Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 26, 1918, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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tCHOOLt AND COLLEOIS rg:.i .ft-tiAa I
i Stream Separator
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Will tmirh you th trade In I week
Pay you whlln limmlng, t you a Dual
lion. 234 ilurnalde Ht ' 1 y P 1
!, ?; I I Sim R.preaan Uilve
jour Seat Cushions.
Fiu under the rear aeat.
Pnte for circular.
rite for Special Offer
v .
J Uel. Electric Light and
Fowr rum ,
,1, lurwt and most ecc
m of Hslit and power.
APPLIANCE CO., Seattle, Wn.
mi) torinrr. PleM writ u.
1 r " 1 '''"Kriiph Hi-luml, Panama lild.,
ahort tlma. Writ for catalogue.
MIHH , prcCKRH'B 'r'r1vatriurTnaaCor.
!r.8-....,A1 JLl"'lr' M & Morrison Bt.
Hawthorns Auto & claa'rialne School
4M Hawthorne Ave. I'ntetlettT experience
In nvArhHiilliii. itijl I .... . i--
... v ........... ..R t.ii.niiniH nvoi mttKG
of auto ami . kmh enttlnn. Oxyacetylene
welding. KMialilliihnd 1U07.
Northwest Hchool Furniture Co., 244 Urd
Bt. ICverytlilng for Nnhnoln. Also theatre
chalrfl. church furniture. Folding chain
una neais.
lr. It. A. I'lillllp, 0B Hroadway Kids.
fM .......... ... .. Ii... ... ...... II... i.ij .7.
f 'lmji ii in m m ill" ntiiiimiTii, liver, niuneyM,
liownlH, goitre, high blood prHiiure and
fnmula disorder.
Dm. Marl'hrraon Wlllliima. No. 122A
Cniixl Ave. Anile and chronic dlHeniteR,
rheumatism, goiter and female trouhlea,
umii'ii uy run unnjr.
Ii'ikI Uliln Ki.iilliirliirn Kr.U 1 III itfl horn
Ave. Miiilornly -i " i I ' ProfeaHlonal
rare. Medli'itti'd HhIIih und Maamige. Diet,
IHfllli Ml mill Jltmrilliy liinrn, iiuiue Bur
Ii. i it It'li.t.lii.i' A19 Mrifirnn lltili.
Coma, iliinlnna, Ingiowing toeniiilH, und
arch apeclullal.
tiM ll lliiiliit.un Vtf.rlmi rtnn lfoM-
pllal,' 416 Kuat 7tll tit! l'hone t)ut 1847,
t.'i rii.l.n. 1'iinar Cn (Ot E.r 59th
North. All kltuli of carbon paper, extra
durable typewriter noooiw.
lawnirv nd watch repairing. Mlller'a,
$5t Waiih. Bt.. Majetlc Theater Bldg.
Motor, aean, bearlna, wheela, a:
.... .if- I. nil muk.l flT
i ...n rmri at half price. David
Hodea Co., N. Hroadway and Flandera.
hinq ron th( orrics
furniture: & Appliances
Engraving .-: bookbinding
comnert unc or STteL
kjno ptwcea aho grgrttxa
WilkMl Bath
Will Balk
Weekly Rates
Monthly Rates
Location. Beautifully FurnUhed
pnfCafe. 11th and Stark.
jjaa KSa
Pnrte Mfe Co.. S25 Burnalde Bt.
Parta for all cara at half price.
. . ill klnda of
i i i , . .an.ri iiit i inmiim. ....
BuppllM- !- W. Clancy 831 E. Morrlaon Bt.
vm.r own lumber on a Wheland
. - - - ... mi I mtflna
Portab e Bawmin. iou . ; "with
1.IR "money on your next lumber bill . With
thfa wmlll y?u njMPPX thq?h'Uric.
bav for the machine. r te for catalog
End full detail. Clyda,Kqpt Co., 18th
and Thurman eta, i oiu..-, - I- A MT KICK
"1" about rtUrifHyour
warn wi ""-",-...nnlv you. write
prlcV" and" full Information
Truck, Automobile
and Touring
...Li- v.... Ffficiency at Single Co.t.
"I hava a true clrcu story to tell
you thl evening," laid Daddy.
The children alwayi loved to hear
anything about a circus, and too, they
thought It was nlee to near a really
true itory.
"Though most of my stories," said
DllddV "lira fl.limloH Tl.nt l
... , H. v iuuiivii l VII IBVII A 1IUV .w
they are Just about true, even If I
ennnge tnera around a little."
"What Is this one to be about?
anked Nick.
"The " naliod Kanrv
"No," Bald Daddy, "this story Is not
to be about the elephants. It's to be
a Mtrnnira ani nf .Iapv hainnua It Ir
to be about a mother dog who looked
oner some Hon babies."
"A mother dog looked after Hons?'
shouted the children.
"Yes," said Daddy, "and you remem
ber I sulci It u'BH true.
"One time In the circus n mother
Lioness grew very, very Sick.
" 'I nm nfrnld she will not live,' said
the Keener.
" 'Hut whatever will happen to her
dear little Lion Rubles?' asked another
" 'I'm sure I don't know,' said the
Keener 'Wo will lust have to do the
best we can. I have watched her with
them a good deal nnd perhaps I can
look nftur 1 hem."
" 'She Is so fond of them,' said the
other man. 'What a pity It Is she can't
"The I.InncRS seemed to know she
crmlil not live. Over and over again
she kissed her little Lion Rnbles with
her tongue. And when she opened her
month, her treat, cruel teeth could be
seen but the little babies didn't know
their mother had teeth so gentle wns
she with them.
"And the Lion Bnbles nestled close
to their mother, and by the little, sort
growls the made, they were trying
to say, 'How we love you motnen
Ynnr fur la so warm, so soft. You
are so good to us, mother. How we
love you !
"And then the Lioness held them
closer. And with one of her paws
which could have crashed ana Kineu
n creature If she had so wished, she
fondled and petted her babies.
"Slowly as she talked to them in ner
imv grrnwiin? wav. she began to see
ahead. Her eyes gazed far out of the
bars of her cage.
"Wiint will haDnen to my babies
when I am not here to look after
them?' she was thinking. Her eyes
. ..-oil ond tnred into space beyond
the people who passed Dy every muo
while to watch the neauniui uiui
Lioness and the little Lions.
ho hepnn to think so nara
thnt she almost forgot her babies. She
was searching with her eyes way, way
out into an unknown world, ana wuu
dering, wondering all the time what
would happen to her lovely oroou.
i.rm... t r..n hnh ci neatlea ClUSCl,
1 lie uiwi . .
Mother was letting the cold in! Ana
YOU'RE AN EASY PREY, with vour
flesh reduced below a healthy stand
ard, for Conaumption and other Scrof
ulous and dangerous diseases. And
It's for just this condition that Dr.
Pierce's flnlrinn Medical TDlHeoverv Is
especially valuable.
If you re thinner than you ought to
Virt niViothnw fanni nrnnHnrV rltoaaaaa
defective nutrition, or whatever cause,
tne "LUBcovery- win sureiy Dring yuu
tin tn fha Vinolthv atanrinrt Ttv rAHtnr-
bS VUW 41 & UkUUUI.1 A J www
lng the normal action of the deranged
organs and functions, It arouses every
natural source and means of nourish
ment. A strength-restorer and nesh
builder. It can be bad in tablet or
HmiM fnpm TaVilota R(n all rtriipclfltfl.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
original little liver Dills, first Put up
over 40 years ago. They regulate and
invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Much imitated but never equaled.
Sugar coated and easy to take
candy. Adv
H. Plavno'. Pollato dm Trmat fnr liver
bowels and Btomach. One little Pellet
lor a laxative three lor a cainaruc.
The Safest Guide.
pah-pralflcd optimist, although
nired, Is not a safe guide. He
11 is well, when it is not.
to see the Ditfalls and urges
;fd and we fall into thorn.
! the pessimist, although
&Tlrl llArnt-rl lnaila lia tn hfl
us. Under'hls Influence we
V sit down for fear we will
the Sit. win An thnrn la none.
'i withal is patlont expecting
'Ito move forward, is always
tlcura oimmeui.
Soap ssa, w"""1
r.iifnrnlans Forget Prejudice.
. ,vnce a curiosity in
raper muiicj, -C.,.or1.,l1..l.!'1;
.Adam's Wrona Start.
"Mamma " finlH Edith, "when the
first man started to spell 'psalm' with
a 'p' why didn't he scratch It out and
start over7"Judge.
Sure! High Heels
Cause Corns But
Who Cares Now
Vftii voMrlaaa infill und "WOIllGIl WhO
are pestered wHh corns and who have
week Invited an awful
death from lockjaw or blood poison
. f il I-.
are now told by a uncmnau aumurnj
tn iioo. o rim? nulled freezone. which
W Mw " "O
the moment a few drops are applied
to any corn or callous me soreneuB u
ollonoil snri innn the. fmtlra COm Or
callous, root and all, lifts off with the
fingers. .
ivomnna driea the moment It Is ap
plied, and simply shrivels the corn or
callous witnout mnaming or eveu w
ritatlng the surrounding tissue or
skin. A small bottle of freezone will
n uttia nt mv of the drug
stores, but will positively rid one's
feet of every hard or soft corn or
hardened callous. If your druggist
h..n't anii fronannn he can eel K SI
any wholesale drug house for you.
ri..rnln nt Maaaurementa.
Tin nnrri oil TnpBTiH arm. and thus
ni kAw manna th loint or bend in the
ct uwn " .
arm. The en measure was uwu num
the arm of Henry I, and If that was a
yard and a quarter 11 was 01 very uu
,,....1 lonirthi Tho ranaoitv of the hu
uoucw . v..ii. 1 -
man body was also eariy pui io w
use of measurement; thus we have the
T..oooinTi "A linn, sten ana juniu,
"A stone's throw, ana me oia bujius.
"Within a bowshot away.
rtntimlctln Thouaht.
Wnnnrable retreats are in no way
inferior to brave charges.
1 :u Cnrim and Bun-
Iwnen your unura piui.11 -ions
ache, get Allen's Foot-Ease, the antiseptic
powder w oe snaiten """-",.-;-
the foot-bath, liives ms''" TjV""' X n"
ing. Tender Feet. Sample FREE. Address Allen
S. Olmsted, beKoy. mew ior..
Where Thin Men Have Advantage
a tviin man tioa a hotter chance than
A I. II ' J 1 HIM... "
a fat one. Women gunning for men
occasionally puncture a fat one, but
few of them shoot well enough to hit a
thin one. Topeka Capital.
Itchind Mashes
. Noothea
With Cuticura
Soaa 89o. Ointment 29 ad 3Qc.
Bird of Nebraska.
400 different species of
:,te their home in Nebraska, it
1 'tot no more than 200 are to
;i in any one locality.
satnnt r in tho
;iof Quebec is about 14,300,000
'! hr
I Benjlit, Sold, Rented and Repaired
Burniide, cor. 10th. Portland. Ore.
:aiirornia, m " - .. f.
. .. ... n TTronC SCO that HS ol
culation in ou Vnd hotels no longer
feP in the stores and hotel-
procla.m!v. ?hS san Francisco Chron
prner." says the ban wa
.cl&ira Wnnl & Mohair
Write fa PriMiatfliipa-l Tfl .
Beattle. Wn.. BolllnBham. Wn.
I4ID VeeA' Pork Beef
flif Poultry, Butter, Egg
1, and farm rroduce,
li??.eRliable Everdino; house with a
ir MAKU1 riuku.
Street, Portland. Oregon
erner," says u e o - . . was
icle. Before , tne ' " w t,0B in San
the rule with few cepuon
Francisco trading. nO
nians vetu. ..h .bw!. notes,"
mate acquaintance with lnt0
but recently currency has co
such general use u - sons
like real money tu
Handicap in and
Some think more ox u t
will not win the other.
halteous (a belt), becauw &n.
entrance to It nas
ed the "Belt."
Vmm lDa.t and WMW?1
rrr j u.. Mtirine.
"Let Me Care for the Lion Babies." I
asnln she fondled them, while from
again ' c innked treach-
her eyes wai , f u
erous aud wicKeo, k-
d0wn on their -ft, warm fur
'The next morning wi..
JIIC ., ...o nn mother
Bflb,es woke up -. -
n,ways nrouna V-'
them, talking '--i
tones, but their o. -
. . n art wiiii '
ry motner ' ... glie didn't
, Oh such miserable little Lion
come! Oh. sucn .mi d,fl
Babies ns they w-, ;
ucci - - Ana tne
Sn found that no food filled
Keeper came t look at t
ble8 w sheep dog She was licking
big, wooly sheep aog they
fhi. nnws or me - .
I v;r; once again giving
Fresh Beef Travels
on a Rapid Schedule
Fresh beef for domestic mar- "
kets goes from stockyards to
retail stores within a period of ;
about two weeks, ' Although
chilled, this meat is not frozen;
hence it cannot be stored for a
rise in price. " '
A steer is dressed 'usually
within twenty-four hours after"
purchase by the packer. The.
beef is ; held in a, cooler at the;
packing house, at a temperature
a little' above freezing, for about
three days.
It is then loaded into a refrig
erator car where a similar tem
perature is maintained, and is
in transit to market on an aver
age o about six days. .
Upon arrival at the branch
distributing house, it is unloaded
into a "cooler", and placed on
sale. '
Swift & Company requires all
beef to be sold during the week
of arrival, and the average, of
sales is within five days.
Any delay along the above
journey means deterioration in
the meat and loss to the packer.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Environmental Influence.
Tn understand fully the effect of en
vironmental influence requires a pret
ty good understanding of the native
mifliities of the material upon which
the environment acts. The reaction of
differently formed numan ubiuba
- o,ii-.r tvm mmo even when the
uevci cvwj v - -
environmental action on them is near
ly identical. "Xou cam, u,
Starr Jordan is wont to say, to exp am
some failures of college endeavor, put
a thousand-dollar education into a
fifty-dollar boy." Vernon Kellogg, in
the Atlantic. .
Discipline Essential.
Those who escape discipline are to
be pitied, hut we may be sure the es
cape will not be for long. The order
of the world provides for this without
our interference. In most cases we
had much better be concerned in hold
ing our hands off or in providing al
leviations for the hours between these
needful buffetings by the heavy hand
of fate. The discipline of others, in
other words, ordinarily is none of our
business. We may safely and wisely
leave it to parents, school masters,
police, and to the hard knocks of life.
dwells in the breast of man. It is to
this hour, and at all hours, a vivifying
influence in man s nie. oanj'".
our Eyes and In Bfuy u'
p m Own Plumbing
!" thi''? from n" wholesale priea
Fihf j Dor pronta. wnntiw
P' w wiU give you our rock-
11 w",ret-to-you" prices, t . 0. b. rail or
it easily save yon from 10 to 88 per
w 00dB guaranteed.
' hedquartrt foi Leader Water
. uuer & Johnson Knglnea.
J""1 S"wt Portland. Oregon
FORJMSUiS vour Eyes and m ow-
At i"ur "'rtio MurIM
marine v vor Bo
y. S.lve. in '
Ask Murine Eye
it Your
f m.ll. 60c por.PlH; r:
Prn More
xir xn and Men
I OUli " . . Grasp your
Hotel Rowland
On. hundred a"-" 0Bn'every floor.
$5.00 per i - fflce.
rnnrthouse. 2 blocks from r door.
ervvls- ... . '., the Keeper she
"When tne -
'Let me care xu. Lkm Ba.
"The weeper dQgi
bie8 were quu t they
dog in the cage.
'Day alter uj - -
tne Lion babies, except - "
out now ana - " llonsnnd
dog brought w for the
a r- " ' ,.i4 aw 1 -aaar lt
1 . .Mffll I VI HUM lll -wi' W
..I.. . noariv all food
GraD"or ma y Plank Therefore,
necessary for many v . fer.
freshly gicunu tlQ '
Should Profit by the Experience
of These Two Women
Buffalo N. YA"I am the mother of four children, and for
nearly three years i suuereu uum "r,
in mv back and side, ana a general wea,.iie. x yiw
fessional attendance most oi uiat liiuo uuu uivx
get well. As a last resort i aeciaea to iry i-yuta a.
Rnkham's Vegetable Compound which I had seen
advertised in the newspapers, and in two weeks noticed
a marked improvement. ' I continued its use and am
now free irom pain ana awe n
work." Mrs. 15. xs. Z.IKLINSKA, aua eioa buoci,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Portland, Ind. "I had a displacement and suffered
so badly from it at times I could not be on my feet
at all. I was all run down and so weak I could not
do my housework, was nervous and could not lie
down at nignt. l took ireawueuts uum uuJDiw"
but tney aia not neip mts. .my aum
Lydia K tinKnam 8 v egetaDie vAimyuuuu. x wu
my own work and I give Lydia K Pinkham s
Compound the credit." Mrs. J os k ph i b
utr i Ti Oj ..L Trtwflnria-I InI
Kimble, aoo wesc ttace omjsi, auiwohw) .
7wAr ir1r Woman Should Try
-j mv.; - y
No. 30, 1918
mot S. P and Oregon