Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, February 13, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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' . - - - jm. ' 1 .. 1 "' -M '
ctUtln'd (
t f t
Will- Illll'M
I 1 .
1,(1 i HU'Vt IP ' into m
. .Mill ('.
' tH-rupte'l bh ft 'rl U
,,.1,,,,'C Kl.-.t'l.l "!
, the :..!""! Kmlrt
ThurPly iimKinif Anal
Ut ml tru.k I. nop ,.r-
,h!, n.m-.."V. wn "
Xhr V'il!nniMi nrancn
,rpriiw wil be in "I"!'""-,
Thin unhide Matioim
!,! to (Vrvalli. Trn-
Mni.e t 1"w"r ri,U'"
,y the n-iMt.ny i
- 1 t t ' I
Mli i;
A f trr I hi wc.-k (Hi rime ile.,,
of new nr M!vfi i in'uijx mii'iir
will I o i t-ivil by tl,., Ki.tti,
ii.i after Tlnioiiiiy iiiiirititiw
Thin ruin will I mi Htri. 1 1 y infWc.
l iiiul If Hiiy tt n i (1 ndvi-1-.
tisllljf liiil tit.l llp..-w, you'd
klHMV (he li-UHim, III tin- ,i,,t
mlvrilUInK mutter mil! ,.i ,,-,-itftiw
have been liii.iiKht t,
thin idfim im Intu i, n, iy,
mm! by uti -j.iiiiK thiin, w
vvrv compelled lu .klny jitin.
Inji the Kiiterprie. In (inlT
to hiivo u nyHtem ami tht tho
Knlerprlae reache iu render
not latt-r than Saturday im.rii
lftf. W. will print the iMht
hereafter on Friday noun, We
will accept now ileum unil n.
vertiing matter, up to Tlium
ily tiiMui. Thin will (five the
lolvertUer thu lulvmitiiuu of
tht Katuday fanning trade and
thdr f1v?rtiiriK or aalc-.i that
thry way vml to conduit, will
jirovp more irnlUal.U-, Cvi in
your iy Mirly.
Mi-p, lirunk
i ' n in H
nli'iii Mi,
Mm, .1,
'li liH-mlrt
v,!in t vmvMx' i in biiiti-
I'tnla v.
-- t . .
' M'lntonh wim cullinif
in Sulfiii Moiiiliiv
: j . .
Mi". Ir. Iliiiin un op
" ii.tii.n ut Hi.. Snlr.n hoHpimi t. (irHt
'f thr wcrlt.
, " t t I
Mi. Tim- Ii;ivhIm,ii, win, ii1M .,.n
iiiyn, U uluwly iin,r,vin,
: t t t
jllni.K your n:, to tl. !;!(!. jH-iulcnce
ICri-nm. i. MH'l Cimi, VvUv naH
l-i-j-iii'i'tij; I - I. i ji,iy Ji'li,
j Mik' iVrki-r nolil hip 1H0 jtcre acre
1 riim-h north of town to a Mr. Houck
f onpi.kTi.tion $ir,8.0( ,(;r turf.
1 t t
Mr. mid Mrp. C.-ort'c Kutih Wfrn
a.' (.ri;m
. . i t....
iu rai in'" 1
,!,) Pii'i-' "1'
if uniil tlut tl
!!" I"" ' '"
k on t'"'lf
men! f
mi,, it
i hrn-!
!,'i?t5l liift ' .Sj.ltii luy it f.-w liiiurn
. J f J
i- !,
,,, 'i-litl : M II Jf
. ' ,i I -li ri'Apn
. lur-
i;H ii
li-t HI the
(i iiiiii'iny.
jin .Sulim Morulay. Grorve wan ki'H
nif ilatit on the ppnnjf ptyk'M of -
i'iph ,'i.rin ;.jimr
1 f I
Mr. iiiul Mrn. '. J. I',.( tor. of NYw
IfmliTwuoil, South li.kotit, iluUKhter
nnl M.ii-iii law f M ix, lirexler, are
in tiu city nutkinif Iht a vinit.
1 I .
II. i. .Sl;ukv,ii.ili. , f Portland n
rct'.-nt of O. ii-'ii Nornuil S.h'K.l
. ti i.i
'iKHiri-HM! in,. xtiliU-rit IkmIv lit ni
I'uikiT of .Si.I. mi, viD! In Un; on I riil.iy. Ilix iu,lrcH was
full Clf ill'l-ll-'t.
Mr. H. II. Witlker win m Siilcm '
l ily Sutunlny on tii!in-.
iiiii your -jrtf lo tii,. In
-t t 1
I'rriiim-i; .
1 1 (,'tn-ct t 'ur ti
l'c!.iuiiy I'tlt.
i-iiiIi-iM i Mr. iiiul Mi. Whiting, of M.-Minn-
I r. I'lii'i vi!l, wen- in mr city YS'clniwIny
!aii'l ilniil u cli'iil with the Indcpcn-
ilfiH-o I'.calty ( 'oininriy fur the A. I.
hirliliiinl triK-t Hoiith of town. They
X liect to move in tlw ir n-w lir.rnri
l 111' lll'IMH vi . I , ... I
I.ltOllt JUI1I.
the tf'"v,'l !uiiii. Sorm-thin that
hai Iwt-n n'-ili'il for point tunc
X t t
I .l-i.turliy
. I.l Mill. Itlf
I ( jj ilnr.kiliK th roiol iiiar
u i r .f Vi'iir
Th Vail.)
e.n iik" ,s '
frrr.n, f"""
J,,. fur i. i
krhrr -h in thi rity,
m? I !nol in hit i-hoji bt
! SniurJ,!) ii.i.iiiiiiK ly hU
,.Sf oM "" I iiin''. Tht
, df that cifv r' Inelincii
IVrri fiifiin.iUfil nuieitlc.
r Vvtm ilrunk tonir r(
!,!. Krrin hi.. I niittrrctl
wih on Tu. vh.v i.rul l..liPu,lh'
,f hii hnrlf r ' Mlurr" "na PUI'l''""- "
V Silrt. I.aihv.iy
4 t t
l'r. Iluth-r hud a narrow exeujie
ffoln Ij.-lIiL' killi'il or. l:m' l-'ir.lnv' ,v
James llaiuia un.l Autrunt .jerlinK '.., ,.i,;i.. ,....,.. :., . '
a - iik, n "in i nil iiiiir ill ll nil r.
full. When near the Tower Com
puny'p otTieei n freight train came
of Portluliil, two of the rniml wide a-
wnkc relty di'lerp ill On-ifon, were
in lh' illy nrvernl ilny lail week.
1 t t
M, K. HulUrt went to 1'urtUnd U
lary line of tlectrirtl
'a dandy line, in fart, the l-wit in the
t in the ri i.r
it. FVrri had not een him'
tft home on TurlV. Il ' wh'n hc ?vm U-' r"r
wife anil de ehildren ranif. "
HU'ldenly upon him, utrikiriff m nuto
htxl priiipitiitini; it uml Mr. Butler
down an eiiihiuikinent. lie wan not
ven prratrhfd, hut his auto was bad
ly damaged. The il'x-tor nays it was
the rhipeftt n 1 1 he ever experienced.
X f j
Wanted Men uml Women and child-
Bud Bloomy
Kitting it a form of in
tanity; lott of us are crazy
about it.
and hu a brother
huntile liunini-in therv.
fmm 2 t U eur old lU. II. Jlirat hl-erj; o!,I hi 2rt-aere ; ren to eome to llaptiat Church next
InJen.l.'fi.-r from Dea.ramh north of town to Fred 0. liurke , Sunday and hear the Rev. .11 L. Prop-
In who romea here from Michigan. MrJ jM. preach both morning ami evening
I!urk wil act out the ranch t lognn lt,.v. l'roppe will preach in the morn-
llttlt 1-ov arrived at tht!herre and told ye editor that Ok- ng r,n the auhject of "Re-ireneration
'f ir. and Mf Ki rmeth Arrrll't:t"t. "pecially thin valh-v. h n tlie U Reformation." In the eveiiiiijf he
Ly February 3rd. The lit- tipporui.ity of x-roiiiin the ifreut- will preach on "What it coxt Christ
Wat riven the name of et atale in the union a well n make u Christians." The Sun-
fiiimiut for it buriHiberrir!..
youir furs
. IN -j -
.V r:: .
fss the bundJ-? istaG to'Shuberf
? mvkvA Frtzzs Jivcr Known
ft's Vwh A You A G ?t Jrcin "SHUDERT"
day School is still growing and in
'creaii in nttendiincp. if you don't
i anywhere else, you come to the
tipti't church. The regular prayer
jiio'eting of the church will It held on
Wednesday nights at 7.30 I. M. The
i pastor will lecture on great Bible
' theme'. Among other questions that
he will take up some are "Whree did
we get our Bible." Is the Bible the
! Won! of Cod. "Is its Messajro True?
Can we produce he original manu
i script if not ho'c 't we know the
'' Bil In is True? You ought to come
and get wied up on these thing and
be up to date. A hearty welcome
awaits you to all our service. Con
tributed. 1 t t
'n A, H. S.. Inc.
fN'-IU!.ii(..;i i N-llAHdt I N'lKDiUM I NvliMALl I ..'J
..,.,., j,.. .,, t mil . . . . . 'i r- "",'' " "' -J
mTn ki
?H"30.(I0 lo 25.00 1 20.00 to 16.00 1 15 00 to 12 00 1 10.00 to 8.50 1 0.00 to 6.00
-olf 20.10 lolfi.oj 5.C0lol2X0 10.00 to 850 8.00 to 6.50 8.00lfl 5.00
1 15.00 to 12.00 11.00 to 9.QQ Mti7lll) fi 01 to 5.00 6-001 0
8.00 to 7.00 1
60 to
r. r
6.50 to 5.50
5X0 to 4.C0
5 00 to 3.75
3.50 to 2.75
3.50 to 2.75
2.50 to 1.75
3.00 to 2.00
2.50 to 1.50
S K.U M 5C
Avt th ',1
15.00 to 12.0(1
10.00 to 9.00
8.00 to 7.00
5.00to 4.00
f l Til V, Q(
11.110 to 9.50
8.50 to 7.50
6.50 to 6.00
3.75 to 3.23
fttVk ttl .t"Awl
9.2510 8.25
7.23 to 6.75
5.50 to 5.00
3.00 to 2.50
8.00 to 7X0
C.50I3 5.50
4.73 to 4.25
2.25 (a 1.75
10 5ilt
7.0010 3.50
6.0010 3.00
4.50 to 2.00
2.25 to 1.23
$V7nnrhieh Price Oregon Furs are based on the wcll
HUBLRT" liberal eradinr and ore Quoted for immediate ship-
Shin ' Ho-J and otherwise inferior skins at hip liest marKct.
.Ship your Furs now-when we want em. You'll Cet more
and get it "oi.;,-ur"
c.KiCAN RAW f U w
The tiiird term of the Normal
School opened Monday with an in-'crea.-cd
attendance of fifteen per
rent, which was really larger than
the Registrar had anticipated.
The members of the faculty are busy
, this week rending proof for the new
'catalogue which will be ready for
.distribution in a short time,
j A preliminary contest to select the
' Normal representative for the State
I oratorical Contest was held last Fri
j.h.v afternoon in the" chapel. Miss
1 iiine Bunch was chosen as the
i N'crmal orator and Mr. Roy Tenney
was given second place 10 seive ...
case Miss Bunch can not appear.Some
very crcdiable work was presented in
view of the shortness of the time
given for preparation. The follow
j,r people tried out:
Miss A rline Bunch, Miss June Dun
lap, Nellie Johnson, Evndim linger,
Ruth Phelps, Minn Robinson, Mar
garet Mann, Georgia Delby, Rhuena
Michlnm, Mr. Roy Penney, Mrn.Maud
Graham and Mr. Fleming Oleman.
The Normal is pleased that the
school officers convention at Dallas
last Saturday endorsed the Mellage
Dill to he lio voted on May 21st.
The iiarty planned for Saturday
.,ni,,.r of this week has been post
poned owing to the illness of some
iLnndiers of the committee who had
charge of the affairs.
J J t t .
You know the old reliable Edison
Mazda Lamp. They mean service
See llulbert.
j Having sold my farm located four
j miles north of . I Independence on
(Greenwood road, 1 mile S. of Green
jwoo.1 Station Just off Salem-Indepen
;dence road near Oak Point School 8
j miles S. W, of Salem or 2 miles on
Greenwood road, off Salem-Dallas
: road, about 8 miles from Dallas.
, Hordes, Dairy Cows, Hogs, Hens
j Hay, Motor Cycle, Furniture, Etc.;
1 Bay Mare, age 12 years, wt 1400,
bloeky; 1 Bay Mare, age 12 years wt
l.-.OU lbs, blacky; 1 Black , Mare, age
8 yenrs weight 1400 lbs hlocky; 1
Bay Gelding, age 7 years, weight
15.r0 lbs., hlocky; 1 Black Gelding
age 1 years, weight 1400 lbs., hlocky
1 Black Gelding, aged, a good driver
1 Dink Jersey Cow, age 6 years, to
FVishen about time of sale 4 gal.;
1 Light Jersey Cow, age 4 years, to
freshen about time of sale, 5 gal.; 1
light Jersey Cow age 5 years, fresh
ened in Oct. gives 4 gal.; 1 Dark Jer
sey Cow, age 5 years, freshened in
Oct. gives 4-gal; 1 Dark Jersey cow
age 4 years, freshened in Oct.. gives
3 gal.; 1 Dark Jersey Cow, age 6 yrs.
freshened in Oct. gives 4,, gal.; 1
Dark Jersey Cow, age 7 years, fresh-'
.ti,.it in Ocf irin. iW n.t vtri '
good Jersey Hifrs. i
Note All the above rows are large'
ard etra, good milkers
1 Berkshire Brood sow, weight 1 3'
lbs., age 14 months, a dandy; 10 finej
shouts, 4 months old, weight about i
110 lbs each 60 Barred Rock Hens f
and 5 Roosters, 15 White Leghorn i
Hens and 5 Roosters; 15 White Leg-;
horn Hens and 1 Rooster, 3.1 BuSfj
Leghorn Hens and Pullets, prize win-'
ners, 2 Geese and some small chcik- j
10 tons bailed cheat hay, good; 3 tons j
baled Oot Hay, good; 7 tons loose j
Clover hay, good, 9 tons of lose cheat
hay, god; 400 bushels White Spring
Oats; 1 sack of extra good clover j
seed, 100 bushels Spring and winter
wheat; 1 Peering Binder, 7 ft. cut,
good shape; 1 McCormick Hay rack,
10 ft., 1 Champion Mower, 5 ft.,1 In-pei-ial
14 inch Single disc, drill.near
ly new, 1 Buckey? Broadcast Seeder,
1 Double Corrigated 8-ft Roller, 1
p-'fc Harrow, 7ft; 1 Spring Tooh bar
row; 1 3-secion Lever Harrow, 1
double Disc plow 1 14-inch Oliver
Steel Plow. 1 14-inch P & 0 Steel i
plow, 1 Blacksmith Forge. 1 Winona
SM inch wagon, complete; 1 2-seat-ed
hnck with tcp. 1 single buggy, 1
ri't d cart, 2 sets double harness, 1
set Single harness, i DeLavel Cream
apnariitor. No. 12. 2 110-Egg old
i . - - - i
Trustee Incubators; 2 Brooders 1
grind stone, 1 Caldron Kettle, etc.
1 t
Dr. Dvffsine, Dentts., orcr Iad
yamtaM Ntttoaal Bank.
fbr 190 llanS Only The Besl-
i 1 vim I
The increased cost of farm
ing makes necessary the
careful selection of seeds im
proved varieties that produce
profitable crops.
A Safe Guide
to Quality and
Fair Price
Our Seed and Planter's
Guidj is the td"ndiid reference
for growers of the Northwest,
li;iii our ciimplcfe Iricvol Sreds.Trecs
mJ I'lants. Fc: t.izers. Pouluy and
lire Surplies. Spta-.s anvl Sprayers.
Oairy Supr'ic end E.ui;imeni
This handsome book
is more than a Catalog
IVs a true duxde to
Profitable Planting
5 I
Your Name ?houU be on our Mailing Ust
i ' ' '
"Nowls theTime to Do It'7
says tne ixooa juage
Go to real tobacco
Liie suiojui uxor rsx
the rich tobacco taste
that lasts a long ume.
It will cost you less to
chew than ordinary
tobacco. Any man
who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will
tell you that
Put Up In Two Styles
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
i 1
" Austin Ave. DepU694Cliicagoi