Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, June 21, 1918, Image 5

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, busing visitor in
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uf inr Mtn-
vtrttn h'"
lu-fii bonus from
t l 1
u'liitiifV f NfWwrt, in
or, ......
.. - i-u,!,Uh' returned from
- .. f Caiiin i'. l"'r,t
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i.CnnH.nt week at
' h ,nd m"""'r wf KT,Ui
;,rtl(U,mlinUe exerclwa.
Fmk,n a.,UiU.r MiH,
;iiu lift T,,u"u
mi.'.!!. returning 'tr-
Mr. lutd Mr K. K. Tfl
the clreui In Salem Thumduy,
Mis. Nannie Mnrcum urAv,.i f ...... .
- . t.V I win
Klittimth FiiIIh Thursday and Is visit
ing Iter nister, Mrs. J. Dornsife,
lucky numl.iT of "7" luid something
1 1 nt . ... ..
imivw l oiuim itnu wile or Jaeomn,
Washington. Ule vlsitlnir at: ih Juimn
of Mrs, J. L, Collin of this city.
Hoy Hnrttnnn wh the lucky winner
of iho Kitchen Cabinet given uwuy by
Jdhnmm & Collin Inst Friday, He
ponntsseii v Key iiml the runt one
tried opened the lock. 1'eihnps the
to do with It
John Mason and Minn Viola Pur
on, lioth of Kelso, Witshnlgton, were
mnrried in Vancouver, Friday June
1 Uh, Mr, Mason in n brother of Mrs
W. V.. Juni;nn of this city nnd wus at
one time employed in the Indepcndetic
Creamery, Thu Eiitei-prim extends
eunifi iituhilioim nnd wish the young
couple nun-ess nnd happiness through
At n liuinen meeting of the I'res
liylerlnn chinih Wednesday evening
it wim decided to dimnntiiiue the reg-
ttliir church services during the
months of July mid August, hut the
Sunday School will continue just the
Hiune. On the resignation of lr, II
('has. iHmmnore no superintendent,
Mrs, Jason livers was unanimously
elected superintendent of the Sunday
School for the summer.
corner jujii, and wife went toSa
lem yesterday,
Mrs, J. 8. Cooper spent the week
end in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs, A. L, Thomas were
Portland visitors last week
Floyd Travis left Monday for the
harvest fields of Washington
Word iiutler took a trolly ride over
the S. P, Wednesday.
'II "' '
Tb Ford automo
togine, llius
trtttd here, like til
ietvntl combftton
wnM, requires n
cil that holds itt
lull lubricating
ilitiei atcylinder
but,burm dean in
thi combuatlon
cbimUn and goat
cat with exhaust.
i tbH Mquitwntnii
farfwtlr. b It i
MMtJ Cthfornlt f
lint-Urn orud.
"Zerolene is die Best"
Say leading motor car distributors,
1 :. - - .1. . .,1. . .u
uccsuiv tun niuiu ui loco icrvice
departments show that ZEROLENE,
correctly refined Irom selected Cali
fornia aspbajt'baie crude, gives per
feet lubrication with less wear and
lesa carbon deposit.
Most cart are now lubricated with
ZEROLENE because their owners
have lesned through experience that
there la no better oil.
vvflAt i. .t.. M,mt Ail inr ftll tvnel of
utoibllt tnln. 11 W un eotr oil ir
W utonobU. On our lubrlcition ehtrl
hwls eerrtet contnttncy lor your cr.
taut utomob
JU dkn nfwhmn toll SUndird Oil
The Standard Oil
for Motor Cars
You Share In A
Great National Saving
When You Buy
Wirtiimor $1 Waists
JEDS of thouBands of dollars are saved annually to the Wo
n!r!he plan that makes Me the9e wondf 1 wirSo
,en of American through the great economies of the wirv
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l6eanng the WIRTHMOR label.
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f ...
W.DEMICK, (Special Agent) Independence, Oregon.
Mrs. J. K. Collins and dauehtcr.
Mrs. Quick, h.ft.
land on a vwlt.
Miss Freltie r'amjibeli went to Sa
lem Saturday where she will take a
bumiMH i-ourse at the college.
(!. S. DodMon, of Aitlie, whs in town
Sunday upending the day returning
Monday over the V, & S. '
Hoy ieArmo,id is lending his house
hold Kods for shipment to Eastern
Oregon. The family will leave in a
few days.
Grant McLaughlin and wife, A. M.
MeLnuirhlin and wife, and Grant Mil
ler, attended a reunion of relatives at
Woodhurn Sunday, which proved a
( most pleuHint; affair.
Attorney Fletcher purchased a slip
of paper at the depot Wednesday
that entitled him to a ride on the mer-
ry-eo-round via Gerlineer to the
county huh, It was only good one
The four months old Jersey Bull
raffled off by citizens of Rickreall for
the benefit of ihe Red Cross, was won
by Mr. Esterbrow from Oak Grove
Thi amount realized from the raffle
was $231.00.
The Charles O'Brien sale drew a
very large crowd Saturday and the
bidding was quick Mr. O'Brien had
some choice stock and the prices rea
lized for everything was satisfactory.
Mr. O'Brien will move to Salem soon.
The Old Miser, who buried his mon
ey in the corner of the fence near the
big tree last week, has missed part of
it. The guilty person Ttas not been
apprehended. Raz Barlow went to
Tickville yesterday and purchased
a suit of clothes.
Misses Elizabeth and Pauline Bick
ley left for Portland Saturday, where
thetir mother has been for some time,
and which city they will make their
future home. Mrs, Bickley has ac
cepted a position with one of the larg
wholesale grocery firms in the cleri
cal department.
The tenth birthday anniversary of
little Vernan Howard was the motin
for much juvenile jollification Friday
afternoon when the mother of the lit
tle boy gave a party at ner nome
from two to four o'clock.Games were
played and the little tots spent two
hours most delightfully.
At he annual school election held
Monday evening E. B. Paddock and
W E Craven were chosen by the tax
payers as directors on the board, the
latter was elected for the short term
and the former for the long term.We
ore glad to see Mr. Paddock a mem
ber on the board, as his many years
experience in school matters will be a
valuable help in keeping our schools
to the front. Mrs. B. F. Swope was
elected clerk, which position she held
for a number of years.
Frank Klecynski, a former student
of the Bethel high school, who enlist
ed in the navy about a year ago, writ
ing to his parents says:
"Vwas recommended to take an ex
amination and I took it, Aprn--If
ever I took an examination I bu"
did this time but 1 passeu ...u -also
my pay nas
rn across some boys on u T
have lived where I have, you can .u.
nave uvea v, j d
aginehow good it look, to s
after not seeing
... Tr Rrnwne. a former resi-
Tf Thi city and a teacher in the
dent of this city ai
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hibhs are visit
ing; their daughter in Portland this
Phil Athur, a former resident of our
city, passed through town Sunday en
route for Oregon City.
Mrs. McDevitt departed Monday
for an extended visit with relatives at
Los Angeles, California.
Mrs. Nellie Ward, r.f S.ntH
last week to spend the summer with
her mother, Mrs. Wilson
Bessie Swope, who has been teach
ing at Tangdem the rmst vear came
home the first of the week.
Mrs. Ed Lorence. who has been
making her mother, Mrs, Mattison, a
visit of several weeks, left for her
home at Walla Walla, Washington.
The personnel in the Independence
National Bank has been greatly
strengthened. Dr. Charles II. Duns-
more and H. B. Wolfe both being em
ployed as, bookkeepers.
Mrs. C, 0. Sloper very pleasantly
entertained her brother, Guy Newton,
and two of his friends, Corporals
Fisher and Fox of Camp Lewis who
were here for the week-end.
San ,oVon Diace in
PeCt6T je 1st but the war conditions
ton June 1st, ol d MlgB
chang6d fStht -here the ce
Browne met him there
TbHSi. m3 vivian
&meAl wnl visit her brother,
fhe Umer at Rivee.
Jefferson Potlocks is again in our
midst, having returned this week from
an absence of several days in the Calf
Ribs neighborhood. He brought back
a good cow whose former ownership
is clouded in mystery.
Mr. and Mm M. Deppen, Mr. and
Mrs. R. Woorman and Ellis McMil
lan all of Salem, were Sunday visi
tors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
C. McMillan.Mrs. Moorman is a daugh
ter of Mr and Mrs. McMillan and ex
pect to le'ave for Tillamook to make
their home.
Another Knierht was initiated int
the beautiful degrees of the Pythian
loo- Thnrsdav evenine. This
the increase and is grow
rarjidlv. After the general
work of the lodge was over, a short
program was given, consisting of a
violin solo by Roy Collins, an address
by Attorney Barrick, and a vocal solo
by Dr. L. E. Barrick. Each number
was highly appreciated and drew
forth a hearty encore. Light refresh
ments were served after which a so
cial time was enjoyed until a late hour
This little entertainment was given in
honor of the new members and also
the Members that are leaving Indepen
dence for other locations.
Ft. Casey, Wash., June 17, 1918.
Editor of the Enterprise, Indepen
dence, Oregon:
Dear Sir: Herewith the account of
tonight's incident:
The secretary was interviewing the
Fort Commander this afternoon when
the Captain of one of the companies
came in and said one or his men nau
received a telegram from his wife that
their little 8 months old baby was
dead, and he desired a furlough.This
man lives in Pennsylvania, therefore
much money as well as time was re
quired. The secretary met the man as he
was walking away from the office and
the heartbroken look on his face was
pitable to see. A few questions put
the secretary in possession of the de
tails and a way to help get money was
then the main problem it was requir
ed that the "man show enough money
for the round trip before the furlough
would be granted. All the loose cash
in the man's company had been given
him and when he met the secretary at
the Post Exchange some time later,
he lacked but twenty-one dollors of
the desired amount.. The secretary
decided to go before the audience in
the moving picture hall and make an
appeal for help. No sooner said then
v. fld thfi man to eo over to the Y.
M. C. A. and wait till he came back. 1
At the theatre there was a Dana ton
cert going on and it lacked about 20
minutes till time to start the show,
the concert stopped, the secretary seiz
ed the opportunity and getting up on
a chair, told in graphic words the tale
of sorrow that had fallen on one of
their comrades an appeal was made
for the $20 and the hats were passed,
when the change was counted there
was $42.25.
Oh you can't beat the generosity of
the soldiers. Loyal to the last cent in
an emergency, we are rlgthly proud
of them. And it is just such times as
this that the Association Secretary in
the Y. M. C A. War work, serves the
men of the army. We are glad to do
... i i
rnnWiniwtiir mnrninc this SSCl DUt
.tfnl aoldier will be speeding East-
tn eomfort the bereaved wife
nd mother. We never know when
our turn will come, so we are glad we
can help out a comrade when he needs
help. Very truly yours,
Light a match turn a lever, and you
are ready to cook, no hot kitchen, no
smoke, no soot to blacken the kettle,
no wick to give out at the wrong time,
For sale by Moore & Walker.
Miss Gladys lrvine,who has been the
accommodating and efficient postal
clerk in the postoffiee, will be trans
ferred the first of the month to As
toria The latter office being a first
class office, the opportunities for ad
vancement are much better and the
salary greater. Miss Irvine will be
missed by all.
A large number of ladies from this
city went to Dallas Tuesday after
noon to attend a meeting of the Wo
men's Council of Defense. Miss Mir-,
iam Birdseye of the United States De
partment of Agricultural, with Miss
Turley and Mrs. McComb, O. A. C,
Extension workers, and Miss Mills,
county food administrator to Dallas,
were in attendance and took an active
part in the meetine. Miss Birdseye
and Mrs. Castner. state president.eave
valuable talks. One of the purposes
of the meeting was the discussion of
county demonstration work The
meeting was largely attended by la
dies from various parts of Polk coun-
. . Just received Eastern Shipment .
CARRIAGES. Moore & Walker,
Mrs. Heath was an Albany'visitor
the first of the week.
Mrs. B, R. Wolfe returned
Portland Wednesday,
, .We have the famous DELTOX and
J. S. Cooper is quite ill at his home
here and his daughter's have all ar
rived at the parental home to be near
him in his illness
Mr. and Mrs. Verd Hill, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Swope and Mr. and Mrs. W-
H. Walker attended the Service Flag
dedicatory services at Buena Vista
last Friday.
There will be services at the usual
hour Sunday morning at th eCatholic
church. Father Deneaf has been as
signed to this parish and expects to
be here the greater part of his time.
Mrs. Geo. Wood entertained the
Ladies Aid Society of the Christian
church on Thursday afternoon. After
a busy hour spent in need work and
a short business session, iced refresh
ments were served by the hostess.
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