Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, March 30, 1917, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Nr Both
Cocol Hoyt
Jr Sl.lh anil Hoyl Portland. Ora.
. LOUH1MKH, MnnnBtT.
Yield Per Acre Can Bo Greatly
. Increased Thereby.
'il Era V. Htuxr,
f HaoiW sf JUaia'i EKtptitnil HottlttJh?
W Ar Buy.ra bf
Kegs, Hides, Poultry, Eggs,
i ' Voor l.lpmnl lo u will brin to you
at raturo and bat pouibl. pric.a.
. nt St., l'ortland. Or-on
Veal, Pork. Beef,
iltry, Butter, bags
Farm Produc
tia OM Italian!, tfvordlna hoiiaa with a
.ard of y-ars of Hquam Doallnira, ana
ItWura. I Hop MARKET prices.
,p nd
Front Straa
Portland, Or row
, til yon Writ (or prices Hid thipplng tagt
. n..M..rf A.. . ...HI. W'
F. KQRIOII lU. rwi iisiiu. vio., ..., ....
nor pound a-uarant.wl. No eommlmUm.
I,y mail. Tho Savinar Co., 1
it . l'ortland. Ore. Cup. iiu,uuu. Mar. 67,
I" C. B.' MINERS & CO.
L fW 1H0 ftJMN III. POITUHB, 010011
, J!N A TRADE. Cm Tractor ncl Auto.
1 Wi arc in dfinnml. We are irlvinir a rom
r bum In lt.h forth, pries of one tuition
' Sort time only, l.ante claw now graduat
I k. fnr f..w mnrn men. I atnlot
i aila free. Hawaii Tih, 2Wa luaiWaa
t Portland, Oregon.
OlrUI Try Itl KsIp geta T,UTT?
and beautiful Get Z3 cent
bottle of Danderlne.
Work Can Bo Dona In Lata Winter or
Early 8prlno When Time Other,
wise Would B Leet Simple
Tester Described.
Mr. Avernge Farmer, is your timo
worth $1 on hour? That Hounds like a
got-rlch-qulck scheme, doesn't It? Well
It Isn't J. O. Ilaeklemun of the Mis-
Hour! college of agriculture figures that
tr vftii ram for heavy nair mat glis
tens with beauty and Is radiant with
life; has an Incomparable softness and
la fluffy and lustrous, try Danderlne.
JuBt one application aouuieo mo
beauty t your balr, besides l imme
diately dissolves every particle of
dandruff. You can not bt,ve nice
heavy, healthy hair if "ou bave dan
druff. This destructive scurf robs the
balr of lta lustre, Us strengtn ana us
,n ltfn and if not overcome, it pro
duces a feverlshness ana inning 01
the scalp; the hair roots famisn, ioos-
on and Hin! then the hair tans out
Houn cuiii-rw i bki'vu.iu.w ....v- - Sureiy got a 25-cont bottle 01
you can muko thut much testing seed Knowlton., r,anderlne from 'ny drug
mo average niiuun torfl ana UBt try it
rnlnes about twenty-Bit acres of corn
each year, lie fulls to tnt his seed
corn whereby hp loses $1.B0 (this Is a
conservative estimate) an acre.
Mr. Jlscklemnn says that about ten
hours of actual labor would be required
to tcBt tho seed for the 20 seres. Hy
such testing tho yield con bo increased
at least fl.GO worth. nonce xiio
time reoulred to test the need Is worth
about $40, or about $1 an hour, alio
more corn a farmer grows the nioro
money ho can make by the test. The
man who mines 100 acres con Increase
. -4..-.I. .u4 ti.ria Parlj. at half DrtCff.
I" . . -.... . u.'. k.v. .racked
I ihlloreut make, of car of nxvpt dat. Ir
,i of any write to Auto Wrecking- Co.. ID.
j JnMuiwsy. 1'orUand. Ureifon.
I EDp7G0RIN,PaW Attorney. '
i 'Jjcr and fieveloper. I'ati'ntJi aiieured or Fee
od. r'KKK, Toy X-Hay 1'lato; ahowe evtiry
n your Ixxiy riifht thnmifh your clothlnK.
R-71)1. W1A. 101U. 7U1C. tntral bldif.. Seattle
IcKY bookWpimr. ahorthand. tnleT.hy.
uanuliii). EiikIIkH branchua, at an accredited
,.r l,r. Main L'M for catnloKue;
I 't rnarantxl iKieiliona. Ifc.hnke-Walker
kh C'olU'Ke, 167 4tb Street, near Morriaon,
vnd, Orek-on.
i rev-' w h ' . 1
FfR ITnilNO.
Bathe With Cutlcura Soap and Apply
the Ointment Trial Free.
rashes, itchlnes; lrrl
tatlons, pimples, dandruff, sore hands
and baby humors, Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment are supremely effective. Be-
Ulrica thev tend to prevent tnese ais
tresBlng conditions. If used tor every-
inv tniint and nursery Dreparatlons,
Free samnie eacn Dy man whu
nook. Address postcard, uuiicura,
Dept. L, Boston. Sold everywhere.
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out
; Without Any Pain
v tit-' i?fr - a' - - y
Corn From Tested Seed.
it j tl cot. r..r,l far Khnuld carry one ex
r J tra tire It nave chanwinB on the rood.
. L Mf whm.l. Andied In 6 mln
it i Havea time, clothe, tmuer and rellirion.
. iti.OU. Sent parcel poat prepaid, upon re
c f prlca.
L' C00 VatBASIllSO CO., "The Tire Shop."
- 6 liurnaida at., I'ortland, Oresron
lt: ''wm A Granulated Eyelids,
Ifl! S Ey inllameJ by expo
'Jf& ,UretoSun,DuslandWlns
-mn rA. quickly relieved by Murine
lfirt EyeBemedy. NoSmarting.
i4 v-Ju6t Eye Comfort.At
r Dnifrgirt's 50c per Hottle. Murlae Cya
inTubes 2 5c. For Book el the Eye Free ask
1 ggiati or Murine Eye Kemedy Co., Chicago
Ii, . .. - "
1 Her Idea.
' ilrs. Jinks must be determined to
on socially by leaps and bounds.'
ijJVhat makes you think so?"
t'Jhe gives so many hops." Daltl
Icie American.
od health cannot be maintained where
E is a constipated habit. Garfield Tea
conies constipation.
Tottle's Example.
ivVhat Is a conjunction?" the teach
inked. That's what joins together," an
"ired a bright-eyed little girl. ,
Give an example, Tottie."
The marriage service."
.. ,
'( ..
: Unappreciated.
Whv are vou in prison, my good
n?" asked the sympathetic visitor.
wanted to do a deed of kindness,
jn, but de law didn't see it dat
.,r." "No?" "I wuz told dat a cer
ta millionaire's money wuz a burden
m, an I tried to lighten his bur-
hiH earnings at least $150. This Is
practically clear gnln since testing Is
done during late winter or early sprlns
when the time would otherwise be lost,
Seed corn testing Is comparatively
easy. Tho ears that have been pre
viously selected for seed ore labeled
to eorremwnd to tho spaces occupied
by the grains from those cars in the
germlnator. If nny of the samples of
gruln show poor germination, the ear
from which they came can De iouuu
from the label on the space the grains
oecunv. and can bo eliminated,
One of the simplest testers is the
snnd bos or sawdust. It consists of n
box about 4 Inches deep and 30 Inches
square, with about two inches of Blind
or sawdust In the bottom to hold the
moisture or to keep water from stand-
a -l at
Ing around the corn, a piece ox ...u
shcetlnsr or other cloth thut will ab
sorb moisture, but will not allow It to
stand on the surface, should bo
stretched over tho surfuce and marked
nrr Into 2-lnch souares. Put six ker
nels from various portions of the mld-
rllfi of each ear to be tested into one
of thoso saunres and give the ears and
cmiorna rnrrpsioiulimf lubc-lS. COVCf
Yon reic.kless men and women who
are pestered with corns and who have
at least once a week invited an awful
death from lockjaw or biooa poison
are now told by a Cincinnati authority
to use a drug called freeaone, which
the moment a few drops are appneu
to any corn or callous the soreness is
relieved and soon the entire corn or
callous, root and all, lifts off with the
fingers. .
Froezone dries the momeni n is ay-
piled, and simply shrivels tne corn or
callous without inflaming or even ir
ritating the surrounding tissue or
kin A small bottle of freezone will
r-riHt verv little at any of the drug
stores, but will positively nu out, a
feet of every hard or soft corn or
hardened callous. If your druggist
hasn't any freezone he can get it at
any wholesale drug nouse ior you.
Stormy Debate.
r.hiif nf Mcintosh Clan (indignant
ly to cabby, after a dispute over the
lare) How care you upeaa. w iuD
like that? Do you know im tne aio
cnhhv You look to me more nae
the umbrella. Ideas.
Commleloner of Health, Pennsylvania!.
"Water! of heaven first born, ever in
all ages a sacred emblem from that re
mote period wben the earth was with
out form and void and darkness was
upon the face of the deep and the
Kprlt of God moved upon the face of
tho waters. Alal In these latter days
more abused than is any other element."
From the settlement of America by
the Spanish, the bubbling brooks, up
to and lncludlnc the broad water high
ways of nations, have been used for
the disposal of sewage, and uus wun
out restraint, until a few years ago
when the work beitan under the law
of 11K5 to change this condition, which
has resulted in reducing typhoid lever
74 per cent, as well as lessening the
suffering and sorrow of thousands of
human beings
The time consumed in cleansing the
streams Is not for the want of sum
clent legislation; that Is ample. The
progress has been Impeded by the fact
that homes and Industries have grown
Blnce our first civilization very much
as Topsy did, without any thought ef
the morrow. Having this enormity of
Insunltary conditions to meet, with so
many lives depending upon the prod
ucts of the offending producers, much
financing and time must be used to
eliminate the death-dealing condition.
Tho sewage from individual sources
has largely been removed from our
streams and our Industries -have re
moved their wastes gradually and con
tinually. This, however, has been a
work that of necessity moves slowly,
for upon the great Industrial plants our
people depend for some of the necessi
ties of living and hundreds of thou
sands of our people made their bread
and butter for their families by wors
S3 $3.50 $4 S4.50 $5 $6 $7 & S3 aZFWSSI
Svfl Money oy wearing -
.ho.. ForZle by overOOOO .hoe deaden.
The Beat Known Shoe. In the World.
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price is stamped on the bot
tom of all hoes st the factory. The value I. guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for infer shoes. The
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cost no more m San
FwncKantheydoinNcwYork. They are always worth the
price paid for them.
nr-lie quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
i- than 40 years experience in maJcing fine shoes. The smart
styles are the leader, in the Fashion Centres of America.
They are made in a weU-ecmippecl factory at Brockton, Man,
by the highest paid, skilled ahoemakers, under the clirection and
... :.: r.( .nrl men. all worlcinz with an honest
determination to make the best shoes for the price that money
can buy. if
. . . . tnnr t. nnnlaiifinea. Tf he can- I'
AlK yonr nnn. uwirr ir . ; . , , . . Im'.
not auwdy yon with tlw kind you nt. tk no othnr Wljf
make. Write for Intereatlna; booklet einlalnlns; how to V vT It
ctahoe.of the hlKhrt atan.lard of quality for the price, 'Q V
by return mail, poetage free.
Boys' Shoe
Best In ths World
. w , ,,jf- m Best in tns wona
LOOK FOR W. L. DougU. lj)&n& $3.00 $2.50 & $00
name and the retail pnee ' waf,!nt " W. I- Pouiflaa Hhoo Co.,.
(tamped on
the bottom.
President u W.I- Iouglaa Shoe
185 Spark St., Brockton, staaa.
nir in the irreat manufacturing plants
i,a nnnntrv It WOUld UOt nBVC
done to arbitrarily have ordered au
these Industrial wastes out, as we naa
hi eh appreciation of the distress to
our people by the closing down of our
factories, and therefore waited in
many wavs for Mother Invention to
discover ways and means of disposing
of industrial wastes without lntener
Ine with the creat hubs of industries,
Our neoole during the last aecaae
have been educated to an understand
ing thut pure water is as essential lor
encui henlth as nroper food.. mms, now-
ever, was recognized in the time of
Nero: that great and arbitrary em
peror was fined for polluting the Nile,
To restore our streams to tneir vir
gin conditions will or course De some
what expensive, yet money cannot be
better spent, as the health of botn man
nnd beast depends upon improving our
domestic water supplies in fact it is
a great factor In Increasing the power
of our nation, because this depends
upon the health of our people.
It May Be.
ancients had many
"Mercury was the patron of mer-
nlionta T understand.
"And Nemesis or diu collectors,
spose." Kansas City journal.
Backache, Rheumatism and Dropsy.
Kidney. Bladder and Uric Acid troubles
bring misery to many. VV hen tne Kmnoys
am weak or diseased, these natural biters
do not cleanse tho blood sulllcienUy.arid
the poisons are carried to all parts of tuo
body. There- follow doprosslon, aches
mid pains, heaviness, drowsiness. Irrita
bility, headaches, chilliness and rheu
motiim in aiimA nnnnln thoro are sharp
pains in tho back and loins, distressing
bladder disorders and sometimes oosim
ate dropsy. The uric acid sometimes
forms into gravel or kidney stones. When
the uric acid affects tho muscles and
joints, it causes iumbago, rheumatism,
gotit or sciatica. This la tho time to try
Dnrini dlenstlon uric acid Is absorbed
intn flio Kvstcm from moat eaten, and
dm hor to nrevent drying and keep it BV from somo vctcotablos. The poor
. i l,f TC .lnm-ooa I i,(,innc nr.i t.lrnA nnrl hackiicho beslns.
; So This Is a, good time to take Anur.c
I'luiiviuivifc - i ho niw ii dcnvcrv m ur. r uiw iviu-
" : . . - i t ivr i
le . . . .
?f ' A Jingo.
Father,11 said the small boy, "what
a jingo r
'A jingo, my son, is a mar
j!ots off his mouth, but never
if fire a gun." Washington Ste
Jlmrded GRAND PRIZE at the P.P.I.E.
4 IW1 fAne
; 1 , UVI STSslSS nto
i' ' ' iuOAKasco.tu
.."S ' .-: v I
is -i 3
CjHIiq suit-EVTRYWfiRi
m suit FREE if the ri t
If your ciialcr cannot lupply you, we will vnd thei,
f chorgM prepaid, en receipt of price, 85c eacl
J. Levi Strausa & Go., San Francioc
onrs from which kernels failed to ger-
mlnate, throw them into the feed box
and retain those that showed a goou
Hfrnnir tost.
Figures, based on the acreage and
yields in Missouri during the Inst eight
years, indicate that the losses incident
tr. nr-siect of seed corn testing will
amount to about $11,000,000 this year
That amount is worth saving.
rj.Riiira Given of Surveys Made by
United States Department of
Agriculture. j
"According to tho soil surveys iade
t of
d of
t of
trr,nl,ln nnd IJuckacho. Neclocted
kidney troublo is responsible for many
deaths, and Insurance Company examin
ing doctors always test tho water of an
npplicant bcroro a policy will bo Issued.
Ilnvc you over set asido a bottle of water
twonty-iour uoursr m-uvj
nt rr cnttHncr scimntlmos Indicates Klu-
mentor settling sometimes Indicates kid
ney troublo. Tho true naturo and char
ncter of diseases, especially those of tho
kidneys and urinary organs, can often
h Hntrmincd by ii careful chemical a;i-
-i .if.r,-Kfniiien.l pxaininatioii
this is done by export chemists of th
Medical KtalTof tho Invalids' Hotel. If
,,,-v. L-nnw vour condition send a
saiunlo of your water to Doctor Pierce a
Invalids' Hotel, jtuuaiu, i.
.!!. ermniimn. T t, Will DO CX-
aniined without any expense to you, and
inntnr T'iorco or his Btatf of Assisting
i'hysicians will inform you truthfully.
Read all about yourself, your system,
!,..!, vlrw nnatomv. hvuiono. simple
inmn Rures. etc.. in the "Common Sense
Medical Adviser a book of KX pagea
u l Tlr- V M V nrrn. Rllflalo. M. I.,
three dimes or thirty cents in ono-ceut
tstainps for a ciotn-Dounu copy. -m
For Sick Headache. Sour Stomach
Sluggish Liver and Bowels They
work while you sleep.
Pnrrori Ton pua. Bad Taste. Indlges
tlon, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
aches come from a torpid liver and
.wo-ori howelB. which cause your
stomach to become filled with undi
gested food, which sours ana iermeius
like garbage in a swiu Darrei. iumj
hn first aten to untold misery indi
gestion, foul gases, bad breath, yellow
.inn mfrntal fears, everyth'ng that is
hnrrihla and nauseating. A Cascaret
innirht will elvfi vour constipated
bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep a 10-cent box
from your druggist -will keep you ieei
wini a Willis Ma, what do
moan hv "measured tread?"
Mamma Willis tor examine, ou.
father's tread when ne came nome
last night measured about two quarts.
r m,t soiuntial to Good I Health.
Garfield Tea dispels impurities, cleanses the
flvntom and eradicates diseaae.
joHvuNn rioubt in case of war we
shall throw in our lot with Britaim and
France, and the alliance win oe ui-
Hyphenite It win De to me.-
"When do you think the war will
end?" asked one inventor.
'There's no saying," repneu uic
nttiDr "Wa Have tne suDmanue,
now we're getting the submarine de
stroyer, and then we'll want tne con
trivance to destroy the destroyer, and
an nn until the calculation runs away
off into the higher mathematics."
The Toiler.
"Does a farmer have to work hard."
"Vpti. But not so hard as the aver
age person who has to buy what us
farmers raise." vvasninBiuu ow,
cm ir acid STOMACHS,
' , H nlft .1
3088 B'o"0"o II BTfl'oTo?
Around the World.
The people In Holland hold
the record as coffee drinkers.
The Australians are the great
est meat eaters in the world.
There are 25,471 miles of rail
road in France, in which are
over 60,000,000 ties.
The normal daily consumption
of milk In Paris and its suburbs
j AAA AAA nunrra
exceeus i,uw,vArv hu o
a Hisnntrher is employed 3
L " I - - I
in Npw York to control by tele
phone the movement of a line of o
tugs in the harbor. t
rrinw oioptrif Mazda lamDS o
A.iij w..v -
fixed In policemen's helmets a
serve to direct tramc in me
darkened streets of London,
rrt o o o OOO000Q0QOPQ O.v.,0 0 Q fi fi ft :
Each "Pape'a Diapepain" Digest. 3000
gralna food, ending an tiomacn
misery In five mlnutea.
TimA it! In fi minutes all stom-
nrh rtiHtresa will ko. No indigestion,
henrthnrn. sourness or belching of
acid, or eructations oi unaigesieu
tnnA no dizziness, bloating, foul
hroath or headache.
Pann'a DlaDeDsin la noted for its
speed in regulating upset stomachs,
it i the aurest. Quickest stomach rem
edy In the whole world and besides It
is harmless. Put an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsin
from any drug store. You realiie In
five minutes how needless it is to suf
fer from indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It's the quickest,
surest and most harmless stomach
doctor in the world.
usually stops a stubborn
cough or chest cold when
ordinary specifics fail.
It helps strengthen the
lunes and throat adds
energy to the blood and
gives the system the force
to help resist disease.
Ref use Substitutes
Scott & Bowne, Bloom6etd. N. J.
Used An Umbrella.
Doctor Well, how did your wife
manage the shower bath, deacon?
Deacon She had real good luck.
Mme. Moody told her how she man
aged. She had a large piled silk cap.
with a cape to it like a fisherman's
that came all over her shoulders and
head. . .
Doctor She's a fool for her pains.
That's not the way.
Deacon So my wife tnougnt.
Doctor Your wife did nothing
the sort, I hope.
Deacon Oh, no; she used an urn
brilly. Exchange.
"Anuric" cures Backache, Lumbago
Rheumatism. Send 10c. Dr. V. WL
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for large trial
Spanish Woman Does Not Lose
Her Maiden Name ai marriage.
The bride's maiden name Is valued
in Spain nnd Is not set aside by mar
riage. When a Spanish woman mar
ries she merely adds her nusDanus
name to her own. But never does she
lose her identity by dropping her
name entirely and taking over that of
her husband. And to her Intimates
she Is known more by her maiden
name than her husbnnd's.
More than that, an unmarried per-
SOI! IS Known O uoin mc luuurei o
nnd father's name, joined by the let
ter "y." That makes the formal
name, lniormauy, a sou, iui maiumc,
is known only by his fathers name.
Thus a person may be Smith y
Brown, or its equivalent, the father
being of one surname, and the mother
in her maiden days of tne otner. vnen
that person marries, to avoid compli
cations the mother's name is dropped,
and the husband's name tacked on
with the aid of the preiix "de. in
that way the "senorita" or "senora" Is
unnecessary to distinguish married
from unmarried women.
A Little Stick of
V Ai
id aizataJ
Some men never use kind words If
there Is a club handy.
An eccentric woman Is one who pre
fers comfort to style.
It flatters a married man to tell him
that he doesn't look It.
When fame comes to the average
man it roosts upon his monument
Never lend money to a stranger. If
you must have financial transactions
with him, borrow.
"Know thyself Is all right as a pro
verb, but some men who know , them
selves do not know much.
If your heart prompts you to do a
good deed, do It Immediately before
you have heart failure.
Makes the Whole World KinS
This famous chewing
gum aids appetite and di
gestion, quenches thirst,
keeps the teeth clean
and breath sweet.
Fresh, clean, wholesome
and delicious always.
No wonder WRIGLEYS is
used around the world, when
ever and wherever people
want lasting refreshment.
jHF i iiwm a Sp
SkV ...lvI
JBt Ckv .Ha
V P. N. U.
ing good lor montns.
No. 13, 1917