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(The Oregonhn.)
Oswald Yest, Democratic nom'nr-e
for Governor, not only collected mile
age and witness fees from the govern
ment for his recent trip to Vasirus
ton, but he also charged and collected
from the state mileage as Railroad
Commissioner for muling the same
trip From the government v e3t
claimed and collected $3(55.20 in mile
age and fees for going to Washington
Usi January. At the same time he
charged and collected from the state
J253 for railroad fare and other ex
tenses for making the same trip.
While he later returned to the state
treasury J315.20 of the amount col
lected from the government, be d d
not make this restoration until he had
been accused by certain Feueral of
ficials of being a "graiter."
yisit Really Political.
West went to Washington last Jan
uary, ostens'bly on bcs'r-" "-"J"- ;f;
with Oregon P.ailrc-ui Commission, oi
which he was a member ap
pointment by Chamberlain. At Uu
same time he appeared before a com
mittee in 'the House nt Reprea ena
tivss in the ir.tervt cf a bill wen
by THE
Succeed when everything else fells.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they era the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
rending and materially affecting ths
Interests of the sowers on puuim
lands In ths SIM. Indian reservation
An a matter of f-t. the real rolkn of
West In tutting Washington on this
cession wan apparently to consum
mate the del 'ta llourne and Cham
berlain by winch it was arranged thnt
be (West) was to be the Democratic
nominee for )ovmor In the contest
now pending In this state,
Il.iiore leaving for Washington West
was served with a pubpoena command
ing him to appear In this city as a
linens for the government In the
trial of limner Ileriiuinn. which was
then about to bo cilled. After reach
lug the nat'onai capltnl. he wrote the
Vntted States district attorney ex
plaining that If he should be notified
a few days In advance he would re
turn to Oregon and testify Hi de
sued. The requested notice ws serv
ed ntid Wet returned.
letter West apix'iued tn the Federal
court as a witness aAlrst Hermann.
On his discharge t'T tlie district attor
ney as a witness West went before
the clerk of the court and claimed
mileage from Portland to Washington
and return, amounting In the assr
gute to $:ttj5 J(. Upon making the re
quired affidavit, attesting the facts
that he was called bck from Wash
ington and tfiat It would be necessary
for him to return to Washington to
compute the business he was engiiged
!n. West received the full amount ot
1365.20 In payment of his claim.
Vouchers Tell Tsle.
On the dar that he collected from
the government, this money to which
he was not entitled, he was charged
by certain Federal officials, who had
witnessed the incident, with taking
money to which he was not entitled.
Two days later he turned Into the
state treasury all but 150 of the
amount he had accepted from the gov
ernment under an oath which was in
consistent with the facts tn the oase.
The facte are that West did not re
turn to Washington after returning to
this state to testify .n the Hermann
case As a matter of fact, having been
served wi.h the recessary papers In
this c'ty, p", who wis then a res
ident oi Salem. m entitled to mile
age from b government only frou
Salem to P rtlud and return, wh'oh.
with hl3 fee as a witness, wou'd not
have amounxd to more ths n $11 or
J1 Records at the State 'hous-? in Si
m sow rluit West for this UtntioJl
trip clmrged and collected In-ni the
state $253. Vouchors for this atnouu:
are on file In the office of the secre
tary xf state. There are two vouc.i
ers one for the O. R. & N. com;. my
for a round. trip ticket from Portland
to Washingn n, D. C. and tbo ether
is West's ov.t, voucher for meal, hotel
btiu- etc- ,.
tv. ,,Kit,. huBftiM.i udoc wnlcn
West was ostensibly called to Wash
ington, accorc'ug bo the Btatemcnt In
his own voucher, was " In re Weils
Fargo & Conjrny rates, old rc;Kirts
and car demurr- rules,"
It was for ti alleged services
that the taxpaye.-s footed the expense
bills of his trip, yet It Is known that
the major portion .t bis time was de
voted" to lobbying lor ttt Slletz home
steader's bfll and ii matters political.
The statement "In 19 Wells-Fargo &
Co rates, old reports and car demur
rage rules" causes ttate house at
taches who ars larm.iar w u
Chamberlain-Wet t game of politics, to
wink at one another and the whole
incident is regarded as a nuge juiv
rirnips It is the prevail-
ing opinion that West's mission to
Washington had norning wmk
do Wltti l" --
Railroad Oommlsslon, but that, be sim
ply seized the oppoituni-.y to make
the trip at the expense of the taxpay-
ers. ,
n, .opnrria ahow that West at
tempted to "double shoot" the game
by charging ana coueciu5 B
r.t,A nnu from both the state and.
the government for the very same
trip. That he was no- i'- "Y--
ioubly paid for this service, may ba
attributed to the fact that attaches of
the Federal offices in this city open
ly charged West with bolng a "graft
er" in that he whs seeking to collect
inoney to which he fiaa no uae
the government. It is very ' Penjneuj
to the situation lu un.o
made no pretenses of turning over to
the state treasury any part of the
mileage he had outcmea y"'
from the government until after he
had been called to account, by the
government officials lor nis grains
hl methods. Even then
he turned over to the state ?50 less
than be had mulcted rrom we pj u
ment, contending thai he was entitled
to that amount for "hotel bills" and
"incidental expenses." The question
naturally arises: ti&a West not col
locleU for these same expense items
from both the state and the govern-
It'is a perfectly logical assumption
thrt West intended to keep the mile
age and witness fees he obtained im
properly from the government as well
as hia mileage and epenbes obtained
from the state aa Railroad Commis
sioner, but for the fact that he was
"caught" In the palpable act f fleec
ing the government by several officers
of the government and his attention
called to the fact. If It had not been
for this timely discovery, there 13 no
question but ttat West would have
kept every cent of ths money collected
from the state and government for
Otherwise, why
did lie undertake to square himself
by turning over to the slate irejuij
., .v.- he funds he had collected
from the government under what
amounts to a raise oaiu.
So far aa West's claim against the
in fv-irutemed. he was en
titled only to the collection of mileago
from . Salem to Portland and return,
including witness, foes and not ex
oir,T si i Thi la true for the rea
ti,n.lMiiea u wlumsa lu the lUv
mann trial was served on him in iirv
land, befoiw he had on to Washing
ton. That is all he ever ws entitled
U from the government. In addition
to making a fake oath to gut 3ii&.!0
from the government, W'eit got his
fingers Into the stale treamiry at the
same time by collecting mileage and
expenses for the same trip from the
sute In his official capacity as rail
road commissioner. Duty tho alert
ness of officials at the Federal build
ing saved to the taxpayers the $315 .20
West actually turned Into the suite
treasury from the funds lis collected
from the government.
As a niolier ot luct, if West was
entitled to mileage from the govern
ment at all, he was entitled to tHe
total amount. . Tho f 3R5.20 In thai
event, was his own perst n-il propel ty
The fact thi-.t lie turned ov'-r I3IG.2U
or any other part of the origmn
amount to the state amount to a reii
fvHHk.ii cn hlM piu-t that he did n.'t
at any tune a valid claim to the
money. Following this unusual
iraiiimctlon a Mepx further. If We t
ms not entitled to this money from
the government, tn,'n ,,,rol ,ne 8lntM
should not have received It. It v.
altogether a tninactlcn between Went
and the I'nltod government.
If he had no legal claims to the money
surely in state did not. It should
have been returned to the snme
agency from which It was obtained
Irregularly. The etste had no claim
to It, and the fact that Weat turned
the money Into the state treasury In no
sense mlnlmlied his offense against
the government. If West was not en
titled to the money, then the govern
ment surely was entitled to the funds
for it was from that source the funds
were abstracted Improperly and llie-
The foregoing facts may be sub
stantiated by any person interested
if he will refer to the records In the
Federal court in this city and the of
fice of secretary of state at Salem.
Attempted JiiRgling or misstatement
of facts in tills particular Instance
will prove futtlo. West's paper even
admits thMt he collected $.'!65.20 from
the government. The fact could not
be denied. The records prove It.
What the public would like to know
is: Was West entitled to the mileage
and fees he collected from the govern
ment, "If so, why did he turn any part
of It over to the ft ue? Why was no!
the inoney restored to the government
to which it. belonged? Why did
charge against and collect, from the
state truvel pay und fcr mak
In; the same iriu?
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son that the subpoena compelling his