith by all. The lluilil.t are leaving tbf
n.of home and helped to swell the Chau-'neigbborhooj and movintt to town
'ne fnuniin ernwds. 'and will be firreatlv rnised at our
Mr. and Mrs. P.ussel Harris am! KatlierinK.
sen, Oral, wero Sunday isitora at The Parker school wiil rlo next
Sheridan. week with an entertainment.
Road protest petitions received; , ...
Georjfo ittrcct.
All kio'l'
100 per cent signers in our neigh
L. W. Fuller and wife and son,
Madras Kew theatre completed.
i'ad q a I vTlovcr d!T
ri 1 1? tl2 iter
phono F 3021.
and Morey of Winlock, Wash., Mrs.; and n N I)ickinson and wife ' r.'er y,ur wnt-r mpply of v,on,
Martin Conger and daughter, Dons,; Joh motoTeJ to McMinn.if W. J. Clark. Hume redenrt.
,of Suver.Mrs. L. ii. Oobat ana aaugn- vie . TCturnlllK Monday. "r !",lV0 ,,r,lt'r al u,e t-nlvnm,c
jter, Addie, of Suyer, Mrs. Charles; w L jjouse an famiy were Sa. ?-tf
SKaw and daughter, Vivian, of Amity em fto laldr part o agtj
!as guests of the club. Lovely re- ' j Dr. I uKarme, Dentist, office over In-
' j T . nn-vrtmA inncioflTlfl rf i " Adrian A r 4 1 T..u1.
iresnnieiiL we.B B., w....ov...b , SamflfcElmurrv was away last, , ""'""
ibrick icecream, strawberries and
'cake. A good time was had by all
week attending grand lodge of thci
ake. A good time was naci oy au Qdd Felowg fa Eastern jbo(,
ittending, all wishing that these j Misg win0 Peterson who has i.urs under way.
arlloo wnulrJ pntprtain the club
CloHing out a fr 'iM:
tive pru t Jndcwi
Knive and F
or hone.1, kitchenwn-
It.rcllnn nnI lawn ".
C Hlreet, between
W. C. Boft11
ladies would entertain the club
oftener than osce a year.
Tt. Peterson sold some fat beef
cattle to an Independence buyer last
I week. i
Miss Alma Wells and Guy -Prather j
returned Monday to their school in
ffpr Kpvpral davs' visit with I
, .v.... .
?.C Tinmo folks. I
Alfred and Gilbert Loy returned to
- 0)4
in this national price cutting
sale commencing June 4th to bring
back prices to a lower level.
See full page on page 3
People's Cash Stores
We have just received a carload 9
for sale at the following prices:
Scratch Food, $96. per ton, ?S
per Cwt.
Developing Mash, $86 per ton,
$4.50 per Cwt.
Egg Producer 'Mash, $82 per ton,
$4.35 per Cwt.
We carry Hess Stock Food and
Cholerine. Also a full line of Feed
and Seeds.
Indepencence Seed &
Feed Store
Our new cars arc about all gone, and if we arc lucky
enough to get more they will be higher priced.
If you want to SAVE MONEY buy your car NOW
We have several good used cars and the prices are right.
Our Lines of TRUCKS are unequalled 1, and 2 ton.
Tractors, Threshing Outfits
and Farm Machinery
i . m
; . .-- , , , ...
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