Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, November 05, 1909, Image 3

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is in full blast. New hats arriving daily which are put m stock and marked
nr e sa e prices. A larRc shipment of Mew Beaver Shape, just rece.v
1 r n e c rect from New York. At the prices we are them
wHI not stay with us very Ion so if you want a Beaver you wdl have
to hurry.
Hurried IHEair Goods of - HJvery Disoriptiori
Complete Assortment oirai
' t n rn n
gL P. EL h ULUri U MO J
Phone 578
291 North Commercial Street, Salem. Oregon.
The foot ball team of the Indepen
dence Athletic Club returned Mon
day morning with the Bcalps of the
Tolodo and Newport teams, the Tole
do game having been played Satur
day and that with Newport, Sunday.
The Tolodo score was 17 to 0 and
At Newport 43 to 0. What do you
know about that?
Toledo gave the better resistance
Of the two games, but the team was
too light for Independence and they
were carried before our players like
Children. Toledo has the making of
good team with the addition of
weight and the work of a good coach.
Newport gave promise of taking the
game Sunday, their team being
picked from Toledo, Yacjulna and
Newport. The weight was there but (
they moved like an ox team.
Toledo Williams scored iwu
Emerlck one and tap-
tain 1'omeroy
a goal, totaling
Forced Into Exile.
Wm. Upehurch of Olen Oak, Okla.,
was an exllo from home. Mountain
air, he thought, would cure a fright
ful lungracking cough that had de
fied all remedies for two years. Af
ter six months he returned, death dog
ging his steps. "Then I began to use
Dr. King's New Discovery," he writes
"and after taking six bottles I am as
well as ever." It saves thousands
yearly from desperate lung diseases.
Infallible for Coughs and Colds, It dia
pels Hoarseness and Sore Throat.
Cures Grip, Bronchitis. Hemorrhages,
Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough. 50c
and $1-00, trial bottle free, guaran
teed by all druggists.
The great state of Oregon Is grow-
iug In population each year, and as
In other states, the needs of the char
itable institutions are greater. Among
v,. I fho rtnvH filrls' Aid So-
iclety, whose sheltering arms reach
'out and help the needy little folks.
; It has now nearly 600 dependent chil
! dren under its care placed out in fam
jily homes in all parts of the state,
'and more are coming in every day.
! The receiving home of the society Is
'taxed to Us utmost capacity, sixty
on hand was its daily average' the
: past year. The society has found it
! nocessary to enlarge its present quar
Uers and have built a wing to the
I original building containing fifteen
I rooms, at a cost of nearly $7000. ;
$2000 of this amount was appropriat
ed by the state and the balance made
up by voluntary contributions from
philanthropic people of the city of
Portland. But this building has to
be furnished, the wants of the(
Institution are greater than ever this
year. The four dormitories contain-
ing ten beds each, the management
hopes will be furnished by the county
courts, the cost of furnishing each
dormitory being $175. Already Wascc
county has furnished one and Yam
hill another, but there are still two
empty, also the following rooms: Re
ception room $110, assembly $100,
dining $50, reading $40, and four sin
gle rooms at $60 each. Superintend
ent Gardner says that any person
who would see fit to furnish one 'of
these rooms as a memorial to some
departed friend or relative will re
ceive' the full credit and an inscrip
tion etntin? the donor and object will
be suitably Inscribed on a tablet in
the room. Those who wish to assist
by a small contribution will receive
the gratitude of the management.
Besides' the above, bedding, grocer
ies, canned goods of all kinds, fruit
and vegetables will be very accepta
ble as heretofore, and during Thanks
giving week will be carried free by
both the railroad company and Wells
Fargo Express Co., also by steam
boats running Into Portland. The
the Dubllc schools will re
member that their annual gifts are
looked forward to by all the children
of the "Home." Ill packages should
be plainly marked "Boys' & Girls'
Aid Society, Portland, Oregon."
Is president of the club and G. W.
Conkey is score keeper.
The prize winners were P. H. Drer
ler and Mrs. L. Damon.
Owls Re-organize.
"The Owls" met with Dr. and Mrs.
Butler on Thursday evening of last
week and reorganized to meet fort
nightly during the winter. L. Damon
...BV THE....
Winery Clearance Sale
Another slaughter in our Millinery Section is now taking plac.
Up to now we have kept our stock up to the top notch, in order to o fer our customers , a almQ8t at their own prlce and for
we have decided to have a clean-up sale. For those who 7 another one, and never miss the money. The stock
those who bought early and never dreamed of another ha for this season now can g t h d
consists of hundreds of beautifully trimmed hats, models that you will ;ee a dup 1 Hats of all kinds; Patent Leather and Tarns included.
Felt Hats, Silk and Moire Hats, Beaver Hats, Velvet Hats, Fu Turban Hats 0 Jetg and ornaments. Investigation of these offerings
Also trimmings of all kinds go at the same cut Je- by Great reductions on all high grade Suits. Coats, and Capes,
will be complete proof of the bargains. Don't let this opportunity go Dy.
See Them before Buying Elsewhere. Be Early for best Selection
Liberty St.