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Kitty, My Pretty
White Kitty
copyright. 11, by th McClur Nwi
paptr Syndlcau.)
"De house is full up, snh." The
shining, white-aproned embodiment of
suavity and Importance,' on the steps
of the high-class boarding house of the
Misses Lovejoy, In the little health
resort town of Boiling Springs, bowed
until his clipped head well-nigh
touched the elusive pink spider lilies
In the flower boxes beside the piazza
steps. "I has to ostend to you de In
tensitest regrets o my ladies, but eb-
buh room is takencd. De last one wall
bespoke by wiuh dis foahnoon.1
hen a man all his fifty years gets
everything he wants and goes 700
miles on his physician's recoinmenda
tion of the water and baths for a rheu
matic knee, he naturally feels vexed
when, at his journey's end, he doesn't
get the first of his wishes granted
.terry Alderson s line dark eyes
clouded a bit as he turned away and
started across the high sloping street
toward the Coppcll house, recommend
ed as the second best boarding house
In Boiling Springs.
And just then "Miss Nellie," a little,
slim, auburn-haired and smiling lady
about thirty-five years of age, with the
gentlest, softest brown eyes, came up
the street. Alderson met her at her
gate. His face cleared instantly, and
when she stooped to pat the Immense
white cat that advanced to meet her,
with "Kitty, pretty white kitty, are you
glad to see me?" on her lips, an unrea
soning twinge of Jealousy went over
him. Why should a beauteous creature
like that waste affection on a cat?
That evening Alderson sat on the
upstairs porch that opened off his room
at Mrs. Coppell's, and in the full light
of the moon he watched Miss Nellie
Lovejoy as she stood by the row of
sweet-scented daturas, whose great,
dew-covered white bells made a glory
of the Lovejoy side yard. Then he
saw her stoop and pnt the white cat
that followed her.
"I wouldn't mind being that cat," he
thought whimsically.
The next afternoon, coming from the
bathhouse at the springs, some dis
tance from the boarding place, Aider-
son overtoon Miss Lovejoy going
home from her work as a clerk at
Framm's store. He spoke to her, and
making a pretense of desiring some in
formation, walked along with her as
far as her gate.
Ten days of religiously drinking the
mineral waters and taking the baths
and Alderson's rheumatic knee was
nearly well, but lie was having strange
feelings in the vicinity of his heart,
He had never cared anything for
women as he knew them in the North.
but he had never before Jjeen acquaint
ed witn an auburn-haired Southern
lady, with a voice like soft, rippling
water and eyes like pools in the forest
Boxes of roses began quite frequent
ly to come down on "No. 31," the late
afternoon train, from the nearest big
town for Miss Nellie Lovejov, and
fancy wicker boxes of chocolates with
out nmr' er, with "T. M. Alderson's
card inclosed.
And Miss Nellie glowed and dimpled
and smiled until the Frarnm customers.
who had always loved her, fairly wor
shiped her.
And in the seventh heaven of delight
Jonathan received the boxes of candy
and flowers, and watched through the
front door screen each afternoon the
gentleman from Detroit, as he lingered
lit the gate, loath to lift his hat from
;,hls handsome gray head In good-by to
; Miss Nellie.
About three o'clock one morning of
the fifth week of his stay in Boiling
Springs Alderson was awakened by a
"meowing" in the back yard. For an
hour there was a continuous squalling,
When the cat finally ceased its noise
Alderson, who loved late sleeping,
could sleep no more. He rose thorough
ly exasperated.
The next night there was a repeti
tion of the feline serenade. Alderson
bounded frem his bed and saw in the
yard below the balcony the big, white
cat that belonged at, the Lovejoy
house. He threw a convenient golf
stick in its direction and returned to
bed, but sleep was gone.
"To whom does the white cat that
stays at your house belong?" Alderson
asked a bit stiffly of Miss Nellie as he
overtook her on her way home that
"Snow Darling?" she smiled. "Oh,
he belongs to Mrs. Giiman, an old lady
who has made her home here so long,
and we all make a pet of him," she
went on in her musical tones.
"If he keeps up that after-midnight
noise as he did last night and the night
before," Alderson commented, "some-
body'll make a corpse of him."
wny, we we aiun t near any
noise," Miss Nellie remonstrated, "you
must have been dreaming, Mr. Aider-
Three nights went . by before the
white cat again serenaded the Coppell
house. Then two nights together Al
derson's rest was broken. At that time
he was the only boarder who slept on
that side of the' house, and the only
one who heard the caterwauling. At
the end of the second night Alderson
went to the Lovejoy house and re
monstrated. Miss Nellie was not at home, but
Misses Euphemla and Jessie expressed
their regret and promised to try to get
Mrs, Giiman to keep "Snow Darling"
In' at night. Alderson went home
somewhat mollified.
Jonathnn watched him uneasily as
he took his departure.
"Ef tny ladies knowed what was
good fur 'em,' he commented, "deyS
Invest In about a dime's wuth o' 'Shonh-dcath-to-cnts'
and administer hit un
beknownst I But bein' ole nnilds, poah
thengs, dey don't know dnt when you
gits a man mad he'll fuhglt about
beln' In de mnrryln' notion !"
Before breakfast next morning Al
derson appeared at the Lovejoy,
tremulous with nervous nnger, Miss
Nellie opened the door. "I'm sorry If
the kitty disturbed you," her soft
voice was very sweet, "but Mrs. Gil
man loves hliu so, she can't bear to re
strain his liberty nnd fasteu Mm up at
Alderson's exasperation broke out In
mild fury. "Loves the pestiferous
bunch of fur, does she? I love sloop,
too, and I'm going to stay In the house
where I am and get It! The next time
that cat disturbs me, I'm going to re
strain his liberty with a bullet!"
"That wouldn't be right," quavered
Miss Nellie.
Alderson turned abruptly and loft
her without another word.
He was not disturbed that night, but
the next day he kept out of Miss Nel
lie's way. The night after, at the
usual hour of half-past three, he was
awakened by a feline wailing. He rose
instantly. A single shot from his pearl
handled revolver and "Snow Darling
was no more.
Next day a very fat and exceedingly
irate lady telegraphed her son to come
to her. Jacob came. Alderson was
haled into the police court and fined
ten dollars for shooting Mrs. Gilnmn's
"I'll go to jail and dry up before I
pay that fine!" he Informed the court.
"Sixty days in Jail or the fine paid 1"
answered the judge.
I'll live on bread nnd water for the
next two months In my cell before 1
will pay that flue!" Alderson com
The town rang with the tale.
"De Jailer says dat Detroit man's
a-gettin' pale and his rheumatism's
comin' back on him not gittin' his
mineral baths and de water. He say
he plumb oneasy about him !" Miss
Nellie overheard Jonathan saying to
the cook about a week after Alderson's
Suppose he died of the heat or some
thing? For three nights Miss Nellie
cried herself to sleep. Then she could
stand It no longer. She went to the
judge's office and paid Alderson's fine,
The judge, supposing that Alderson
had requested his landlady to bring
the money, to spare himself mortiflen
tion, sent an order to the jailer: "Re
lease T. M. Alderson. Fine paid."
"Judge said your fine was paid and
to turn you out. That's all I know !'
The jailer answered Alderson's remon
He went to the Judge. "Who dared
to pay that fine?" he demanded.
"Lady brought it. Supposed you sent
it by your landlady," answered his
Fuming with anger, Alderson strode
off In the direction of the woods across
the river. In a thicket of pines lying
prone on the pine needles, sobbing like
a hurt child, he came upon Miss Nellie.
At sight of the little disconsolate fig
ure in the leaves he felt his anger cool.
A twig broke under his feet. She sat
up, shaking.
"Oh, don't be angry with me!" she
begged. "They said you were sick and
suffering in that awful Jail nnd I I
couldn't bear it ! I went and paid your
fine !"
With the touch of the wind, sweet
with piney fragrance, in his flushed
face and Miss Nellie's low sobs In his
ears, Alderson's pride and obstinacy
fled. Nothing mattered but that little
white bundle at his feet. He bent over
and lifted her.
You were afraid I couldn't rough It
out?" he said, very tenderly. "You
thought I needed somebody to look
after me? I do, and for all time!
Won't you do It, little girl?"
Bank Prepared to Battle Bandits
Install "Pia Box" Made of Steel in Which Armed Guilds
Are Stationed Day and Night
it WxAt -J i kJAxti;H's - ' I
k I .' .," : '..
Due to the great number of bank robberies In Chicago, the Pullman Trust
and Savings bank has Inttalled a "pill box," constructed of heavy steel, In
which armed guard are stationed day and night to prevent robber from
looting the bank. The guards are equipped with high-powered rifles and shot
guns and are prepared to protect the bank both from the Interior and exterior.
The "pill box" Is built half Inside and half outside the bank building, so that
the occupants, through the portholes provided for the rifles, can have an unob
structed aim at would-be robbers, within or without the building.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
When open range is not available
and hens must be confined, poultry
specialists of the United States depart
ment of agriculture recommend the di
vision of the hen yard into two lots,
so thnt green stuff may be grown on
one side while the other patch Is being
grazed. As soon as the green feed is
two to three inches high the hens may
be turned on It, while the other lot
may be spaded up and sown again.
This plan provides plenty of green
feed throughout the year for the av-!
erage back-yard flock.
In 1699 They Smoked Big
Cigars Made Just as They
Are Made at Present Time.
The earliest known mention of clgurs
Is In a book published In 1710 under
the title of "I Mstresfies and Adventures
of John Cockliurn." It appears thnt
Cockburn was oast on n desert Island
In the Hay of Honduras, from whhh
he swam to the mainland, and thence
traveled afoot to Porto Ilello, a dis
tance of 2,000 miles, llore'he met some
friars who pave him some "seegars"
to smoke. "These," he says, "are some
leaves of tobacco rolled up In some
manner that serves both as pipe and
the tobacco Itself." Though this Is the
earliest date at which cigars appear
to he mentioned by thut mime, so fur
back as M!8 two soldiers sent by Co-
The green crops should be suited to'luniD"sto explore Cuba told their com-
local conditions, those suggested below pnnlons on their return how the im
being adapted to moderate climatic tlves curried in their mouths a light
conditions. For the extreme North I cu nreiiraml made from the leaves of
or South the planting dates should be n certain herb, rolled up In maize
leaves. The description of un Indian
method of smoking given by Lionel
U. I V. . o. , .. .. ...
"UK i, in iu.1 iniveis in me isthmus
of Darion," in JGM, shows that they
men smoked cigars made Just as they
me inane now. 'the manufacture and
consumption of cigars in northern Ku-
rope only dates from the close of the
seventeenth century.
Sethi Merchants, About Whom This
Country Knows Little, Are People
of Much Consequence.
The world Is still a large place and
contains a variety of men. The manu
facturer who enters foreign trade
makes many discoveries that were not
disclosed in his school days. For ex
ample, in northwestern India he may
meet the Sethi merchants, who con
duct the trade of Afghanistan. These
Mohammedan traders are men of con
sequence, nnd have their connections
throughout Asia. Before Eussia disin
tegrated they had branches in Petro-
grad and Moscow. They have their
places of business In all the central
Asia markets of importance, such as
Bokhara and Tashkent, and buy and
sell In Tientsin nnd Shanghai. Clearly
such merchants are men of conse
quence In vast territories our own part
of the world scarcely guesses at. To
merchandising they add banking, sell
ing drafts on strange cities where a
European bank would look as out of
place as an Afghan caravan on the Lin
coln highway.
These merchant-bankers of. central
Asia may add to their adventures if
the Afghans persist in their warlike
demonstrations against the British In
modified. Thickly sown crops furnish
succulent feed and summer shade.
From April 1 to July 1 on growing yard
1 oats, chard or lettuce, clover or
vetch, sunflowers, cowpeas, rape may
be grown. For feeding purposes on
yard 2 winter rye, winter vetch, sweet
clover may be grown, as well as crim
son clover in the latitude of New Jer
sey and south.
From July 1 to October 1 the oats.
chard and lettuce, clover or vetch,
cowpeas and rape on yard 1 may be
fed, while buckwheat, dwarf Essex
rape and flat turnips are grown on
yard 2. From October 1 to April 1 the
growing crops on yard 1 should consist
of oats, winter rye, winter vetch,
sweet clover and crimson clover, while
at the same time In feeding yard 2
buckwheat, dwarf Essex rape, flat tur
nips and soy beans are grown.
The man who likes to do a
ood Job regardless of the pay
he Is getting is the man who
will always be sure of a good Job
to do.
The man who loses his tem
per is apt to lose the argument
Charity begins at home and if
the high cost of living keeps up
It will have to get started there
mighty soon.
Go to the sick If you want to
learn to appreciate your health.
Sometimes the abundant beauty of the
Makes my heart tremble and ac he
Sometimes, when summer's banners
Or autumn's Klory on the winds Is tossed
u wiiii leu,
I think my heart will break.
For loveliness la often too great to bear
Trees laced at twilight, how they lift
me ud '
T ththatasUrlghtS ' heaVen! And wlnds
At evening bid my soul with God confer
L cup beaUty ' th Wrld " '"m
Whv oViAnU T 1 .
hnM ""'ai weep when I be
nlghtl m0n' & Bh,p blown dn the
Over and over I watch the shadows fold
Over and over I see the Btars' clear cnlrt
light haV 1 1081 Mw'di
weep when
heart, singing Its age-old
Learning It Early.
Son has Just begun to go to school,
and has much to say about the new
little girls he meets, but every few
days It is a different girl that attracts
him. His mother said: "I'm afraid,
son, that you are changeable."
Tain't me that changes, mom," he
answered; "it's them, when you know
them better." Life.
What Causes Colors in
the Beautiful Rainbow
While It is true that the beautiful
colors displayed by the rainbow are
due to the passage of light through
rain drops, the popular conception that
tne drops are directly in line between
the sun and the bow is Incorrect. The
light enters the raindrop and is re
fracted nnd reflected back to form the
bow. In this passage through the drop
the different colors are produced
which, blended, make our ordinary
white light. Two persons standing side
by side see two different bows, though
they present the same appearance.
Electric Fans in India.
Electric fans have made It possible
iu seep cnurcnes and theaters in
southern India open, in summer
I weep for gladness, as women
Enters the
And I weeD that tv, , .
that sea above W"'cn sal18
hoY??' ams a" the
-Chae, a80n Towne ,
' Experts or Theorists-Which?
The packing industry is intri.
cate, complex far more so than
the railroads or the telegraph.
Every day multiplying needs
of society increase its problems
and multiplying responsibilities
demand more of it
Highly trained experts, spec
ialists of years' experience,
thinkers and creative men, de
vote their lives, their energies,
their activities, to solving the
problems oftho packing industry
and meeting its widening duties.
Swift & Company is not a few
dozen packing plants, a few
hundred branch houses, a few
thousand refrigerator cars, and
a few million dollars of capi
tal, but an organization of such
men. It is the experience, in
telligence, initiative and activity
which operates this physical
Can this intelligence, this ex
perience, this initiative and cre
ative effort which handles this
business at a profit of only a
fraction of a cent per pound from
all sources, be fostered through
the intervention of political
theorists, however pure their
purposes? Or be replaced by
legislation ? Docs Congress really
think that it can?
Let us send you a Swift "Dollar".
It wtil interest you.
Address Swift A Company,
Union Slock Yards, Chicago, 111.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Ill iyvs. twsmowsV
I I ' " If-rj Vi RECEIVED BY mm I
rmmmmmmiyj Oil If ruoM IMf SAlf Of Mlr I KM"
no7iic 7 nil I NOiY poouci I
M.VO A oeti wl I I atctNTS nrioroMMt I
ltpmn y VJi rtf 11 UVf ANIMAL I
,ajrQa,n4frr norxirxNo runout V
Wvy w ctutt hcmaiim
VVj l w,th W
Q-- S. A MOHT j
Patent Medicines Drovp
"Yarbs"Out of Business
"Tnrbs" are little known to the pres
cnt generation. Th T es
rimvo V'"l?,u meaicincs
,: jurus out of business Thn
wien 03 a boy ho was given its wi
yellow, bitter rootstocks to c ew S
The small, whifo a ...
Plant develop son 'nTe C ?
toes. The outer am.! .. .5.
sepals, though they Bcrve th
capacity of petals s w 6..Usua
WW I. small, club-shaped and term
nated by a cuplike disk which stranS
ly enough, has been trnn,;
a nectary. The rUma 7 Z lnl
hookPd-Iw t t ore curiously
nooked.-w. L- Beeof t la Boys' Life
No humbug! Any corn, whethn
hard, soft or between the toes, will
loosen right up and lift out without
a Particle of pain or soreness.
This drug Is called frnn i.
a compound of ether discovered by a
Cincinnati man.
bnm nf fa"y drug 8tore for a "ma"
bo t e of freefone, which will cost but
L S 1 18 8Ufflclent to rid one's
feet of every corn or callous.
tender 7, drP8 dlrectlJr uPa "7 fhi 8 COrn 0r ca,loua- In
short v ihr 8re"e8a dl8aPP"ars and
sncruy the corn nr ran,. .m .
"ir., "I " the f,
tho 7 " "M.une uoesn t eat out
the corns or riin.,D .
them """YD".0 uul Bunveis
r7,,Tn evon irritating the sur
His Language.
Mother told sister that baby came
from heaven, so when baby was eight
months ohl Hister said to a playmate
Our baby is talking now, but we can't
n-lorstand him, 'cause ho talks sky
Rough on New Jersey.
Oliver Wendell Ilni- '
Jersey, New York,
suburb88 n1 U Was "a louble-headed
suburb, rather than a state."
iiavk vni! A SWEETHEART
Hon or Brothar In camp or triMi H
.1 mu, limn iiiiu - ' ; ..Li.- Bt4
th. kntiMptie I'owdnr for Tirrf. AeWW !
MaltM w.lklngMy. Bold vywb,
vviiBn von iitart to borrow
the loan is generally overnubscrilxi-j
Boston Transcript
Baby Shoe an Ornament
Tho first shoo of the first baby :
be preserved as an ornament i j
both intrinsic and sentimental '
A Jewoler plates In gold or silver
creased and worn little boom
the baby foot formod it.
Get the Habit
ti, k.ui t vinwine things ct-
fully, and of thinking about .Ilia rj
fully, may be made to grow
like any other bablt.-Samuel s
Talk to please others, act to
yourself. '
:. . . iti
U I HinLJi' .i.nAI
Krm Vim aKcfiprl?
la the blgjrent, most V"' ."W
Business Training; tichool in w
west Fit yourself foi WgJ r
wun more inmnr. .,,
asmred our Graduate , ytfP
Write for eaUlos Ifoura "
KJ Bornalde, cor
VfnFWFNR Rests. DelrKk. l
Xi'MisI. !1heT,. Smart, Itch,or
OUBtW? P""- if Sore, IrrltS
B bojrlnff direct from m w " ffrlt,oi
and nn the plumber Profl
your need.. W. wl" fc.
bottom "dlrect-to-yon' pn ,0 ulil
boat W actually .v y tP"
cant. AU ood guaranteed. ffilH
Northweat headquartert '"-nea
Byitem. and FuUer 4 Job"""1
lOUH auwwaa
P. N. U,