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ricd Fruits Instead of Candy
By tKo United Slte Department of Aericullure
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:;"r 1777: -cirifci
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in nrtnomrt eonildered a very neeMry plc
c"- u;: ;.if.iln aent eountlw, where they
. jrnlture by mi women m nn-- . ." . i u.. aa
h. m.nv usee. In one eeetlon dainty boxe. of home-drled
. '----"-- . . ru,,..m, olfu .d to tend to the boya in
'..r.te.Tof cP.ndT tHa chMdren of th.." .ection u.e th. dried frulU.
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Viey Me-.. -
"worlds largest
1 Wmoua Sum Raliecl m United
War Wotk Campaign
Plan on Foot to Reclaim
Dismal Swamo. Picturesque
Haunt of the Naturalists
Mixture of Chercoal, Salt, Aehea, 8uL
phqr and Copperae Will Tend to
Prevent Worme.
i Dpa.rt
t wi
(Conducted by "National Council of the
Voy Bcoute of America.)
n5tnl nut.scriptlons to the United
' Work cnnitmlKO. wtro f2o:t.l79,
6 or $:t2,Tfl.(KW In excess (if tho
rtmt OJ-lKlnally naked by tlie Bven
n-liff oruiinl.iillinia. fr 'telr
'k diirtuR (leniol.lllziitlon of tho nr-
find navy, nPconlliiK t n oillclul
;iouw'n-nt by tho national cam
'gn cohunlttco. This la thn largest
over rnlswl n.i nn outright gift m
h history f Hie world. -OHr!f
u Ktntes jlt(l;ed 15 per cent
s! t'xepsn of their, quotas, Arizona
Luntr ti list with 218 per cent.
i feuture of the eamimlKn wns the
Jinner. In which men of the nrmy nnd
Vy ihemsolveu, und tho Inhahltnnts
(foreign couutrlea contributed to the
nd. Tl urmy nnd navy Kve fClS,
6. China gave . f1,noq.OOO; Uuiwla.
1,000; Culm, $275,000; Japan, $.A
to; Mexico, $114.i00, and i'orto KleO,
C000. .. .
odium Fluorid Found to Be
Most Effective Substance to
Dlnninl awamp. which Ilea Juat south
of Norfolk, Va., partly in tnni Biaw
and partly In North Carolina, is one oi
tho mom plctureHquo wildernesses In
the eastern United States. Although
It uuiy he reached from the busy port
of Norfolk within a few hours by a
boat which plies dally up and down a
small canal, the Dltsmul swamp re
mains nn unspoiled wilderness where
i.iHir henrs and panthers still roam,
w hile the smaller creatures of the wild
exlut In -abundance. . .
Tho thick jungles and bottomless
bogs at once offer perfect hiding
places for the wild thing " and ob
stacles' to. the hunter which are often
impassable. Then, too, the swamp la
alive with snukes the. deadly copper
heud and moccasin being especially
abundant and this fact alone detracts
considerably front the popularity 01
tho place as a pleusure resort. -
Jt Is nevertheless regularly visited
by aome hardy hunters, and Is the do
light of naturalists and scientists of all
kinds, who here find what they most
love unspoiled primitive nature.
Thn ntsmnl swamp has gmit possi
bilities of future usefulness. In the
ri,w.o It enntnlns some of the
(Prepared by the ITnltod Slate.
Tf him hfu-n asserted by various ex
perienced feeders of hoes that a mix
ture of charcoal, awhes, lime, salt, sul
nhur and copperas kpt wher tho hogs
can eat It will tena to prevcm wi.j
Infestation. There is no positive ex
perimental evidence, however, In sup
port of the idea that such a mixture
will prevent worm inresiauun,
Is of valuo therefore as a source of
mineral nintter In the filet, and per
haps as an appetizer and tonic, rather
than as a worm preventive. A bal
anced ration may furulsh all the nec
essary feed nutrients, yet the system
of the hog crave mineral matter. The
minprnl matter is not under control.
nnd In order to make sure that the
hora have an abundnnt supply, tree ao
cesa should be given to a mineral mix
ture. The following Is a formula for
such o mixture:
Charcoal Mixture
Charcoal J S."!
oi g pounds
Alr-lftVd time 4 pounds
pulverlxed copperas pounas
Mir the lime. salt, and sulphur thor
i.iv nn,1 then mix with the, char-
mni nml ashes. Dissolve the copper
fl in one ouart of hot water and
sprinkle the solution over the whole
mnas, mixing It thoroughly. Keep some
nf thi mixture In a box before the
hogs at all times, or place In a self-
Columbus was a aea scoufe. Without
having taken the acout oath, he never
theless observed all the twelve points
of the scout law.
He was trustworthy, yueen isuoei
la started him for America and he ar
rived. '
n was loval. He offerert ins serv
ices first to his own country. When
.fnP,i hn enve himself ana ms uijj
i,i tn Krmln and was true to her.
umfnl. he did one or tne greuiesi
good turns in history by opening the
eyes of Queen Isabella to possibilities
. i,i,.h never dreamed of.
. i ' 1 v. . ' ' - " ' m
Friendly, he treated the pcopie oj.
the new world generously.
Courteous, ho impressed tnera wuu
Ma rnnrtlv manners.
vi a 1,0 Phwkpd the maer "a-
.... ,,14.
pulses of his rough sailors and insist
t,A nnnn fnlr Tjlav for alL
r . - .
1T was obedient, xne orueru ui w
Spanish sovereigns were obeyed.
Only cheerfulness of the highest or
der could have held his men through
their days of superstitious areaa uu
nights of terror.
Thrift prompted mm 10 nuggem
the discovery of the new world would
mean untold wealth to Spam.
without bravery he could never nave
faced a journey which, In the thinking
of Ids time, led straight into the yawn-
ing Jaws of frightful monsters.
He must have been clean. An abused
body and mind would never have sur
vived a week of his terrific strain.
itowronh he thought out and car-
tied out his voyage of discovery for
iha express nurnose of carrying- the
Christian religion to souls who knew
It not. ' - ' ; ' "
"Bringing Back" Victims of Shell Shock
Strenuous Training Adopted at Fort Sheridan Hof pita! to Return
Sanity of Men Afflicted on Battlefields
practice is being tried out tne rc. hcnd of
nlu under the airecuon 01 iieui. -
18 unuer ub ""' " ,,.....,,,, 1- .thltl. director of the
hospital. Ma). u ; ehnrce of the exer-
Ital nnd CTiarlle vvnite, iigiuweism. b"--. -- -- - .
. . .- fha ward.
rTnnr. h. A. waiters is m ;ii: - ... .
France, ah oi m "-
Tlie theory
. . m it. l.lf.nif
The medical department of the army is enter n8 lino one
reconstruction proWems that rr.t.
reclaiming "shell shockers ' ny means 1"''""' " hna.
M utu
,1 i.. An u tmvo t-en received from
w.l""17""- ,-tt. rit of shock.
TTirJV levelopment first and mental
. , ?, Thl. Z strenuous. After that comes light work In basket ba I.
iirt!! the amount of work is Increased until finally
man wm Ce ! getting the same amount of work as a. boxer In training for
W income cases recovery Is effected in as short a time as ten days. Thl3
has been tile 75 inTnumber of cases at the new base.; The men are then
-8entOfTe S iTLVStf a smali percentage are violent But
even hS wo out under guard. Some will only wo .to music. Some
Prefer ragtime, while others show a 1UI or the cbtssl-
Meanwhile worn is gmu8 - mu -, Mt1r
.. ru"rjr"Zi. m I tinned to care for 1.500 men. The final capacity
tne nospuai, uu.. ... - . ,,,,a
, , r, vio Tin id nes temmmri
tn iv . -
over the historic parade grounds.
vooden structures are . being built all
1 Keep accurate records. Little
progress can be made without this first
step. The average monthly and yearly
egg production, cost of feed and in
come from the flock should be known.
2 Feed a properly balanced ration.
Such a ration furnishes nutrients for
growth, maintenance, fattening and
eggs. The production of eggs must be
a constant aim. .
3. Give Droper care and comfort by
good housing and management. Dis
comforts are: Extremes of heat and
Federal Quarantine Against Cattle
Fever Ticke Lifted In Ten ;
Southern Statee.
(rropar'd by tho United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
At least 100 counties and probably
a number of purts of counties have
Just been released from federal quar
htin nirnlnst the cattle fever tick,
according to officials of the bureau of
anlmul Industry, who have received re-
from ten Southern states in
Kill the BotherSOme RoacheS 'deepest, and richest deposits of peat
.in the United States, nnd this fuel Is
CJovffrnnient entomologists, by study undoubtedly to bo used in this coun
f tiiP bnl. Its of macho, have found try ,n tl0 nPlir future. Furthermore,
mt these Insects fiwptently demise t,nglnw.r9 Bny that tho swamp can be
,'elrlk-s nnd antennae when any dirt tlrnlnP(, and that It will then become
r" powder comes In contnet with tbeso onc of tho bits of furm lnnd In
nn.nlii ue. These are at once dmwn. Anl(1.1( Indeed, ene man hns al-
lirougli the mouth parts of the Insects rpady (,emonf,trnt.ed this by draining
nd III this way cleaned. As n result,
certain amount of nny powdered
ubstancc applied directly to a roach
through which It may crawl Is taken
nto the mouth nnd presently, wheth
er disliiRteful or not, finds Its way
nto the stomach. Thereforo it Is not
iceessary to mix a Btomnch poison in
mwdered form with an nttractlve bait,
ilnce' the chances are much greater
i,t i,n nniKfin will reach tho stomach
hrough Its habit of cleansing Itself
ihnn: through the eating of poison
to It. A .
Sodium fluorid, according to the
United States department of ngrlcul
ure, was found to be tho most rnpid
dllop of roaches of all the substances
tested. ryrothrum powder, pure,
killed pructlcally all roaches within
18 hours, but Its effectiveness was
?refttly reduced when slightly diluted.
Borax was found to be very slow and
was? only partially effective In kitch
en testa. Thirty-eight miscellaneous
materials were found to be Ineffective.
More Than 8,000,000 Red
1 Cross Workers During War
American itetl Cross workers dur
ing the war knitted 14,089,000 gar
ments for the army and navy, accord
ing1 to a report made public by the
headquarters of the organization. In
addition the workers turned out 25,
30.'1,000 surgical dressings; 22,255,
000 hospital garments, 1,444,000 refu
gee garments. The work was done un
def the direction of 3,870 chapters of
the Red Cross with more thnn 81,000
branches and auxiliaries, embracing
more thtfti 8,000,000 workers., j '
a few hundred acres of the swamp and
raising phenomenal crops on it.
Peat Is Used in Place of
Cotton Surgical Dressing
Teat Is so nntlseptlc and absorbent
that it Is used as a dressing for
wounds, and Is an excellent substitute
for medicated cotton. This fact was
recognized many yenrs ago in Europe,
where sphagnum pent 1s now exten used in preparing surgical
dressings. According to a scientist
who hns mndo a detailed study of peat
deposits in, the northern United States,
there are many squnre miles of sphag
num bog In the northern counties of
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Miciuguu
thnt would supply material suitable
for antiseptic applications. It will not
be necessary to incur the expense of
deep excavation, for immense quanti
ties of sphagnum can be taken from
the upper parts of the deposits; Sphag
also nbundnnt In Maine,
and some is found in New York and
More Storms in Midwinter. .
According to the records "of the
weather bureau storms are not especi
ally prevalent at the time of either
the vernal or the autumnal equinox.
The greatest number of storms occur
in midwinter and tho fewest in mjd
summer and the number at the time
of the equinoxes is about midway be
tween these extremes.
Cleanest Town in me World.
nr 1 I
fir T . ; tjv
V " ' .Vv
Electrically operated, a com
bined brush and vacuum ma
chine has been " Invented for
cleaning blnckbonrd erasers.
Tubes mnde of glass have been
invented In Europe for handling
petroleum, gasoline and some
gases in place of rubber tubing.-
The heating value of one cord
of seasoned hickory, oak, beech,
birch, hard maple, ash, elm, lo
cust or cherry wood about equals
that of one ton of coal. -
It Is stated that tne ciuuhcoi tw
in the world Is Brock, In Holland. It
has been famous for Its cleanliness
from time immemorial. The. yards and
streets nre paved with polished stone
Intermingled with . bricks of various
colors. - '. ; ,
. Alaskan Red Cross.
In the iihsr membership campaign
' hv the Red Cross, . Alaska
Cattle Being Put Through a Dipping
Vat to Rid Them of Cattle Fever
Tick. . . . f
which the work is being carried for
ward.. Eighty-three counties, and 35
parts of counties were released In De
cember. 1017, constituting a record up
to" that time. The unprecedented
amount of territory released this year
includes areas In nine states.
Save for Breeders Ewes That Come
From Sheep That Often nave naa
Twins Same With Ram.
' nn von wish to increase the number
of twins from your flock of breeding
ewes? Save for breeders the ewes
thnt come from sheep that have often
had twins and select a ram that came
from a ewe that had twins. Such
selection will materially increase the
chances for twins,
Feed During Period of Pregnancy of
' Greatest Importance Supply
Mineral Matter.
The feed of the brood sow during
thr nprind of nreunancy is of great im
portance, as she Is not only maintain
ing her body ana, in tne case ui
The replanting of black walnut
trees, which are threatened with ex
termination as" a result of,their use
for war purposes, Is being urged.
Ar,iin to the United States for
est service the shortage of black wal
nut trees is not due alone to the de
mands of our own army. The Ger
mans themselves stripped the Ameri
can black walnut belt 20 years ago,
,un ewninnrl after shipload of wal
nut lumber, which had been collected
by German agents, was transported to
Germany for military purposes. Their
forehandedness In acquiring lurs
stocks of blacK wainut
..... . i. .. . tlinv ncorl
Way undoubtedly meuui umi
American black walnut against Amer
ican troops. .
President Wilson called upon uie
. --i. i,1.,Miiol
boy scouts to sees out i"
trees for use In tne manuiucime k
airplane propellers and gun stocks.
The forest service, In giving the total
figures as submitted to tne oroanuw
department, says that the scouts have
reported over 19,000,000 board feet, or
almost 5,000 carloads of black walnut.
'"So long as the foreign-born person
feels that we do not respect him, he
does not want to Join America. learn
inntrttci, nnd become a citizen," says
r, i,.,.in,,,,."P- P. ninxton of the-
IjUUiimaaiuin. . - -
rrnttnri stntes bureau of education.
Thn hnreau believes that the boy
scouts, who have pledged themselves
to be helpful, friendly, courteous and
kind, will be glad to adopt mis --uu.
"My purpose shall be to aiscourugo
in tintive-born the love for titles,
to help every immigrant to forget his
hyphen and be proud oi we uum,
American, and to stamp out the use
such nicknames as woras oi uc-
rlslon of the foreign born.
. "We pledge our service never to use,
and to discourage everywhere, the use
of such words as Dago, Dutchy, Frog-
ninnv firenser. Helny, iiorwui,
Early Hatched Barred Plymouth Rocfc
Pftiii. hnneer and thirst, foul air and
dampness, and diseases and parasites.
4 Keen standard-bred, utility stock,
Tho' nr, five eood; breeds' for the
farm : Plymouth KocK,- unoae ismuu
Tfrt T.Pfrhorn. Wyandotte and Orping
ton." Tareties of these nave oeeu uii
production. There are
other good breeds for those who pre
fer them. ,, : '' '
5. Breed from the best, botn maie
and female. .There are many signs
vigor and high production. . .
6. Sell unprofitable stock. ,
7. - Market graded products. Maxi
mum returns are secured from graded
products. Markets demand a constant
supply, and this calls for community
These seven steps will lead to suc
cess. -; -
History of America's Part
in War Kept in Diary Form
Conservation of Fuel May
Be Made By Using Furnace -Fire
to Cook Some Dishes
An easy way to conserve fuel ; in
cooking Is by utilizing the furnace
fire. Dishes that can be cooked In a
casserole are becoming more and more
popular and the furnace offers an
economical way of preparing them.
Every furnace has, Just within the
coaling door, a wide ledge capable of
holding a good-sized vessel. This
ledge Is an excellent place for cook
ing dishes which require slow baking
or a sort of stewing. Beans as pre
nnrpd in New England are deliciously
cooked on this ledge. For them an
earthen pot is even better than a cas
serole. . It should be large -enougo iu
contain an extra amount of waterfor
the evaporation Is more rapia m
highly-heated a place than la a stove
or range oven. - ,
A bean-pot, an eartnenware vese
with a handle making it look almost
like a mug, is the best kind of uten
sil as It has something Dy wmcn it
can be moved. . '
The shape and size of the hean-pot
leaves space on the ledge for some
other vessel. Puddings ana escuuuy
dishes can be. well-cooked and soup
can be made to simmer u tne nre
at a low temperature." Casserole cook
ery also adapts Itself to furnace prep
aration especially in the unglazed for
eign casseroles. The glazed articles
may crack in time under such heat as
glows In a furnace. ,
obtained as "members 94 per cent of mature sows, , making a growth, hiir
.v i.,tn this being fully . sha needs large amount of protein
tJw the pe.cei.nwe secured by any , and mineral matter from which to de-
other territory or state. velop a large and vigorous utter.
. -. .1 C?lt nAOtf
Hunky, Kike, jmick, t-auuy,
Spaghetti, Wop, as applied to any foreign-born
resident in the United States
of America."
Lieut. Henri Farre, France's famous
ortist-nvisior. has endearea nimseu.
to all scouts by his friendliness when
ever he meets any of them. He is in
ki. Mimtrv nn n mission ior uio
FVAnch eovernment.
At' Atlantic City he presented a war
service emblem awarded by tne treas
,tr iWnrtment to Kodney Fltzsim-
o flat-rinss scout in Troop No,
UiUUD) " . , .
15, who sold 43 Donas wuu u wuu v.
eon nnn . ' " ' ., v S "
' ' I..J 'iA fl
Lieutenant Farre promiseq jv
ofiMit nusniees irom Aimum.
UiAUCl ........... .
City to Philadelphia.
Th a blstorv of the operations of the
American army in France will be writ
ten with a detail never possiDie in any
previous war. Provision for obtaining
the most intimate mionimuvn ...
n,.ttf,n nf each unit of the army was
made by the war department in order
ing "war diaries" to te Kept Dy uns
tinted officers of each unit. The in
formation thus obtained, General
March, chief of staff, said wouiu iui
nlsh a day-to-day and hour-by-hour his
tory of the war so far as tne Amen
expeditionary forces are concerned.
"The historic public narrative, , Gen
eral March said, "will te so cumyrew
thnt It will be Impossible for anybody
to add to it. It will do a uuy-uj.-,
and hour-by-hour record or an
until demobilization. v ;
Metals in small Coins.
The Boy Scouts of America have
fniron over the rights to control the
copyright privileges of the Wolf Cub
literature in this country, and with the
rmnrnvnl of Sir Robert Baden-Powell,
a small edition of this . handbook has
TtpintBd in order that the scheme
might be carefully studied in accord
ance with Sir Robert Baden-Powell's
1'ornmmpn rlntion.- ' ;'
The Wolf Cub program is for devel
oping the organization of boys between
I the ages of nine and twelve.
1,506,000 Habitual Users of
Narcotics iri Country Despite
.Harrison Antinarcotic Law
No report of recent, years will sur
prise the casual reader so much as
that made to tne unuea jauues
gress by a special committee investi
gating the use of narcotics, observes
a writer in the Houston Post.
According' to that report there are .
no fewer than 1,500,000 habitual users
of narcotics In this country and this
in spite of the Harrison ahtinarcotic
law in force for several years-"
The investigators say that 1,000.000
people are known as users -of drugs
and that, 500,000 are secretly addicted .
to the habit.
They say that within the former
. ino tn thlrtv-one
arait ages uj. icuy-vu w
are found 200,000 known users of the
drug in the state of New York among
the men alone. : ,.
They say that thousands formed the
habit after they were drafted In or
der to insure their rejection from"
the army.
They say that in spite of all pres- .
ent laws the use of morphine, co
caine, heroin and similar medicines
and drugs is increasing more rapid
ly than .ever before In the history of
this country.
They say that it is necessary imme
diately to pass more stringent laws
for the protection of people from the
"dope" vender. ,
Flying Tanks Prove Strong
Factor in Ending World War
The nickel 5-cent piece is made of
nn n (IV or Zi Dei wui ""
per cent copper. in a x-ce.n.
there is 05 per cent copper. uU
cent tin and zinc.
1 iW
People seldom appreciate any-
j 11111 1-J v
A cheek of, brass enables
S 'many a man to acquire gold.
It's useless to be h a hurry
35 unless you can mate it coui-
- glous. - ,
" it isn't always the best cook
who prepares .. the fanciest
dishes. ; ' V . ; " "i' -- '. ,
Money makes the mare go and
the automobile makes the money
. Manv a man would never be
heard of were It not f orhls obit
uary notice. '
Tire flying tank wag a strong fac
tor in ending the war. An armor
plated scout machine, Invulnerable
against ordinary ' ground fire, speedy
and with remarkable climbing power,
it was used almost exclusively for
ground-strafing the most demoraliz
ing of any form of warfare. The
flincf tnnk" eot far behind the Ger
man lines to where great bodies of the
retreating German forces were waning.
or luunuB.- '" - , ...
they-demoralized the enemy ana wuu
the minimum of danger to uie iucio.
Where Cotton Grows Best.
' Cotton grows best in low coastal land
in tropical latitudes. It Is a native of
Asia, likes light soil In warm, frost
less climates, and requires plenty of
moisture and salt.
Potatoes in High Altitude.
Throughout the Andean plateau po
tatoes are cultivated at altitudes where
even the hardest grains and vegetables
will not grow. , ,
I Which disturbs us. '