Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, August 08, 1919, Image 5

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Whfn n town irv 4U I - 1 1
w''n ' in town trv k
1 Craven, wns milium on
i 1 . . I
'oi l mnu
r t
, l,n iilltiiiritndl. and wife are malt
frwrids visit I" Portland this
C. O. 8lj.P Bu, ,f
' ton day vacation. Ti,.. i..,.
Ur. rinuHmor,, ,,.,!! Hun,,
Hoijkln. and wh treated, u, 'a, ,
t'ihg ihukcn dinner.
Mr. uml Mr
j' II II O.M-,
i v. . ... ., , itm
Kou.1 meal-Prices reasonable.
(-Iiiij Jrviim a
411 I II ."Ml .... .11 .
, ' , " w-'i w Newport to
day when, tht;y will tholr va-cation.
and family Bnd Ming
r 1 1
! WHK in
I'H. deni-irH ,: iii. t.
.. 1 - . - P ' I
ouimay ror Kmmat, Ki.llrt
wjih m, KuirhoM
t a Kri-UMi
. , 1. I. ....I......
!o Cvffi'y (,f Portland, In visit
m mJ at MnU-m, which he nay
i witlon. r2
to hum of ''k trchhinif machine
I bo heard in thin neighborhood
I these niorniriK. fl
I - t 1 1
i Fluko I1 homo again after n
h or more rusticating in the
4 ot Washington.'
J . -t 1 1 1 .. ;
fL Frances Futon i home again
. 1 a . .: .
ti-r (K-hi'ol at O. A. C.
i f t ,
': R. Wolfe amimpnnM ,b'y T.
4 !,pr)f driv to Portland Satur
,'rolurnintr Sunday cvfiiinK."
f. II. A Cliilds and two duuRh
Cliiiljs and lorthy, are en-
i fiirtniht vim't t Newport,
1 tt-
.-imy Claud liarriik nd liro
rficturfii'l honif tho firnt of the
I ufter two v.ct kM at tin- iprlnr,
Imra A!.!' :.n!d and wife, of
jjukve, wi n- over Sunday vlI
riith their daughter, Mrs.Frank
i or n
of th Hirival Mt, (
wins, uurrljtht from
"""tran ana wife, ()f Vn
-., ".-.iiwijjin, were iVr s-
viHitori with Mr. Mo
Wl'hl 'j ij('.;i(;iy
amp IWniU, of
rtMim rjurt'iitu
Tlmre will lift kiifML.,,.. C I
11 Odmk at th Cntholie ckun h.
erh Sunday ther.flor until fltler
!tol.rt Clark h taking in th,. ;Kjlt
IhM wmk at Newport. 1I pro
mined hh dad a finit ku-hh .f fiMh wnn
ho returna.
lr. RuHHttll hn rented the M,-
MHttldon property, v Korn, on Mob.
mouin Hlreet recently vacated
Jamei liillard.
of tlio
John J'oiiald.ion and
ed from Newport the
week where they have
injr their vacation.
l)r. .Snapp came home Sunday to
upend the day with hi- family north
of town, leaving njrain Sunday even
ing for the north.
Wm. Dawett i'h lookinjf forward to
a visit from hiw nioce of NVw York
wlxi In makirifr the trip ,y uuto by
way of San Fnui.-iVo, California.
Mr. Nellie Ward, of Seattle, Waxli !
who has been makintr her inotlti.p !
M'm. Charley I5rook, formerly of
,,ut ,11IW M(1()(,HtU) Ca),
forma, wlio hn .:
o nnowies ami M,, j,)0 KoKl.,.g
hua gone to Monmouth- to vwtt her
peoplo before returrrin,; to Califtr.
When in town try the Indepen
rtonre Bakery and KeHtaura'nt for a
Rood nieul-Prieea reasonable..
Mm. A. 0, Noblo of StxiW
ha been the houHe gUeHt of Mrs.
A. Wood, has returned home.
MfH. J$,.)a Uowko,, Skidmore of
Fort Wayne, Indiana, is now vliHn:
Mrs. Wood.
Mrs. Hugh Ropers and Miss Lo
leU Rogers are in charge of the
Cook's ear for tho Roger' threshing
The iirat of the hop pickers has
betrun to arrive at Horst Company
Master Joe Stuart of McCov t
viHilitifr his aunt and uncle Mr. and
Mrn. Lee Roberts. j
Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Montgomery j
and Mrs. John Underwood and Mas-!
ter Jack Motored to Salem" Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ferguson mo-''
tored to the Tillamook heachea from '
Carabolde to Bar View last week. "
Mrs. J. J. Williams has as her!
house guest Miaa Madge C roves.
The J)yer children who have been'
Mrs. Lydia Wllxon a week or l(. vim'tinif Mrs, L. B. Kays fw the past'
p Irene Kddy is at Newport
Wk einblbing the oreun breej!-
h expects to return the lat4
fct week,
j t 1 .
I'omeroy and wife, of Ktifrene,
I Sunday with the latter' moth
)frj, Ed Owens, making the trip
iir uuto. '
day v.:-it, left today for her home.
Attorney Fletcher is "crippling
about" these mornings with a game
foot, hut nays he is good for a hun
dred yards in a foot race with any
id Bewley and wife of Klamath
I art in the city this week viajt
tith their parent They will
k here for Home time.
x t j
Frazier of Suver, was ISav
me dental work done here WhI
He hn the appearance pf te
I "ntoit contended farmer."
-I t T
Drcxler and better half
iWln after feastinjr on aea
J frwh air for the pat two
Y H, ays he feela as though
f gained 300 pounds.
I 1 t t '
F- Irvine and Jamea Clark re
lUMdny from a business trip
fiiontta. They say that con
4 throughout their travels haa
1 appearance of prosperous
i t ..
fa revival services began at
yunmai Miasion Hall Wednea
Come one and all and
r oIi time P,;)P'l measage and
fn of the coming: of Jesus.
fy expounded by Rev. W. B.
; A!and, California. .
WANTED. For planing mill
I y and n'ght eight hour
I; Apply or wit0 t0 CHAS.
r; 1 1 1
I , kmna r Portland, landed
r"J m an airplane the first
: ,uln and !1S wnlldno- nnnaa
Mrs. John Turner is snendinir n
few days at Newport this week.She
has lived here for nearly twenty
years and this is her first visit to
the coast.
J. C. Krcamer and wife left Tues
day morning for Silverton and other
places. Mr. Kreamer is looking -up
a location and may engage In busi
ness for himself.
Clint Moore was seen pesticating
about the streets of Portland the
first of the week. He says he went
to escort 0. A. Kreamer about and
show him the sights.
Mrs. George Carbray and Miss Li it
!p friends in the city a week's I "ur lw wetK8 mos; ae"Kni"
I She is clerking in one of the"u,,y B"e """. a,,u
i department stores In that city.
Abe Henry, wile and two sons,
are spending a week at the aeaanore
cfty of Newport. Mrs. Henry has
never saw the ocean waves and the
sight of the mighty deep will be pn
joyed by her.
John Turner and wife, Sherman
Bowman and wife of Lenox, Iowa,
who are house guests at the Turner
home, and Carmon Henry were Am-
itv visitors Sunday, going in Mr.
Henry's car.
D. Ackerman was thrown against
a telephone pole from his motorcycle
Sunday evening in North Indepen
denee and may lose one of his fingers
as a result, as one was badly torn
wtiifh rpron'rod several stitches to
hold it ' in its proper position
Ralph Cooley. one of the buyers of
the Salem Woolen Mills Store, left
Sunday for Chicago, New York and
other eastern cities and nothing
markets. He probably will reman
in the market tho remainder or -i!,e
moi. riiirchnaillir poods fol' the firm
jvm j.w . ..... "i-ry e
and his iroing assures the many p -
trons of this store a full supply ot
all kinds of men and boys clothir."
i ...:,.i,,' nf the verv V
o. saw Jum get , , he ncwest design.
fl-Krv 1
t oniy guessing ns to
f(y he h,h,l,i
-t i 1 - . '
I it " iesignea nis po
1 7 mRrsVinll last, week, haa
V B rrnA ....
position as guard
"""fl t)enifa! tt.
S ' Hilary. ue WaS
tinnrei 4-Vii ftv .
,a,jj v ""j wmii fit?
. ork much beter than
' t
,lB.rPtrk,p,irfha8ed a sett-
'u"ry trom which she
in Feb;
Om, 7Pkere and three
Ut,e Of the. u
f I0ir montiic, .
ine ot.ho. f,,r ... 1
""ow months and twen-
of fabrics. It is very evident, tnru
owing to present conditions, titer?
is not an oversupply of clothing
available for the coming season; but
full arrangements for supplying this
store are provided for.
Main Street
Open day and night we serve
mpals and lunches at all hours
Try the famous Mt. Hood Ice
a 1 1 ntlAVl 11
Cream. Also naroer ouoy
1 . Po,,tland Monday
aW . latest reports
J5. Hewasop
Atha ' 6 tsame trouble sev-
"o not a com-
FOUND Abstract of Title No. 4435
Lot 0 and E of Lot 8 Block C,
Harri.sburg, Linn county, Oivson,
bearing the name of Robert tin
grnm, ,TIarrisbu)rg, Oregon. 1 ar
ty claiming abstract must may
reasonable reward and for adver
tising same. Title has boon de
posited with Independence Enter
prise office for safe keeping.
two months, have returned to their
home in Portland.
The Community Service Club met
at the Allen Chase house with 1."
in attendance. The hostesses were
Mrs. R. C. DeArmond and Mrs. M.
A. BlacL The afternoon was spent
in sewing, after which those present
adjourned to the dining room, where
a most ref reshing and delicious lunch
was served. During lunch Mr. Scott)
sang a group of well chosen songs,
which were enjoyed by everyone.
Miss Loleta Rogers accompanied Mr.
Scott on coronet.Later Miss Rogers
...... . I nH , .. . : .. t 1 1
ivnu in i iiiiercsiii paper ueiore wie i
club. j
Sanitary, comfortable and up-to-
date is the Independence Bakery and
Restaurant. For a meal you could
find no better place' in town. Now
Clare Walker, one of Uncle Sam'i
navel men, is visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. William Craig.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy and
son Alec of Dallas, spent Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. De
Armond. Master Alec remained for
the week,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rogers have been
entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tracy
of Portland and Mr. William Scott,
of the Canadian Shipping Board
whose home is also in Portland.
Threshing in this neighborhood be
ean at k. k. ueAirnona s iarm on
Tuesday. lie reports fin excellerft
Mr. J. A. Wood has purchased a
new one and one-half ton Republic
Mrs. L. B. Kays is erecting a ma
chine shed largo enough to put ev
ery piece of farm machinery under
cover. This is surely a money sa
Wrhen in town try the Indepen-
lUm-a Rakerv and Restaurant for a
good meal Prices reasonable. .
L. Pease is erecting a scratch pen
for his hens. This is a money mak
er as hens will not do well without
olentv of exercise.
The shortage of farm labor has
been largely solved here by co-operation.
We lundersiind there has
been practically no outside labor
There is somewhat of "a lull" as
everyone is waiting for the thresh
ing crew. ,
The loganberry season closed .at
B. F. Wolf's last week after a month
oi more picking.
We understand the Hayden ranch
occupied by Al Whitney, has been
sold to Salem parties.
1 t t
Sanitary, comfortable and up-to-date
is the Independence Bakery and
Restaurant. For a meai you couiu
iind no better place in town. Now
Fireartns Ammunition
W5 ' M
The Fall .Demand
for Fordson's is
sweeping past
the supply
FORDS ON FARMING is here Here to SUy We warn
you to place your order AT ONCE.
We are just advised by the Fordson Company of two
thing$- . ." . - 'rjMimznn
Our maximum allotment of Fordson' for this fall de
liveries is only about two-thirds of what we asked.
We will receive Fordson's only to fill SIGNED ORDERS
Some are going to be disappointed
Iii i
? - .Ny-' "afr , : :
m -1 - -
ji . 1 1-
ymnfflnra n m nv
mwmw rum
m w ti i
i j 'II in
In . if M l .
ii mil i miu ii i I HIHIII
A Wise
" ......
New Goods, New Designs But Still
, . . .'., .- -
MEN demand that a garment should hold it's
shape for business or sport during he life of the gar.
THE thousands of pleased patrons buying clothes,
of BISHOP'S talk louder, than words "They al
wajjs come back."
Bishop's suits are bought with Quality, Service
and Style, tailored into them. It costs no more, but
every one can secure this desired combination of vir
tues in a suit at Bishop's.
Eaen suit has to stand the "ACID TEST OF
WORTH" We received a shipment of suits on
Wednesday, every suit was personally inspected by
BISHOP himself. Part were rejected and sent back
They did not reach the standard set and it is impos
sible to secure suits at this time in the quantity need
ed. s .
GRAY, BLUE, BROWN and GREEN, in the latest
stripe and slashed pockets, belts and those without
Our stocks are still complete, in the desired waist
line models for young men who demand that snap
py, clean cut appearance of the athlete.
$35.00 TO $50.00
Salem Woolen Mills Store