Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 03, 1919, Image 7

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Highlanders of the Caucasus Who
Have Kept Free From Gentile
rip tU'
V,!A l"",s""
f,i.i iitiotlHT nlndum Knowing (lie Miirtlu Umber which lias started on a trip around the United
tl,. WiiHliliiKtou inomiurni.
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I -' 1 """""" .. . . ., I .. ..-i,n ronii)let('d. will b
Ai NVwarfc. N. J, mull army of m-n l va am. . n - hwg ()ie momen, of detouiaioa of .
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Their Languags and Many of Their
Customi Are Peculiar uaxe ana
Circumstances of Settlement In
That Region Unknown.
London. Of all the scattered tribes
and remnants of the Jewish people,
in iha world at
large, and certainly none presents a
. l j. a. Ua nAmmnn
i ftii mmlprn rhlldreil Of
Israel than the Jewish Highlanders of
rna aaaiom niifiiHiiH. " i met s u&w
probably none In all the world who
i,i bnnt ih. Tanriah n nnn more uuie
IIUTO liiu " -
anil fraa from Cfpntllfl admixture, flOr
uiva - -uu O
any wno nave more iuumu
served the traditions, beiieis anu cu
tnmi tha t mo r.pfnrn trie exu.
Indeed, they hold themselves quite
olnnf frnm thA other Jews Of the CBU-
casus region, refusing to Intermarry
aMfh thorn in wnrsniTi Willi meiu. ui
nun fcv. " - -J f
ovon tn tinvo rocIrI or commercial In
tercourse with them beyond the limits
r,t V.o l.oroot nofoalfv. NO Scottish
Highlander ever scorned the Lowlander
one-half so much as tnese tiigmuuu
er Jews scorn their kinsmen of the
plains and of the urban ghetto.
Trsrminna Pall to Explain
The date and the circumstances of
ti,Qi- cottiomont. in th flnucasus hlgh- u unVnnarn PVpn In tneiT UWU
lUJIUa H11. n ii n . -
traditions, but It is certain that they
knirn ViAort f Kara fnr npnrlv fl thousand
uaiu Ilcu tuvi v -v
nm.. Tn iiiof nniA rnpir nnvHicai
J CUl O. 1U
characteristics have been materially
modified by their environment and
m,iQ nf Ufa with characteristic Jew
ish faces and complexion, they have
r mnarnlnr bodies, re-
tan DLUl"MH
sembling the best of the Hill men of
India, or some of the giant Highland
oro nf Smtinnrl. Their life Is of course
purely rural, since they have no con
(i thpv devote them
selves to agriculture, and the growing
nnd tobacco. From the
.,i0nsD ihav mnko both wine and
hrnndy, and of these beverages they
are heavy drinkers, inaeea mey uvc
nn,-i,ihb rpnutntion of being the
hardest drinkers in all that part of the
world which mignt easny ue, w
the Mohammedan tribes around them
are almost entirely total aDstainers.
However, drunkenness Is little known
among them, If at all.
They are also great Dgnters. xnui
is generally a characteristic of moun
taineers, and in these highland Jews
It Is highly developed, iney aiwuja
go armed, as do the Montenegrins, and
are never bacKwara in usmg wc.
or.Ana fnr dpfense. They do not,
V l -"-""J - ,
however, share in any of tne dioou
fpuds of the Circassian trmesmeii, uul
do they join in their raids and quar
3 1,
i! i. .f J. 1 1
- ill 'f
-.Vx -r i
synagogues and no liturgy. They have
a scroll of the law, but it Is used only
for refer'jnce, xney ooservo mw ouw
...fK In tha afrfptaaf MoftfllG fllShlon.
ln ill lil iau diivivu - '
V1V111K W "Witt 1A v r
. . ... . tA
food requiring it oemg cooseu uu u
preceding day. They keep the Pass-
fAf nAf he an tin (7 llTl PflVPTlPd UreuUi
U I Cl HUV VMino " "
nil fhn H MAfln 19 fllWftVH II 11
leavened, but by eating an evening
mpnl n rommon in tne ouen air. aud
t; n n'.il,i-nnflog la wlmllnrlv ob
Ecam uid.i i' "
served, and they nave a special
MAr nr tha v Awn or fn fii fi w iiiuuui
Girls must always be betrothed for
six months before marriage, ana me
H,.rin-nnm inatpnd of receiving, a
111 1 111 f)l
dowry with his bride, must pay her
... . m i rrU t r. la iDiinll
ri fi a rvia rnr fi tJ r inn n uauuiu
iillLllCi U ia. a.
paid for in sheep, cattle or horses, but
always In elghteens or some muiuiue
Y.nmnt Ttio nripp mnv be 18 sheep
o 80 head of cattle, or If the bride
groom Is rich it may be 72 horses, but
for some reason, the origin of which
Is lost In antiquity, tne numoer muai
... iiii
always be eighteen or a mumyie
eighteen. There is no religious mar-
rlaee ceremony, but a civil contract u
written and signed.
When a child is born u is iaiu uyuu
. .. i . . 1 . 1. nnlt nnA or.
a platter, sprinmeu wim doh
hlblted to guests. Women go unveiled
enpnlr tn mpn AS TreeiV US in
auu fcw
ern lands. A man Is permitted to have
J 1 t .ml. at Atl PA.
as many as uire wnco -though
by no means all of them avail
themselves of the privilege. Divorce
ii 1 A ilin th
Is seldom if ever pracuceu. ai w
u rtf onpnfflnftd but Is mere-
ly wrapped In a shroud and burled,
,.,M Mia nrnman Willi fl (Ule.
WliiiV TvkM " w
. - .11
One of the most curious oi a
t i i,at f hnvin? the women
of the household occupy rooms which
... - ii.. f Vi a
are accessible irom me rest, w
house only through semicircular holes
at the bottom or tne -an, uui uw.v
than two feet high, lor an me wui.u
1 1. .-nnla
like the entrances to aog ieuu.
When a guest calls at a house he is
welcomed in a spacious reception
room, and then the host gets down on
hands and knees ana cruwis iuiwu6.. -
in th ivnii in searcn oi ins "
or wives, as the case may be, and pres-
1 1 JnlllMlrn1
ently comes crawling dbck, w""
by the ladles of the nousenom i
same undignified attitude. The women
j inA f trn OPTS
dress In jacKets anu iuuaC
after the oriental fashion.
Attempt to Be Cave
Man Leads to Arrest
Portland, Ore. -John Law Is
always epoillng romance.
Just when Ernest Fix tried to
pull a cave-man stunt and tlx
it up for him and Miss Polly Ea
gle to wed the bride-to-be went
and had him arrested.
"He used to sit on my porch
with a gun and threaten to kill
me unless I married him," she
told the court. Then Ernest,
who Is seventeen years old, was
held under $2,000 for Investiga
tion by the grand jury,
Squaw Creek Mesa Near Grand Can-
yon Burial Kiace ot h
cient Tribe.
Property Worth 300 Million Dollars lJ
8ought by United 8tates Die- .
trlct Attorney.
Oklahoma Clty.Suit will be filed InJ
t.-j Mt,. itiHpt court on De-
tne unueu Dmics . :
half of the Indian owners by JoM i
Fain, United States district attorwyj
for fifteen sections of Indian oil taadj
extending south to the old bank of the
Red river, said to be va uea i -j
million dollars, and Involving some or
the richest oil lands in the country !
The move was decided at a conference,
. r.u. ot ,hiph Attorney uen-.
eral Palmer, Mr. Fain and a Texas rep
resentative were present J
The suit involves the determination
of the old river bed which was tha
, Kor There ara
thirty-two Indian properties on tne
land, extending for sateen miles. Fa a
says. It Is opposite the best field la
the Burkburnett field.
Missouri Farmer Produces a Wonder of
Vegetable Life That Would As
tonlsh Luther Burbank.
An.nrfllnff tO W. T.
liennen:, , .
Romlne, recorder of deeds ot Dunklin,
county, Luther Burbank has beenjut
done on the farm of F. M. Mc"f"r;
wbere a wild grapevine , growing
around a hickory tree, u i "
hickory nuts In the place of grapes,
for two consecutive seasons.
. The vine was also seen by I.
Nations and A. W. Winters, who ac-
cXTnied BItnS,d?BeS
search for peaches It ta i not cm
that the hickory nuis biu
the same as grapes, but many people
and tree. I
, 1 vije'v"- (
. ..iii t iiiur nit'"
, i,.k!lmumI by Simon um. i .
A Ills new snlvilrflllK Wimmii.K . ,,(,, mit. !
lthm divers' costunu-s to wnlk on the bolt, u ' v,niim.,,t lumt sunK
v-rt. test In New York Imrhor over the
tongtliP war. At the right Is n plioiBnU'l'
" V - 7 ill? - fy&fffii
jjetWflWW i
1 V f
" ' nnJ llliU1ettcs oE the
This photograph shows the yeopon (FM rf tfte We ,vitn
n.vy being inustered , on d
, oi jazz, revieweu j nrrov, tne .l"v" nVV depani"cu,'
foments intersperse wtth wit "d 6rvlce In the
s setung. They will be retained for cienca
Wilson shook bands
" ' ; ,,. Mrs H. W. Somors.
she has attenu.u r7 -
functions given u, v--- - ,wlth
8lie was nH Washlngton
many of ne vears. De.
na8 been ner " R ie ls very
spite her aavu-- -
active and in " B her wnrds
weather can u -
the poor.
. . j t Lonawood.
. niank our old hard hitter,
ffiST Ishe recn'
cne"t0Tlo Z other morning I
BJ SSng'aes through his
old tennis racket."
On the Beach.
.This seashore resort reminds me
of Sunday morning.
:?tqthat The belles are peeling,
T"lirtlt Ian mine IS neither Hebrew
nor that of the country in which they
it.. Ki.t r-otiior wnnT nniioioKiBia icii"
Par'si-Tartar, or a mingling of old Per-
t-. il.1 nlHiiim.
sion and Tartar, from una wma,
it ia inferred that their ances
. tn the flnncasus from Persia
IUI li cm v
nf Cvrus the Great, or Tcrimns th(v were fugitives
from Persian captivity; or else they
preferred going to the Caucasus
...!,,. ti,..n nnnz tr Palestine. There is
Indeed one ancient legend which tells
i..t n.ntr wnmiprpfi nortnwaru in uui
of Mount Ararat and the remains of
Noah's ark.
The patriarchal mode of life pre
vails among them. When a son mar
ries he does not establish a home of
his own. Ho simply mums a wing ou
his father's house and lives in it. In
this fashion there are often three or
four generations living in a single
house, which consists of a single story
a t inrcp area of ground.
Each house has its own. allotment or
land, comprising grain field, tobacco
field, vegetable garden and vineyard,
and nil are Kept in u iuBu -tivation,
though with P
ods. Each garcien is iuuuu
a wall of ruDDie anu
feet high. , ...
These highlana .lews imvc u
a nn religious head. They have no AriThat the Squaw
riMwui -
creek mesa, 15 miles east of Grand
canyon, was the Dunai grouuu i.
ancient tribe of dwarfs, ls the opinion
. i. ntli antra
of H. L. Looniis, prospeciur, wu
he recently uncovered portions of 19
skeletons there.
In the old graves tne prospeinui
found a cupful of tuquolse and small
nieces of ancient puueiy, "
which have Deeu sem w
of Arizona and the remainder to the
Smithsonian Institution.
All the bones found were those of a
diminutive race, Loomls said.
Storm Cures a Paralytic.
Boston. Frightened by a crash of
thunder and a bolt of lightning dur
lne a storm at North Adams, Mrs. Wil-
liam Paddock oi jacKsouvme,
...j i nnrnivtic for over a year,
jumped from her chair in the kitchen
and walked across the floor.
I 0 7U HiiRhand RoundUD
Due at Yakima, Wash.
Tnklma. Wash. A round-up
f inv husbands" is threat-
hv local officials.
wnshlncton state has a law
.T,t,-Ti nuts lazy husbands at
work and gives the family of
diirh men their earnings. Offl-
nlnla KI1V the county Is so
plagued with men liable for
ttnn under the law that
n nnri-nn will soon start. One
rftml hprn was of a hu:
CUSD ili.
around the res-
i unuu " 11 v'
; ervatlon in an automobile while
his wife drove a nay ricis. iur u
laborer's wage.
Slavs Tear Down Shaft Marking Spot
S,awhere Archduke Ferdinand and (
Wife were mucu.
Saralevo. Bosnta-The Slavs have
to down'the beautlf I monument of
wife, Sopma, uu.v. ft
which stood at a corner of the brld
3o where their assassination by
here where i
XtS world waV It re a bronze
? showing the figures of both
JWaS.ln.tron and Is well on
fts way toward making "business as
usual As a demobilized soldier said
"weieaYlsick of the war business 1'
. ftirl Saddle.
'l!rflnZwh,t Without dOUbt
uS o" the finest and most valuable
Is one oi i"" -Mvthwpst has
saddles in tne
cSIT n Idlndianlriend. The
this city Dy " ith heads.
saddle is entirei, -7 . dlf.
rrdesignB. U The saddle .shows
the snoaie " ,".,, ,.,,.
pies of maian ul
Band Weighs V2 Tons.
Los Angeles, Cal.-Los Angele.
claims the world's heaviest band. Ib
S he police band of 32 members the. .
lightest weighing 200 pounds. ? Total
weight, three and a half tons.
TVTTmsIaIS work and homes
ti y s
1 , uhich'they have combed and
, frnm the Turks, filling quilts with woqI which tney u
Armenian omeana itt, Y. W. 0. A.. -T"
cleaned. They are given u-. -
. :', . 1 . . .'- i .
esmftung ClYU status.