Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 15, 1910, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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.NoepeNDCKCr tNTtnrwuc. independenc. ontao july m. mo.
Roosovolt'i AfrtcUn Travols.
Kranrla llrown b secured tho ag
ency from Charl.-a Serlbner A w'
.plemlld lMxk of Ho.evelf Atrlclan
travel and Hl sell lh book U all
who d.lrf It her and lty
of Independence. This U '
need Ititl recommendation slue
Chart. Seribiier & ton had iho only
iith.iuie rifiht from Mr. Roosevelt
to publish hi account of hi iraui.
It will be remembered that this publ
ishing house paid an enormous um
for the privilege of the ex president1
copyright on hU atory of bin African
ii.-it:tiun. Mr. lirown report that
the people are subscribing for the
took freely and that many are asking
him to rail on thorn that they can
procure It as soon a It l P"l
llahed. In such demand l the work
thai thone who sign for It can not
hope to secure It before sometime In
Naturo Give Timely Warning Th
No Independence Citizen Can
Afford to Ignore.
from the kidney secretions. They wll
warn you when the kidneys are Uk
Well kidneys excrete a clear, am
ber fluid. SUk kidneys send out
thin, pale and foamy, or thick. red 11!
welling urine, full of sediment and
Irregular of passage.
from the back. Back pains, dull and
heavy or sharp and acute, tell you
of sick kidneys and warn you of the
approach of dropsy, diabetes and
Brlgbfg disease. Doau Kidney Tills
cure sick kidneys and cure them
permanently. Here1 Independenc
P. H. Drexler, Main Street, Inde
pendence, Ore., says: "I have used
Doan'a Kidney Pills and I am glad
to say that they have helped me
My back was very weak and I was
bothered by irregular passage of the
kidney secretions. Being advised to
try Doau"8 Kidney Pills, I did so
and by the time I had taken the con
tents of three boxes my trouole had
disappeared. I have not been both
ered since then and consequently
have no hesitation in recommending
Doan's Kidney Pills to other kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
States. Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Pleasant Party Given Miss McDevitt
Mrs. George Conkey entertained a
number of her friends Wednesday ev
ening in honor of her sister, Miss
Brittie McDevitt of San Francisco,
who is now visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Conkey. A program of
musical numbers was given and a
pleasant social time was spent. Re
freshments were served. Those pres
ent were: Mrs. D. A. Hodge, Mrs. L.
Damon, Mrs. O. D. Butler, Mrs. J.
E Hubbard. Mrs. E. E. Paddock, Mrs.
P M. Kirkland, Mrs. S. B. Walker,
A Buslnewi Directory of eHch City,
Tow Hnil Vlllaite lo Oreipm nd
WimliiiiKton, giving a Descriptive
Sketch of each place, location,
Shipping Facilities and a CIhuhI
flecl IMrertnry of each Business
and profession.
K. 1.. POI.K & CO., Inc.
Ken I tie. Wasn.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
MOW 'best TIME
jour teeth t end
work done. Forout.
fstrons we
awl. will. Pmmmvt ibi Ma
n tub ttiMimn
MoltrCrwnt 55. UU
Gold Filling 1-00
Enuml Fillinfi 1.00
Silver Filling! .50
6eod Rubeer
But ;.ubbr
Ptinlm Eitftioll .50
Mr. cUii.1.1 rikluiur. .Mrs. l.eo. l"t'
key, MU HrtHi MUeltt. Ml Opal
Hall. ML.c Opal and Kmroy Mcl-
Will Fly AcroM Atlantic.
Walter Wellumu and E. Vau liuim"
lll attempt this fall l h Al
luntlc oceau la H' UirlnlbUi balloon.
America. hUo wa built Ut the Wol
man Polar rxprdiiluu "d ,,,,
(wiio temed lit voyatm ovi-r the M
tic oan north of Spluuergen.
Your Flr Insuranc
ih.i Kroat demand
r... nuiiuul fire liuurame lompauy
h.,r In ludemiideiiie by the people
Kei.itallv I haxe arrantied lo re pre-1
w.,.,. ) KariiloiV Fire Hell, f Ao-
clailou. Chaa. K. Hik.
How to Quickly TtrUn Machino Bel.
When you are sewing lu 1,ur
ry and the inah'iie belt beeomrn
loose, do not step lu reiuoe tt In
order to tiKhteu it. Simply put a drop
of inaihitie oil on It turn the wheel
.. . .. it i.
few seeonus mm "
tightened bell. .
Restrictions to Fishermen
A . :n.'!iillve petition Is being clr
oua ed in Uils ftuie by resident
a'onii the Ui'gue river, for an act rank
y H nrlawful 'o nh with other
. and hook in that portion
of (lie river controlled by the Hume
Cnnnlns company. The canning firm
has control or 100 miles up and dow-.
the f.reanand it is feared net fishing
will prratly, reduce th supply of fish.
Will Join In the Work
Together with the Greut Northern.
the Northern Pacific will carry on a
tt.f.pi, nt ovnlnliatlnn of OreKOIl. Writ-
I -I MM A wri?
e- Sold (or 48
1 Too Good lrrrriw.I yrflnth"
for the Trut yrM P'clflc Korthwert
turn e iti. mo-rui yf'Vyi bfon
m m - - am lull ibm a M m "V m tm 1 m a V k i eWe. ml
a ----- a m m. a - h.. .
I , III ilwi 4 W Jl
I I " " ..Mi -W- B J I .L f V
t & r a 11 1 " r xm.'v mw jr--r
! e:. ...yi.iM'
1 a
5 ymmm
It Standi
Hard Roogh
Um under
Pacific Northwet
M Condltioni
Quality Not Sacrificed
Tmel MtbuHa of euttinf ejneJlty to
net have new beea KareTkr ' "u
Vue cm rely elmilulelf ee Adrieece la It le the pnde el the mtctmref
weea II leeree tue Fe. wwji it wn. - - -
Cuts cloun where no otlu-ra
rill ruf. II aa exrluaive natentetl ad-
antnnfa ivnnnr'H.m(l bv HO Other. You
rnnnot afford to bur mower until TOU
hare lnvrsUpatea tue Aurianro.
On Exhibit and Sale at over 200 Agendei In the Pacific Northwest
Writ for eaUlog, Illustrating and iplalnlng ths nnmoront ImporUul
advantngfla. You en havo eoiuplnt confident- In rerytblng th catalog
mt. W plode onr good oaui behind ovary ropraMiiUUoa. Tho good
nam of K. M. Wad tt Co. meant good deal to old-tlmo roaidanU cf tb
OrrRon oonntry.
tow rV) while r
1 ews It, wbicb eui ne
, e IU( lime, ei Ail'
l rienoe Imiile
n 1
menu All
ra biiiik mi m mm
teemin Iree a?
euil liMllS
li. M. WADE & GO.
IMrUHtnTI vrillCLM
lem durlns the past week attending
the cherry fair.
Miss .Maude Kpley went to Al'jany
Thursday niKht to attend the funeral
of Miss luea Taylor who was drowui-d
at that plate Wednesday evening.
era and publicity men are now betnKMIa Taylor was a climate of Miss-
. . . . . .1.. II e .. y-tfb- tin tllfl. I l.lnnU and Maude Kldi'V at Al-
get help, as handa are very scarce. home of her paronia In .Monmouth.
W II Scott of near Independent e left Wednesday for her home. .Mm.
was 'up to hla farm near this place Stover Is we'l known In Independenc,,
during the week. where, as M.'aa dra Hall, sl.e wa
. ; a teat her In our public schools.
Mrs C!ara Hall Stover of Welser.' O. T. Murphy was transacting bimU
Idaho, who has been visiting at the ness In lnde deuce jn'slenlay.
terlal to be used
country in spreading
of Oregon broadcast.
throughout the.bany College and was to have
3 1
the knowledge a vlrft
With the Hill! the one
irith them a few days
which marks the sad
lines actively engaged in me worn
of publicity, large results can be ex
Sells his farm.
C. W. Leonard of Monmouth was In
Indenendence Saturday while enroute
to Salem to take in the Cherry Fair.
Mr. Leonard has Just sold his 80 acre
farm, which adjoins the city of Mon
mouth, and is care free. He found It
hard to make up his mind to let the
old home go away from him, but ow
ing to failing health he found be
could not give it the attention it de
serves. He reserved ten acres on
which he will make his home and
which will be developed into a model
orchard of apples.
Great Dairy Expert Coming.
Willamette valley dairymen are to
have the chance of listening to one of
the greatest experts in dairying in th
world, when Professor Bemhard lio
eccild of the Royal Agricultural Co
llege at Copenhagen arrives here July
18. Oregon City, Corvallis, Salem, Al
bany, Forest Grove and McMinnville
will De visited and the Commercial
Clubs will entertain the visiting ex
pert. He is studying Amercian dairy
conditions and he will no doubt give
many hints in his talks that will be
of great value to the industry in
Will Club With Journal.
In response to many calls from sub
scrlbers in and around Independence
the Enterprise has arranged to club
with the Oregon Journal during 1910.
Following are rates:
Daily and Sunday Oregon Journal
with Enterprise J7-01
Daily Oregon Journal with En-
tn.n.i. . . .... 5.50
4 w3 .... ..." ....
Sunday Oregon Journal wih En
x .. 3.25
lerytiBB -
Somi-Weeklv Oregon Journal whu t
Enterprise -25
dent. Miss Maude returned home Sat-:
urday accompanied by Miss Kathryn
Rosa of Handon, Oregon, who was
also a classmate of Miss Taylor.
The surveyors for the Oregon Elec
tric Railway have reached the ban
tiam river and have found this to be
the best route they have yet sur
Teyed. 1
Everybody Is making hay this hot
weather; that is, everybody who can
Special Attention to Commercial and
College Organizations
160 Court street. Telephone 209 Main
Telephone and Messenger Service at Hotel
lnle.. Eitrect.on Ireejrhem W "
A11 work full? i.ieraiiteed tor Ilfenrjere.
Wise Dental Co.
Painless Dentists
j. t. Beckwith was at Jefferson
Mr. Beryl and wife of Foruan
made a business trip to uie
home of Fred Yost last Sunday, mey
anenmDanied by a Portland man
who contemplates buying a part of
the Kleppin place.
Mis Lillian Nicolson has been vis
iting relatives In Albany.
t w Wilson, chief surveyor or me
Railway, went to
Portland Monday to meet his father
,hn ia fnmnz from Texas.
Mr. ' Nicolson, whose arm and
hadlv mangled by the
falling of a telephone pole and who
was reported as improving, has taken
a turn for the worse and is In a very
serious condition.
Miss Regina Yost has been in Sa
Studebaker Wag
We have the celebrated
line of Studebaker wag
ons and carriages again
this season. These rigs
are especially adapted to
the trade of the Pacific
coast and give more universal satisfaction than any
make of vehicle. They are stronger in every particu
lar than any
other ordina
ry vehicle. It
is the peer of
all farm wag
ons first in
the hearts of
the farmers. Modest in price, strongly recommended.