Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, December 16, 1910, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Huy early "while our stork Is com
..t.. Craven & Moore. 28 29
J. T. l-ogan f Kings Valley. In
th city Hunday. -
II. II. Illrsrhberg was In Portland
on 1uh1dmm the first of the week.
E. M. Young was In Hal-m on busi
ness Saturday.
J. n. Cooper went to Salem Monday
going by way of the auto stage.
J. R. Cooper uiade a buslm-si trip
to Dallas lb flnt of the week
Mrs. I. M. Klrkland was a visitor
to lb metropolis thla week.
F. W. Horry of Banks wm In the
city on business Friday of lust week
Mrs. W. W. I'erclval was a Dallas
visitor thlf week.
OA good pair raadlog !
$1.00 at Kramer's. U
C. (J. .Long drove hla auto to Salem
Saturday and took In a load of paa
iengers. Mn. Cliaa. " Mattlaon -vUlK'd her
daughter. Topsy. In Portland thla
Dick Gaines, who has been In the
city a few days, returned to Portland
A. H. Gryer of Corvallls. was a
guest at the Motel Walker the fore
part of the week
s' p Wrirfhtman and L. R. Sten-
on of Salem, attended the K. of P
meeting here Monday evening.
L. Waterman fountain pen mnkea a
nice Xmaa present. We have all the
luteal designs. Craven & Moore. 28-8
cinn Henkle have Installed
new wall lights at their theatre and
it adda wonderfully to appearance.
E. West la closing out hla stock of
furniture and expects to retire from
The Portland train wag consider
able late Monday, but we did not
learn the reason for the delay.
A team for sale, weighing about
1200 lbs. each, well matched. W ill sen
one or both. J. D. Collins28-29
Attend the Orchestra Ball In the
Opera House Friday evening. Decem
ber 23. Tickets to dance $100.
Our big assortment of men's fan
cy suspondera and arm bands for
Christmas cannot be beat. Conkey
Walker & Lehman. "
C. Purvine . Informs us that he
contemplates the establishment of a
lumber yard In this city In the near
f iture. .
The largest and swellest line of
mpn'a neckwear in town all the lat
est colorings for holiday trade. Con
key, Walker & Lehman's.
If vmi fall to attend the Grand Or
ch-stra Ball next Friday evening.
December 23, you will miss a good
For a nice Christmas present buy
him a nice pair of slippers. We are
showing a very up-to-date line. Con
key, Walker & Lehman.
R. H. McCarter sold half of his
home 'nlace near the city last week
to Samuel Kreder of Forest Grove,
who took possession at once.
- We have over BOO patterns for you
to select from' our made to measure
book. Fit guaranteed or no sale.
Conkey, Walker & Lehman.
Mr. McClairen, superintending the
Avork of the Independence High
School, and Mr. Weaverson, of Burk
hart & Weaverson of Portland, were
in the city a few days, this week.
H. Shellberg, one of Uncle Sam's
Mrmd Mrt. Chaa. E. I licks UKd
frlotiJg In Portland over Hunday.
Chan. Itluu inudu a trip to Newport
the fori- part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Sloper UHcil In 8a
IIU Ilia fore part of the week.
A. V. Cloy of Halem was In the cliy
i.n huiliinkB iha font hart of the week
Geo. Conker transacted business In
Portland Tuesday,
J. I lluim vUltxd In IliK'iia Vim
H. V, McKaney of Hodavllle was 1
tua city yesterday.
I red Mcllenry of Corvallls trans
acted business In the city Thursday
G. A. Adklns of Salem was In tu
Letter Coiupton went to Albany city Monday. ;
flaturflav where he remained a
days on business and pleasure
Mr. - Marcus Cooper left Tuesday
for Portland where he will work tbia
Attend the New Tear's Eve ball winter
at the opera house Saturday evening
December 31.
The Wblst'Club met Monday ev
enlng with Mrs. P. H. Drexler, and
a good time Is reported.
Mr. Peck, manager of the Home.
Telephone, made a trip to Alrtle Won
Wm. McAdama was In Albany on
business a few daya the latter part
of the percedlng week.
At Forward of Salem, (topped In
the clfy a short time Saturday after
noon on his way home from Dallas.
The fen market seems to have tak
en a drop slightly and consumers 'of
the hen berry are favorably Impresse
with the present conditions.
Mrs. Snydor id visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Osburn. In the city. Mr.
Snyder la foreman of the construction
crew of the Hell Telephone Co.
F. A. Williams Is suffering from
the effects of one of Job'a comfort
ers, and la quite comfortable In a
perpendicular attitude.
Christmas shopping commenced un
usually early thla year, and merchant
tell us that the trade has been good
considering the time of the season.
Saturday was a pretty lively day
In the cltr. and conditions seemed
more metropolitan than In former
The ladies of the W. O. W. Circle
went to Dallas last Thursday even
ing and assisted In Joint Initiation
work. A good time Is reported.
Ladles' slippers we have them
a very select line. They come in dif
ferent colored felt, fur trimmed
the latest to be had. Conkey, Walk
er & Lehman.
dergolng treatment In the Salem hos
pltal for some time, returned the
fore part of this week and Is great
ly improved In health.
He said he would like a pair of
Gloves for Christmas. Come to us
for dress gloves for we have th
best assortment in town. Conkey
Walker & Lehman.
Mrs. H.. E. Browne, her son, Floyd
and daughter, Vivian, came over
from Sllverton Saturday and spent
Sunday at the Hotel Walker with the
man who pays the bills at the En
terprlse office.
Roberts Bros, will hold a stock sale
at their feed barn on Main street
tomorrow. December 17. They have
a fine bunch of horses to put on the
The Independence High School Bas
ket Ball team will play the Corvallls
High School team in this city Thurs
day evening of this week and at Mon
mouth on Friday evening. Both
promise to be fast games.
Mr. and Mrs. Longcore of Tilla
mook, were In the city the tore part
of the week looking for a location.
Thev expect to return to Indepen
dence In the spring and make their
home here permanently.
The Independence .Orchestra will
II. W. Iluthoney of Council Bluff
Iowa,, was In the a few daya
last week looking over the country
D. A. Hodge of Salem baa been in
the city a few daya this week on
business. a
Moss Walker transacted buslnea
In Portland the latter part of last
Dr. Duganne was In Portland on
business and pleasure a few day
last week.
Falls City is to have a new water
lystein to cost $30,000. The little city
la growing fast.
Mrs. W. S. Kurre and Mrs. Frank
Kurre visited In Salem a few days
this week.
I. T. Dickey of Hood River, ar
rived In the city last week and la
assisting In the Enterprise office
Sportsmen are enjoying the season
of duck hunting and success Is said
to be remarkable In some instances
Robert Dickinson departed Wed
nesday afternoon for Seattle , where
be will remain until after the holl
Conkey. Walker & Lehman have
lust received one of the largest and
most select lines of men's neckwear
all the latest colorings and styles
Rev. Weber announces a series of
revival meetings to be held In the
M. E. church, commencing on the
night of January 1
We are showing some very nice
patterns in fancy ribbons for holl
day trade. Conkey, Walker & Leh
man. ,
Sherman Hayg was in Salem on
bualness today. By the way, Sherman
Is another of the new subscribers to
C. Peck, who bas been un the Enterprise.
A large line of women's white fan
r aprons for Christmas. They are
beauties: come in and see , them.
Conkey, Walker & Lehman.
The ladies Of the M. K. chvr rh held
e a rally at the church parlors yester
day afternoon and a good time is re
ported. A vaudeville company entertained
the theatre going people at the Star
Theatre Saturday and Monday even
ings, and the amusing feature is said
to have ..been quite acceptable.
The High School moved out of the
public school building last week and
into the new high school building.The
students are comfortably located now
and good work will be the result.
For ladies' neckwear come in and
let us show you. We are corrcet in
style and quality. Some very pret
ty ones for gifts. Conkey, Walker &
1 UWCS Jivi "
I I I . 1 1 ,1 .1 Uaii.a
Revenue Men, was In e cty . .. - M The
:6T-, u." 'Till thl hnvs ocat.; committee in charge is making every
nuiei ne bui,v.i.m
in tho "humns" and making him
self interesting as a phrenologist.
In addition to the ball to be given
In the opera house Friday evening
of this week 1 the Independence ur
chestra will give another on Decem
ber 31, New Year's Eve. Everybody
Is cordially invited to attend.
Our ready-made men's clothing are
-made by expert tailors those that
Ttnnw how to make every line nans
. I., wo am showing: the
mo'st up-to-date line of clothing to
be seen anywhere. Conkey, Walker
& Lehman.
Wm. McAdams has announced him
self as a candidate for mailing clerk
in the House of Representatives, and
, it la sa!d he is likely to be the man
in this position. Cetrainly the Rep
resentatives can do no better than
putting in this reputable young Inde
pendence man.
arrangement to make this the hit of
the season and from all appearances
it is going to be a grand success.
Toys, dolls, toilet sets, manicure
sets, books, Bibles, Testaments,
games, sewing sets, mirrors, in fact
almost anything you can think of for
Xmas, now on sale at Craven &
Moore's. ' 28-29
A chimney burning out on S. B.
Walker's house last Friday evening
caused some little anxiety on the
part of members of that household
for a short time, but no damage resulted.
It is understood that parties from
abroad have been looking around In
dependence with a view of estab
lishing a general merchandise store
in the cltv. It is also stated that
they expect to establish some time
during the spring, but how authen
tic the report is we can not learn.
Mrs. P. M. Klrkland In Port
land a few days this week.
Wltlard Craven was In Dallas on
bualii'Mia Yr.tny and Haturdsy,
Key. Knnford Snyder pun baaed five
acres of land this wuck from Juaon
Neeley, consideration $400,
C. U. Long put a crew of men at
work Wednesday Improving his newly
purchased bouse west of the bote).
E. Hartley of Salem, was looking
after hla Interests In this vicinity
the fore part of tile week.
Wm. Earhart was In Monmouth on
business Wednesday In the Interests
of R. M. Wade A Co.
Thoa. Fltchard left Wednesday af
ternoon for New York, where he
will remain some time visiting old
Buy your candles and nuts for
Christmas at Drexler t Alexander's
where the stock Is always fresh and
L. E. Davidson of Portland, Is vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
S. W. Smith. He expects to remain
until after the holidays.
The Ladles of the Presbyterian
church held their annual bazaar and
sale at the church parlors Wednes
day, It was well attended.
Messrs. Edwarjg and Dones, press
men on the Statesman and Free Press
respectively, visited with W. W
Kuns of the Enterprise, Sunday.
Miss Mary Porterfleld, Miss Laura
Sperling,- Mr. Tate, wife and daught
er , Verd Hill, Mrs. O. A. Kreamer
and daughter, and Miss Stukey were
passengers on the tut) xiage. S "in fifty
morning for Salem.
C. S. Bristol of Silvenon. was in
the city Monday. Mr. Bristolwas fa
vorably impressed with the conditions
here and If he sells bis interests in
that city may become a resident of
Independence in the future. Certain
ly he will be welcome.
W. M. Pennett of Monmouth m
In thtf city Wudnf-aday,
Th thirty-fifth family reunion of
the Butler family will be field Cbrlstr
mas night at the old home place at
A couple of mon from Dallas wero
In the city Monday and Tuesday look
ing for a building In which to estab
lish a real estate business.
Hanna Pros, are installing a hot
and cold water system at the farm
of Clark Hembree near Monmouth.
The farmers of this vicinity are fast
becoming metropolitan.
P. M. Klrkland has added two hand
some and convenient new show cas
es to his store. They were Installed
this week and greatly add to the ap
pearance of things In that place of
Come In and see our line of Christ
mas Goods. We carry a nice Hne of
fancy goods, notions. Men's, Ladies'
and Children's slippers, staple and
fancy groceries, nuts, candles, etc.
Drexler & Alexander.
Since the new sewer system has
been put In residents of Independence
ur beginning to think about better
water system In homes and sever
al have installed hot water and bath
J. W. Allen of Rlckreall, was In
the city Wednesday. Mr. Allen is
making substantial improvements at
his farm this winter In the way of
Installing a water system, and R. M
Wade Co. are doing the work and
furnishing the material.
Geo. Rogers, well known in this
city. Is very ill at the Good Samari
tan hospital in" Portland. He suf
fered an amputation of one foot Tues
day, and there Is little hope for his
recovery. The difficulty originated
from kidney trouble. He has been
in poor health for a long time, and
during the past winter his condition
has been getting more and more se
The Independence school teachers
gave the board of directors a very
pleasant reception Friday evening
and every one present reports a good
If you are looking for holiday gifts
for man. woman or child remember
Conkey, Walker & Lehman carries
the best and largest assortment to
be had.
Fancy embroidered and drawn work
linens for presents: cannot be better
Come In and see our assortment.
You cannot help but buy. Conkey,
Walker & Lehman.
E. M. Risenthal. the Mason-Ehrman
representative who 'has sold more ci
gars in this city during the past fif
teen years than perhaps any other
man 'in Oregon, was interviewing our
business men Monday.
A manifestation of enterprise Was
noticed at the K. of P. meeting Mon
day evening when the lodge voted al
most unanimously to pave the street
abutting their property in this city,
upon which a large Castle Hall will
be erected iixthe quite near future.
Mr. Ross, foreman of the Indepen
dence and Dallas section, returnei
from Portland Wednesday where' he
had been in pursuit of his brother
who suddenly came up missing and
Whose whereabouts is said to be , un
known.' I
Does not do all in Merchandising. Experience' and a well
Selected stock of
Groceries, China Ware, Etc.
is what has been the means of building up our immense trade.
We need not say more. We cater to the Grocery trade and
solicit your patronage.
Are none too good for any home. We handle
nothing but the best and keep in stock a
large assortment.
Sperling Bros.