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The Son of
Copyright 1jr Frank A. Mun.ey Co.
CHAPTER II Continued.
I hen the son of Tarzan skipped
across the room, slipped through the
open window and slid to liberty by way
me spout iroin, an eaves trough.
Mr. Moore Wriccled and strni-fle.1
about the bed. He was sure that hej
cuuuuic uuiess am came
quickly. Ia his frenzy of terror he
uiuuagea to roil off the bed.
The pain and shock of the fall jolted
to sometning like sane con
sideration of his plight. Where before
ne had been unable to think intent.
gently because of the hysterical fear
that had claimed him, he now lay
quietly searching for some means of
fi:ape irora ins dilemma.
The best that he could do was to at
tempt to attract attention from below ;
and so; after many failures, he man
aged to work himself into a position in
which he could tap the top of his boot
against the floor. This he proceeded to
do at short Intervals until, after what
seemed a very long time, he was re
warded by hearing footsteps ascending
the stairs, and presently a knock upon
the door.
Mr. Moore tapped vigorously with
his toe he could not reply in any other
way. The knock was repeated after n
moment's silence. Again Mr. Moore
tapped. Would they never open the
door? Laboriously he rolled in the di
rection of "Succor. If he could get his
back against the door he could then
tap upon its base, when surely he must
be heard.
The knocking was repeated a little
louder, and finally a voice called, "Mr.
Jack !"
It was one of the housemen. Mr.
Moore recognized the fellow's voice.
He came near to bursting a blood ves
sel in an endeavor to scream "Come
in i through the stifling gag. After a
moment the man knocked again, quite
loudly, and called the boy's name. Ke
ceiving no reply, he turned the knob,
and at the same instant a sudden recol
lection filled the tutor anew wi'th ter
rorhe had himself locked the door
behindt him when he had entered the
room !
He heard the servant try the door
several times, and then depart. Upon
which Mr. Moore swooned.
In the meantime Jack was enjoying
to the full the stolen pleasures of the
music hall. He had reached that tem
ple of mirth just as Ajas's act was
commencing, and having purchased a
box seat was now leaning breathlessly
over the rail, watching every move of
the great ape, his eyes wide in wonder.
The trainer was not slow to note the
boy's handsome, eager face, and as one
of Ajas's biggest hits consisted in an
entry to one or more boxes during his
performance, ostensibly in search of a
long lost relative, as the trainer ex-
Synopsis. A scientific expedition off the African const rescues
Alexis Paulvltch. He brings aboard an ape, intelligent and friendly.
Exhibited at a theater in London a few weeks later, the animal nmkcs
a hit. Jack Clayton, son of Lord Greystoke, is forbidden to go uud
see the ape, but thwarts his parents.
nm y-!v.-
The Man 6topped as Though Turned to
Stone. "Akutl" He Cried.
plained, the man realized ithe effective
ness of sending him into the box with
the handsome boy, who doubtless would
be terror stricken by proximity to the
shaggy, powerful beast.
When the time came therefore for tho
ape to return from the wings In reply
to an encore, the trainer directed "its
attention to the boy, who chanced to
be the sole occupant of the box in
which he sat.
With a spring tho hugo anthropoid
leaped from the statre to the hov's hMp
But if the trainer had looked for a
laughable scene of fright he was mis-
taken. A broad smile lighted the boys'
features as he laid bis hand upon the
shaggy arm of his visitor. The ape,
grasping the boy by either shoulder,
poered long and earnestly Into his face,
while the latter stroked his head and
talked to him in a low voice.
Never had Ajax devoted so long a
time to an examination of another as
he did in this Instance. He seemed
troubled and not a little excited, Jab
bering and mumbling to the boy and
now caressing him as the trainer had
never seen him caress a human heiug
before. Presently he clambered over
into the box with him and snuggled
down close to the boy's side.
The audience was delighted, but they
were still more delighted when the
trainer, the period of his act having
elapsed, attempted to persuade Ajax
to leave the box. The ape would not
budge. ,
The manager, becoming excited at
the delay, ureed the trainer to exentor
haste, but when the latter entered the
box to drag away tho reluctant Ajax
he was met by bared fangs and men
acing growls.
The audience was delirious with 1ov.-
They cheered the ape. They cheered
the boy, and they hooted and jeered at
tne trainer and the mnnnuer. which
luckless individual had inadvertently
shown himself and attempted to assist
tiie trainer. -
Finally, reduced to desDeration and
realizing that this show of mutiuy
upon the part of his valuable posses
sion might render the animal worthless
for exhibition purposes in the future if
not immediately subdued, the truiuer
hastened to his dressing room and pro
cured a heavy whip.
With this he now returned to the box.
but when he had threatened Aiax with
it but once he found himself facincr
two Infuriated enemies Instead of one,
for the boy leaped to his feet and, seiz
ing a cnair, stood ready at the ape's
side to defend his new-found friend.
There was no longer a smile upon his
handsome face. In his gray eyes was
an expression which gave the trainer
pause, and beside him stood the giant
anthropoid growling and ready.
What might have happened but for
a timely interruption mav oulv he sur.
mlsed, but that the traiper would have
received a severe mauling if nothing
more was clearly indicated by the attl
tuues or the two who faced him.
It was a pale-faced houseman who
rusnea into the Ureystoke library to
announce that he had found Jack's
door locked and had been able to ob
tain no response to his repeated knock
ing other than a strange tapping and
the sound of what might have been a
body moving upon the floor.
Four steps at a time John Clayton
took the stairs that led to the floor
above. His wife and the servant hur
ried after him.
Once he called his son's name In a
loud voice: but. receivinc no reniv. he
launched his great weight, backed by
all the undiminished power of his
giant muscles, against the heavy door.
With a snapping of iron hinges and a
splintering of wood the obstacle burst
At Its foot lay the body of the un
conscious Mr. Moore, across whom it
fell with a resounding thud. Through
the opening leaped Tarzan, and a mo
ment later the room was flooded with
light from a half-dozen electric bulbs.
It was several minutes before the
tutor was discovered, so completely
had the door covered him, but finally he
was dragged forth, his gag and bonds
cut away and a liberal application of
cold water hastened his recovery.
"Where is Jack?" was John Clay
ton's first question, and then, "Who did
Slowly Mr. Moore staggered to his
feet His gaze wandered about the
room. Gradually he collected his scat
tered wits. The details of his recent
harrowing experience returned to him
"I tender my resignation, sir. to take
enect at once," were his first words.
You do not need a tutor for your son
-what he needs is a wild animal train
"But where is he?" cried Lady Grey
"He has gone to see Aiax."
It was with difficulty that Tarzan re
strained a smile, and after satisfying
nimself that the tutor was more scared
than Injured, he ordered his closed car
arouna ana departed In the direction
or a certain well-known music hall.
marked every sensation in the gamut
from pleasure to terror.
"Long have I looked for you, Tar
Kin," said Akut. "Now that I have
found you I shall come to your Jungle
and live there always."
The man stroked the boast's head.
Through his mind was running rapidly
a train or recollections that carried him
far into the depths of the primeval Af
rican forest, where this huge, manlike
beast had fought shoulder to shoulder
v,un nan in years before. He saw the
black Mugambl wielding the deadly
knob stick and beside thorn, with bared
fangs and bristling whiskers, Sheotu
the Terrible and, pressing close behind,
savage as tho savage panther, the hid
eous apes of Akut.
The man sighed. Strong within him
surged the jungle lust that he had
thought dead. Ah, If he could go back
even for a brief month of it: to feel
again the brush of leafy branches
against his naked hide; to smell the
musty rot of dead vegetation frank
incense and myrrh to the Jungle-born
to sense the noiseless coming of the
great carnivore upon his trail ; to hunt
and to be hunted ; to kill !
The picture was alluring. And then
came another picture a sweet-faced
woman, still young and beautiful ;
friends: a home; a sou. lie shrugged
his giant shoulders.
"It cnnnot be, Akut," he sold. "But
if you would return I shall see that it
is done, lou could not be happy here;
I may not be happy there."
Many Injuries Made by Mire and Rab
bits May De Rep.iircd-"Sun
Scald" Can Be Remedied.
(!,;:t whiter K i.'' I"' it N I
Mldi t. lln-"H;:Ii ' "inn' "i.diMid
hii,I Ihi.l hew lull' !i I'll-'
been il.'iu' I'.v 1 1 1 ri.MilH I'X '!''
,!liiic i.rbyl-arMi.uim I -Mimlm: ' -i'
I rmtl.hi ' in t In' I'lVllM fiR
I M .I'll! ' '
There n iv many d' i I t - Inlu-h's Unit
may be ivp:iiiv.l by lln r''"l" '' "(
Ilni hriil-.:e print, eirii thn'inli !!' In
juries may iiun'iinl la n 'eiiiili-te Kir
tiling. Such Injuries us th.'-e caused by
pear liliulit may bundled Miere-a.
fully by the Iim' et' lids -hum ineibe.l.
A "Close-Up" .
Swift & Company'sJ'rolit of 2.04 ij
a mm ? I
cents on each dollar of sales I
L ;v 'i
- pf
"C," Scion; ''W," Insertion Under
Bark, and Five Scions in Place for
lids n
till'. I"' ll'l iell
ie 1'niainea in
n!s, "sail sei.M,"
this mio
Then Briefly Tarzan of the Apes Told
His Son of His Early Life.
Exit Paulvltch.
As the trainer, with raised lash, hes
itated an Instant at the entrance to
the box where the boy and the ape
conrrontea him. a tall, broad-shnnl-
dered man pushed past him and en
tered, as his eyes fell upon the new
comer a slight flush mounted the boy's
"Father I" he exclaimed.
The ape gave one look at the Eng
lish lord and then leaped toward him,
calling out In excited jabbering. The
man, his eyes going wide with aston
ishment, stopped as though turned to
"Akutl" he cried. "
The boy looked, bewildered, from the
ape to his father, and from his father
to the ape. The trainer's 1nvv dmi-mori
as he listened to what followed, for
from the lips of the Englishman flowed
the gutturals of an ape that were an
swered In kind by the huge anthropoid
that now clung to him.
And from the wings a hideously bent
and disfigured old man watched the
tableau In the box, his pockmarked
features working spasmodically In
varying expressions that might have
The trainer stormed forward.
ape oared ins fangs, growling.
"Go with him,-Akut," said Tarzan
of the Apes. "I will come and see you
The beast moved sullenly to the
trainer's side. The latter, at John
Clayton's request, told where they
might be found. Tarzan turned toward
nis son.
"Come !" he said, and the two left the
theater. Neither spoke for several min
utes after they had entered the limou
sine. It was the boy who broke the
"The ape knew you," he said, "and
you spoke together in the ape's tongue.
How did the ape know you, and how
did you learn his language?"
And then, briefly and for
time, Tarzan of the Apes told his son
or ms early life of his birth in tho
jungle, of the death of his parents and
or now Jtala, the great she ape, had
suckled and raised him from infnncv
uiinosc io mannooa.
He told him, too, of the dangers and
the horrors of the jungle of the great
beasts that stalked one by day and by
night; of the periods of drought and of
the cataclysmic rains; of hunger, of
cold, of Intense heat, of nakedness and
fear and suffering.
He told him of all those things that
seem most horrible to the creature of
civilization in the hope that the knowl-
eage or tnem might expunge from the
lad's mind any Inherent desire fnr tho
jungle. Yet they were the very thlnes
uiui maae tne memory of the inn-ia
what it was to Tarzan that
tne composite jungle life he loved.
And In the telllns he fnrcmt nna
thing the nrinclDal thine thn t
boy at his side, listening so eagerly,
wua me son 01 xarzan of the Apes.
After the boy had been
to bed John Clayton told his wife of
the events of the evenine and that h
naa at last acquainted the boy with
the facts of his iunele llf t,
mother, who had long foreseen thnt
ner son must some time know of those
ingntrui years during which his fnthoi.
had roamed the jungle, a naked, sav
age beast of prey, shook her head, hop
ing against hoDe that tho inrn
knew was still strong In the father's
Dreast naa not Deen transmitted to his
shiiiiid fin
a l.h hl. ,r
Make The
nt unuiv thi'
mid eiir the
than tin' s,
Tarzan makes an Important
explanation to Jack, but the talk
does not have tho effect hoped
for by tho father.
Hardening Wood.
Wood acquires a remarkable hard
ness and toughness when It Is placed
in tanks and covered with quicklime,
which Is gradually slaked with water.
(If I'l'tll
in time if L'niiij
juries in ucMern I'lvlianN.
limy also lie remedied by
Where an ulfi mpl Is t
save it tree, or trees, tlie wiii-Ii MhmiM
be done before trrnili si;:iK After
the growth lias l.ei'iin It U ft
do the work if you run et deniumt
scions for Use in HUikill- tin' .riVes
of new tissue over the Injured nr. ,,.
The first step is tn cut iiwhj- nil the
Injured tree material mid uial.e the
WOUtlil tl elenn as piissihle. It is M
great deal like surgery on ntiimal tis
sue In this respect. If y.-u inv e!,-an
and careful ymi c,-m look fur t..... re
sults even tlioiiu'li Veil m.'v imt be u
brilliant operator a ipii, J; ,,,,,
The wound Mint Is lien!
Sterilized by uslne; S,,,
like li copper sulphate o
me oi mercury solution.
edges of the wound ns oven ns you
can, cutting luok fur laom-h lul,, "ti,..
I 'thy tree tissue to he sure tint yo.i
llfive a sound "second buck" or cam
Mum to Wlliell make the ":if!,
I-'or the grafts tnkc - 1 s.omd
branches or frt vne,l tha'
Kivw hist seas iii. W'aier sjiroiiis thct
are only a year ..Id uill sine Vorv
well, Have ymi- scions vii.L- hioi.t.-
ilislance uei'oss the wnun I
gi'aft just a little lei,-, ,
u'o across which It Is to
reach. This is to have it ,ii; ,
to bend or- lm sli-ldly heliov,. H e
two 'ends.
The etuis of the friafl lire Leveled
slightly on the in,,,-!- shies, Sll ,, v
Will lie flat to the surfa.i'. M:,;(. M..
beveling cuts Lma- ,m, sloping So
these ends frre flat and sharp mid'will
wedge under the )arl- without raisin
It very much.
It is easier to phic,. ends of the
scions if the bark at the ,;ir,in
where they nrc lo be hisei-i,.,! II- ...i,f
just a little. The timer hark f"n,
scions should he so exposed that It
will come in direct touch with tho
Inner bark of the tree, jf n,,, ,,,,.
layers of !,r!c of l,ih Uie ends and
of the tree d not com,, tngrdher
there will be no growth or union ,.,)'
the graft will fail.
The ends of the scion cut, 1. hound
tightly to the tree, bt n si, ,,,,,,,, ,im
Is to drive a small nail through n.e
ends of tho scum and hold the,,, p, 1)l(
tree trunk. This will i '
. . o ioeo
them In their exact place and at the
same time insure a betier union be
tween the graft and the old hark
After tho nails have l,ee (irv,.n' ,5).
grauing wa.v. If yo ,,,lvf, no
wax but have waxed doth this will
do about ns well. Tim area occupied
by the wound and by the grafts should
be covered thoroughly or(,r t
keep them from
it Is desired the whole wound mnv ho
covered with a layer ,,f lni,,t(!( ;
This may be made to env,,- t, ......... '
for, with '-"auiin,
uiui ft.jem results.
f J l2My - a ' 0 J
j IS -v j
S: 12.90 z !
j i
i r Mm 85
III V ToStockRaker
liM&m p.
' v f 'i V 'A ,
The diagram at thr top shows the distribution
of the average Swift dollar received from sa'ej
of beef, pin k and mutton, and thjjir by-products,
dunii'; 1918. The magnifying glass brings
out thr distribution of the 2.04 cents profit
per dollar of sales:
.94 of one per cent goes to pay interest
on borrowed money, taxes, etc,
.50 of one per cent goes to py divi
dends to fth;irchoIdcr.
.6t of ot.e per cent remains in th
business to help in improving and
. Tm.manK ihe buniness.
Total 2.04 percent
lit Yrr Uook of Inif r.'tmK' and
iie.Hei -livr fucta neni on iwiueU
Addirs Swift & CetlipjiiT
""' M'-ck V.iili, ChicnKO, Illlnoii
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
i i
jj "'Jifim'rfi--
Work Is DirectKM I a.i.. ..
Scale Insects-Prime Essential
is Thoroughness
The snraviriff nf tv..,,0 ,i., .
and eprlnff, or whc. t. y ' V; P;
mant condition, ,s direct C X
against ficale Inlets, espeeially " , o
San Jose scale. There nre two rtrln
elpal arlvantatrcs nf , prln-
time Th ,.i "'ijiiik at this
time. The absence of folill
more thorouch nnnltent,, J'
sprays may bn .i "? "m Ule
than during the e r win tr0nf?PP
t j. " ,nff season Tun
tact sprays, anoh n iL. .' Un-
and w,. , p waMies,
sions, are emnlovf,t -r . l "r cm'"-
sontial Is thoroughness , J, 1 , 6
plications, so as to cover "R np"
of the tree, becauV , '
those Insects actually hS with
spray are killed. th tho
this mm .
By taking LydiaE.Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound, One
ot laousands of Such Cases.
BlncV Povcr Fall.,, Wis.-'-AqLv-lia
''W-un'8 VcK-table ComSnd
waved mo from un
op"ntion, I cannot
Hiiyenou'fh in praiae
of it. iHulI'eri'dfrom
organic troubles arid
rny Bide hurt me bo
leould hardly b3 up
from my bed, and I
was unable to do my
housework. 1 hail
the bent doctors in
ru Claire and they
wanted me to have
fin operation, but
r, V' ?, (j0mI)"un(J cured me ho 1 rli,l
lanznB, ul,rtliiTr,ii, v5 -
ill i'rsft-ai rill! I :
I L ml
Roller Bearing!.
K'x perl men ts to perfect a bearlni
that would withstand the heavy itmlm
of ft heavy cone mill led to the di
covery of tho principle, and Jo U
development of tho Hyatt roller bear
In, by John 'Wesley Hyatt, the In-
celluloid U
blH search for nubstltuto material lot
Ivory UHod la billiard bulls. Hl m'
leu in fleitlhllltv nlnnir tho billiard W
lino preceded and led up to his in
Hon of tho first flexible roller bearing.
Sure! High Heels
Cause Corns But
Who Cares Now
ii-ro,!..-:: - ' "aK' nu, nervOUSneMq
and for sneri'ii o,i,,i 11 8 trial.
TfUe Ver8i0" of Cinderella.
Cinderella npVor hni, ,
This is sad but true. Tt, T H1,,-
of Cinder Gin """ory
mutr otrl camo from tho
"rench and the atithn, J. th0
gently historv 1 J!"0;. a"d
Vnii wl.. .1 nrnmftll
are neterni nitii mma and who havi
at least once a week Invited an w
death from, lockjaw or blood polwj
are now told by a Clncinimtl authority
to use a drue called freezone, vm
the moment a few dropa are applJ
to any corn or, callous tho soreness'
relieved and soon the entire corn
callous, root and all, lifts off with tm
flnKors. '
Freezone dries the moment H W
Piled, and simply shrivels the corn "'
n . ... . i oven ir
rltatliiK the surrounding tissue or bw
A small bnttln nf freezono Will cu.
very little at any of the drug tP
but will positively rid one's feei
every hard or soft com or harden""
callous. If your druggist hasn t w
freestone ho can get it at any wnw
sale drug house for you. Adv.
iroferfed hy
men, nrrnnao itv
proimt wlnr othr
x vauolnei fall.
write (nrhooktM and testlmonlnla.
iu-uoh HiicKigg puis,
"j-B pug. Biaomti run, " .rtronIi
wwanr injector, nut Lurtar'a mmi" t nv, 19
1'h ...nui i... n r....... la due to u'.,.
UMinv ,. riiv'fl alrnniesi u'
1 he mperlorltr ol Cutter proilHrC" ! aKmlMI
yenra ol apeclalUIng In vaccinb AN"
ONLY. INSIST ON CimtUt'fc " ow"
S a e,aS8 sirppeV. nU6relIa as