Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 24, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Airplanes Spy;Out
Making Money and Thrift
Hidden Fish on Coast
thrift Jinn niuwxl morn fmimnal failtircn than anything
TI W IlllU'y IIH" Muu " , " "'v i'vm.j W'UHIiy
i., L iwtt'u lioW to navt money 1 Dining tlio murae of their
"" " , , . , n ...... , . .. .
cornea iarK" "h nave, nuppa jrom their
1... MM.,.U till. rrlfr ,f I,!.
. (My J.0 uay. "' J " Kin, ji iiiunw. monoy,
i r -iicir,-,! ful rival, but th'7 lu'ko.l the quality of ii-nnarient
' K-tthifh thrift.
Isoiik'1 41,0 In'l v-"n,y ' 1,1 ft '""''''h'nihh; extent, a
r uliirul it!'tituh', tho nt ill morn important acciiiiplihliiiieiitH of
bo iii'ii'-iiri'tl I' anyone. There in iio nem for not Having
lit an iniliinlioa of wcnknettn. 11 ia indecinion of char
i .. .1 1.. . ft ..,..., ..,,, 4I,,. rii it rutinl i tirf s.f tltnhiuf ..inf,. .f
, tl miilliri' HWUOIUMHI' :w, ie mv i ui im iiii'.u
Success May Be Attained With Pig-
eoni by Careful Attention to
Many Little Detail.
that we jioiWKH. 1 J ut it doe not reijuinr uny Kjiccial genius
. I'ift of I'U'l'l.
-ithin th! power of wry man ami woman to thrive through tho
' r,m,1fiit liitM. 1'rttHirfH of thrift do not bring; a itrante
fr'15 ,., 4I...V lire nn uLhiIuIu iirMiraine of moilent t-uooeBB anJ
lfT,"'t r. !;',.' i.r.l"'li'n tiwvuxl coin4et failure ami poverty.
The primary vuluo of thrift lim in the fact that through it we secure
... , ..,.. ,,f tho littlo tiling.
r"U "". . ti.:M.., iii ti.f,ti.-v matters do not. lis a rule, dirsipate
nri! uumi' -
; lur-o, amount. J h" lr-v ot watte arc ff'"n
.i . t ii.,i,iM,.tnr r.r ilt-:i.lvi-i'il HtCInilllt'.
,..,ti.. ini-.v.-v. r, in tii'J '; " ""- j '
0' the ,t!, r han-1 thrift ciHt of v,n l-y H.nall d.-gr,,H.
U.t oftn.,l in that a few of tlmfty l,ab.U will
I ' .. -i. ,r 1 rim i-riiiiV nuiiiv of life uhole-
jliO HI """ .. .. ,., ..Ml.. ...... fni!tn
a, vhen-a c.ntinual tnnuiec-neM jie,u., ..jhji
. ... c u" traim in Thrift Magazine.
taul- r:.. h.i 11
Central Longitudinal Line
of the United States Runs
Through State of Kansas i
Schools That Escape the Eye in
Crow's Nest Readily Seen
From Plane.
Flight Made by Navy Craft Bares
Worth as Locator and Time
Saver Act as Guide to
flirt Dl.
rat Jh'"
About Poultry Feeding
l. ...
in . I i.-t. i.rlrrS o
I III i I ' I"
Krnlt tli! H'
.... I. i ruiw
ht In -nl!l htiiieiuni
... ... ...,. !( rrrii liUli; UH
nJa'(!..,,:,tnu.-ot ef ..leulUin- IH.-I
.vl .rilM,,i,H f tlx- foully
u, if., wnoloV. th.'l.e i-J,.i-rlmTitt
mr t,,n a fullur. an'l av r.
bv in, iMi.l. i-.uliry Imvln i""'1'
irot r..r.'a!.!.-r.AUl, itnd LHntt I'Uy
A IK.-H'.N- evft-l.tlon tH th." fee-Jim:
h,,'!,.,! , ,, wl.l.-ll feel, Jirevlotl-lV
... .. f..f r.diiltrv keeJ.i rH
U, t. . ! .e vry i-n-uiiir, j.urtleulari)
WUi the lar.-r fuUHry ke.-I.err. i...-
L' R!'J It ft-eillllll t'
I!,,;:,.! .nits nro u:r.e-l!!y eaten
ft,i.',..ii- . r nil iu:e: "'ke a K"'"
ro;i. ai.-l n laylntc f,(" Hn'
i. . t.t i S fit-.t or ot.tatniiliH
... i... it,,. rtu-nii-st f'""' t!l!lt,,. uvi.UnM.' U.f last hlx in
..:,( have InrKi-ly. "" N"I,, r
wti'd t!- M.niuteil oiit.t n
.'n...i f..- viirn Iiiro. they
.9',.r . !1:, r an.J n h' tay
T im :,r.v HiiitU K1. li',,lV' t,nt
12 hour ..r in'-re (lit hot wentli'-r or
, .,.,. , ,. fr..t,li let HlKiUl'l t"
i .i. ,i.. .tuui.lvn one titl'l'
ip.K.i,fiil of fait In 'arh l,u'k4t '
water u.-! f..r (IiIh; boil Iwo or thr. Ml L-atlli' tin! III"'"!'"-
!,.r -..-,1 f,.r K.mkim: that lit
flnlKh t!i.- wiiT It I'olle-I nwiiy. 1''
tirui I. in nut hot. Vllit
pullets can have thi-sit
!!,.,. ,i .. m- lmv nl 10 n. Ill
m.,nnil nil th.-y will 'ut up clean. I or
old l,.ns or heitvywelk-ht pullel. "
feed a h.v H enotiich. anI x''n
much nt t hut, lest tlwy heroine too rai
en thin imiclt llkeil f-eil.
MeiKMnS the frequently we,l term
i,,,..rl,!,i, writer
reninrk tht t!' terniorj m
iuite.1 inlk'ht mere reasoimmy on.uw.-i
ml. Ml.. TiiM. The eeiitrm i"ni;e
(a .i i' i ,k r on
tuiliim! line f the l.iuu-.
tl.r-iwli KiniMiri nor lar irum
.1 1 . ... t I . , . 17111.
I'i, U. H one Mile 01 ine, .'"
r,.,.l,!,-,,!!r nn-iiklliL', lies
W.-nt i,l! Ihe Hitler Hi
Uio eastern hM Inrlu.l.-s whut Is or-
Iiurily c.He.l the '
1.1,...) i'ii WW lift
would rover the recion m v-
Tin. eYiiression
liiilill '
(Pruparcd ,y tho Unltud Ktati: Depart'
rriirit of A irrlcul I urn.)
Many ju-ophs ean keep iittreons sue-
resKfully nn n uhlo Ihhiip, uHImiiikIi this
reijulres conHlant overHlht aii'l euro-
fat attention to detallx. The KreuteHt
(lillleiillles iiinfr'nitliii: the KueeeHHful
rnlKf-r of jilKeoiiH m-ein to he In Kceurlng
rooiI ItreedliiK Ktoelt, uml finding a mar
ket for the produeo (if a miiall flock.
l'lljeoiiH aro a profltahlR souri-e of in
ciiiie on Ri-neral farms where they may
secure iiiueh of Uiclr f 1 from the
tlchlH, provided they are not a nuisance
ii ml the loss hy hIiooIIiik and hy hawks,
iiwl and cuts in not lur- They can
iiIho he rals-d niiceessfully on farms
where they nr(! closely confined, pro
vided the KqmihH can he marketed to
Bond advantage.
Of the H'Miah-ralsliiR varieties the
Homer Is considered the most popular
vuriety. The habit of thin bird of re-
turnliiK home If allowed freedom makes
It necessary to confine pltreons ptirchas-
i-d from other lofts. The Carneaux
lilireon has recently become popular aft
u H'ltiab producer. This variety Is some
what larger than the Homer and It Is
stated is about as prolific. Several
other varieties of pigeons larger than
the Homer are used on p. small Bcale
In squab raising, especially in crossing
with the Homer and Carneaus, to In-
t,e size of seitalis. The Hunt
for alr-
ttie true
true Knst, und
i, .....iiMnlni.-
) " . i -.1
orleini.t.-d on the eastern ....-.
inMwiiei, er ho-.v it WOUIU l.M-..m,- - to dl-cover. and w-e.ns In
beetnnli.g .vo been n I'""',
Ihe older ruliuruj ""'"
" ,t.-s h'.rderltig the Atlantic, the ncn
...,..r,i it,., west were sell
er Kiuier. - ,
meaulm; Mil ,.. imi - "n
though nothing Uke so inc-K ..B
amenl.i.-, as l l Z
mns-t. The idea has vanish, 1 v, ith
nt 'i tae miwuu,
u convenient hut raw
Now York A new USB
nlanes hud been found. Schools of
flHh for which the fishing fleets along
the coast may aearch vulnly for days
can be detected from a aeaplane, ac-
llnn. tn a r,.nort hv W. W. Welsh
f,f tiit. hnrcnu of fisheries.
Tho report of Mr. Welsh followed a
irtn im nindft in a naval seaplane from
the Cape May naval air station. The
flight was made at from wu to i.uw
feat and at a speed of 70 miles an
hour. At the time of the nignt no
sclioollmr fish were breaking water on
Ihe surface, and none could re set-"
from the crow's nest of a vessel or
from fishing piers.
"The plane ascended rapimy i
about 800 feet, and most or
was made at that altitude," sir. vm
reported. "Few schools of fish were
seen nt first, but as my eye
customed to the conditions many small
schools of menhaden were observed,
all moving at some depth, and none
t n,om hronklne water. Some schools
were so near the surface that they
appeared as a reddish brown granu
lar mass, ameboid In character ana
changing form constantly.
Large Schools Observed.
"Deeper schools had the appearance
of large masses ofc sunken Kulfeed,
and others were so deep that they
,.i,i i. .iistiniriilshed chiefly by the
shadow they caused on the suspended
particles in the water, iroxn a
nnricn with otner uujucm "..v..
known depths it Is estimated that the
,wh of the schools varied from
nbout two feet to ten ieet, u.
"One school of sliver nsu
TUOSe were
lng time on small, scattered hunches
nf flh.
"It In ouite possible also tnar.
schools of large fish might be distin
guished from those of smaller, leaner
fish, although this would require ex-
ncrlcncf. in observation. Anotner ut-m
.... . ... . i.i
for experiment would lie in me ku.u
ance of Ashing steamers to large
schools not visible from the crosstrees,
but plainly visible from aircraft, ana
communication by means oi vureiea
telephone, harking buoys or other de
vices would enable the boats to set
the seine around the Invisible to
them. Such co-operation would be of
great advantage to the naval air serv
ice as well as to the nsning inii
as It would provide for the naval avi
ators excellent practice In scouting,
station finding and communication."
the devidopnie
term remains as
Homer Pigeon Is Most Popular.
nt t)o inreest. but Is not as pro
line or as good a breeder or feeder as
. 1 . If ...vii-kt
me Jiiioi'-i. . ,
c o f Mio n her varieties
i c Knimh breeders are me wru-
Ui v. .... . lnn
coon. White Maltese, or m-u -the
White King, and the common pig'
f of referring to what
boiled oats
mid 4. P.
. t..,i.,fliiiti wav
, - people think is n-nlly a geo
'ipilcal division of the country.
Why the Tree Leaves
Turn Red When Chilly
Autumn Days Return
thov contain
more sugar
nves or m "". clm.. that
of their turmnK .
. iHiwcvcr, -- -
v, rk": . : ' . f the warm sea-
,lts witninu...u...
son, am:
In one region -f government
fore-t laud In Argentina It
estimated that there are nt least
l.iMiO.iioo pine trees large? enough
for profitable lumbering'.
An Illinois Inventor has pat
ented hangers for barn or other
doors that aro suspended from
trucks that can be adjusted to
work properly when a uoor
To save nutomobllo tires when
a car Is stnmlliiK In a Kiirago a
Jack has been Invented that au
tomatically lifts tho car clear
of the floor when run over It.
The Siamese musical scale is
nn ( final division of the octavo
Into seven parts and music
never Is written, but learned by
ear and handed down traditionally.
Tartar on Teeth May be
Cause of Many Diseases
An examination
of the withered
. fiinirfi at tin'
i rcassume their green
,i . ...Hit n
Arixona Farm - Made Profit of Nearly
$300 From Small Flock In Short
Space of Time.
(Prepared by the United States Pepart
(I repared vy Agrlcuiture.
. -n f nearly $300 In two
A nei . - i,i tinp
nnd one-half monihs irom
rdendale, Ar.,.. fanner ho i .carry
i t ...mwr f im iiiivi L
n 'us ' 1 , " ...slon expert of
tion or a imj , . ,.
Wiu,,-.. i.,,.i id nil,, wed to grow
dlshiii,,.,! it ovoninnllv covers tho teem
"d forces tho ctmi from around them
Ti, , . ... mid bleei
Kiuos iiecoiiio Mi"'oi,j
frrctif i i,.uiw,,i .Tn advance
Stages pus pours out from around tut
roots of the teeth Into tho. i""lh n,n'
Is 8w!,jti,wca Into the stomach. cau"H
many diseases. Keep your teeth clea
" you wish to bo healthy. Watch era
tour eyes can greatly assist la tls
' ; I , Poverty.
No man Is poor that does not tbluk
tluiself so. Jeremy. Taylor,
n.,. nnd nJ
In these l'""" u trttsforme.l
-tho Biik-ar oi ;"' Vpnm those
,nt0 starch in spring. . .
ol-rvatlons two In fm
drawn-llrsr.unuu, ,
Htanees are m.
lh T7l c - ncV. with s,
pouiHls of an ic J fll con(11.
Klir; second the the m, color
tlonsfortncio. - - hnn(li
nre sunshine, wh cl . m ,e duc.
enhances .he "ssiuil 1 1 n P
Hon of sugar, ni o - tha,
W oU color
U'1Ul ,,,l r hennore, a low tern
matter, and, furtn ' trnns.
. u i f1 1 liivtv-- . T
ormationof.hes - ;fnutumD'
olhor words the 'nt
nro the direct l rod uc t o r
..logical conditions low
that seasoa-i. v.,
rnto of American Indian,
FatC Now Slowly Disappearing
si s srrrged
judgment; tin . rocltlw; mud.
toexcuse U.e.r ,)Ctrny9 w
in their rlmra. tja ,vl)llt
run He nmraine a m h nr0i tUey
tory? "VJn U.butsurocx.
t motion. ill- . f.ul0 away, vvt
nfthowliUoman."wy f(,tstcps.
.vithcred leaves of
'. ... ,.na under the dlrec-
Inc on his OIH-U.U...- - -
., . ....l.ifialAIl 1 Ut'lL VJ
Sir I" omilon with his gen
i work he kept a flock of 210
rn" ..... i ..I, m,i.,ccd an average of
Edo? egg's during the four winter
ten (lozt a Kr-h ...,. the eggs
IHirlllg rem ".' -
n.-rnir OI ' -
dozen, or .,-,. f(lp(, for
brougm .1Rrt ,vhlle
npproxmmi. -i;
. . . ,, i.,.,i,,,i nsr li e imi
the feet i"". -rft
1110 mac nmminted to ?oo.
Lh.e ,. ., ::; .h the flock showed
rtm.n o a little over ?100. During
a PT L..,f f Anril the gross re-
1110 ws : o7 In April the ex-
ct,il'ts :,r,.Jt conducted a culling
tension..."" , farm and weed-
m he nock. The culled
Il l eot in a separate pen for
"u,,a .""; Cvinc the demonstration,
"Jd e Practic-ally no returns in egg
Borved breaking water,
cc.ii,in wonkfish. certainly not men
hnden, as they lacKea me iuu.u
,.ir f ti.B latter. A school of
porpoises was clearly seen and could
be followed under water.
The most evident opportunity xjl
the practical use of aircraft la the
commercial fisheries at uie i
nm lioe in their employment as scouts
for the purse-seine fishermen, in the
pursuit of such species as menhaden,
mackerel, bluefish, bluebacks, kyacks
nnd other schooling fish. In the case
of the spring mackerel fishery It Is
believed that the use of aircraft would
save much time in locating the fish
.,n their first nnnearance and in en
abling the fishermen to keep in touch
with the fish as they appeared farther The chief service rendered
would be notification of fishermen ot
fi, ernl vicinity of the schools and
o -ni,i reniiire actual trial and prac
tice to determine how much could be
in directing the fishing vessels to
particular schools by means of radio
telephone or other methods of slgnal-
Mnfst Promising Field,
"Tt would armear that the menhad-
flchnrv offers the most promising
field for experiment in this direction.
Tn the case of a region like the mouth
e rhnsnnenke bay, where there are
large menhaden interests,, and where
there Is a naval air station convenient
ly intPrt. the conditions would seem
to be excellent for the development
otina in the use of aircraft to as
sist fishing operations. Tho benefit
i, fliilmr fleet would be ia time
nnd fuel saved in the searching for
fish and in the concentration ol c -
fort on large schools lnsteaa oi e
New Vaccine Method
Used to Check the Flu
y Ann a now method of
preparing vaccines, which may
result In complete mastery of
Infectious diseases. Is de
onntv.od In the London Lancet
by the discoverers, Capt. David
Thomson and Capt. David Lees,
doctors who served In the tsrii
ish army service. They say they
can detoxicate a vaccine, which
means that the poison in it can
h removed.
"Using the new method I have
hPm able to inject without toxic
Kvnmtoms doses of vaccine ten
to one hundred times greater
than was ever dared before, with
the result that a greater degree
of Immunity Is developed," says
Doctor Thomson.
Doctor Thomson Deuevea a
few doses of a compound detox
icated vaccine given In October
and again In January will af
ford considerable protection j
from Influenza.
Has Gem of a Smile.
Cleveland. rolice are looking for a
n-nmnn with a gem of a smile. She is
wanted for pocket picking. She wears
a diamond in her teeth.
y V I f ( I i
... mm -HfA i
o i f i - ,
:; ? -
:: ' ; :
i . ?
Capt. Jane Horveux, the famous
French aviatrix, the first woman ever
to receive a license as pilot, has ar
rived in New York to teach aviation
to American women. Captain Horveux.
who has been a pilot since 1909, was
stationed during the war at Villa
Coublay and following the armistice
was assigned as a mail carrier between
, Farls and Brussels. Photo shows her
I with "Toto," her flying mascot.
Get Gold Bullion
from Sunken Vessel
aurentic, Torpeaoea uu.u.y
War, Carried $35,uuu,uuu
in Ingots.
for the divers. On June 20, the re
trieving of the treasure began.
Gold Brought Up.
The first bucket sent up contained
only copper pennies and a few silver
f-oins. Then for several days, bucket
after bucket containing three or more
nrTDirUM RY MVFRS gold bars, each worth more than $5-
P.LIIULILU " " 000,
were' hoisted to the surface and
j, ta rior-v nf the Eacer. The
ClUIliycli via mv. - .
. . ... ham hrnncht lusty cheers
British ta.v.B. Ship 0 the salvage ship, but
ationa Off Shore of Ireland t'1"" oht soon came to
Precious Metal Brouflht Up anotheJ. fom of manual ia.
in Buckets. bQr t0 gaii0rmen.
c vn. Most of the gold bars were 9 Inches
Troinnd. Salvaging $-o.- .. fi,iv nmi 4 inches wide
jroriMiiu", . - . . ,1 1 lonu. a xuuuca
srr li nf c-old ingOtS and 0U1 I tnA ohnnt 2S Tiovads. For
WIU,W u.t - - Ton. SOU Wei&ucu -
ri' .J Star steamship Lau-
rentlc is reported to have carried when
she was sunk the n gw
11)1 T. off Fanad Ugni, uuc
northernmost headlands of Ireland at
Z entrance to Lough Swilly . is be
ing conducted Dy tne duiate
Racer. . rl)T.fh
o .1 nmms The cold and bullion . h d been 47 bars
contained in tn buuub - worth approximately nww,.
days not one was found, as many ot ;
them were hurled clear of the wreck j t
by the blasting necessary to make the ,
strong chamber accessible. Several s
feet of sand have now been washed ;
over these scattered bars beneath ; .,
masses of twisted steel and it ire- ..
...iu iiniirs ot uaiieut .a- ,.
uueuLijf ich""--" - j ;
rrv Tnom iuusc. -
aw ay and a passage was made clear
of tnov, i" ; . of tnoir
hoar tno " " . '
llkP """ni they re- gone forevcr
nutumn, and tuey
Joseph Story,
ilent Motor Coming.
Z ,r Tl H Tl dioates, the s.teciallst
yields. 1' us . 154 hcns
Wie the record with which
iho entire 210 had been em.u.u.
nrf-Out Fowls, Close House Tightly
"-'and Burn Sulphur m . op -
Hour Then Air It.
iinnse of disease germs
To ru,i ',,r;ollt e-fowls, close
nml vera.... Bulphur
JVS the entire house is full of
11 " Let It remain closed an
"r ,ul then air it thorough -
fore the fowls retum. .
They Can Be Kept at Ad-
W v ntage Depends on
They Get Prop-r Care.
Kncv vnrd nffora an
The emnue" ----- n h(;ns ,
opportunity to 1 . th premiSes
cnn K :Z: whether he or she can
I andwlll give them the necessary care,
amidships,, rendered almost impreg- ft . geveral mmlon dollars. WOrth of
nable by Its thick steel wans treasure has been saivageu.
ilv bolted doors. At first portions of . DWer9 Work , shift8.
- .. . , n'rtA n SIKU I ...... I
Tonrpntics aeci.a ivc.v. " WYl- Ttncpr carries eosm
Their "tricks" are so arranged umi.
one diver is at work throughout the -day.
Each works half an hour and ;
then must spend 30 minutes in coming
to the surface as otherwise the sud
den relief from the tremendous deep-
water pressure might cause partial or
complete paralysis. They are brought;
up in ten-fathom "hauls." with ten
, racf " 1 n tervals. '
UllUULt? ivww , ;
When the day's worK is over, u..,
day's "catch" If considerable, Is dis-r
patched to London with an armed con-
nrhn first hullt the Haeer was a
square rigger man-o'-war-one of the
"Wooden Walls of England," as the
ships of tho British navy at that time,
were known a century ago.
Had No Change for $20,
o . r.iii Uoieorl Ullft
JU liUUil iictiuv,!.. '
; . ;V: ."'Scpt,6 Snteo 3D0O Htoj '! !
i . , , onri i n . I, Liica 11, ' . . . ,.. -
Mayor Kolph of ban 3i0Oo-mlle trip from Washington
f the fleet of 72 army trucks v.hlcn mnue i t t0 marU
to the Pacific coast in 62 days, xney i
the end of the trail.
Herbert F. L. Funk, all-round
sportsman of Flushing, N. T.,
was caught speeding by a motor
cycle officer on the Merrick road
and haled before a justice of the
Peace- , i.
"I will fine you ten dollars,
the rural justice said.
"Mr. Funk vent clown in his
pockets and extracted a large
roll. He peeled off the smallest
bill- ' ,..
"Can you change a twenty?
he asked. ..
-nt hnt t can change the
.tno " Tno llllliiw i ,'", 4
are fined $2U."
' Mr. Funk paid the fine.