Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 19, 1918, Image 2

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    Anker-Holth Cream Separator
The original and only real Belt
balancing bowl.
The separator with a real speed in
dicator that is good tor a lifetime.
The light running and close skim
ming separator.
Write us tor catalogue.
44 Firtt Street, PORTLAND, ORE,
Stat RpraentatiT
66Sixth St,
Sleep on your1 Seat Cushions.
Compact Fits under the rear teat
Write for circulars.
Agents Write for Special Offer
TRIAL on guar
anteed Rebuilt ma
chines. We are al
so agents for the
Write" for booklet.
Rebuilt Typewriter C.,
304 OA at, Pwtbai Or
The complete Electric Light and
Power Plant
Clean, sate electric light and power
at the touch of a convenient button.
Theres a dealer ia jour territerjr, Please write is.
Office Furniture a Appliances
Printing engraving Bookbinding
Little Brother's Guess. '
Baby had just cut her first tooth
and of course all in the family were
talking about it. The next day, while
the family was eating dinner, the baby
began to cry and little brother looked
up with a twinkle in his eye and said:
"What is the matter, baby? Have you
got the toothache?"
Never Learned It
We asked the young lady across the
way if she ever used the thesaurus
when she had anything to write and
she said she'd never learned to oper
ate it and still used her fountain pen.
That grounded maxim, so rife and
celebrated in the mouths of wisest
men, that to the public good private
respects must yield. Milton.
Earn More
Young Women and Men
' Business cries for trained minds. Grasp your
opportunity. Enorll now in Northwest's biggest
business college, Behnke-Walker, Portland. Free
Hides,' Pelts, Wool & Mohair
We wul ill jvt km Write f Prices uxtShipping TagL
Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wn.. Bellinirham, Wn.
Veal, Pork, Beef, '
Poultry, Butter, Eggi
and Farm Produce,
to the Old Reliable Everdinpiouse with a
record of 45 years of Square-lioalinjTH, and '
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
45-47 Front Street, Portland, Oregon
TO ALL ORDERS! -Broadway
at Flanders, Portland, Or.
P. N. U.
No. 29, 1918
X n - A
Northwest School Furniture Co., 144 Jrd
St. Kverylhlng for mhools. Also tliptre
chnlrs. church furniture. Folding chairs
and seats.
Fuller s Telegrapn csonooi, . unn "
qualifies you for J65 to s positions in
short time, write lor chuuihsuo.
MISS PECKElVS Trivate Business Col
lege. Alisky BUI., Jd & Morrison feta.
mum mmm mumi
Will teach you the trade In 8 weeks.
Pay you while learning,
tlon. 234 Burnside St.
iret you a
rw v a Phtuina. SOS Broadway BUI,
Disorders of the stomach, liver, kidneys,
bowels, goitre, high blood pressure ana
female disorders.
r. rtik.onn A'TVIlltnma. N. 122V4
LflA HHH 1 in. . .jv. . . w ....... --
Grand Ave. Acute and chronic diseases,
rheumatism, goiter and female troubles.
treated oy electricity.
Simmons Carbon Paper Co., 609 E. 69th
North. All kinds of carbon paper, extra
durable typewriter riDDons.
Jewelry and watch repairing. Miller'!
S55 Wash. St.. Majestic Theater Bldg.
illlllUI 9, g C tVl -, uti '.'. -
and trailers. We wreck all makes of cars
and sell their Darts at half price. David
Hodes Co., N. Broadway and Flanders.
Pilot Generators Installed. All kinds of
Supplies. J. W. wiancy aaa xn. mui"u ft.
vrtrt vrtnn PARS: KANT - KICK
KRANK can be attached to Ford cars by
anyone In 15 minutes. , wnen ainunm
you can crank your car with absolutely
no fear of kick back. Ask your Hard
ware or Garage man about It If your
Im-nJ denier cannot supply you, write
direct for prices and full Information.
5933 45th Ave. S. E., Portland, Oregon.
Any Size
None Too
Small; None
Too Large.
vvritviuj a gum
kuwtijik CautradiM at la. Ore aad MiitM. On.
Lewis Build ins
Wilton! Bath
With Bath
Weekly Rates
Monthly Rates
CentratLocation. Beautifully Furnished
Excellent Cafe. 11th and Stark.
One Cause of Failure.
We are fickle and uncertain, ever
falling, ever liable to be disappointed
and dissatisfied, often only because we
have not realized our appointed mis
sion and its necessities. Rev. T. T.
Might Have Changed History.
Joseph's correct interpretation of
Pharaoh's dream of the fat and the
lean kine, and the full and withered
ears, saved a mighty nation from hun
ger. Had Caesar but heeded Calpur
nia's dream and not gone out the
eventful day, Rome might have still
been what she was. If Pilate had paid
attention to his wife's dream, the
Scriptures would give us a different
story about the Savior.
Optimistic Thought.
It is to live twice when you can en
joy a retrospect of your former life.
Cutlcura Complexions. ,
Nothing better than Cutlcura Soap
daily and Ointment as needed to make
the complexion clear, scalp clean and
hands soft and white. For free sam
ples address "Cutlcura, Dept. X, Bos
ton." Sold by druggists and by mail.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50. Adv.
Hair Health
Soap 25c. Ointment 25c & 50c
New Houston Hotel
Sixth and Everett St.. Portland, Ore.
Four blocks from Union Denot. Two blocki
from' New Postoflice. Modern and fireproof
Over lOOIoutaide rooms. Rates 76c to $2.00,,
CHAS. C. HOPKINS, Manager.
200 Roonu
100 Baths
Near Both
Hotel Hoyt
Corner Sixth and Wt Sta., Portland, Or.
LOU llMES. Manager.
RATES:-76c to $2; SPECIAL-Week or Month
Frequently Planted to Help Cost
of Maintenance.
When Tree Reach Bearing Age They
Should Not Be Made to Compete
first tv
the co
the tr
thoy r
the po
to lnt
k A?
Bush Fruit Growing Between Rows of
Trees in Newly Set Orchard.
that he Is, in effect, following a system
of double cropping and that because of
the crop between the trees he may
need to give more attention to main
taining the fertility of the soil than he
would for the peaches alone.
After the trees reach bearing age
they should not be made to compete
with another crop. Even If the plant
food in the soil is sufficient to produce
successfully two crops at the 6iime
time, the peach trees usually will need
all the available soil moisture, except,
of course, In sections where irrigation
is practiced and the supply of water is
adequate for all purposes. Besides, a
crop between the trees would be like
ly to interfere with the spraying of the
trees, If that operation should be nec
essary, with the harvesting of the
fruit, and in other ways.
Muskmelons, beans, peas,-cabbages,
tomatoes and other truck crops are ex
tensively grown between peach trees
in different sections. Totatoes are
sometimes used, but they are suitable
only when the crop can be so managed
that the digging of the potatoes will
not amount to a late cultivation, which
may be attended with undesirable re
sults. Corn, also, Is frequently used,
but as very often managed It is objec
tionable, becnuse It shades the trees
excessively. Whenever corn is used,
an open strip of considerable width
should be left along the rows, so that
the trees will be fully exposed to the
sunlight throughout , the season. If a
very tall, strong-growing variety of
corn is used, a wider strip should be
left unplanted than where a dwarf
variety Is selected. ' "'
Peach trees are sometimes used for
planting between trees, especially
where apples comprise the permanent
crop. This practice is highly recom
mended by some and emphatically con
demned by other fruit growers of wide
experience. It is probably objection
able in that for a period of years both
bearing and nonbearing trees occupy
the same area, and it is sometimes de
sirable to treat a fruiting tree very dif
ferently. from one that is not fruiting,
for the best results with each. On the
other hand, where a site is particular
ly favorable for both fruits, a compro
mise treatment can often be effected,
which yields fairly satisfactory results
with both kinds of trees. '
(Prepared by the United States
Department of Agriculture.)
"Full many a flower Is born to
blush unseen
And waste its fragrance on the
desert air." '
Even the fragrance of flowers
can and should be utilized dur
ing these war times. Make the
flower serve a double purpose.
The beekeeper who understands
the care of bees can greatly in
crease the sugar supply of the
nation by saving more of the
nectar. .
Prevent Hog Troubles.
Intestinal worms, lung worms and
skin parasites levy a burdensome tax
upon the profits of hog raising. Ab
solute cleanliness will be found valu
able In preventing and controlling
these troubles, as well as the more se
rlou diseases hog cholera and tuberculosis.
Van Vivier's
love oo and 'oo won't never be lone
some any more," and, indeed, it seemed
to Philip ho had never been lonesome
ugiiln. There was alwuya Mudge.
But who mny count securely on the
future? Move the kaleidoscope ever
so gently, and Its figures change. One
turn of the hand of fate and the brlcht
picture one's dreams painted are shut
tered forever. There came n day when
Philip had to do, not with visions
of a golden future, but with a hnrd
and merciless present. Suddenly as
an unexpected thunderbolt came the
failure of the trust company In which
his fortune was Invested, and ho
awoke one morning to find himself
that most pitiable of all crenturea on
earth the mnn who needs money, nnd
knows no way of enrnlng It. lie hud
taken the blow standing, with a smile
on his Hps, like the thorouRhbred he
was, and just how deep the hurt went
none knew.
, "Pleasant prospects," was his solo
comment, with n shrug of his shoul
ders to those who would have con
doled with him on his loss, "a beer
income, nnd a champagne taste. Do
you happen to know the best way to
adjust them?"
lie might meet the situation with
laughter and scoffing so far as others
were concerned, but when It enme to
Madge It was another thing. "I can't
ask her to marry a beggar," he suld
to himself, setting his teeth, and with
a face as white as death, "and I'm not
poltroon enough to settle down nnd
live on her money," and there had
been a terrible scene In which he
had told her this, and released her
from her promise to marry him.
"Oh, Philip, Philip," she cried,
clinging to him, "what good is all my
money to me If I can't make things
easy for you? Surely there Is more
than enough for us both."
Then he tried to explain to her,
blunderingly and haltingly, that some
thing that Is dearer to man than even
love of woman that something which
he must hnve, or die of self loathing
bis own self-respect.
he said at last, passionately, "if I gave
in to fate without one struggle, and
was content to let you support me, I
should Imagine your contempt for such
a weakling In every tone of your dear
voice. I should see it in every glance
of your dear eyes. No, no, I must make
my fight and win my place In the
world of men, or I will die fighting on
the battlefield. If I succeed I will
come back to claim my own. If I
fail, a better man. wins. Don't you
see how it must be that way?"
. And in the end Madge "saw," The
sympathy , that always understood oth
ers was part of her charm; and Philip
went away.
At college he had rather distinguish
ed himself by some clever skits in
the college journal, and so it seemed
natural to him to turn to journalism
as the most available way of settling
the bread and butter problem. A
friend obtained a place for him on the
staff of the morning Asterisk, where
he began at the bottom of the repor
torlal ladder, and learned among other
bitter pieces of knowledge that the
public hungers and thirsts for gory
details of murder, and has but a luke
warm interest in the higher criticism,
and that on a newspaper ftfaff a uni
versity degree Is regarded with far
less respect than a nose for news.
Still, the glamour stripped from jour
nalism,' Philip kept doggedly on. He
acquired a reputation for being faith
ful and accurate. He was a gour
mand for work and the city editor be
gan to speak hopefully of him, but
minor 0.IW0. ' .
. mod ou off.
;;,, middonly h mm! , .rl
mwop. It w lh ,,,r,,,,t wWwnt
U ossoh mostly tu-e, If w knew tho
ruth of thorn. Oi voi,l.ut h m
mm ulon one of th '';"
rIuV, Ktm-ts when t.wMily h
wbi nturlltxl by h -cream, nil. looking
np ho saw a woman with th wild
eves nni of ltll"
very outer coplnir of l'10 wnlw
11 houso, where sh waved hor
loofully, nnd hmnod tllwlly for
o poor Intrt th id root btdow.
Itistnnt nil the mystery of tht, nnd Jealously Kmmlod
,f the mansion, at which ntauy
nrvolod, wn revonlod. Horn
e of those family trnitodloii, nt
the world buohmoh omo poor
creature, Uvlnir out her Uf
padded walls, who hml eeitpo4
tor keeper, nnd with that In
of IllKht from a prison which
. all reason, wiih preparing to
i i.,,i into tha street be-
iiiiui i' "i
The street crowd that looms to
from the very pnvftueiit when
.nythlnif unusual lp",n hd
y Kiithorod. They could oo th
. gesture of the kooper vainly
to call th woman, but at every
lent, tho crouching" creature'" flg
i tho perilous odgtt nmdo a mo
a if to cant herself down, and
ry fear the attendant (lure not
tch her. The great front door
houne wm flung suddenly opon.
rrlflod servant, rushed about
seeking asslHtnneo, but non
what to 1". and Ut crowd be
mid only wait hrenthloiwly for
ponding tragedy,
id taken Philip but an Instant
lie the scone, and with nud
Hplratlon ho dashed pnt the
t In tho doorway, and up th
iy. Tho cnued wotnun wn "till
and pretty. A dainty silken
nd n filmy lnco marf Mew about
Evidently she was a woman of
i and socloty, so tho thought
rough his mind a he dashed
t throe flight of top and
1 the open door In the roof
1 which she had evidently
1. He knew well enough h
a . .a. a ... La
might be going to ni tiemn, out uw
only smiled a little yrlmly. nnij moved
on towards tho pathetic figure way
Ing on the ledge of tho wall. Tho
woman looked up at the ounil of an
approaching step. She saw n hand- vntinir mnn n vonnir tlian Much
ii h she vaguely remembered In that
world that was not nil horrible dream
and puddod walls coming toward
tier, w Hon lie reneneu nor ne maue a
fotirtiv iwiu? mid i.ffi'ri'il bor hi arm.
and without one protest, mechanically,
iintiirnllv. a if thev had boon on the
ballroom floor, she arose and put bor
hand within it, and together thoy start
ed toward the house, trending the
narrow ledge, whose outer edge wn
death. A single push of the crnjsed
woman's feeble hand nnd mutilation
waited for them below, but there wn
not a tremble In the mail's voleo a he
asked her :
"And what did you think of the new
tenor this winter at the opera?"
In the street below tho crowd stood
silent, tense with excitement, until
they saw Philip hand the woman, still
with courtly grace, through the door
In the roof, nnd then it broke Into tu
multuous cheering.
As for Philip, his one thought wn
to get to the ofline. Ills part In the
ndventure apponled to him not. nt alL
It was what any fellow would have
done, he thought, and he could leave
that out, but he realized the value of
the story. The secret of the darken
ed mansion. The closed blinds. The
beautiful woman, with her wild, mud
eyes It was full of color, It was pic
turesque. Besides It was a scoop. No
other reporter had been there, nnd a
scoop is ns dear to the newspaper
heart as a first-born to a mother. There
was still some of the excitement of the
adventure tingling in his veins, and
as he wrote he felt his descrlotlon
was vivid, nnd he turned it In to the
city editor with the culm and unmixed
satisfaction of knowing that It. was
gOOU "COpy." .. or.!..'.
There l, nerhibs. no otW-"lov in
life eoual to titirt of the' tmim.
writer who rends liis own productions
m . type, and sriiillp's first' con
sclous act the niixt niornlng'.was to
reach for the paper. He had expected
nis story to bo given some prominent
place: nerhnns to bo fentiiroi J t
dismay it was not even prlnrod. He
looked the paper over twice to havo
suspicion deepen intoertnlntyV It
had been left out How lone he-mlihr
have stared at the paper In bewilder
ment he never knew, but thatj tivb let
ters caught his eyes, a they lay upoi
nis innie. one was from the city ed
itor of the Asterisk, nnd ho pounced
upon it ior aa explanation.
. "Dear Van Vlvler." he
but your scoop was scooped. The dis
tressed damsel you rescued Is old La
Roux's daughter, nnd La Itoux, ns you
unpear not to Know, Is the heaviest
stucanoiaer m the .Asterisk. Natu
rally he wanted your story killed. VIr
trie is rewarded, however. He Bug-
you ior nignt editor in plnco o
parson who lias resigned. Report
iur uuiy tonignt."
The other letter was from Madge, It
said: ,
"Dear Philip: I have heard of your
rescue of poor Fannie La Roux. How
could you be such a hero, and such
a goose ns to take Buch a risk? You
need n guardian, sir, and I am going to
marry you to take care of you on this
day one month. You can't refuse a
lady, you know. Yours. Madge."
Philip read the letter twice, and
then he bowed his head ou tho table
and when he-raised it his eyes were
verjr dlra an 4er, wcro
Instead I took Lydia E, pm
Imin'. Vegetable Compouncf
nnd Wat Cured. . I
Ibdtlmor. -"Nearly f0Uf fj
I aulfered from organic trtml.i,,
vuiwnM tlui h
-lio and O
month would hav.1
y In bed Bunt .
Umi time,
mo for a tlm b1
my dorter w i
it-! an oiMMt!. j
. nam i
Compound bet or!
commuting to il
operation. I too
. . five bottUnfl,..?
cured ma Mj ,
work U a pleasure. 1 toll all my frln 5
who hv any troublo of Uili kind M
Lydia E. l'lnkham' VegeUhla Co,,,,
pound hna done for me.''NEUJii t
IlRlTTiNOiiAM, COD Cal verton lil,
more. Md.
It I only natural for any woman $
tlread Uio thought of an operation. s
many women have boon rtnid 5
hoatih by thl famou remedy, Lydia
i'inkham'a Vegetable Compuunrl afu
an oisratlon lias boon advlned Uut
will pny any womiw who iunni fn
aueh ailment to conklor trying It H
fore nubinitUng to tucti a trying onicul
PodI to Avoid.
"Some toot I e." said Unr! vul
'rmord ulvlll' KOOd adviea a
or amusement, itma aa leiiiug run:
AT AN END the "female complaint
ana wenkne that mi-
i 1
I'lertA I
vMiiinu a iitM a, uiinurj, iqi
are relieved by Dr. r
Favorite Prescription,
.. w J
all the derangement., fa -
t, dl It I
dor, ana illnefiMi peculi
to the sex, thl la tho 001
I remedy cortaln to benefit
I fm It' a loglttmata mrdlcitf
'f for woman, carefully adii
f f ed to her delicate orKanti
I tlon, and never conflSctii-i
I with any of her comlltlor.v
1 iiVti Initial anrl nmraAt,.
all the proper functions, builds up t: j
Invigorates the entire ayiitem, and ti
store health and strength.
Are you weak, nervoua and alllr..;
or "run down" and overworked! Th
Itwlll bring you special help. It'itl
mother' friend. It loRn pain n i
Insure life of both mother and chilli
Dr. Pierce' Favorite Prescription
ha a record of year of curca. It si
the most potent invigorating tonic at i
itreiigthenlng nervine known to med.t
cal ecienco. It la made of the gtycenl
extract of native medicinal roo'
found in our forest and contain!
a drop of alcohol or harmful drui--Sol
Sold in Tablet or Liquid form by de:
era. Tablet 60c Adv. J
Alcohol From Sawduit
Kxperlmenta have ahown that ten;
of dry sawdust will yield with propf;
treatment twenty to twentyflv gal
lons of 95 per cont ethyl or grain alco
Aaed by Monotonous Work.
Men of the laboring clasae wear out
earlier than men ot other clanaw bi
cause they have no break or variation;
in thai, wnrb nrt rust, nr) change. Vi.
la not nffnrt lillf. POntlnuOUB mOOOtOtl
one labor which age a man.-Ei
c hange. "
Na rina tn Pallnloui Ardor.
Shears "How la it that Bcnoieuw
haa been attending church ao regularly
of late?" Tvdo "Why, he Bays tbats
he likes to go where he. is always im;j
of having his contributlona accept
The Lamb.
Hurrah ! How's This
Cincinnati authority aay corn
dry up and lift eut
. with
. mil. lrA at rOUB't
Ulk will be heard leaa here
people troubled with corn will
the .imple' advice of th!.&ctojU
autnonty, wno ciaima uibi - ..v.
of a drug called freezone when IPP
to a tender, aching, corn or bwdcnw
calloua stop eoreneaa at1onc,,l nd
soon the corn, or callous dries W ,u
lifts right off without pain. .
He Bays, freez&ne drios immediaw
and never Inflame of even rml
the Burroundlng skin. A small bow
of freezone will cost very Utile a ;
drug store, but 'will poaltirely JSJ
evefy; hard ' or Boft 'oorn- or cau
from one's feet Million of Amn
women will welcome this annouoc
ment Bince the inauguration 01
high heel. It your urugglBt does"
have freezone tell him to order
bottle for you. Adv.
"To Thine Owneelf Be True'".
If a man has nothing to repw
himself with, he can bear anytime
Phillips Brooks.
To keep clean and healthy 'take 1 Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Ihey reg
late liver, bowels and stomacn.
iue musical acuimiuoo - Vit, rav- I
shown by the rapidity with whit . I
. . ... . nio'Tiiflnance t
any iiorHns iRnrn uio dijs"--- ., t
trumnet rnlla. ' V
Evea inflamed W 'IZi
Drggiat or b mail 50c per Bottle-
Ey Salve in T ubts 2ic. "Saji
TE0 aak Mudm tye Bemedy C.. w