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NO. 2
1857 - '
'War council on Retirement An-
-ounces Cash ana uppc
r.v Bid In WerH Wide Flan.
H Oivlion Meedi Hd Cri Comml..lo.
Dr, LWlngiton
U.dtr of Pic Oraanliatlon.
tlMHt R Inijfi- m id., in !, j.,.,,,,, ,,1B
liospllnlft, when. (hfiiKiiiid i,f Allied
PHD ntck unit wounded tire still receiv.
tug it l rot tf n. At these h'o,p!tiil,. i lie
HH CtOS supplies IiHIh mwl f 11 -l 1 1 1 1 (M
for II. e niuusoitieiit mill r-r.- I ti:fi of
the men an they hi'i-Dti-H convalescent.
Our Army of Oc'tinilnii In Cwiiwnj
MHl followed M It h Medical milt,, on
pared render id same euwTHfucj
aid arid supply service whic h was the
primary business of the Ili'i! Cross
during tiitllllti. The Artny CnMi-en
service along I In- l.iifii of travel hut
Cuum-U of il... American Hedro.:
-T ll.u Anu-.-l. Hii People:
I -n,rt War Council of tl.0 American
KKY,. H, ' rrwll- -,
n May w. HUT. I" rry ' '
rk of Hi.- AummIU lle.J Cross dur
, , Hr, ui tl.elr request and by
X,M of )'" '"' '1"'"1M'.
t miilniiti't. I- ol.itmry 5iK,
4nm.-ai'-) ll.o iirmlMice w.,
,lIKHl Hi- fwuuctl Instituted
MudM to determine he.i tho strict
I,. r work t organisation would
ktr t.Mii suindcinly matured to en
able tin- .lit. .-.ion of affair to l. r
mined l.v permanent staff. H-nry
p imvlson, being in Parts when the
armistice was eltf"l. summoned a
conference l!..-rr of I"" I'""" "l
tin. li.-fl - t'oiniiilKHloiia In I'uropi
to niliVHh- ih ultuntloli. Affr foil
iMrriim nil tl f'"t.i U v'!, cot1
ciu.lcl to timkf tint lmnililon on
Mar-h I. 'I ho very fortunate chulc
iif It. l.lviiiKton Fiirraml. H'O
(hHlrman of tl. O-ntral fctmnlftw.
md tliiTrl.y thu jirrnmiieul cttlxf
-Utlv of il,.- Id'.l Cr. limkca IMil
b) ll. of thin flun uu
dur the nioHt f.ivorable coii'lltloiia.
Acoountt Audltd by Wf Dtpartmnt
"DttutlcM r.-i.rl lo Confreitu ati'l a
romiile :p Muilli of lta account by tha
Vnr IVt'iirtm.-nt will conatltuta tba
final r.'.'on! .f KM Cn activity dur
ing the wnr. Alil.otiKh It !,IH',,
Uie rwlf ii'iilai t-uhllc all i,tiii-
fiitvK u'lifii iit.lhorlxtnl Ullll tO RlvO !
tailed r?lntlvo to nil work
undiTtnk ii, !h' War Council In turn
inffOMT li ivsiM.iiMMllUt; t.'Ur. Far-
rand (mil hit iiMM..-iatf tlcalre to glva
a hrlcf roMiino of Had Oiw wht time
actlvltl.w I., tha Atnarlcan wiila, to
whom tbo ii. t t.'roaa bt-loug, and wlmaa
teueroiw . n i rllnit ioua have nmdi j.oa
nlhle all iluu hug l.oen awompllali.!.
"During ihu mat ni-Mrly twi-i.ty-ona
nioiillm ih" American ppoplu have
given In (ii-li ttl.d Uilillo8 to tl.6
Ainrrlrnn Kfd CrHH ntoro ttuiii f lx.
(Kni,ik0 No value con bo pined upon
(he iwitril.utioiiH of atrvlco which
have hci ii fclu'ii without gtlnt nnd of
tetiiliiics Ht auorlllce by millions
of our pi iM'h1.
"The T.Tt of tlio Ainorlcnn Ked
C'ronH In tint) wnr linn constituted by
far the hirnxt volmitiiry glfta of
money, of hand and hunrt. cvor con
tributed purely for tha relief of hu
man Buffering." Th rough the Ited Crona
the heart und Spirit of tba whola
Anierlrati people have been mobilised
totako ni o of our own, to relieve tha
misery hi. idont to the war, and alao
to revenl to the world the "lupreme
Idenls of our nntlonnl life.
"Everjan . who has bud any part In
this war effort of the Ited Croaa la en
titled to eonirratulnte blmaelf. No
nks f'-m.i anyone could be equal In
also to the mdf sntlnfoction every
Aje sUoh'j feel, for the part taken.
Fully 8,0(k,(h)0 American women have
Merlod themselves In Red Crosa serv
ice. Hi Over 17,000,000 Adult Members.
"When wo entered the wnr the
American Red Cross had about 500,000
member. Today, as the result of the
frrnii m ..I .. i i v. I Y11
--'- .n "..III lllINIH IIieil.UtM S.UIJl ',
Call, there are upwards of 17,000,000
full paid members outside of the mem
brs of the Junior lied Cross, number
'"8 perl , a pa 0,000,000 school children
"The chief effort of the Red Cross
during the wnr has been to care for
our men in service and to aid our
ay aiid navy wherever the Red
Cross may he called on to assist As
to this phase of the work Surgeon Qen
wal Ireland of the U. B. Army recent
ly nld : 'The Red Cross has been an
nterprisG as vast as the war Itself,
from the beginning It has done those
things which the Army Medical Corps
"anted done, hut could not do Itself
"The Ited Cross endeavor In France
, natm niiy been upon an exception
ally lnrirn unnt n.v.M untlM has
Den rendered to the American Army
n to the French Army and the
eneh people aa well, the latter par
ticularly during the trying period
nn the Allied World was walUaf
Jor the American Army to arise
wee and power. Hospital emergency
ervlce for our army In France ha
Ptly diminished, but the Red Crs
5 atlll elng called apon for aerrlee
actually IticreiiMcd ulio-e the nnntfttfe
"A fr work i.iuniig the l-'n-m h pen
pin, iiuw (hut hiiRillHlin e eeiiKed
the Frelii'h IheloHelveiil nut until) pro
fer H far iu ponnible to provide for
their own. It ha aceorllntly heen iW-ti-riultHKl
t tin t the K"iildiHK prliietpie of
lied ('mux luillcv In Kriilie.- henri-fnrth
ahull be to have 'iiwillliui" regard to
It every r"ioiiNltUlty, hut to V.r-ri
IN elTorHi prlimirlly to mukIMiiii;
Flelidt relief Out let leu Th- HhiTlited
at,d 'lev OMlated ri. t'liiiiH of I'rnnre 'iitve
b'efi illvlilt'd hy tin (fim rliuielil Into
;,!l itlt.trli'lk. eiicb tii-iiill) iiUKli'lied
to u i-Hiiiiiit il Kieiii'li relief oik.inl
;...( loll
"'I In? Aliierli'im Jted ("romi work Iti
Frniice w an Inltlntfil hy i. t tiiiiiolH-lon
of'O'i lin n b. liiiiI''il "ii French
kIioivn June- Kl, Hit". Slii 'e thou
Siiliit tintl pet'.'!! hate ln-.-n ii)nui tue
rulln In Fr.iiie.'. t.f 7 .no. i wre
actively eiik'niie'! when Ho' nrintMlre
wan l w )!. An Indication of the prt
flit kcrIw of the work will be obl.ihietl
from tb; fact that the services of 'l.OoO
perMina ere il!l retpilred.
"Our American Kxpedltlonary Force
hating largely eviiclutted l'iu;liuid, the
artlvlilea of the Ited from Comiiils
Inn there are nafiiraHy ilm a dltnlri
lhln m-itle perlotl Active operations
urn silll In pri.grni In Arelmngel and
"The work In Italv hit heen almost
entirely on behalf of the civilian pop
ulation of that conntry. It. the critical
hours of Italy's struggle the American
i,.ol.. through their Hod front, Kent
a practical meiiMnr.t of sympathy and
relief, for which the government aud
people of Duly l.nve never censed to
esiiress their gratitude.
Supplies and Personnel to Near Eat ;
"Tim occanlon for such concentra
tion of effort In Italy, Ki.gland. Del
gluin and even In France having natur
ally and -normally diminished. It has
heen i.HKlhl to divert supplies and
p,.,m.i.i.el lii liirite measure to the aid
f tho people In the Near Enat who
have hitherto been Inaccessible to out
aide MNhlMsura. but stifferlngs
have 1 ii upon an appalling seule.
The of these peoples are so vat
that alone can meet them,
but th American lte.1 Cross Is making
an effort to relieve l.iu.uMlinie.y
more acutu dint reus.
"An extensive group r
workers has been dispatched to curry
vitally lieeilfd supplies, anu t "
, n..ll... ciiill.
this winter In the various
r...ordlnate their ac-
Uv.Ues, a Balkan commission ha. been
eatabllshed, with neati.t.... i-.
fPf,, which point alone
Rome. Italy, from wnu.i i ,.... 4
viuiin centers can be reuctiee
abend of us I he Ited ''i-nhs vvtll reipifre
the ubhsl piphllil leiiileislilp, and
l.lilfl enj ty 1 he colli ill noil support, SJ'lll-
piiil.y, and piii-tlclpntlon In Its work
if I'm' " hole American people. It Is
purii' iiturh' foriiiiiate (hat such a man
tot I'r l,lviii('Hlon I'tirrniiil should have
hoeii seloeietl us the pel'iiiationl head
of Hie iii('iinlzalloii. The iinslliited
f:thbloii In which nil our people gnve
of tlieiiiseh es tlirniu.'liut the war Is
il,i host 11 . urn nee lln.t our Ited Cross
ttlll "iiiilnue to receive that co-opera
tion t' fil b will make '.ts work n source
il pride ami li.splliillen to every Amer
1 ...1 " . '
Mr hnrtsixi, us .'hiilriiian of the In
t riiii'loital oiiiinlssloii of the Amerl-
i.'i lied Cii.k. tins iintl'-i'takeii to rep-
dkaTh takes prominent vet
Carl B. Fenton, son cf Mr. and Mrs
II. L.Fenton. of Dallas, who recently
rfed to his home after over
'two years of se'viee vith Conpany
L of the 161st Infantry, died Satur
day of meningities, followinjr an at-
fo.if f thr. rlcaillv disease. He haa
iei.el.1 toe llieiuai. lieu t toss in ion ... , . . ..!,
.... jt been nick for about two weeks.
pl'epi r.t' . I; 01 'lie priiginoi ii.r eMenti- . , , .
... be.l ( ross activities, and will speii Young Fenton was 28 years old at
death. . As a student
nsiiitailoii with other lied Cross socl- n the University of 'Oregon and ear
lier in Dallas colleg-e, $lr. Fenton ac
10 le for thin purpose
niK u ah corvcn ! -nil': amrr
ica Pi-.n ''iioss
Henry I' l:i . .vn Chairman.
t X
5 ' ' . I
t m, I
I ; -ii
K . ' 1. . " - ,J
r.s :
5 , ' v
i - K . :.y ?
-1? ew' '
, i j
. . 1 thm
B) M. 8. Wlldman, nwo w.
Department or tconomn.
Political 8clence at Stanford
University, California.
t. nKnnt tun vein ao we began
to make war and stopped making a
i. fhtnis or made these
other things only In limited supply.
Railway construction came 10 a ueu
.ton KuulDment was worn out faster
than It was replaced. All over the
country building operations we.c u
pended. In the Nortn Auanuc
alone the dettciency In building U
estimated by the Department of Labor
to exceed $500,000,000. u me nw"""1
all over the country Is comparable to
this, the accumulated neea ior mu-
structlon now exceeds two onuuu uu
lars. Through a wide range of manu
factures from automobiles 10 cnewiu
gum curtailment was the order of the
day until now we face a deficiency
In numberless commodities of custom
ary use. . ..
The emergency which led to curtail-
h-nntiv nast. The interest
. -,t nf nftnnle reaulres the
....ihu roHtimrttlon 01 normal
QUlV:iLCOt UVD.w- r-
H ornnrts.
i,-i.- i-.nnsoraers waui. m 0 .
returning soldiers need the employ
ment. The heavy war
for correspondingly large pruuui,-,
while European reconstructioa win
open the way for exports.
This resumption of enterprise, if we
embark upon It as we should will
require bank loans on a ir
scale. The high wages and high cost
of materials will necessitate advances
proportionately greater man u
past. To be available for this purpose,
the funds of the banks must not be
absorbed by government requirements.
The necessity for wide pubUc partlci
nation in the Victory Liberty loan is
.. .,otor than it was in the case
L i . , a ,hvn 'curtailment of
- , ., j i.v 01 earner -
the first rceruits and aided m the en- diminished the needs of prl-
tivo in athletics. He was a member
of the famous all-star basketball
' team turned out by the Dallas Col
; leire which toured the country, win
i ninrr 11 irames. At Oregon he was
ciiKo,.! vefirs on the football
!ir.v.n nlaved first base on the base
ball nine and was center on the Le-
m nn YpIIow basketball team:
vtincr Fenton entered the Univer
'!t.u of Oretron in 1911 and graduated
in 1914 with high honors, being de
signated as a Friar, the highest hon
or which can be conferred upon a sen
inr Ktudent at the state university.He
! was a member of the Beta Theta PI
fraternity and . during his college
years took an active part in adminis
tering student affairs.
Following his graduation from the
university with a degree of civil en
gineer, Mr. Fenton was a member of
th facuLtv of Eugene High school,
having charge of the department of
0T,t,r1i,.n1 flrawinor and manual
j training.
At the outbreak of the war he en
listed in Company L, being one of
A number of students at Oregon
Normal school have had a mild at
tack of influenza and as a result a
strict quarantine ia being maintain-
.a til. JP
ed. Dr. McCallon; county neaiin of
ficer made an examination and recors
mended that the school should .D
closed until May 19th. This has bee
done. The direcors of the public and
high schools also have closed each of
these schools until May 19th.
tt X
.11 the Hslknn centers can be reach.
Amnlon has Just reached Po
land with doctors Htm nurs... -Applies,
and f..od for JI d ren
fud invalids. An American Red Cross
tomlH .n has nUo been appointed
(o nltl in relieving the aup-erlng of -,!
prisoners still confined In Otnuao
prison camps. t,n
P "An important salon !
, . .. in p.ilesllne. Througn the
working In njesuar. Hostlttl co-operation bus
anency able to cuuj
isrlor of Turkish dominions.
Red Cross Will COni.nuo.
..Hed Cln- effort
It wln continue to be . t
movement represented by I -nB9
likewise ""jrii noma
Tl'e trained during the war
recruited and t rai n . es-
must not be pearly that
perlcnce In th. vvn r .b ch a
there Is an un . .. - m)rf(,rn!ed
Cf the kind ' bv the Red
with peculiar e i . ,
It 18 yev e-- . ls UI1 Amer-
unow that so long , c M
ican army In the e u
vm have a !' t pupor
"Nothlng could Is or g thftn
tunce to theAnr - lieflTfl
the plans jusi f tne world
great Red Cross aocW ac.
tlvitles In he not alone ef-
Xha conception lnyaU bat
forts ta relieve l' ""tt .novemunt
t0 prevent It ; no ,)atl
by the people o an u le t0
k on attempt to aiow ha
of their vu:i-h.
' ....
"Did you ever see anesviuw.
Ohio?" is one of the famous re
plies of Mrs. Howard Chaodr
Christy to questions regarding U
fllins: of a divorce suit by b6T la
m0us American niuatrator hue
band. She prefers New York. H
likes his country home -near tne
Ohio village. For ten years tbf
HSn of the family have hovsj
near a divorce c6ur end o
,Beem to be up forflnal iM
as. or the second time, he tm
suit They have a daughter, 1
li.stment of the- company to war 1
strength. Shortly after enlisting he
was made sergeant and became first
ant of the company. While In
France he contracted Spanish infTuen
za, but did not go into a hospital, re
maining on duty in spite of illness..
He returned to Camp Lewis on
March l.'th v?ith a detachment of the
Third Oregon men and received an
j honorable discharge.- He lrnmediate
i lw returned to Dallas,brokenin health
rr.d became acutely ill several weeks
I He was the only child of Mr. and
! Mrs. II. L. Fenton and a grandson of
i t- o,,,! Mrs Frank Collins, well
i known pianeers who also live in Dal
; Ips.
-X t X
J Rheubarb
' City Bakery.
Pies. Saturday at the
ttlv- -
The Enterprise is now located two
doors south of its former location.
a oal
welfare of ti c- B botn
out the world. I i f J ln mt W
. nrMCtlCIll. O'"'" .,
ideal uu r ii.l..(r less ti n" Is notWug taj
roen, and Prlcftea.ure which are
take mean, and oea thpm f.
actually inJJ Without delay the
fctlve neb"1 la d'n Tr.carr.nt. In the
crisis which la o"
Uvea of all PP ,ti mls'
qj. ieaef PS??
! i 1
Tiir uruf IfrDOAllIi-v xtFAKAIIIn
IrlL nLII 1 LIHJrtll-i-1-W WW nuraaw..
&riwi SI f XI X ri
I.I "V X- 1 1 il i. w " r IS 1
A lN0MNiTp
If the banks are compelled to carry
the government, they cannot at the
same time carry tneir uui""i.. w.
every billion dollars worth'-of bonds
" . i ll 1. .. 1. n thaiA
left on the hands 01 tne uaus ."'
will be just a billion less ior iuC
vival of industry ana tne euipiuyuieui
of labor.
It is to the personal interest of every
man' and woman in America to sub
scribe to the Victory uioeny 1011 uu.
of his or her savings.
Sorely Wounded Soldier Sees
the Job Ihrough.
Carter Glass, secretary of the
treasury; copied the following note.
among others, from the note dook 01 ,
a Red Cross nurse when he was in j
Frftiic" - !
"One boy I shall klways remember.
His right shoulder' was practically
an hrtt. riv and he had a big
wound in his back and one In his feft
eye. But he sat straight up ana
wouldn't let anybody help aim. m.
didn't say a word w while they puuea
off the tight cllBgmg gauze trom
the red, raw, wet flesh tbat Quiv
ered in spite of him. When the flrst
wound was finished all a said waa:
- 'Do you think I could rest a min
ute. Doc, before you do th. second
"Red, raw, wet flesh" Americaa
Cesh. It was not yellow, 'mm e
tKat when you are asked to buy of tSe
Victory Liberty Loan, ye who think ye
have done enough;
On Sunday May 11th there
regular services at the usual hour
at the Christian church.Bible school
at 10 a. m., preaching services and .
-i -it m nd services
communion i. " . r
again at 8 p. Victor P Morns
minister fo the Mow vju-
church, will speak botn morning and .
evening. Morning subject The
Urgency of the Great Commission, j
Evening theme, "Three Ways to the j
Cross." You are all welcome,
snndav mornine at the -Methodist
Episcopal church at 11 o'clock the
pastor will preach "A Mothers Day
,ermon. To this service let all who
desire to make mother's me a nappi-
ness, come and enjoy the morning
hour. There will be special rnus.i
The evening service at 8 o'clock. .
X t
After sDendinc a day and a half in j
hearing the nasty details of the mar- j
ital troubles between Lewis A. Iripp 4
and Elsie Tripp, Judge Belt refused
to give either party a decree of se-
peration unless a settlement of pro-
peity rights was made. Tripp who
is a prune grower of the northern ena 1
of the county, then agreed to give ms
1 ,ifo S3 KflO. and the ease was ens-
missed,; The court has not yet de-
cided as to which party he will a-
nrarrl t.Vi decree of divorce. Ii
In the Circuit CourfTin Dallas Tues
day evening, Homer Dale was tried
and found guilty of the charge of
contributing to the delinquency of
a minor child. Thursday he was sen
fenced by Judge Belt to the full pen
alty of the law-4one year m the
county jail and a fine of $1,000.
In the ease of the State against
William -Tatom. charged with the
same offense as Dale, with the same
girl, the jury returned a verdict of
not guilty.
- ttt .
Who is Deacon Dubbs ? Come out
and hear him May 23rd.
ttt- -J
Dr. Duganne. Dentist, over Inde-
pendence National Bank. p.
Was It Smith, the banker's war or
Tmu. th tnirtmaii's warT Wa it
Labor's war or was tt Capital's war?
Was It Autocracy's war or was It lib
erty's war? Whose war was ut
mmira It nut. Then sacrifice every'
thing and subscribe to the Victory Lib
erty Loan. For It was The ropiea
t lon't mm tor. It must be paid
toy The Victory Liberty Loan wul
tv for It. The people must ouy
it was their war. The people
are Smith and Jouas, Labor and Capi
it wnsn't the People's war, it
w.ii finvhodv's war. So don't say
"it thA hanks do it." It was not the
bank's war. You might as well say it
was Jones' war let Jones buy the Vto-
tmhi He would have as much
chance to subscribe five or aU billion
a fltntth would.
Th man who save "let the banka.
do It," ls yellow. There are about
1 Ann nnn American- lads over in Europe
ho are sticking it through. They ar.
not saying let somebody else do It
It's the last loan. Play square.
For Sale By
Conkcy &
wmcn? tHsroros wwf
t 4