Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, November 04, 1910, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Independence Enterprise
For Bumper Fruit and Hop Crop
KuU'ivtl at I-depor-dencs, Ore., poa office aa second claw matter.
Subscription, $1.50 Pr Year
to carry their tnvasuru and It In ui
The editor of the UeuiUer . - xrvtt of tho country. Vote prolilbl
io a great if" i ii".'i ,. onrt. vuu ataiuat the
--- ...m.nrr-B nilfinN. MAUIMlfR 4. 110.
FMt POUR INPKPKWPtwfcK tHiinrnnii murnunvw ....,, -. ----- , ,
1 1 , 1 1
u - , - .. .... on the ballot. are aiiuiou uieas-
inulod acftiUHt. as under the prex-nt dtasuue d you moat
local option m noiaiH-u. . .. . ,ar,.tulv. Tiu, tinatt
hut trade la d.Kc.luiinatra ssai .H j ,. . gulot)I1
by the local option Iw: .noiio mil , disguise. Once more. l
that . i:i.H-tiit with the luuor traff . 1 . . .. . .A '....
- ' , - , , .. preiiareu io vine . vj on r''
And what U there auout the aaloon ftppoari, on u, bl4l,0,
mm uium-a ,..., uuj ...".y ..h.,h ,h .,... ... , cailSl. doubt
dry-goods. cIoiliitiK. meat. bread. ".. t M U) ,,0 ,ll(lllt,m.
Kvetv legitimate Industry suitors bo- - .,.. ,.
cause of tlie sai.H.n l.v.r tw.Muy i t wbvr() ttru lgno.
Ineaa hou.- In Iul.a r their bual- " 1 r niwwure.
new U Increasing and tlwy Heart u rosnonsible for
favor a dry county. IVrhapa aoim - m.(,lfllr nf til country, especial
saloon men wish to ve off the com- , lttl.t,(, ,n ur
munlty or perhaps the brewers wish "tnfl" . ,nteiiiCent uae. A
to eatabHah a plant In Pal us. '-,vot N0 ls a 8afe vote on any mea
!S-.!JBl",r eiitbSrour n,.nd la t-ot thorouKh.y
nr hv nrnhltiitlon
The cry that the nelnhborliiK; coun
ty Kfta our trade la a ato It arnutnent.
I'erhapa some pooplo do buy goods
fmm Salom Rut that la not due to
the fact that Sulera haa saloons. What
made up on.
Last week's Itemlzer brings us
Rood newa. U states that the sheriff,
an insult to trie citizens or uaiias, independence statltiK that cer
that because they do some trading In ,.art,.. wero si-lling liquor, at
Snlem the Hem ler concludes tnat
thev nre drinklne Salem booze! Tor
haps he is Judging others by himself.
The fact Is a certain business man
of Dallas who favors a wet county
says such argument Is false. People
go to Salem because of peculiar con
ditions obtaining in Dallas irrelevant
to the liquor question.
If the Itemizer only knew that a
very well-to-do citizen of the county
Is only waiting for the county to go
dry again to put up one of the best
Dallas buildings in one of the best lo
calities, he might be more careful in
his cry. "discrimination."
Vote NO on every measure that
you do not understand to be to the
)pt Interests of the country. It is
not sufficient to pass these measures
up without voting on them. The cor
Tuptionlsts are mustering every vote
Modern Sweets
r Moism Beta U At
OvarantH nf fm Cn4
tain parties wero st-lling liquor, at
once . came to this city to investi
gate. No arrests. however, were
made. Kit her the informant was mis
taken and no liquor Is being sold; In
that case prohibition truly prohibits:
or. the sheriff might nave Deen un
able to catch the violator. Hut he
Is too capable for that. A mam who
ls able to run don the escaped con
victs la too capable to let violators
of the liquor law escape. Is It pos-
IK1 that tha lattpl hat the Itenilx-
er mentions is the same one as the
Dallas business man saw. wnen ue
sheriff showed this letter it is saiu
he asked the business man. .ovv
...,.!.! -nii-h:iv none. Hie
W V n ' 1. J
business man w'lhpc-r;!. ' I guess it
I were you. I would p'lone ahead that
was comln- ' it l' n-i n.'us iu
see our sheriff '.te - "ready con
cerned about law oif'rcmeent just
befora elctln".
Patronize tho "Hoitrn Dealer"
Mlni ConfKtlomnr Co., Ntn., Portland, Onion
Good Paint
Is True Economy
The real cost of paint
is the average cost per
year of protecting and
beautifying the surf 2ce.
The paint that costs the
least per gallon is not
the cheapest. It's the
paint . that covers the
most surface and wears
longest. Ask your
painter to use
It insures the greatest
protection and beauty
at the least cost per
, year of service. Color
cards and suggestions
for fashionable . com
binations at our store.
No matter what the
surface to be painted,
enameled, stained or
varnished, there's an
Acme Quality Kind to
fit the purpose
The Dallas reords show that for
the year ending June ;!U, 1H08. 78 ar
rests were made for drunkenness.
For the two years ending June 30,
1910, there were 02 arres;a made tor
the same cause. That is, in the two
years under local option there were
less than one-half as many arrests
marto Ha in one viar under the. sa-
, loons. ,
1 The records of Independence make
la better showing. For the year end
iing June 30. 1908, there were 47 ar
rests for drunkenness. For the two
years ending June 30, 1910, there
were only 18. In other words, dur
ing tUa torn vpnrs under local option
only a little more than one-third as
many arrests for drunkenness as in
one year under license. This alone
shows that prohibition prohibits.
Vote 100 X YES for a dry coun
It is commendable for an editor to
make a valiant fight for the protec
tion, of the boys and girls. , That the
editor of the Observer has recently
.itaken this role is good news. He Is
;at present greatly troubled over the
'fact that so many mtnors are getting
liquor not indeed in Dallas or Polk
'cnuntv. but from Portland and Salem
through the mail order system. He ia
apparently aware of the fact that
Dallas, being a dry town,, does not
sell much, if any, liquor to minors
and that, it being so hard to get Hq
I uor at home.these boys are compelled
to send to Portland and Salem.
The only thing that puzzles us is
why the editor did not find out a
year ago that these boys are getting
liquor? Why should he discover this
fact just before election? Has he sud
denly become altruistic and seeks
now to uplift the boys by doing his
best to bring back the saloon into
Dallas and Polk county so these boys
can get their drinks at home? Or is
he simply driven by self defense to
pick at a last straw in order to save
his own booze and his booze friends?
Is it not .a fact after all that the
boys have always been able to get
liquor in Dallas, but that the alarmed
editor has not cared enough about
the matter to investigate? Why did
he not plead in behalf of the boys
a year ago?
What is his real motive, boys or
' In this issue Mr. Bice answers em
phatically the slanderous reports that
the wet people have started against
him. Before competent witnesses,
one of whom is a democrat, Mr. Bice
,has fully and openly declared himself
i favoring a dry state and county,
i We are informed by a business
I man of Dallas that when Mr. Bice
was campaigning in the Spring Val
; ley precinct he met a wagon load of
Imen whom he stopped and told his
(mission. They asked him, "Where
1 do" you stand on the liquor question?
; Mr. Bice answered, "I favor a dry
state and county." The men sald,"We
i don't, but we admire a mani who ls
square cut."
These stories are started and cir-
cnlntpd hv the -wet nennle who refuse
to give any maw credit. of reforming.
(No one can afford to pay any atten
tion to them. Mr. Bice is a man of
' Integrity and can be depended upon.
a Specialty
These stoves are made of heavy boiler
plate lined with fire brick they re
quire no masonry to be installed
every inch of these stoves is heating
surface they are made in all sizes
We also have Dryer Pipes
The Furnace That Has Made Salem Famous
If elected, which will, no doubt, be sberlff. Tbe very fact tnat inu wei
the case, he Will maKe an exceiu-m voters are uiuuiuuk m cm ""ii ia .-'
idonce that they
what lie says.
believe ho means
Polk County's Leading
Hardware Firm
Hanna Brothers have the largest
stock of hardware in the Willam
ette valley, outside of Portland.
In connection with their hard
ware they have their separate ap
partment for harness, which com
prises the largest stock carried in
Polk county. A separate apart
ment is also
given to their
vehicle stock.
The vehicle
apartment is
the largest in
all the valley
out of Portland. Ranges and heaters occupy an apart
ment. Their entire floor space is 14,500 feet.
Hardware Dealers
Independence, Oregon